Opinion: Let’s be honest Arsenal proved Ozil right for not taking a pay cut

Arsenal has just landed Thomas Partey by paying his 50 million euros transfer fee.

The Ghanaian joins Gabriel Magalhaes whom Arsenal paid 30m euros to sign earlier in the summer.

The Gunners spent a combined 80m euros on just their transfer fees and they will still cover their wages and that of Dani Ceballos and Willian who joined them for free.

When the covid19 pandemic started, the Gunners claimed to have lost a ton of money and they asked their players to take pay cuts.

Several of the player accepted, but Mesut Ozil didn’t and the German was criticised heavily.

Arsenal also went ahead and made 55 members of staff redundant, but this is the same Arsenal that has been busy in the transfer window that just closed.

We might want to say the football club is more important than its staff, hence signing players should be a priority, but we cannot deny the fact that it seems Arsenal really didn’t need a wage cut or to make their staff redundant.

One of the key attributes a man should have is a mind of his own and sometimes, it can be at odds with what others think.

Ozil has proven to be a man that can stand alone and I think that our spending spree proves him right for not taking a wage cut.

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  1. Just playing devils advocate but someone could also say that the three players including ‘Ozil’ who refused paycuts led to Arsenal deciding to make 55 members of staff redundant, 56 including gunnersaurus.

    I would rather focus on the good transfer window we just had & this praying this international week is injury free 🙂


    1. Listen people this is not about race or religion however Arsenal FC have been, still is and will be BIGGER than any of its PLAYERS and I believe the people we “the Arsenal Fans” entrusted with the operations of the club are doing a fantastic job top to bottom. Having said that, it seems like there are some small group of fans that are making the loudest noises in regards to Mesut Ozil, don’t get me wrong I love Mesut but it’s clear to look back and admit we lost our ways and identities between Highbury and his arrival therefore when he came to us back in 2013 we all idolised him along with Wenger, the trust, excitement and respect we showed must have lead him to take us the Arsenal Fans for granted. The action Mesut took indicates that the fans and the club are separate organisations, he believes if he f*** up with the club he will always count on the fans and that’s the weapon the media have been using to divide us all along but this time the weapon being used is one of our own, it’s sad how Mesut is making extra effort in his final year to divide us.

      1. The only dividing is done by the fans not the players.Same fans who twist most details to suit their agenda.

          1. ozil is lazy and finished, him and geundouzi are the reason we never got aouar. No one was willing to pay money for I’ve these bad apples but at least geundouzi left to play Football and not hang around like ozil, a leech who’s job now is to troll the club that pays him 350k a week.

  2. Absolutely agree. And by the way, not playing Ozil was a way to encourage him to leave but why should he? A World class player like Ozil can’t suddenly become a fringe player overnight -he has bags of talent and is being wasted at great expense to the player and the club. Poor man management by the club and completely unnecessary. Ozilasauraus !

    1. Arteta played him in EVERY game before the shutdown and morons claim he’s not been good enough in 2 years or more.

      So: was Arteta right every single week when he decided Ozil WAS good enough to start?

      Obviously the insecure pencil pushers that run the club have forced Arteta to exclude Ozil, but Ozil will still be a legend when these worthless pieces of shit are long gone.

      1. then Ozil should continue to act as a legend and not divide the club… if it Aubameyang was in ozils situation in terms of the whole china thing…I’m sure every single person in the club would look for ways to fight off china and involve him regardless, because of his attitude towards playing for the club n all. Not many can say likewise for Ozil..his attitude towards arsenal is poor, ever since Wenger left, no other person took his rubbish, he basically decided not to do so much anymore and u could see it in his games.. No player is bigger than the club

  3. Doesn’t deter from the fact, he should never have been offered the salary he is on. By the time he leaves the club he will have cost the club around £150m in fees and wages alone. That does not include bonuses

    I like thousands of others genuinely feel it was one of the worst mistakes the club has made in recent years to offer him £350k a week. Another was not encouraging Wenger to walk after his 3 FA Cups triumphs in a 4 year period.

    1. Where were you when the contract was being given to him, I’m sure you’d be one of those who were excited about it because , at that time, there were no word class player in the squad and we all want him to stay without thinking about the amount he signed, wouldn’t have issue with your comment if you’d made it 2years agon

      1. and when he finally signs, he stopped playing as he suppose to, getting 350k for meaningless chances. All because Wenger left, he sulks.

