Opinion – Isn’t it time Arsenal came clean over the search for a new coach?

Of all the things Arsenal fans have complained about this season, it seems strange that most seem laid back by the fact that it’s 3 weeks since we sacked Unai Emery and we seem no closer to finding a new coach as his replacement.

Perhaps it’s the fact most gooners want Freddie to succeed?

I do as well but if the plan is to stick with the Swede till the end of the season then just announce it. At least then we have a rough idea about which direction we are taking.

We would be able to work out if there’s a coach in mind, just not free till the summer, or maybe that’s a time where we don’t have to pay as much compensation, maybe it’s the end of a sabbatical…
As usual though there is a lack of clarity from the club.

We must have the only owners in the League who would make a change without any clue what they would plan to do next. While no one will publicly admit it, people talk with a new coach behind the scenes.

When Daniel Levy was wishing Pochettino all the best in his future endeavours, he already would have shaken hands with Jose on his new contract. It’s not a coincidence the change happens inside 24 hours.

Arsenal are the exception; we truly haven’t lined up a new coach.

It’s like we have got all time in the world, ignoring the fact the longer we dawdle the more we are gambling with our campaign.

Surely even from a business point of view, the Kroenkes would want to give themselves the best chance of winning the Europa League, even if it’s just for the income they get from being in the Champions League.

It feels like if we get a result over City we will stick with an interim boss for another week, get a drubbing, and they might hire a new coach out of panic.

Decisions shouldn’t be made on the short term. Surely Stan didn’t become a billionaire that way?
You either believe in Ljungberg or you don’t. Your mind shouldn’t be altered by 90 minutes. I think it’s disrespectful to a legend to treat him this way.

You don’t believe in Freddie enough to commit to him, but are hoping he will win a few games because he is cheap.

To my surprise some of my fellow supporters are treating one of our Invincibles this way. After Brighton, the consensus was he was out of his depth, which would have been the view for an hour at West Ham. 10 minutes later some are saying Freddie should get the gig till May.

Which is fine if that’s your opinion… but surely your opinion on a new coach can’t be based on our 3 goals in a boring encounter at the London Stadium?

Or maybe that’s how fickle we have become ?

Dan Smith


  1. It’s too early too announce Ljungberg as the one who would manage the team till the end of this season. What if he lose the next three EPL matches?

    1. @gotanidea
      I think it’s too late to try and bring in a permanent coach at the moment. We might get a bounce of a couple matches. But not enough to make much of a difference. I say stick with Freddy til end of season… IJS

    2. What if he wins the next three games? For me, I think Freddie can become an impact manager if given the opportunity and trust just as Barca did Pep when they drafted him from the youth team set-up. This excessive clamour for a’seasoned’ manager doesn’t always work, not all that glitters is gold. Let’s give Freddie the job full time. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

  2. Lol to the headline.
    Then you read the article which makes very little sense compared to the headline.
    We have Freddie as interim manager and it seams the club are doing due diligence in selecting a replacement for Emery.
    I for one want the correct decision and not the wrong decision made in haste.
    We know quite a lot from informed press reports who we are looking at and certainly don’t expect the club to be telling us chapter and verse who is being considered, do we ?

  3. I don’t think that “they” know what they want to do or what we need. I have very little faith in the Club’s senior management. We can blame Wenger and Emery (and they get a measure for sure), but the front office people have been pretty poor for years now.

    Sitting 10th and not playing great is likely a big factor when they are sniffing around potential replacements. Uncertainty on transfer funds is also likely a factor.

    Arsenal is seen as a big club and there is big club pressure to perform, but we are a long way from being one on the pitch right now and “big time” managers would want a fair bit of cash to bolster the squad.

    As well, they may be trying to manage quietly as we won’t be the only team looking for a new manager.

    1. I think Freddie should be announced as an interim till may,if he delivers then be considered a permanent one

      1. The kroenkes dont care.its there for everyone to see.but at the same time their business will go down fast if the fans have enough.the kroenkes have no idea how to run a football club.plus they are taking money from arsenal fc.making the club and its fans suffer year in year out.while putting the money into the rams.these parasites have killed this once great club.and no1 is doing a thing about it.kroenkes out

    2. @Stewart Macintosh
      Another thing factoring in there. A new coach would most definitely want players he sees fit his style of play. The senior management jerked Unai around in that sense, buying players they thought fit the squad and not who he wanted.

  4. In this day of “the right to know” there are, imho, still times when the less said the better. Freddie had been appointed interim coach, so there is someone at the helm. What do you want the management to communicate? That they cannot reach agreement on who the new guy should be? Or produce a list of 30 coaches they are considering? Where does that leave those that want to know all?

