Opinion: Is the lack of goals at Arsenal down to just the strikers?

Arsenal has struggled for goals for much of the past few weeks.

Our 3-0 home drubbing at the hands of Aston Villa was the third league game in four matches that we hadn’t scored a goal, and we lost all of those games.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been relied on to score the goals for us since he joined the club, and he hasn’t failed.

The striker is now going through his worst spell in the team in terms of scoring and the whole team is suffering from it.

Aubameyang is a striker that will score goals if he gets the service and the Gabonese attacker has had very little of that so far.

Arsenal signed Thomas Partey to provide an extra body in their midfield this season.

The Ghanaian has been in fine form when he has played for the club.

However, he is a box to box midfielder whose speciality isn’t exactly creating chances.

Dani Ceballos hasn’t been as impressive as he was last season and so we have struggled creatively.

While the likes of Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette have been blamed for the lack of goals, don’t you think that we are simply lacking a top creative midfielder that will create the chances for our attackers to finish off? I think that is our problem at the moment and not the strikers.

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  1. Clearly down to the manager and the negative formation. Auba has not been given many chances and lacca squanders his chances.

    Arteta needs to pick a better starting line up and pick a better formation.

    Anyway on the other post about saka being fatigued I wrote the idea of a front 4 of

    Martinelli auba pepe

    I think our problems of scoring and creativity would be solved. To me martinelli and auba play quite similarly in their style off the left . I also think saka is one of our most creative players . Obviously msrtinelli is a few weeks away from being back but thats what I thibk we should aim for

  2. We have over-relied on Auba for a long time and imo, he’s not happy on the wings. Laca has been squandering chances here and there.

    If Laca is undroppable, play 442 then to keep them both up top. Mancini played Aguero behind Dzeko and it worked for city so why do u waste an elite striker like Auba on the wings?

  3. Until the back three formation is consigned to the dust bin I very much doubt if we will see a resurgent Arsenal this season.Basically this system creates situations where our possession is based on a spare centre back with limited ball skills and technique who simply does not have the ability of top quality midfielders. A good example of this problem was in evident in the England v Iceland match last night when Maguire became spare and had more touches than virtually any other English player .Iceland were happy for a slow ponderous centre back to have the ball rather than say Grealish who could have featured in a midfield three along with Rice and Mount.Unless Arteta and Southgate change their systems they will not be as successful as they could be.

    1. I agree @Grandad. The 343 is not helping us at all. Our game has been so predictable. All our attacks are not the left and if the opponent keeps Auba out, there’s no Arsenal. From Leno to Gabriel to KT to Saka to Auba. The same routine in every match.

    2. YES, YES, YES, GRANDAD! To see that severely limited “ball player” Maguire so regularly around the Iceland penalty box was disheatening and tactically naive, I thought.
      Even when I played school football “centuries” ago, we were all told to give the ball to our most creative player, who was my best mate and it worked! England are packed with creative midfielders and to use Maguire at the attacking end was daft IMO, except at corners.

  4. Why was Auba scoring goals before his new contract?
    What’s dramatically changed between that time?

    And I also think Arteta needs to stop being too negative and mechanical. I feel like it also suffocates our attacking play.

    1. The reason is so simple, then auba was getting a lot of chances before his contract and the other teams still haven’t figured out Arteta tactics then but now they have. All we try to do is defend and try to get the ball to aubamayang on the wing and now the other teams always put 2 players on aubamayang before he received a pass. We seriously need to start playing him as a central striker and let’s see if he will miss all those Lacazette chances.

  5. But don’t they the strikers have their own big share of the blame too in as much as the midfielders and the defenders also have their own blames as they are looking to stop scoring goals in the PL for Arsenal as their predecessors used to do in the past. Thus, boosting the goals scoring tally of Arsenal per season.

    There were some seasons in which Arsenal defense-line personnel accounted for up to 10-12 PL goals. And the midfielders also accounted for up to 15 goals or so out of the total numbers of goals that Arsenal scored during these seasons.

    I think that was when 8FG, Koscielny, Monreal, Sagnia, Ramsey, Cazorla and others were at Arsenal. Giroud and Walcott were then the Arsenal two mainstay attacking forwards for the club and the pair were scoring goals in number for Arsenal every season in the PL then.

    But now are days, both the Arsenal specialist defenders and midfielders don’t score for Arsenal in the PL. Save, at the rare occasions when Luiz and Maglhaes have scored one goal each this season for Arsenal in the PL. In which match did Luiz score? Was it in the PL or ELC? I can’t actually remember now. But Maglhaes scored against Fulham in the PL at away.

    Mustafi used to score a handful of PL goals for Arsenal. But I don’t think he has score any this season.

    What of our midfielders? Have they scored in the PL for Arsenal this season? I don’t think they have.

    This is a poor showing by the AFC defenders and midfielders in the PL for Arsenal so far this season. And it is unpardonable and bad showing of no goals in the PL by the duo departments for Arsenal this season. This poor showing by these two AFC departments for Arsenal this season in the PL has to stop henceforth with as from Arsenal away match against Leeds Utd in the PL on Sunday.

    Arsenal 3 strikers of Auba, Laca and Nketiah and any other Arsenal player for that matter MUST eschew profigacy in front of goal against Leeds on Sunday. But endeavour to convert into goals the chances they will in the match create or the one that fell to them in the match.

  6. Have confidence that Arteta will eventually get it right but it will take a few months and further Villa like results before that. Patience Arsenal fans patience or we’ll once again be starting out from square one and forever be a work in progress. This is Wegner’s legacy. Short sighted recruitment,poor youth policy and lack of ambition.

  7. We have good keeper, defensive, midfield, and forward. Im not saying the best. So we should have good amount of goals. Yes, problem is wt our forwards.

  8. Arsenal concede lots of goals and we don’t score plenty of goals. The main problem at Arsenal is the mid-field. Our midfield cannot protect the defence, and cannot pass the ball quicker so that we can counter attack. I’m happy that Arteta realised that Xhaka is a weak link, and deserve to be on the bench

  9. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge.
    The whole atmosphere is toxic from the board down to the fans.
    We might have one or two good matches in a month where we beat a team that’s supposedly “better than us”
    But after that it’s all standard procedure. Nobody has to even FIGURE OUT how to beat us anymore because we field 11 statues every game. Or, they can field 10 statues and still win because we fail to connect every pass or sir.

  10. Arteta is playing all of his midfielders as defenders so the only way the forwards get the ball is when one of the 4 wingers (that’s right. It looks like they have 2 wingers on each side) lobs it into the box. Most of the balls are going through Tierney who is a very nice player but should be the player that you run most of your offense through. There is not any one in the middle to create for the forwards. The formation is terrible. They should be playing 2 forwards , not 3. Arteta wants to spread everything out wide but that is killing them in the middle.

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