Opinion: It is for the best that Arsenal fans are not allowed back into the Emirates

Arsenal has been on a poor run of form lately. I thought that the return of fans this month would make them do better, but that hasn’t worked.

I am somewhat happy that the government has announced new coronavirus restrictions that will force the fans to remain at home for now while Arsenal’s home games are played behind closed doors again.

Lets face it, there is no sense in us rushing to get tickets for our club’s home games when they will most likely lose the game.

It seems that the players cannot even play for the fans, and that is disrespectful to me.

At the moment, I don’t know what to expect from these players, it seems to so long ago that we won the FA Cup by beating Chelsea and Manchester City.

Since the return of the fans didn’t help our players to do better, they have to chance to make things right before the fans return once again.

I say this because if we return and their form is still this abysmal, then I’d not blame any fan who boos them from the stands.

I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, but Mikel Arteta must get his tactics right and get this team back to form, otherwise, the fans will react and not in a good way when they are back in the stands.

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  1. I chuckled when I read the title just now, especially considering how much dialogue and discussion there has been on this site alone.

    I am in Canada so a trip to a game is not in the offing but I would be hard-pressed not to boo, especially if others started and we were playing poorly.

    So maybe it is a blessing in disguise.

    Flip side is that maybe a full house would inspire to the point that we wouldn’t have to boo?

      1. Such a shame though, Rory. The difference between the Rapid game and Sunday against Burnley!!
        The fans were our 12th man against Rapid, excitement levels were sky high and were treated to 4 goals…. then against Burnley there was almost an eerie silence, like they were waiting for something bad to happen… and Granit and co didn’t disappoint! Really felt for them….

  2. Initially when lockdown hit, I thought the lack of fans was helping Arteta get his messages across. He is so vocal on the sidelines and players can hear him clearly so they are left in no doubt what his expectations are – pass, press, close down, drop off etc. When he first took over, this may have helped players adjust to a new style of play.

    Now I’m not so sure it’s as helpful. Players who are constantly told what to may stop thinking on their own and creativity gets stifled. Top players need the freedom to express themselves. Maybe if 60,000 fans drown Arteta out, the players could play with a bit more freedom but still within the tactics he sets out.

    Just a theory.

  3. Before we played Sheffield Utd Arteta said on press conference he was studying Chris wilder team how they defend n attack ???????.From that day lost all the confidence I had for him

    1. Wasn’t Sheffield United like our second away game or something, before we even knew that they would be that bad considering how well they did the season before?

  4. Ooh, it’s lampard’s turn to feel the pressure!
    But while the next defeat will cost lampard his job, if he were arsenal manager there would be an indifference from up above.
    We’re full of perennial thumb twiddlers, the winning clubs are full of action. Win Win Win or Get Lost!!!

      1. @Sue
        You are correct and this applies to player contracts too. I was devastated when they renewed a diabolical Xhaka’s contract. Then they did Luiz and even tried to renew MUSTAFI only for him to turn them down! 😂😂 What’s funnier? Arsenal trying to extend Mustafi or Mustafi rejecting Arsenal? Man the way this club is run is just shocking. Big money contracts dished out like sweets.

        1. I’d say Mustafi rejecting it 😂 More and more like a bloody circus!!
          Yes, you’re right and no wonder players come to us – easy street!!

    1. Has London not gone into tier 3 which means games have to be played behind door? If government allow fans in then they should be in safe manner because home advantage only works when you have fans in stadium.

    2. Exactly S, we always react late when boat is gone and nothing is left to salvage. Big clubs take quick decision and do not tolerate serial failure. Which big club in world would will keep a manager if he looses 7 games out if 12? Barcelona and Madrid are both in transition but they won’t use this as an excuse to tolerate such losses.

  5. funny though, I havent ever said anything here but here is a question that actually pins me, thus obligated to answer. Ofcourse, I might drift a little bit so incase you wanted a yes or no opinion, I am for no. (mark my words, being a pragmatic person, I would say that any above ‘fair’ team fan would love nothing more than watching his team play, and am arsenal forever.))))>
    well, tomorrow we play some little boys called so-something, apparently their big team status has been upgraded courtesy of a a number of bad runs from us (cant count the numbers cause it makes me numb). my city and london are separated by a 3 hour difference, thus my commenting is limited to on screen judgement, I cant stand that football, it is very unsettling when we play bad football, I can’t even stand going out for drinks during matchdays cause in the end I always end up getting pats on the back, from even non football fans and even my arsenal compatriots…i dont rate anything that comes from my enemies, what is seriously happening? suddenly auba and lacca are both wearing boots of the same foot or just play barefoot, Willian needs time to adjust to NL, saka is trying hard but he aint the whole team, Xhaka just wants to play with just leno and the defenders (i really dont like him, it feels like this is now past footballing reasons) arteta just wants to cross the ball and hope for a goal or own goal?? one of those definitely came in the wrong end, this is not beautiful football, edu is looking at something beautiful arsenal is creating, I wonder if its another new arsenal elsewhere? deceiving us just to unveil a new masterplan? Dreams are valid, but his is just well past AD. damn, I really cant bring myself to watch that game if things were reversed, I might just end up hanging around after things just turn up counterintuitive and give those players a piece of my mind, or might just do an “what i will do if I was arteta” possibly those london cells are not any worse than this?

  6. I guess it’s a good idea if you want to protect the fans’ mental health,but aren’t these highly paid professionals who should be prepared to be put under a pressure cooker? More pampering and mollycoddling if you ask me.

  7. If the club can afford to pay those fat player salaries without any ticket revenue from the fans, are you thinking what am thinking.. 😈😈

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