Opinion: Its time to cut our losses on Torreira, he never stood a chance under Arteta

News making the rounds recently says that Lucas Torreira wants to leave Arsenal and return to South America.

The Uruguayan is a fan of Boca Juniors and wants to play for the Argentinean side before he retires.

He has always spoken of his love for Carlos Tevez’s team and has been linked with a move to Brazilian sides as well.

The midfielder has just lost his mum to covid-19 and now more than ever he wants to be closer to home.

It is hard for me to see Arsenal stopping him from achieving that, considering that he has hardly played under Mikel Arteta.

Sending him out on loan to Atletico was never because we wanted to have him back as a better player.

It was always to preserve or increase his market value and now that it isn’t happening, I think we should let him leave.

He joined Arsenal for around £26 million. We may not get even a quarter of that price if he moves to South America.

However, what we would gain is getting rid of an unhappy player and saving quite a good sum in wages.

This summer shouldn’t be complicated for Torreira, he should return from Spain and get his desired move because there is no point keeping hold of him.

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  1. Cut our losses again! As much as I sympathize with LT, allowing him to leave for free before the end of his contact is ludicrous. If he really wants to leave for Boca Juniors, all he needs to do it pay off his contract. I still believe he can play a useful role in our midfield next to Partey.

    1. Nah, Torreira has nothing to offer, never had. His was one of the stupid expensive signings of recent years. Not PL quality. Certainly not Arsenal quality.
      He wants to join Boca? Fair enough. They should thump out a good transfer fee. Otherwise Arsenal should sell him to a club in Italy. I guess Italy should be less objectionable to him than England or even Spain?

        1. No, but their culture is much closer to each other. Torreira have lived in Italy since 2013, he speaks Spanish and Italian which makes it more convenient.

          1. Agree but he wants to move to South America to be closer to his family. Nothing to do with culture or language.

  2. Is it only Lucas Torreira that could be allowed by Arsenal to leave the club on transfer out of the club another club side next summer transfer window?

    Well, how about Mateo, Guendouzi who could also be allowed by Arsenal to leave them on transfer out from Arsenal during next summer transfer widow to cash in by Arsenal for a moderate transfer fee payable to Arsenal by any clubside wanting to sign him.

    I am feeling want to sleep as sleep is catching me forcing me to stop my ranting on Arsenal FC gor the time being this night. Good night to all Gunners, Gooners and Mikel Arteta.

  3. Some say we don’t use money, but reality is that we have spent too much on average players.

    Players that never should have been considered as good enough for Arsenal FC. Torreira isn’t the worse case, but Emery ruined his confidence by playing him out of position, and he has been struggling to get back to his best level…

    1. What kind of excuse is that?
      Emery played him in a different position to that drained all the talent, fight and ambition out if him?
      It made him hate Europe and forced him to all of a sudden wish to move to Boca?
      Come on now..

      Lets be honest, Torriera has a very weak mentality and attitude. That’s what’s stopping him from facing difficulties at the moment.

      1. Not an excuse but reality, Torreira is CM / CDM and have played in that position most of his career, which he did well in Italy and became the reason why we bought him.

        He didn’t hate his life in Italy where he moved in 2013, but he didn’t enjoy his life in London. From my point of view we shouldn’t have bought him, not good enough for a PL team with top four ambitions…

    2. Torreira started life as a forward and converted to a midfielder. Emery tried him further forward, because he saw something in him and he responded by scoring a good goal against Spurs.
      The interesting thing is that Simeone, when he has played Torreira for Atletico Madrid, has played him as #10. Why is it that Simeone apparently sees the same thing that Emery did.

