Opinion: It cannot be ignored that Arsenal are now in a relegation battle

Who would have thought that there would come a time post-Arsene Wenger when Arsenal would be staring relegation in the face

Arsene Wenger managed to win multiple FA Cups and also secured Europa League football in his last few seasons at the club.

Yet a good few fans said that was not enough and we even considered those achievements as more of failures than successes.

We have had two permanent managers since he has left and we still haven’t played Champions League football, even more damning is that we are now in a relegation battle. Yes, I said that.

Seven wins from 10 games is the form of a team that wants to win the league or at least play in the Champions League, but seven losses from 10 league games is the form of a team that is heading for relegation.

The latter is the run that Arsenal is currently on in the Premier League. 

To put it another way, Arsenal has just four points more than the team in the first relegation spot, and they have played a game more.

Let’s not deceive ourselves with the “top six” tag, we are now a relegation-threatened team.

Even though it is just 14 games into the season, because of the time it will take our players to mentally get out of the rut they have got themselves into, we have to forget about the top four and focus on survival.

This is now real.

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  1. #artetaout

    Its blatantly obvious he needs to go. Chelsea are gonna turn us over and then we will be 1 point from relegation. How far does it have to go. We are nearly half way through the season

    1. I think it is a poor poor poor thing to blame the players. These players have finished 5th and 8th. Not been alot of changes since emry. Unfact the changes have been upgrades with the like of gabriel and partey and we are now 15th in a dog fight. Christ get rid of Edu whilst we are at it.

      1. “I think it is a poor poor poor thing to blame the players”

        Why not? Lets say we agree that Arteta isnt the best person for the job, can you honestly say that these guys are pulling their weight? Good layers bad coach gets you mid table.. We are 16th.. it cannot all be the coach..

        1. You can blame the players all you like.

          Arteta has no substance in his style of play or he cannot get the players to do what he wants. Either way he is not an effective manager.

          You can blame everyone else at the club. If the manager cannot manage he has to go.

        2. Good coaches sre able to work with players and work on individual performance. The team is below par because the tactics are poor and cause extra pressure to the team.

          For example when klopp took over at Liverpool they were out scoring teams 4 or 5 goals but conceding just as many. It was then easier for klopp to identify that he neede VDK.

          This is impossible at arsenal because according to pundits etc. The whole team is bad. Even though we have auba who is a world class striker, pepe who lit up the French league, saka who could get into most prem teams. Partey one of the best cm/dm in the world etc. Individually the players have the accolades.

          To me this is clear that the manager is at fault for not being able to bdi g the team together.

          1. I watched Fulham recently and the should intensity in pressing and a bit of organisation and desire granted they lack quality but I don’t see that fight and character with us,arteta did mention non negotiates when he became our coach and of late I have not seen any of those.

        3. An excellent manager is a multiplier, he/she make the player 1 + 1 > 2.

          A decent manager can effectively manage the squad and make the player 1 + 1 = 2.

          Obviously, we the quality in the squad there is no way we should be in 15th. Arteta is making the squad go 1 + 1 < 2. This is totally on the manager.

      2. If that’s the case, Emery couldn’t be blamed either. Since Emery won several EL trophies, won Ligue 1 before managing Arsenal and his Villareal are currently the fourth best team in La Liga

        I bet Arteta would also be successful if he leaves us and manages another club. The lack of control from the top of the hierarchy at Arsenal is the bigger problem

        1. But emry came 5th, he also got to europa league final. So actually whilst there may be a small amount of blame on the players. It is clear that the problem is arteta.

          1. Emery was sacked after not winning for 7 games and dropping to 8th place.

            Arteta has not won for 10 games and we are 15th. Yet people say blame the players, blame the owner. What the hell.

  2. @Ime, Arsenal have played two more games than Burnley in 3rd from bottom, not one! We are in big trouble if we don’t buck up quickly.

  3. The manager is the problem. After a year he still do not know his best eleven players or the the system that works well with the players he has. He then treats the players like little kids. Some of these players are better footballer than he ever was. He need to go.

  4. Arsenal cannot be relegated. The young lads will pull us through if they will be fielded in place of the likes of (fraud) Willian.

  5. Kroenke is the one who suffers the most, because he’s spent 300+ M for the players and he’ll pay a lot for the layoffs. Fortunately he’s a billionaire, so he just replaces his employees when things don’t work out and the big turnover has been hurting the club in the last ten years

    Arteta and his staffs still can turn the situation around though. After two upcoming difficult games against Man City and Chelsea, we’ll face relatively weak oppositions in EPL

    If Arteta can survive until the January transfer window is open, I believe we’d survive the relegation

    1. “we’ll face relatively weak oppositions in EPL”

      I think most teams will now consider Arsenal as weak opposition.

  6. So called “weak teams” are too much for us! And even when January comes there is no guarantee anything can be done (in or out)!

    I said he should also get to Jan and then see where we are. But, it’s not looking good right now as there has been no sign of improvement over the past 8 weeks..

