Opinion: Isn’t it better to sack Arteta before we play our next fixtures?

Arsenal is now in the worst form ever imagined under Mikel Arteta after he won the FA Cup within the first few months of his time at the Emirates.

He made a dream start, and we all bought into it and why not, after all, we had been starved of success for a few years prior to him coming in.

Now it seems that the bubble has burst and we will love for him to continue as our manager, but I do not want to support him or Arsenal in the Championship.

The truth is that if things don’t change, Arteta will be sacked, and I wonder, how much longer do we have to wait?

We are facing some important games in the coming week against the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea, wouldn’t it be better to play those games with a new manager?

If Arteta has lost his mojo, why waste time in replacing him? A new manager can probably get us some points in the next few games with that new manager bounce.

I love Arteta and I’d take him back if he left our team and became a successful manager at another club.

But we have to save our season, and if for some reason he cannot help us with that, then he has to leave the club now.

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  1. Di Matteo won UCL for Chelsea, and he was sacked few months later when the club discovered he was not good enough, Arteta winning FA cup is not an excuse not to be sacked, he needs to go now, his performance so far has shown how poor he is. Waiting for him to turn things around will not happen

  2. I find it hard to reconcile the terms of the penultimate paragraph of your article with your plea for Arteta to be sacked? The Board of our Club consider Arteta to be a “long term investment” so I very much doubt if they will be influenced by your views and those who share them.For a number of reasons, some of which are out with the control of MA , we are not in good health at present, but unlike you I do not consider the problem to be terminal, and I expect the patient to recover in the not too distant future.

    1. Long-term investment under the leadership of Arteta will mean championship football. There’s no time for that. Arteta has been given 1yr to prove himself, but he failed. All excuses are finished, and the only thing left is for him to go

    2. Arteta has been appointed by the Board as a long term investment.
      But, even with long term views, progress and improvement is needed to show the path back to glory. When Klopp joined Liverpool, he didn’t immediately win the league, but he made progress every year. He started by winning some important matches and gradually transformed Liverpool to a winning machine.
      Arteta started well, improving the team spririt and winning the FA cup, but he made no progress in the league last year and is now going backwards. The Board might take more time to make a decision, but I think they will change their mind soon. Risking relegation would be too dangerous on a financial point of view for Kroenke & Co.

  3. always afraid of looking to the future are we gooners. Back him not sack him. I have absolute faith that a couple more windows in , 6 out ,3 in and we will be rocking it again.
    if we get a crouchalike , stake him to the pen spot on a 10 foot leash and we will improve in leaps and bounds.Oh , and why nketiah? thats my main gripe, give Balogan his spot, cant do much worse

  4. I am at a complete loss as to why Arteta has not been sacked yet? It must be money related. Why give a long contract to a novice with no prior experience. In the meantime we can easily be bottom four next week. Dithering is the Arsenal way.

  5. Well it’s now being reported the players will have their salaries slashed by 25% if we are relegated… I’m sure we’ll go on a winning streak now 🤣

    All joking aside though, it really is mental this is even out there…. can’t get my head round how crap we are, I really can’t!

    At.least tomorrow will be free of all the PL stress..and hopefully we’ll see a fair few youngsters out there = energy!!!

  6. “Starved of success for a few years prior to him coming in?”
    Don’t make me laugh, what we were starved of, was proper investment for transfers in order to capitalise on top four finishes, CL knockout stages and fa cup wins for the last decade… now that’s what I call a few years.

    As for sacking him now, then what?
    Another caretaker manager like Freddie, being thrown in to the deep end?
    Unless kronkie has actually been proactive in identifying a successor, which we are led to believe he hasn’t, who is there within the club to take over the reins?
    Let’s see where we are at the end of January, both in the league, the Cup competitions and whether kronkie has actually backed MA in the transfer market.

    I can only hope MA finds the kind of answers, as he did when he arrived.

    1. Ken You are quite right now is not the time to sack Arteta. If and when we decide to change the manager we will have the same problems all over again. When you have an accountant as CEO of Arsenal and not a single person on the Board with any real experience of football team management, it is likely that the wrong choice will be made. Most agree that Kroenke has no real knowledge about EPL football so who with our current Board is there to advise him when it comes to major decisions. Changing the manager is a major decision, Sacking is easy, hiring the replacement is hard.