    2. Atid, you can remove his name and put Auba and everything you said will be the same. Chelsea bought Kepa for 71m and pay him close to 150m non of their fans are nagging about it. De gea is on similar wages and would cost manu more than what Ozil is costing us by the end of his career. So also is Sanchez. There is so much money football that clubs can afford to make monetary mistakes. It is never our money and the club is not complaining and as a matter of fact has never come and said Ozil’s wages is handicapping our operations. We should let this go and in less than a year all will be over. To the writer of this article, would you be ok if we didn’t sign a player

      1. No your not honest because your speculating with no facts and you just hate Kroenke.

        What is it people trying to unnecessarily trying to connect dots?

    3. It’s sad you all have decided to make a case from this as his major reason for not playing
      Everyone else can ne wrong but not ozil
      Different managers can’t cope with this guy for a reason
      Paint him a saint
      Make him what ever you want
      I have had enough of this guy
      After this season the drama ends
      In all my years of been a fan i have never seen an arsenal players who brings so much diversity among the fans

  4. It doesn’t matter where your views stand on this, he is taking money from this club and not giving anything back in real effort. There is no defence of a person who treats our great club the way he does. I will ask for replies to the question. WHAT IS HE DOING AT THIS CLUB TO JUSTIFY HIS EMPLOYMENT?

      1. It affects me as a fan because had he agreed to leave (remember there was some Saudi Arabia team willing to pay his 350k per week wages) we would have freed up more funds to further rebuild this team (Auoar if you remember). So to me it feels like a case of him thinking ” I know I can get the money elsewhere but you know what, I wanna screw over Arsenal”.

        FFP is still there and he’s eating up the wages of 3 decent players while doing f*** all. We can’t increase our wage bill by more than 7% year on year according to FFP so getting rid of his wages would infact allow us to sign more players without breaching that FFP rule. That’s why we let Mhkitaryan go on a free to free up wages for Gabriel, Mari, Ceballos and Soares signings. Had Lyon agreed to sell Aouar to us then we would have also let Sokatris go on a free to free up wages within FFP rules since we had no takers for Kolasinac. But the loaning out of Guedounzi and Torreira also helped to partly fund Partey’s wages plus the 7% increase permitted on the wage bill (NB: That 7% is about £17.5 million based on a wage bill of about £250 milloon, which covers Partey’s wages). So the problem with Arsenal is not financial but regulatory as we have the money to buy (but not from teams that try to extort us like Lyon) but this FFP 7% wage bill increase rule has us by the cohones as we have a lot of un-sellable dross on high wages.

        As for Ozil, yes I know he’s not been selected and that’s because of his off field antics (and quite frankly poor performances on field). He’s earning 3 times more than Sadio Mane who’s on 100k per week but Mane 3 times better than him. And f*** this “he sells shirts bull”, that’s Adidas money, not Arsenals. All we get is probably our agreed sponsorship deal money. He’s a disgruntled spouse who won’t accept that his significant other no longer loves him. Why do you want to stick around where you’re not wanted. If it was about the money there was the Saudi club or better yet a loan to MLS or somewhere with Arsenal still paying probably a large chunk of those wages.


        1. 👍 Well put Reggie.
          By the way Mhikatarian didn’t leave on a free, but he or his agent paid Arsenal £1 million to buy out his contract, making him a free agent.

        2. Nice explanation, but there is no use explaining to those who do not want to listen. Lets put up with them for a few more months. Likewise Ozil is not complaining or expressing anguish at not getting game time. Imagine with Aouar or any top top CAM, what a force we could be, but we are not destined to be as this man will neither deliver on the pitch nor make room for someone else. And that I call selfish. Even Gareth Bale had the decency to leave RM on loan and I respect him as a man.

        3. One of the best detailed comments about our wages bill 👏 il be honest I didnt know about the 7% FFP rule in wages etc….

          Ozil wants to stay as he knows he doesnt have to do a thing and get paid £350k a week at Arsenal. Imo he hasnt left, hes training ready to play & should be at least on the bench. He could of went elsewhere but then he would have to try and I think he is one foot retired and his next deal will be his last wherever he goes next summer.

