Opinion: It is still too early to think we can win the league?

Arsenal has made a fine start to the league season. Wins over Fulham and West Ham have placed us firmly in contention for the league title.

The Gunners are one of the in-form teams considering that they also won the FA Cup and Community Shield last month.

With our current form, it is understandable that fans have started dreaming of winning the title already.

Mikel Arteta had to play down our chances because some people are getting carried away, apparently.
I also think those who are already thinking that we can win the title have to calm down. We have played just two matches and both have been against teams that have a genuine chance of fighting relegation this season.

Our next league game will be against Liverpool. If we can beat Jurgen Klopp’s Juggernauts again, maybe we can say we look ready to fight for the title, even at that, it is still too early to talk about winning the title.

These are still early days and regardless of how many more games we win, we need to understand that the last two Premier League season has shown that you have to win a tremendous amount of points before you can lift the Premier League and it is unlikely that the Gunners are ready to be that consistent just yet.

Let’s see how we get on next week first, shall we?


  1. “Let’s see how we get on next week first, shall we?”

    Exactly… Even if we win our next game against Liverpool.. Please don’t start singing about getting Arsenal back.

    Recent Madness update, Chelsea want Mattéo Guendouzi, Arsenal requested for one of N’Golo Kanté or Callum Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea have said no to any deal with Kante.

    There are discussions going on between both.
    I’m personally feeling this is because Chelsea don’t wanna pay Declan Rice’s fee.
    They want a holding midfielder

    1. I don’t even want this one to be true a bit.. Though the idea of having CHO seems tempting, Personally don’t want this, but both teams are discussing making a deal for unwanted players.
      For Arsenal it’s probably Guendouzi..
      For Chelsea? CHO, Barkley, Kepa, who else??

    2. Eddie,

      Is Bakayoko a player Arsenal might
      be interested in taking a flier on. I
      know he flopped initially @ SB but
      was said to have a bounce back
      season on loan @ AC Milan. Similiar
      evaluations for a swap.

      1. Lol… I don’t know if he did but I know clubs weren’t willing to pay the fee Arsenal demanded.
        With Chelsea, it might be player swap.
        If it’s player swap then CHO please and sell Nelson.
        I know people would come for my head for saying CHO over Nelson

        1. Great player but hasnt his issues
          @ Chelsea always revolved around
          lack of first team futbol. MA cant
          promise him that atm unless
          Pepe is shown the door 😁😂

  2. It’s crazy for anyone to predict the end of the season specially the transfer window is still open even if we get all our linked players the best we should hope for is 4th

    Every time I read 4th it reminds me of Arsen Wenger when he said 4th is like wining a trophy how right he was but at the same time it’s his fault if he knew that he should of forced the board to buy better and on time

    1. Nope nope nope, 4th IS NOT LIKE WINNING A TROPHY

      It may feel like that because our standards on and off the pitch have dropped dramatically while competition around us has risen.

      4th wouldn’t be a trophy for Liverpool or city

  3. With the current squad…

    Not a Freaking Snowball chance
    in Hell.

    With Aouar and Partey joining the
    Arsenal ranks…

    I like our chances.

    I hate to say it but a Wenger style
    beatdown @ Anfield may be
    exactly what is needed to
    expedite the additions of these
    two missing pieces.

  4. How about seeing how we fare in our first 10 games before we talk about a title charge? For all we know about Arsenal, everything could come crashing down in a bit, I hope it doesn’t.

  5. If Arteta plays every game as an FA Cup final game then we have a chance to win it why not !
    We need that mentality first

  6. Why the need for this article. Of course it’s too early to be thinking about winning the league. Let’s wait until we come to the last 10 games then we’ll have a more realistic view of where we are. You know the old boring saying, the most important game is the next one.

  7. I foresee everton giving the big teams a huge case if not making top 4 then europa.

    Our team have a long way to go, i hope auba dont get injured cos he has played too many games.

    I for one will swap guen for barkley all day.

    Need i say this, i believe any fan thinking of an auar and partey combo in our team is dreaming, auar is likely our next buy not partey. Hence we have proposed player swap with chelsea. I feel aside kante Edu may have eye for barkley or Guenduzi and cash around 20m for kante. If that goes through, we would be in vanhala

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