  7. maybe careful what is wished for. who next , Allegri? seriously?he will want a huge salary , an undoable transfer budget and we wont be seing the likes of saka gabriel or tierney again as he loves a back 3 with a combined age of 105, so welcome back sokratis mustafi and a new 4 year contract for luis.
    or maybe proven failed managers vieira or henry?
    Arteta will be bringing back our values from a successful era and give youth a chance to grow together into men with the best years together.
    don’t forget fergies inauspicious start with the manks, they faught the knee jerk reaction to sack him and the rest is history.
    we must get behind him to reap the benefits for years to come, affordably too

    1. Personally I think he should be given a ‘full’ season as manager. In the remaining 6 months or so it would do no harm to evaluate a potential successor. There are certain risks involved considering our precarious position but I honestly do not see us being relegated. A quality attacking midfielder in January would make a huge difference. As far as MO is concerned I think that it is unlikely he will be restored to the squad as his relationship with MA and the hierarchy is probably past redemption. What a waste!! Imo MA needs to brush up on his man-management skills and be less sulky when interviewed after a loss.

      I’m going to get my head down till after Christmas so I will take this opportunity to wish all the article writers and posters on this site the happiest Christmas & New Year you are allowed to to have. I just can’t wait to kick 2020 up the backside.

  8. A few questions for Mr Ime?

    1. who would you recruit to replace Arteta?
    2. do you think the new UK travel ban would affect in the interview/selection process?
    3. how long would it take for the new manager to hit the ground running?
    4. the same applies to the his new support team?
    5. how much money would you make available to the new manager?
    6. would the new travel ban effect travel plans/medicals for new players?
    7. will isolation protocols affect when new players can play?
    8. are you aware that the league could soon be suspended indefinitely due to new lockdown?
    9. will the risk of hiring a new manager now outweigh the risk of keeping Arteta?
    10. have you considered the fact that Partey and Martinelli will be returning soon?
    11. do you think it is worth exposing the club to so much risk in the hope of gaining a new manager bounce?

    And finally, have you considered other
    alternatives such as locking both Messrs Arteta and Gaspar in a room together for a whole day forcing them to get their #### together once and for all for the benefit of the team?

    1. RFrancis, Surely you are not seriously asking Ime if has considered any of your searchingand pertinent questions! As a man of seventy and fan for almost all those years, it is perfectly plain to me that Ime NEVER THINKS AT ALL. HE JUST WRITES AND DOES NOT THINK AT ALL.

      The way things look with Covid now, a total suspension of Prem football must be very close and probably sensible.


  9. The reason for hiring Arteta was to make Arsenal play well and recapture the magic of the name ‘Arsenal’. He has failed. You may imagine it is working, or it might work, or whatever, but better to face reality. Accept it is not working. One mans job is not worth more than a million supporter’s joy. Inside he must knows it’s not working…..it’s so clearly not working here at Arsenal. It will only get worse for Arteta and all of us supporters. He must leave because the million supporters are more important than one man.

  10. If Arsenal really have to replace Arteta, they had better do it in January. Because there will be relatively easy EPL games and longer preparation time between them in January

    Asking a new manager to face Man City, Chelsea and other EPL teams in a short period of time isn’t realistic

  11. The owners appear to adopt a wait and see approach. If Arsenal lose to Chelsea it will be wait for the new year game . Lose and it will be after FAC Round 3.
    I am afraid top quality coaches aint going to wait for the call that will never come. Then it will be the 2nd and unproven highly promising guys.
    Arteta may prove to a brilliant coach in x years when the need for results is greatest now.

  12. I said it earlier today, Martinelli will carry the team in the next month or two, just wait and see. I hope he gets regular starts in league only, not in any cup matches.