          The Gunnersouras move by him is a good will gesture to the clubs fans and ex players as the big green dino has been apart of our club for 27years and means alot to the club so let him have his last moment before he leaves as he was a massive signing once we did get him. Nice parting Gift Mesut thank you.

        4. You deserve an award for this brilliant and logically put comment. This is one comment I can frankly agree on as facts void of any sentiment or bias to be candid.

        5. @ GunnerSince2004 thanks for the analysis. Arsenal football club is a business and not a charity organisation, there are rules guiding their operations and must be obeyed

          1. If Arsenal football club is a business, then question the management running the bloody business. Players and employees will look into their interests. As a fan don’t ask sympathy from the players ask it from the management running the club you support. Unless you the fans think the management cam clown around, waste money and then blame the manager and players.

      2. It affects us because we cannot sign all the players we need because we have an albatross refusing to vacate a squad position that needs upgrading.
        So it leaves us irritated and frustrated.

      3. God bless you for asking this question. As in, how does Ozil’s salary affect you as a fan?
        Where were you all when he penned his contract? I mean its the clubs headache to not include him in match day features and MO is simply enjoying utmost freedom.
        Free this guy abeg

    1. It was The clubs’ choice to freeze out their own player and most expensive playing asset.
      Criticize him for what he does on the pitch. Not for what he has no control over

      1. I’m critising him for having no professional pride. Even when the likes of Nasri and RVP left they played their hearts out until the last game on lower wages mind you say. That’s professionalism. Earn your wage, have pride in yourself. Now he’s destroyed his legacy. Maybe that’s why Madrid sold him, they could see this s**t coming

        1. Define Professional Pride?….Arsenal have a contract with him….he choose to honour his contract, why put the blame on him. Ozil plays his kind of football since he was in Madrid….All your criticism wont do anything.

          1. Shone The last time I checked Garet Bale, James Rodriguez, Alexis Sanchez to mention but a few still had contracts with their respective clubs but were surplus to requirement and decided to go despite having a contract but were not wanted bro, That’s professionalism and pride

            1. This is to tell you there’s more to Ozil’s actions cosbas a person, i so believe am entitled to my opinion and so does everyone. We all can’t be headed the same way cos our path is totally different

            2. Did they move for lower wages? Bale is on loan. The players you mentioned weren’t in the teams plan for the last few years. But big teams don’t want to loose players on a free. Don’t make Ozil the scapegoat for the management’s mistakes.

          2. God bless you sir…. Bunch of ingrates complaining about Ozil.
            Ozil is here and until his contact runs out, he’s not moving an inch.

            1. because he has no shame, he can continue milking the club and not doing anything…the man knows he has nothing else to offer any club anymore..if he did he would have left. After this he will probably focus on his Humanitarian duties, so he needs all the money he can get.

        2. No body drugs you in to the shop and force u 2 bay so y complain,MO is steal the best players in arsenal;so let him play

          1. he can’t cos of the china and Ozil thing, the club had to distance itself from the Ozil comments. he is the cause of his own demise. didn’t think things through before jumping on tweeter.

      2. what he been doing on the pitch after the 350k is exactly what we r criticizing him for. don’t u think Auba deserves the 350k always challenging for top goal scorer for a team that hardly creates chances?. since 2018 when Ozil signed his assists + goals didn’t even reach 10 in total.

    2. Reggie and to ALL you ozil haters. Who do you think is keeping him out of the team? Who is being petty? right…..mr arteta.
      Ok dont play him against the bigger teams BUT he is ideal to break teams down….West Ham, Sheffield, the Carabo games.?
      Ozil’s fingernail on the pitch is still 100x better than xhaka

      1. We are not haters, we are the well wishers of our beloved club to our last breath, and we want the best for our club. This man has kep himself out of the match days, not the gaffer.Remember AMN and the gaffers comments that the players have to do more in training? Today AMN is playing on big match days, Ozil cannot even make it to the bench for the lesser intensity match days! That is the attitude problem which we criticize, not the man but his attitude. Accept that.

      2. need i remind u that the Arsenal squad that fans are loving now is the Arsenal squad without Ozil, we’ve seen (under arteta) what xhaka’s absence on the pitch does to us, and we all know what Ozil’s absence on the pitch is doing in other words…we don’t need him anymore…he can be going. he is only destroying his legendary status the more.