    And what will it help to provide a list of top candidates, and ultimately they cannot reach sgreement with any one of them. It’s a lose-lose situation. We will know when a decision had been taken. Meanwhile, we can speculate our hearts out, and espouse the virtues of OUR favourite candidates.

  5. The club said Freddie will be interim manager. Josh came out and said the board are searching for a coach but are in no haste so they won’t make the wrong decision. I don’t know what else you want the club to say.

    Personally I know the Freddie’s taking charge till the end of the season, which I’m okay with, regardless of the results that follows. Does anybody really expect something very good out of this season?
    Plus Ornstein few days ago said if the Club doesn’t get and agree a deal with their number one target, then Freddie will be there till the ending of the season.
    We all know the elite managers out there are either backing out and waiting till the end of summer.
    Stop making a big deal out of this issue.
    Just support the man in charge now and allow the club negotiate with whoever they want

    1. Can I ask how you ‘know this’ ?
      You seem to be defending the owners making out it’s hard to get a top name now
      You mean like Spurs did?
      Currently Poch, Allegri and Ancelottie are out of work
      If they want Arteta , Pep has said he wouldn’t stand in his way
      Is it wrong of me to expect our owners to make the job so inviting that they don’t have to wait till the summer?
      Make no mistake if they wanted too, they could offer a huge salary , a huge summer transfer budget
      Arsenal should be / could be such an inviting job
      To suggest it’s okay for them to write off the season is terrible

  6. Whether we like it or not the club are going through an exhausting process to try and find the right manager. We are talking and talking and talking and talking to representatives and the people themselves to try and get the cheapest bestest, suitablest, availablest manager we can. We wont go all out to actually get the best person for the job but the best value and that take time, lot and lots and lots of time. In the meantime we will just bumble along with Freddie.

  7. Much like I said before, this club can’t leave this ill-prepared and ill-equipped manager in charge any longer than absolutely necessary or it will negatively impact our ability to re-sign our best talent, attract new talent and/or properly develop our young talent…Emery’s ultimate downfall was predicated on 3 things…his inability to get the players he wanted so that he could pursue his accustomed high press tactics, his unwillingness to eliminate his strategy of playing out from the back even though we didn’t have the players whatsoever to adopt such a system and his scared tactics that were more about not losing than winning…so we give Freddie the interim tag under the guise that he was going to simply steer the ship to calmer waters until a “real” manager was appointed…I believe that our poorly run club mistakenly left him with the impression that by putting himself in the firing line he was likewise being considered as a serious candidate for the position…I find it hard to believe that even our pathetic board and it’s absentee landlord could be so thick as to believe that he was truly a plausible replacement, unless this was just another case of our frugality winning the day again over common sense…unfortunately this created another problem because Freddie the wannabe manager isn’t going to take the necessary chances from a tactical or selection perspective that the nothing-to-lose Freddie might, and that it the Freddie this club needed in the short-term…in the 4 games he’s managed we won once, after 9 minutes of top level football, he is still having us playing out from the back, he still has us playing sideways/backwards scared football and we still haven’t seen our best 11 out there together, which likely won’t happen this season due to our injury issues…furthermore I believe Freddie had no business being on the sidelines this season, but was placed there as a somewhat go-between for the players who were having difficulty with Emery…there is no way Emery asked for this, as he was never going to take advice or ask for Freddie’s input…might have been a sort of Bould-like punishment scenario imposed by the club due to the bad run of form at the end of last season…we need REAL solutions very soon!!!

  8. This club has been a shower of shit for years so it`s right that the board take their time to find someone who will take on this massive job of hauling us back up to being competitive and that could take years as we have an owner who has never and doesn`t ever look like investing a single penny/dime into the club.
    We need the next young big thing who can get the best out of mediocre players, have a scouting net work for next big thing players who are cheap and get them to buy into their philosophy and also importantly get us fans to buy into it beccause we are a rancid lot !

  9. the ideal manager who would Naglesman currently at RB Leipzig I’ve just watched their game to night it was a joy to watch reminded me of how we used to play.

  10. Who knows the real reason why. Kronke’s aren’t too concerned with who manages, just concerned with how much money they can make.

    Maybe the management team can’t agree who is “suitable.” Rather wait for Allegri than sign Arteta.

    Arteta lacks experience, and don’t see how he can improve our defense.

  11. No disrespect but Freddie has no clue what he is doing. Trend seems to emulate Emery. Quality players benched and Willock I’m afraid does not belong in 5he premier league let alone in a Gunners shirt.

    New coach,,, bolster the team with new quality.

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