  13. Alot of doubts n dislikes for MA expected.
    Am staying neutral on this issue. I believed MA has a long term plan hes looking at n convincing the board. Though the board is not hoping much in terms of investment over the years.
    Dun forget guys. He did brought in 2 world class players in Def n Mid. Gab and TP.
    Unfortunately TP got injured. Am very sure if this guy was in the last few matches he will make a fukxxxx difference.
    Ma is just unlucky TP got injured!!
    MA is def good manager.
    Probably half the team just lacked the fighting spirit n not sure are they proud of wearing Arsenal uniform anymore.
    But still there are some bright spots. Some younger players are fighting n trying.
    Luiz is good captain he may make mistakes at times but he did his job as captain. But unbelievably some senior players rally lacked the drive n spirit.

    We have to wait Jan and see what in and out trades we can get.

    1. Long-term plan will mean being relegated to a lower league. In Africa it’s gonna be difficult to watch Arsenal anymore as championship football is not broadcasted in our channels. Fans in Africa will deteriorate because you cannot support a team that you can’t watch playing

  14. IMO:
    – We cannot expect to buy and get good players, because our position now is very bad at 15th. I cannot imagine if someone for example like Aouar is willing to join Arsenal in January.
    – We should replace Arteta soon, because in evidence now he could not and will not change the tactic radically and not able to lift the mentality of all players especially the main players.
    If we replace Arteta with better experience and skill coach/manager, then we might have a chance to get good players in January – Even we do not buy any player, but at least there is a chance to turn the team to the much better performance that it should be.

    New coach/manager is a new risk, but I think we better take this risk with a new hope rather than keep Arteta in current position of Arsenal now.

    My choice is like Pochettino, because he has quite long experience in Premier League, and has quite good skill too.

    1. If we lose to Brighton and West Brom arteta will be gone he’ll probably have to go back to a back three with this group of players to have any chance of success I believe the senior players no longer believe in him and that he’s lost the dressing room Happy New Year

  15. I also feel arteta should go now. I honestly dont know what our style of football is and that is my biggest concern. I hear everybody say he is a good manager, can someone just explain how? I use to watch arsenal games and by half time we created almost close to 10 scoring chances. We are currently not even creating 3 a game at home against the likes of burnley aston villa etc. I have seen enough. And it is very unfair as an arsenal fan to know that we never had a chance of beating southampton everton chelsea and even brighton.

  16. Get Allegri in. Give him some funds, with the experience he has and the winners mentality he can install to the players asap he could get us into top 10 if were lucky… Stick with Mikel in telling you we will stay ina relegation fight for the remainder of the season.

    Arsenal need to make moves now as the longer this goes on the worse it is going to get! He cannot do this sort of job with the lack of or no experience whatsoever in doing so!!

    Head in hands moments to continue with him running the show along with Stan owning the club we will never show any real ambition, just spend enough to keep the fans that have turned on his brand happy enough so they keep pumping money in the club.

    Arsenal lost its values the day we left Highbury and fed lies to this day! Turning into an actual joke these days and its turning my stomach!

  17. IIam surprised by MA apologists
    If u can’t get a team playing ur way in a year, u will never be able to do it. There is nothing wrong with our squad but everything wrong with the coaches. I hope Kroenker will not give fumds to MA and Edu
    I wouldn’t if my money is used to recruit Willian, Cedric and Mari. I would first investigate possible corruption

  18. No. It’s not the right time and not fair for the new manager. But I can’t see MA becoming a different manager anytime soon as he keeps repeating the same mistakes.

  19. That was a reactionary article that fans the flames of discontent and does nothing to suggest a solution other than sack the manager which may not be the answer anyway

    I’ll join Ken for the end of January review- but wanted a full year personally.

  20. MA is a poor man manager. He’s a championship manager not PL.

    Maybe Arsenal wants to go down with him where he belongs. I have totally lost hope in him. My heart bleeds when he starts Nketia and play him for more than 45 minutes.
    I am likely to stop watching our games once Nketia is in the starting lineup.

  21. Sacking Arteta may not be fully to solve Arsenal situation now but He needs to sallow his ego and bring back Ozil, the team lucks creativity perhaps the board should bring in Aouar to do the job in Midfield

  22. staN and co. are not sacking Mikel anytime soon.

    They probably think if we go down, the wage bill will be cut, allow some youngsters to play without pressure and bounce back up the following year.

  23. Aaron In your dreams if Arteta is sacked I think Edu should go with him and if it is to happen it will be sooner than later

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