  5. Ozil PR team at work again. £350k a week and you can’t get into the starting line-up joke. Refusing to leave when there was suitors in Dubai. Clearly doesn’t care about his legacy or career and is looking to stick it to the club with his stupid statements. Hopefully he can get some game time in the reserves stupid waster!

    1. Not to mention we couldn’t get Aouar in because of him… On the positive side, imagine how good its going to be next season when all the deadwood run out of contract at the same time! If we can make 4th this season I can see 21/22 being EPIC for Arsenal.

      1. Aouar everywhere!!! Is dat d only player asrsenal can sign? Better or similar players with low signing fee should have been considered. Remember Aston Villa destroyed liverpool with average AMF Leeds scored 3 goals against Liverpool. Yet we struggled throughout the match.

        1. Shone, I wouldn’t rate Aston Villa’s midfield as “average”; however I do agree that Arsenal has to shop smart for the right fit. There are a lot of sound CAM’s out there; Szoboszlai may be available next year for example.

        2. there are other football clubs out there u can support why Arsenal Fc? i believe u have a reason so do Arsenal over Aouar

    2. Would you move to Dubai if you were offered the same job for the same money, even though you dont need the money anyway? Think I’d stay in London, where my family is settled, thanks. Don’t blame him. Blame the club’s decisions and the way they’ve treated him.

      1. Kevin, the reported offer from Al Nass’r in Saudi Arabia was much more than he is currently earning after tax, due to the differing tax regimes.
        As well as that he was guaranteed to play and be adored, in a less physical league.
        So much for leaving for Dubai for the same money.

    3. The club itself is rather stupid for treating a player of his caliber like that.
      The club has failed many times to address issues concerning Ozil.

      Anyone would have done the same thing he did.

      Let him just see out his contract and that would be all.

      1. here u come again with your words. must u show yourself as a Typical northern from Nigeria? pls do away with dis “MY WAY OR NO WAY” mentality when commenting

    4. Share me the opinion of the management who recruited him and gave him this contract. You have faith in them?

  6. What spending spree are you talking about? Are you saying that Arsenal should not have strengthened the team in the areas they needed to? In this transfer window, Chelsea spent the most (226.1m pounds),Manchester city spent 147m pounds, Aston Villa 85m pounds, Leeds 84.5m pounds, Wolves 83.6m pounds, Liverpool 81.7m pounds and Arsenal 81.5m pounds to improve their teams. All the clubs that spent more than Arsenal in this transfer window finished above Arsenal last season except Aston Villa and newcomers Leeds United. Ozil has exercised his right not to take a pay cut. Arsenal have the need to strengthen the team, so as to improve it’s performances,which will result in higher earnings for club to be able to sustain itself. Please forget about Ozil and thank him for his services. He has passed his best and even if he might be willing, but, he is physically too weak to play for Arsenal again,as,he is not training hard enough. Stop making justifications for Ozil’s actions or otherwise. Let’s move on. Arsenal first.

    1. Ozil is the creativity that’s missed right now, still one the finest no 10 in the world, you guys are haters because he stood up for the right reasons, why didnt the other 3 players who refused to take a pay cut get mentioned you haters

      1. Mesut, hahaha exactly, u are 3 years behind. If he had Wisdom (which he clearly doesn’t) he should have proven to the club why he doesn’t deserve a pay cut by being showing us on the pitch, but he decided not to.

  7. Ozil is a conundrum. He is neither here nor there. Its not his fault he was offered the absurd wage. He did not put a gun to the head of the bosses at arsenal to force them to give him the monstrous salary he is currently enjoying. Arsenal where desperate to keep him. So the blame of him not taking a pay cut is unjustified. Arsenal did not need the pay cut. They just wanted to flow with the tide and make people believe they were hurting financially too. But the debate has always been ozil’s work ethic to justify the humongous pay. When I look back on his spell at Madrid, he was a colossus. He had players like Alonso, khedira do the defensive work so that he could flourish upfront with CR7 and benzima. I think arteta should give him a chance now that we have partey. He could blossom in that CAM role without the shackles of defensive work. If he blossoms, the wage cut issue would be put to bed.