      1. Perhaps they consider him too small and not gifted enough (Santi Cazorla) to play in the engine room…

  4. My daughter who follows Italian football was telling me the this guy was someone special an answer to Arsenal’s problems and a perfect counter to Ozil and Ramsey. Sadly It was not to be. Nobody survives the Granit, last man standing who will be around until we are in the Championship. But seriously, Torriera failed because he had neither the presence or skill to compete in such a physical league. Whether or not it was due to his lack of height is also questionable. Other players with a low centre of gravity have been able to succeed Even Elneny and his limited skills set has probably been able to
    squeeze out another contract, more fool Arsenal. The slower pace of Spanish football, where he has failed to impress Simeone hasn’t been very kind to Torriera either. Arsenal should let him leave and write this one off as a gamble worth taking but which didn’t work out.

    1. Torreira played decent football in Italy, but PL is quite different. Torreira is a CM / CDM, but he wasn’t a new Santi Cazorla, and probably not good enough for a club with top four ambitions. I have heard from people close to the club that Emery ruined his confidence when starting to play him out of position, and together with his struggles to adapt to life in London made it too complicated for him. I don’t have anything against him, but with our recruitment policy in general….

  5. I wonder whether our ex-scouts use Torreira’s and Pepe’s YouTube highlights to assess them? We won’t catch up with Liverpool unless we fix our awful recruitment system

    1. Spot on, many blame Stan for not spending money, if I were Stan neither would I invest a dime as all money is misused on unskilled or unworthy players right from the Wenger era till date. This is what happens when we rely on stats rather than physically scout the talent. And the other section blames Arteta. Even for a moment we agree that Arteta cannot match Simeone, then why is Simeone not using Lucas? Because he is not good enough. Stop blaming Emery or Arteta, the man is not good enough. So is Luiz, Gabriel, Xhaka, Elneny, Laca, Auba (this season) Pepe

      1. Actually Liverpool used stats to recruit underrated players, like Robertson from Hull and Wijnaldum from Newcastle. They even hired someone who worked on Hadron particle collider to make a smart recruitment system

        I bet Arsenal fired their 55 human scouts and acquired StatDNA to make similar system

        1. I’ve been looking for someone to mention this and you just did. When Arsenal fired the 55 or more, everyone cried foul. Ozil used it as a stunt. But, some saw it differently.

          These were the lots that got us in this mess we are trying to fix now and everyone is demanding overnight success.

          I’m not a fan of club owners, and not especially Stan, they are shrewd and crude business men. But, he employed people to make certain decisions for him and they failed for years. Then, you want him to keep them and keep spending. That’s like pouring water into a leaking pipe.

          From recruitment process, to signings, renewing of players contracts to selling of our players, those involved have failed massively over the years.

          What we are going through now, runs deeper than just getting result on the pitch. This is a rot of many years in almost all the departments of the club.

          Hope we get over this very quickly.

  6. Torriera should pay for part of his current contract if he want to move. Mkhitaryan and I think Fabregas were willing to pay us something for wanting a move..

    Pay off the rest of your contract if you want to leave.

  7. Poor guy, I guess Italy only suits his style of playing. I wanted to see him under MA so bad but he could not improve himself and he didn’t fight strong enough to win his position, I still believe he would’ve been something if he stays and played more often than Ceballous!

  8. To me, it’s really terrible to see a one-time fan favorite called names simply because he just couldn’t settle in on the long run with a few several factors.
    Those of you saying nasty stuff about his recruitment, weren’t you (super) pleased with his performances when he joined? Didn’t you chant the “Torriera – oh o” in those games??
    He was easily our best DM then and was rated by virtually almost everyone. You wanted someone with presence, fight and spirit in the Arsenal midfield, it’s Torriera you would easily turn to!

    He had some fitness woes, got played outta position, had a dip in form and wasn’t fancied by a new manager, then did go out on loan to get back to form with some regular football (which hasn’t gone his way).

    Because he got emotional in a game and expressed his struggles in a new country, he’s got a “weak mentality” and all the crap – I bet D.Bergkamp had a weak one with his aviophobia, Gnabry or Mhiki were weak too, or even players who cried at a loss!
    What would you do having had same challenges as Torriera? – Merely say “staying and fighting for my place” to the media when you actually had almost no chance in a new regime? What?
    And you think Torreira isn’t good enough in a team having average Celballos or Elneny?

