Opinion: Kolasinac cannot even be trusted to be a squad player

Sead Kolasinac keeps proving just why he isn’t good enough to even be a squad player at Arsenal.

The Bosnian has been linked with a move away from Arsenal after the recent signings of new defenders by the club, and I think that this is the best time for him to leave.

Originally a left-back, he has been used as a left centre-back by Mikel Arteta in his quest to find space for him in the team, and he simply isn’t good enough.

Kolasinac started Arsenal’s Carabao Cup game against Leicester City and proved yet again why he shouldn’t be trusted.

The Gunners won the game 2-0, thanks to an own goal and a strike from the in-form Eddie Nketiah.

However, Arsenal would have conceded a goal had Ayoze Perez been more accurate with his header.

The Spaniard was being marked by Kolasinac and the Bosnian lost him too easily and he planted his header, thankfully not in the back of the net, late on.

Arsenal has landed Gabriel to add to William Saliba, David Luiz, Rob Holding, among other defenders in their team.

I think that the best solution to our Kolasinac-problem will be to sell him as soon as possible.

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  1. He’s pretty terrible lately, he was diabolical in the West Ham match. However this writeup with literally one example trying to prove your point is just as bad.

    1. Sky Reporting crap to deceive people into gambling.
      This is all about Skybet. They know f##k all about stuff.
      Their lies about Crystal Palace paying a fee for a player and Palace’s chairman should let you know they’re just a bunch of clowns.
      They just report stuff so to make money on skybet

  2. Kolasinac is one of the few players I highly regard. He should be starting alongside Tierney if we play 3 at the back.

    I hear we’re interested in Jorginho.

    Yesterday I told people that we badly need a HOLDING MIDFIELDER instead of a no.8 like Aouar,, and they kept bashing me….

    Slowly but surely you’ll see the reasoning. Am happy that the decision makers are starting to get my reasoning.

    1. have you actually watched Kola play since last seasons restart? it doesn’t seem like you have.
      Kola is shocking.

      Yes we do need a holding player, i believe if we went back to a 4-3-3 ( if we don’t also get Aouar) we will see ( if we do get Partey ) Xaka, Partey and Cebellos ( playing a more conventional 10 role) but he will also give us more workrate and will actually defend as he has been doing, not like a certain other bench warmer

      1. Kolasinac plays supposedly “badly” because our midfield is very passive…

        He (like other defenders) don’t seem to get many outlets in midfield, that’s why they’re forced to give many back passes.

    2. And Jorginho is a holding midfielder??
      Why do we need Jorginho when what he does is basically what Chaka does in same position?
      Kolasinac should be starting?
      Well thank God you ain’t the coach then

      1. Me I don’t go with the “bandwagon”.

        Most Arsenal fans on here don’t analyse players that much and prefer to jump onto the “hate train”.

        There are things that I say that later, you’ll see that they’re right all along.

        1. Have told you Kolasinac is good enough to be starting in a wing-back position.

        2. Luiz is the best defender at the club and Mari is next to him. So buying these ordinary defenders was very UNNECESSARY. All we needed was a technically gifted holding midfielder.

        3. Nelson is good enough to be starting at Arsenal because he gives us that “pressing” and constant attacking synonymous with Sterling at City.

        4. Cedric is the BEST right back at the club,,, do should be starting over Bellerin or M-Niles any day of the week when fully fit.

        1. Lol…seriously I’m glad you ain’t the coach. All 4 you listed are bang average.
          Your number 2, you’ve not even watched Mari play for 45 minutes yet he’s the best defender after Luiz.
          The same Luiz that performs today and becomes pennywise tomorrow?
          You rate Luiz but you don’t rate Mustafi?
          Mustafi is a better defender than David Luiz, but that’s not even a discussion you’re ready for.
          You keep saying Luiz and Mari are the best defenders just because they can pass the ball?
          Gabriel isn’t a ball playing defender?
          Also Nelson should be starting?
          Lol, well okay, they’re your opinion, so I respect that

          1. You wait when Mari comes back . We’ll continue this conversation.

            I can guarantee that he’ll be picked ahead of Gabriel and Saliba

            1. Herbz,If you care to sign that so called “guarantee ” that you so carelessly and foolishly use, then how much money will you pay all us fans who consider your comment as worthless tosh, when your “guarantee” proves worthless?

        2. I have never commented here until now, your analysis of some of our players is laughable, Kolasinic shouldn’t even be a football players, he is so bad on the ball and I doubt you’ve been watching our games with these takes. Nkeita, Willock, Nelson are some of the worse Arsenal graduates I’ve seen in aong whole, no talent at all.

        3. Herbz, you won’t be taking some other form of herbs on a regular now would you? Your weird comments seem to be suggestive of that to be honest. Take it easy on the herbs man

    3. In that case, you must be sentimental in your opinion. You highly regard Kolasinac but you give no reason why you do so. Are you watching the same matches we are watching? How did you come to such conclusions about Kolasinac being highly regarded? I am glad it remains your opinion. Kolasinac is the weakest and poorest link in the defence. Play him against Liverpool and Salah may as well credit your account for that…

    4. Lol herbz I didnt “bash” you man I just disagreed, you said auoar plays too close to the attackers but that’s not true, he played most game last season as a CM, similar to cazorla like you were asking for lol

    5. Mari has good timing, but he’s slow compared to Gabriel (This is based on their previous matches in their former teams)

      Kolasinac is only good if he plays as a wing back against a team that doesn’t press. If opponents put pressure on him, he always panics and makes a back pass. His runs and crosses on the wings used to be his best attribute, but recently, he has been underwhelming in that department too. He is also not good in the air and doesn’t have the awareness trait it requires to play as a centre back.

      I agree, we need a decent defensive midfielder.

    6. He is a good backup as left wing not a left back.
      I dont know if Arteta can bring back his confidence.
      We have long list of players for sale.

      Lets hope few can improve. Orelse its going to be a big overhaul in AFC Team.

  3. He has struggled but to say he should not be even a squad player is over the top. He is good enough to be a squad player in my opinion. With 2nd COVID19 wave and all the restrictions happening I don’t think clubs specially Arsenal will spend any money now. Remember fans attending the match is one of Arsenal’s major income source as we have the highest ticket price in UK, plus our world popularity going down so merchandise has decreased as well. So we can do all the link up, players going out and in truth is I don’t see anything happening.

  4. To be fair to Kolasinac,he is playing out of position due to injuries to Mari and Tierney.To my knowledge he never played as a CB in Germany, nor for Bosnia, so the fact that he has not done well in that position is not surprising.That said, he has not impressed me at LB nor LWB and seems to lack basic co-ordination and certainly composure.He is a player I would move on it at all possible.

  5. I have been one of his greatest critics, poor defending, constantly passing backwards (holds the record), positioning, etc but thought he had a fairly good game last night and actually passed forward a few times as witness by his lady, Sue.
    Having said that, I’d be happy if he’s sold.

  6. Kolasinac? Another strange recruit by Arsene. Wenger was really poor at choosing defenders. Most of them were laughable. How many times was it mentioned and he dismissed it. Wished he spoke to scouts but I guess that was not a something he can entertain. Anyway, it’s good he has retired.

  7. Md manager release Kolastinac for God sake. He tends to all the time slow the counter attacking pace of the team, killing pressure on opponents, with retracting passes behind. Sell him even at a low price.
    He is a big liability. Mari should come in his place.

  8. It shameful dragging Kolasinac out this way..
    Oh Sue! Hope you ain’t hurt?
    I know you Like the Lad..

    Kolasinac is a waste and will continue to be a waste if AFC don’t get rid of him.

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