    1. lf an arsenal player on lesser wages can voluntarily accepted pay cut why cant Ozil on the highest wages in epl do same that shows his commitment to the club is questionable. and his performance doesn’t justify his pay, although i can’t blame him for lost of form but arsenal wants him out like Sanchez did in Manchester to inter to free space for cheaper and better players but he refused. Ozil issue is not profitable to arsenal neither the fan.

      1. are you sure they have voluntarily accepted the wage cuts . Don’t tell me.. we will never know the inside story . at least he was man enough to say , no wage cut. Arsenal are his employers , they could have cut if forcefully.

      2. If the Arsenal management were given other options to cut down on expenses will they accept, even though it might not be to their liking. Mutual consent is necessary. You are living in colonial days.

  8. why is evrybody talking as Ozil paycut totally; He just said yes in one condition that knowing where the money going to be spent. Thats his right and i support him for not paying for the expenses of a billionnaire owner who was bold greedy not to inject money in the club while he spends half billion in his other venture. He would have taken pay cut if the managent justified their intention. So he never said no and those employees of kroshitke are keeping him out because he asked the right queation. The 350k is offered to him and he took it like any sane person would do. HE never said no… its just a yes with condition.

  9. Why is it ozils fault for refusing to leave? This is ARSENALS fault. They gave him the deal that nobody else would match. THEY sit him on the bench while he gets rich. And in my opinion, THEY froze him out for refusing a pay cut and/or taking a moral and political stance.

    Don’t get me wrong, Ozil has frustrated me with his lack of effort/impact in big
    Games; however, this situation is not his fault, it’s arsenals

    1. 100% agree, I have nothing but respect for Ozil, despite the fact that I also hoped he’d leave to free up finances, but he has every right not to, and in the same position I wouldnt have either.

    2. Arsenl not “froze” him out couse refusing a pay cut and/or taking a moral and political stance.
      He just had very bad bad performance as far i remember, offer nothing as starting 11 or bench, so what the point playing him.
      In all 4 FA cup we has winning, i dont have memory of him at all, i remember cazorla freekick, walcott, ramsey, giroud, sanchez etc.
      Did he ever playing in finals fa cup we had?

      1. 58 games, 7goals and 6 assists since he got his 350k/week wages (2018)… now is that justification for 350k/week?

    3. These fans won’t come out and say we made similar mistakes by giving Auba 350k a week( if that is true) , and signed a player that is one 45k to a 250k a week( if that is also true). The club has money to spend as evidenced by the above fact and we should not blame it on a player the club is more than happy to pay for free.

      1. Mobella, no one would be questioning what any player earnt, provided the performances matched the remuneration. That’s leaving aside the argument that professional footballer’s wages are out of touch with reality, even taking into account average career length.
        Mezut Ozil is not being frozen out, because of some conspiracy theory. Arteta does not select him because he believes that what he offers in attack with the ball, does not compensate for his lack of tracking back, tackling and ball winning without the ball. Arteta wants every outfield player to compete with and without the ball, with no “revolving doors in midfield.

        1. You are one of many fans here whose opinions and views on Arsenal related issues I respected on this blog on this one I disagree with you except you can provide where Arteta said he does not select him because he what he offers in attack with the ball, does not compensate for his lack of tracking back, tackling and ball winning without the ball. Talking about ball winning I rarely see any of our midfielders doing this on consistently. Our game is based on shadow marking and wait for the opponent to lose the ball on their own through misplaced passes. The only outfield player that put his body on the line, tackles and win ball back in our team is Lacazette. I’m not clamouring for Ozil to be reinstated as that is the decision of the coach and club which I strongly support but blaming for what he earns and claiming he is obstructing incomes of players is frivolous in my view. The club is not coming about his wages, in fact we just gave Auba similar wages, signed a player on 250k and 220k if we believe what is in the news so why should l. We complain when Kroenke doesn’t spend his money and when he does we complain. Did manu get value for money spent on Sanchez or did he earned every penny he collected or they getting value for money on Pogba, Mcguire or De gea presently. My point is let concentrate on the progress this club is making and stop scapegoating one player that is the club is so happy to pay for free.

