Opinion – It is more than just talent and that is why Mkhitaryan should have no Arsenal future

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a highly talented player but that is not always enough to be a success at the top of the Premier League.

You cannot coast in the Premier League, it is a very demanding place and there is nowhere a player can hide. You have to have a certain attitude otherwise the fans will not take to you and that is exactly what has happened with Mkhitaryan.

To fail at both Man Utd and Arsenal is telling and when fans of both clubs do not miss you one bit that is also another tell.

Mkhitaryan had the talent to change games but he rarely did, he may have been played out of position or in a system that did not suit him but that does not mean you basically give up trying.

You have to show up for games, you have to have a fighting spirit because without those key ingredients the fans will soon turn against you.

The Armenian just seems full of excuses why he didn’t cut it at Arsenal and obviously, has the perfect fall guy in Unai Emery.

“When I was at Arsenal, I had different things asked from me by the coach, people were expecting different things from here,” he told The Times as quoted by TeamTalk.

“The philosophy of Emery was different from [Paulo] Fonseca, but here I’m feeling much better because we’re playing better football and I think it matched me.

“I prefer Fonseca’s football because we’re playing very offensively, we’re trying to have the ball all the time here and of course I like this kind of game.”

If Mkhitaryan’s attitude matched his talent then he would have made it at Arsenal but the brutal truth is that he does not have it inside of him to be a Premier League player.

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  1. The real truth, which this article much suggests but stops short of actually spelling out in unmistakeable words, is that Mhki is bone idle. I clocked it straightaway, just as I did with Walcott and a certain German, though a little later with him. For the umpteenth time, if you have feeble desire you will never become a great player, no matter HOW MUCH your inate talent. If I have said that once I have said it a thousand times and it is palpably TRUE!

  2. @ Jon fox,

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  3. Another player who blames coaches for his shortcomings. As stated in the article, Mhikatarian struck out at two of the biggest clubs in the EPL; coaches like Mourinho and Emery can’t all be wrong, this league was just too tough for him.

  4. On the contrary, I think Mhik is an excellent player. For a long time people have exaggerated about how tough the English League is..but so are other leagues also..i don’t need to go into Champions league stats to defend my philosophy. Over the years there has been a number of English players who have failed lamentably when taken to eg the Spanish league.. Anyway, the point is i saw how Mhik played in Dortmund, exceptional. Question is who in the current line up can we honestly say is better than Mhiki? For a player to play well, all the ingredients around him need to click..In all honesty, Arsenal has not clicked as a team for a number of seasons now. This has affected all the players..Bring Mhki back under Arteta and we will all be amazed of his transformation!!!

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