    On subject, I would love to have him back but I’m really not sure of his future under Arteta and would be glad if we could get some dough on him.

    1. I agree with you, Lucas Torreira isn’t the worst case, but our recruitment policy in general isn’t good enough. How many of our players are good enough for ManCity, Liverpool or Chelsea? If we have ambitions we need to recruit better players.

    2. I agree with you dO2…

      To fully understand the whole Torriera misadventure I think it’s important to turn back the clock to the year leading up to his arrival in North London…coming off a successful campaign at Sampdoria, which saw him chip in 4 goals as a deep-lying midfielder, he then followed that up with another solid performance for Uruguay at the 2018 World Cup…the reviews were in and I was stoked to hear a variety of pundits speak in glowing terns about what this diminutive deep-lying pivot could bring to the equation…known for his disciplined and no nonsense style of play, I simply couldn’t wait to see him on the pitch…the stars seemed to be perfectly aligning for us to finally secure a high energy, hard working defensive midfielder who was coming into his own at just the right time

      In his first season he performed incredibly well, considering the obvious questions about his size and the all-too-familiar difficulties many face following a move to England…he won five man of the match awards, which culminated in a bicycle kick goal against Huddersfield, then things started to go off the rails, even though he was still voted by ESPN as the 3rd best off-season acquisition…some niggling injuries then, for whatever reason, he seemed to fall out of favour with Emery and just when people were starting to get tired of clamoring for the return of our little Energizer bunny, a story emerged about him being “homesick” and/or wanting to return to Italy

      I would suspect this was leaked as a way to better control the narrative, as we’ve seen this tactic before, for a variety of reasons…unfortunately for him, this became the predominant narrative and many fans turned on him, which I felt was a bit short-sighted on their parts, as it’s not unusual for a first year player to vent on occasion, especially when you go through a rough patch

      so whether this was another case of poor man management or that there was some real issues with his mental capacity to handle the riggers of his move to North London, I’m not entirely sure, but I think we gave up on him too soon, as I would much rather have him, or at least the player who was on display when he first arrived, than Xhaka, Elneny or Ceballos in the deep-lying pivot position

  9. He is another example of the incompetence displayed by our recruitment team.I concur wholeheartedly with your views Loose Cannon.

  10. The same fans who were screaming for Torriera to be signed are the same fans who now say our recruitment system is flawed. Still, us fans are never wrong are we?

  11. Mischief making headline.

    “He Never Stood A Chance Under ARTETA”.

    I think any reasonable person who seriously follows our club, would come to the conclusion there are a number of factors that have culminated in Lucas wanting to leave.

    These factors where almost certainly in Torreira’s mind prior to the arrival of Mikel Arteta.

    He never settled in London almost from day one after signing in 2018, and his performances over time reflected that fact.

    The above would lead to a high percentage of managers looking to move him on.

    And once again, our recruitment seems to have been flawed in the first place i.e. was Lucas physically the right fit, and was he mentally strong enough to undertake such a move ?

    1. I wasn’t answering your comment Grandad and yours wasn’t there when I typed mine but I wanted him signed based on his performances but it was clearly a mistake as he just doesn’t suit us or the league. Basically I was wrong in my judgment.

  12. The truth is LT was never top of UE list of midfielders as we know he wanted TP there was even a meeting with our club’s execs he also wanted N’Zonzi like with Pépé they were too focused on player’s age resale value..

    1. Worth remembering Emery also wanted Wilfred Zaha ahead of Pepe.

      I personally believe Zaha would have made a real and immediate impact at our place, whilst Pepe remains the most “frustrating” player on God’s earth.

  13. True i forgot about Zaha!i read this morning that we are back for him i wonder how much Palace would want for him now!

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