Opinion – It looks like Arsenal’s plan is no plan at all

Is the manager selection process based around populism by Dan the Cannon

Well we find ourselves about a month into the interim management period and seemingly no further forward.

With the January transfer window coming up quickly, I’m questioning if the board has any plan or road map for our club right now. What type of club are we to be, what’s the targets, the budget available and the style of play. It seems Arsenal’s plan is no plan right now.

The sacking of Unai was coming for a couple of months and yet we haven’t acted decisively.

Freddie is doing a job with little back room resource and on a day by day basis when we need a vision and change on a long term basis to get the ideas transferred from the training pitch to the competitive field.

It seems the board are placing names out into the media, basing a lot on candidate availability, and looking at the fan base reaction to guide a decision rather than to implement a pre-determined plan.

While our opinions should have a voice I’m sure you will agree us fans can only agree on one thing, that we usually disagree with each other on balance.

I wish our club was clear and decisive in its actions because that is what successful clubs do and right now we ain’t one of them!

If it’s to be Freddie give him half a chance and back him. If not him then go out and get the manager you want not just who available. Ambition starts from the top!

Dan the cannon

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  1. GB says:

    Does anyone proof read articles before posting them?
    This was obviously written before it was known the powers that be had a meeting at Arteta’s house yesterday and this morning. No mention of it in the article so come on admins, sort yourselves out 🤔. The plan is Arteta, but we don’t know yet whether the plan is coming together yet.

    1. Le Coq Monster says:

      GB………….The plan is definately Arteta if the breaking Sky Sports news is true …………… Arsenal are talking with Man C to the availability of Arteta………………….if that is true and he is available then he will be the next coach as I dont think you ask about the availability of someone just for an interview………….so he is the only canidate if Sky is right!

      1. GB says:

        Yes LCM, I too believe that’s the current plan but what if he says no?

    2. Reggie says:

      There is no plan in skulking around Artetas house in the middle of the night after another hammering the day before. It all smells of desperation to me. Arteta is not the number one choice, at least by the fans, the club are not getting the right man, they are getting the cheapest man. I will support Arteta but he is not on the face of it the best unequivocal choice for getting us back among the elite. Thanks Mr Kronk for taking this club into extinction.

      1. RSH says:

        Who the fans want shouldn’t matter when it comes to this appointment. It should be who the club believes will be best for the direction they want to go. Unfortunately i do not even believe anybody behind the scenes even has a clue about that. There are not enough competent people making the big decisions. And we have an owner who just couldn’t care any less.

    3. Dan the cannon says:

      I think you missed the point of my article although to be fair I did send this in yesterday. Sacking a manager of a top club with no plan on replacement, Arteta would have been available for a meeting weeks ago so this is still relevant. As I’m aware we are still without permanent replacement.

      1. GB says:

        Ok Dan, yes I agree and I geddit 🙂

    4. Stewart Macintosh says:

      and those news stories are always correct! 🙂

  2. Towny254 says:

    Arteta has never been a manager we cannot go experimenting now we need a TOP manager

  3. gotanidea says:

    The plan seems to be saving money as much as possible while trying to stay out of relegation zone. Because it doesn’t work with Ljungberg, Arsenal choose the second cheapest option, Arteta

    They should have given Ljungberg two more EPL matches before getting Arteta. At least Ljungberg has given the senior players five matches to show their worth and he wouldn’t get blamed if he benches some of them at Goodison Park

    Whereas Arteta has to give the same underperformers a clean slate. We would go back to square one with those defeatists if we make them starters again

    1. Reggie says:

      Lets hope its not too long before we are moving onto the next “plan” if Arteta is appointed.

      1. Reggie says:

        Sorry lets hope its a long time and not a short time before we go onto the next plan.

    2. GB says:

      I’m not sure Ljungberg has the balls, having seen him sullen faced on the bench yesterday, when he should have been in his area screaming and shouting. I think Arteta saw enough yesterday to know the under performers, which ultimately might sway him to say sorry, no, not for me.

      1. RSH says:

        I think it’s hard to be that way when you do not even know if your position is permanent, and so you may not have the proper authority behind you. It’s pretty unfair to Freddie to be messing him around like that. Either he stays the rest of the season or he is placeholder for next game or two. It seems nobody was telling him anything.

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