Opinion: Lacazette was troublesome against Spurs but we need so much more from him

Alexandre Lacazette earned some praise for causing all kinds of problems for Tottenham in our match on Sunday.

In truth, he looked like the only player that might create something, apart from Bukayo Saka, among Arsenal’s attackers on the night.

However, strikers don’t earn their money by causing problems for the opposition defences or by looking likely to score.

They get paid to put the ball in the back of the net.

When I see fans applaud some of our players for almost doing their job, I just think about how far below the level of normal performances that these lads have served us for such a long time.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seems to have set a higher bar for himself yet his new bumper deal seems to have handicapped him in some way.

Even though he was ineffective against Tottenham too, I don’t agree that Lacazette had a better night.

The only reason why Lacazette plays as our preferred centre forward is that we need goals and if he doesn’t score, he should be rated 4 and below regardless of what he does in the game because nothing else has a direct impact on the result.

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  1. Rating him 4, it means he was ineffective. Causing problems for the defence is part of the job of a striker. Are you one of those who criticise players even if they are doing good? I really liked his ball control. Please, just give credit where it’s due

    1. Unfortunately most fans gave ratings based on the finals score/result and not on by analysing the players output in the game….

  2. I have watched all Arsenal games. The problem is strategy and lack of creative middle fielder, some one who can distribute the ball. Ozil has got that talent. A player who can have a free role like Son. I also doubt Arteta as head coach. Arsenal doesn’t need an apprentice coach. I am afraid relegation zone is where we are headed

  3. I think Arteta has said that no matter what it will take or cost him to turn the Gunners lack of scoring goals in the Premier League for Arsenal to be winning matches he’ll fight on to do it.

    For, he’ll get the Gunners to start firing again in the Premier League scoring goals and winning matches according to hint.

    And that effort making by him will largely be on working on Lacazette, Aubameyang, Nketiah and Saka specifically. And the almost complete misfiring Willian after the good one PL match he had for Arsenal away to Fulham on the openings day of this PL season.

    So therefore, let all us Gooners exercise patience to wait for Arteta to see if he’ll turnaround the Gunners lack of scoring goals in their recent PL matches to beat their opponent teams. But score the goal or goals that will make Arsenal beat Burnley, Southampton and even Chelsea in successive PL matches to start recovering back their PL match lost winning mojo.

    1. Samual , well said
      Some of the people calling for his head now are the same called for UE and AW.
      We a agreed he inherited a poor squad of players and added a few but it takes Time
      I for one hate losing and especially to the spuds but changing managers every season dosent work unless you are chelski and have the money to back what you action unlike our board who have thrown peanuts at it over the years and you ripe what you sow.
      He has at to learn and I hope we give him time
      The season is still in its infancy and a long way to go
      A storming second half and let’s see where we go
      The spuds will will have a blow out and then the hound dogs will back on the scent of JM and be calling for hos head again
      Onward and upwards my fellow gooners

  4. Hahahha laca who lost the ball with the first kick of the game.

    Lacca who was seen telling xaka not to pass to him.

    Lacca is done at arsenal and needs to be sold ASAP. Get what we can from him and free up space for players who Have something g to offer and who actually want to play for the club. Go back to the farmers league where u can coast.

      1. I think even Danny welbeck was better. Atleast Danny was big and offered pace. Lacca is not bog or pacey and has nothing special about him.

  5. You have to understand football before criticizing players. Lacazette did not play as a centre forward against Tottenham, he played in the mildfield as a number 10. Fans are not wrong when they say Lacazette was the man of the match. He was everywhere. And if he didn’t play as he did, the score could’ve been worse for Arsenal. The first person to blame is the coach who is not capable of getting the best of his players especially Ozil, the more creative player in the team.

  6. Lacca is playing midfielder and striker in one and he does defending what Feck in more do want if the midfield put a shift in we might get somewhere

  7. I bet people like you would say firmino is thrash, but take him out of that Liverpool squad and they have a problem. Now do you kstget it?

    1. Trouble is we have a problem with or without Lacazette in the team. What exactly did he contribute against Spurs? Was he the perfect foil for Auba?, Did he terrorise their defenders into making errors? Did he open up the opposition defence with incisive passes. I don’t think so, the Spuds defence looked so calm and collected. I think we have always over rated this guy. There was a reason why Wegner and Emery never really had much confidence in him.We need him to be good, but he hasn’t delivered and more than likely won’t. Like some others above I believe that he and his striking partner from Gabon should both be moved on making way for a more energetic attacking style.

  8. Are we kidding?? He can not play a Bergkamp type or no 10 role. He is good at holding the ball but neither he has the passing ability/range or eye for it. He is not technically sound for this role. Play him as CF or get rid of him. You can not convert players near their 30 to start playing completely different role which they do not posses the skill for.

    1. What’s so funny is shelving one of the best no 10s in football and relying instead on players who have no clue what that role is and blaming them for not performing
      BTW didn’t we say no 10 is dead in the EPL?

      1. Yup Icw, I completely agree. I know right I did see statements flying here and there that no 10 type football is over. Maybe some one here is probably secretly been involved with pep and klopp to come up with new football tactics.

  9. I think it is now very clear to everyone, Laca would benefit from a change of scene. At this stage of the season, I would seriously consider replacing him with our new signing, Nikolaj Moller.

  10. If we’re going to play 3-4-3 with a false nine, Ozil is probably the best choice for our false nine. He has played there for Germany a few times before

  11. Despite all comments given, the team need to develop a winning mentality. The coach need to instill more confidence in the team. Even the games that we previously won, any honest analyst can tell that our type of football has been bumpy and sloppy one. The team lacks composure and creativity. We seem not to have a winning strategy and the Coach is duty bound to raise the bar.

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