  7. Shame on some arsenal fans top 4 was not good enough during Wenger time but arteta is 15th and u telling me trust the process it is a process of failure I wish that this african guy could come back with a good bid to buy this club Kroenke edu arteta out

  8. I fell in love with this club in 1994 and i will say this i have lost excitement at expecting arsenal matches .
    Our club is terribly unbalanced from top to bottom . Even at the topmost part of the management you see incompetence and if you ask me the only thing the Kroenke’s are responsible for is their negligence and lack of love for football other than that they invested Money in this club. Lets look at our board of Directors who are all just old yes men holding on to titles ,
    Edu has done only one good thing in my eyes which is bringing in Martenelli for cheap . You paid the release clause for Partey please why wait so long. One will expect more passion from a former player at least.
    Huss Fahmy is really just a passenger in a position bigger than he is , which seems to be a common trait in this club .
    Our scouting is a disgrace, other clubs are unearthing gems . We have a few in our own Academy but more often than not they turn our to be top class footballers at other clubs .If Saka was in a team like Leipzig or Dortmund his value would have been better than what it is .
    We have a Medical team who have failed to see that there is a constant injury history in this club . A loan Player Manager who cant seem to advice that certain players need loans . I cant understand why Willock has not been loaned out what is Nketiah doing here at this time . Our coaches are poor , Whoever coaches set pieces and defending at Arsenal should be sacked along with the bunch . Why cant a player throw a ball in a team , Who coaches attack , who is the Goalkeeping coach. Leno is a good keeper but he is not above learning , he isnt commanding and doesnt give his defence confidence ,he cant control the ball, cant pass properly and never communicates with his defenders.
    Arteta the captain of the ship who is an arrogant novice who is simply out of his depth .
    Our managers and management
    in every department is just horrible.
    Let us look at Everton, Leicester , Tottenham , Aston villa they havent broken the bank but got their recruitment right and all have a direction .
    The 72 Million spent on Pepe would get you Max Aaron , Cantwell ,Buendia and Soumare . They are players available why spend money on a number 2 goalkeeper who doesn’t seem better than Academy keepers . From the moment we Signed Ozil we offset the balance cuz we had 4 different attacking Midfielders , why prefer Xhaka to KAnte when the latter was cheaper .The decline is rapid . From Viera and Gilberto silva to Song to Coquelin and now our very own Xhaka . I can go on and on about the horrendous decisions made at this club Ziyech , Behrama where all available for less than 35 million ,Wilfred Ndidi was signed for less than 5 million .Im sorry i will sign a
    player like Raphina in Leeds than Willian .
    The solution
    Get a good breed of management look at the management of a club like Ajax , look for an exciting winner of a coach who is passionate (Erik-ten-hag,Julian Nagelsmann.)
    Now get Salzburg , Leicester scouts , get Misilintat on some sought external retainer to spot talent .
    Get rid of all the dead wood in this club and by that i mean almost a quarter of the arsenal team if i am being generous .
    Now scout top players and create an identity on the pitch .
    Work on the Medical department and business side of things
    Now get the fans connected to this project .

  9. It is clear to see that Arteta is out of ideas and the majority of the players are not committed as before. Arteta has lost the dressing room because of his own bias preferential treatment of Willian. When standards and principles are established, they must be effective across the board without partiality, so as to command respect and cooperation from all. Arsenal continues to do the same things and expect different results. However, the main problem at Arsenal is Edu,who, must be fired asap. His incompetence at negotiations has failed Arsenal. Edu could not offload and sell not even one of the fringe players, despite surprisingly, interests and offers for many of them, from quite a few teams across Europe. At every opportunity, he has sabotaged Arteta. Only now Edu knows that Arsenal doesn’t have a creative midfielder and needs one. Arteta sanctioned the acquisition of Houssem Aouar(after speaking to him personally and agreeing on personal terms) the last transfer window and Edu failed to land him. Had it not been for a late plea from Arteta to the owners (Kroenke family), Arsenal would not have signed Thomas Partey. Yet, Willian (Brazilian like Edu) was Arsenal first signing for a position in the team that was already overstocked with younger promising players like Saka, Nelson,Pepe and Martinelli,when clearly the priorities were strengthening the defense and midfield. Although, it was a free transfer fee,but, the weekly wages contract is quite expensive for a player that has passed his best years and consistent with poor performances. When players like Elneny and Pepe falters, they are called out, but, Edu is asking us to be patient with Willian (experience premier league player),who, should be leading the charge. What I am seeing from the outside is that Edu is manipulating Arteta so much that he cannot even discipline the Brazilian Willian in the squad, far less to drop him, when at fault, thus, players protest in negative on the field and the poor results continue. Fortunes must improve quickly, otherwise, January transfer window should see a massive overhaul of squad,including director and manager.

  10. Arteta should be sack immediately to save Arsenal from relegation, time is running out, there is no sign that things will improve, a novice coach who has lost the dressing room cannot never turn things around #Artetaout

  11. My passion for footbal was dealt a huge blow after watching us lose to Everton. I realised that coaching experience is important. both coaches are at the helm same amount of time but everton coach has turned an everage team to a title winning team . yet our coach has turned a title winning team to a relegation threatened team. comments please.

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