Is it time for Arsenal to give Nicholas Pepe a run in the team?

Arsenal has several top attacking talents In our ranks at the moment. With Gabriel Martinelli still out injured and Nicolas Pepe struggling to play for the club, one can only wish every fit attacker at the club performed at their best all the time.

One player whom the club signed this summer with hopes that he will be a key player for them and perhaps also get them into another gear is Willian.

The Brazilian has a lot of experience and he should not be talking about time to blend with his new teammates.

I won’t lie, I was very excited when he provided three assists in his first game, even though I didn’t want us to sign him in the first place.

Those excitements have long gone and we’re left with an attacker that can barely string together a couple of forward passes for us now.

If Willian cannot do better than Pepe, I don’t think it makes any sense to play him ahead of the Ivorian.

While Willian is getting older, Pepe is just coming into his own and the more games he plays, the more value he will offer to us.

To me, Willian has already shown us that he is ineffective, the earlier we cut our losses and sideline him, the better for us.

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  1. How about we don some sort of deal with Crystal palace in Jan. Give them Pepe and 15million on top get Zaha or file case against the french side in European Consumer court for product quality and ask for refund with compensation 😉😆. ….oh wait UK left EU as well…🤣

      1. Premier League.
        Zaha, 8 appearances, 5 goals, 2 assists. Not too shabby.
        Pepé, 7 appearances, 1 goal, no assists. Shabby.

        1. 🤣🤣🤣Declan please don’t make me laugh, how many years have Zaha been in the premier league now, has he ever scored or assisted 10goals a season and please don’t say he’s playing in a small club because even Fraser had 18 assist for Bournemouth. And out of those 7 Pepe appearances how many did he start and how many did we introduced him in the 76th minutes, look I’m not saying Zaha is not good but please don’t make it look like he’s something special, for a player who has been playing premier league football since 2015 but has never for once assisted 10goals a season I don’t think he will solve arsenal problem.

    1. As poor as Pepe has been, our wing play isn’t making it any easier for him. Hardly any overlapping runs. Hardly any quick one-twos.

      We pass the ball to him and expect him to beat his markers. He’s often marked by 2 players and loses the ball eventually. Rinse and repeat that over time and his confidence is eroded

  2. A waste of time
    Whoever plays on the right of attack is wasted as Arteta’s tactics make them useless.
    Save for fulham n Europa who has played on the right and put in a good performance?

  3. William is getting older, as is Pepe. Play him as a conventional left winger and we just might get him to really perform.

  4. Pépé gave an interview to canal+, in which he said that he was frustrated and not too happy at his lack of playing time and a proper run of games, he said that he no longer plays with a smile on his face!

  5. Despite the goal last outing in Europa League, Pepe was dreadful the whole game. He gave the ball away a lot and really needs to learn how to cross the ball (should get tips from man like Tierny)

    1. Linsagunner in case you haven’t noticed, Tierney no longer crosses the ball like he used to when we first signed him

        1. Tierney at CB in a back 3 is such a waste. So good at getting forward and creating opportunities. No surprise we’ve lacked chances since he’s been playing there

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