          1. Mobella, their is no issue with me on areas of disagreement; rarely do people agree on everything.
            What I disagree with is conspiracy theories. As for “shadow marking” this is one of the reasons Arsenal’s midfield has been so porous when Arsenal doesn’t have the ball over many seasons. Arsenal’s midfield is often bullied and overrun by physical players, who do put in a tackle, leading to the view that Arsenal “don’t like it up ’em”.
            Similarly I am no fan of zone marking in defense, because it takes away the individual player’s responsibility to mark their man.

          1. lcw and Mobella, Arteta has stated in press conferences that other players have performed better in training and he is selecting players based on what is best for the TEAM. So far the table justifies his selections, whether fans/supporters agree or not.

  10. Ozil should have taken a pay cut like everybody else.
    Simples the highest paid player should have set an example.
    Arteta and his staff all took a pay cut along with pretty much all the players.

    Without this we may not have been able to sign Gabriel or Partey?

    1. Spot on! Technically speaking the wage cuts decreased our wage bill which allowed us more room to maneuver around FFP rules on the 7% increase in wage bill allowed year on year. So we can say technically the players contributed to us being able to sign players. All players and staff except for one player who thinks he’s special and refused. Ozil can kiss my a** 😡

      1. i don’t know if i read wrong but somewhere it was stated 3 people refused the wage cut.only his name was mentioned.and like many people have stated here, ozil did not put anyone at gun point for the contract.how about looking for information about whoever made the deal happen and direct the anger toward them

    2. How about they all take 90% paycuts so we can sign Mbappe and pay him 600k per week? There are too many people posting on this story with a delusional lack of knowledge arrrgggghhhhhhh

    3. Ozil did not refuse to take a pay cut.
      He asked a reasonable question. If you want my money tell me what you are going to do about it.
      The club refused to answer..

  11. If Arsenal thinks Ozil is a surplus and no club comes forward with offer, then it makes sense that he be released. After all, he has no future with Arsenal. On the other hand, since Arteta promised to give everybody a chance, let Ozil prove his worth. Keeping and training him with the rest of the team members may cause disharmony. Loan him out would be the best alternative. Out of sight out of mind.

      1. Few came for him and when Al Nass’r did, reportedly for more money after tax, Ozil refused to go.

          1. lcw, every transfer in an out is a rumour. What you are stating is that Ozil was “unloanable” even with Arsenal paying the majority of his wages and “unsellable” , because no one thought he was worth in playing ability, what he would want in wages.

  12. Ozil Article again. This is evil, distasteful and barbaric. I feel like fast forwarding this season to June next year if possible. Tired of reading about this wickedness in high places.

    1. All we see as fans is the matchday football but there’s more going on behind the scenes. Ozil and his agent are pulling a big fat middle finger at us business wise.

      I’ve supported Arsenal since 2004 and been through controversial players like Ashley Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, Bendtner, Szcezney, RVP, Sanchez but quite frankly Ozil tops it for me.

      1. Sanchez took a considerable drop in pay to leave Man United to continue playing at Inter Milan. A “professional footballer” , who wants to play while he still CAN, as a football career doesn’t last forever. Mark 8:36

  13. I find it funny that one can think that an employee has a say on the decision of the employer on fellow employees!! Players are just employees of the club just like any other non-playing staff. Ozil can’t use Arsenal chance for activism.

    1. Nope players are not necessarily employees. They can be contractors who signed an agreement with the club and unless the agreement gives the club the right to change it, then the terms can not be changed.

    1. He deserves better.
      He deserves more wage increment.

      As he believes his wage cut or their wage cuts would no way affect Arsenal because money has never been an issue at Arsenal but merely mismanagements

      Bravo to the only player in recent time to have stayed and put something right.

      The likes of RVP, Sanchez and many more all left robbed.

  14. The problem the management of Arsenal have is that they connected the redundancies of 55 staff to lost revenue due to Covid19.
    It was well known that Arsenal had a bloated back room organisation and Arsene Wenger himself was surprised at how much it had grown from the start of his tenure. The Board and senior executives should have just come clean and stated openly that administrative costs and overheads had to be cut and the numbers of staff reduced. Arsenal is a football club run as a business, not a benevolent society.

  15. Simple fact is that during this Pandemic lots of bussiness closed down, lots of people lost jobs, lots of people like me took pay cut to hold onto jobs. It’s a bit rich that a wealthy guy refuses to take a small pay cut like his other colleagues. By the way is he had taken a pay cut may be 50 people and mascot may not have been let go at all.

  16. In fact it was his wish not to accept the pay cut but they shouldn’t hve refused him not to play games because it’s totally wrong to do such thing to a great player like ozil…

  17. But he is taking a wage cut by subsidising the sacked gunnersaurus. Not really “making a statement” is he?
    Then again, it’s the best thing he’s ever done since signing the 350k contract.

    1. Well its a smart PR move and nothing else.

      I can bet my last cent that Arsenal won’t agree to reinstate Gunnersaurus and reimburse the amount from Ozil’s salary. If he is reinstated it will be only because Arsenal feels that there has been negative reaction from fans (more than management anticipated) and it needs to be corrected and in that case they would pay expenses from their P&L. If Arsenal agrees to Ozil’s offer then its a PR suicide.

      I am sure Ozil and his PR team knows the same and last night tweets were nothing but a way to rub salt in Arsenal’s woulds knowing well that his full weekly wages are pretty safe.

      Personally I believe that it is a clear example how detached Ozil is from club. Only if he had been more focused on his performance on field and getting back in team then no one would have cared how much he earned. And fans would have been saved from reading same topic twice in a matter of weeks.

      1. Spot on AJ, yours is the most sane comment I’ve read regarding Ozil’s offer. No club would take on such an offer! Ozil knows it, his people know it, but went ahead and exploited the situation for their own benefit. I cant even believe people bought into this crap. It’s a f***** ruse! The go fund me effort has more credibility than this PR stunt.

    2. Didn’t see anyone else rushing to pay for Gunnersaurus… but then I guess if he/they had, it would’ve been wonderful! And they’d have been praised to the hilt..but because it’s Mesut……..

      1. Gunnersaurus Rex is not required, while fans are not admitted to the Emirates. The man behind the mascot, Jerry Quy had other administrative roles at the Club and it is these that were redundant.

          1. I have only seen Sue that he had roles around the Club, other than Gunnersaurus Rex on matchday. The sources I saw didn’t go into specifics.

  18. But isn’t it how it is supposed to be?
    Investing in expensive players like Partey and them being a success is what trickles down to enable the likes of Gunnersaurus and the other 50 or so former employees to have a job?

    You will try to find money somewhere in order to reinvest in your business while laying off a few employees. Once the business starts making money again then you can increase labour.

    Not signing the likes of Partey while retaining all the non playing stuff makes no sense. Their success on the pitch is what will get more Arsenal fans engaged and willing to buy merchandise, attend matches, buy TV subscriptions etc.. Then once the revenues start pooring in job will be created.

    I am not a financial analyst but ain’t that the template?

    1. @Goonster, that is what so many people don’t understand. they are just dwelling on the emotional side of it.

  19. Arsenal choose to sign him, pay him 350. MA choose not to play him…even though his the closest we got to an AMF. Do the maths….people talking about top 4….weldone Sir😎

  20. It seems to me, what Arsenal have done is sound business thinking and that is what is neccessary to be competitive.
    It was clearly stated at the time of asking players to take a pay-cut, that it was a temporary measure because of lack of matchday revenue and the uncertainty surrounding TV money, if the season couldn’t be finished. Also we are on a budget as a CL club, and unfortunately, we didn’t qualify.
    So the pay-cut was, and is, a neccessary measure.
    As it is a pay-cut imposed on a bloated squad, who generally have too many players on too high salaries, it is the pay-cut that makes room for improving the squad.
    To claim the improvement of the squad, or rather the investment in the squad proves the pay-cut wasn’t neccessary is nonsense. It is the other way round.

  21. Every time some people hear about Ozil they get angry. Your hatred for Ozil will definitely choke you people one day. People like Xhaka and Kolasinac have no business staying in Arsenal. No body is talking. But once it comes to Ozil someone will not rest. Bunch of ungrateful people. Ozil will finish his contract. Anyone who does not like it should find the nearest transformer and hug it.

    1. Exactly my point.
      We’re stuck with options of whom to love more.
      As for me, I love them all and I truly appreciate what Arteta is doing.

      Arteta knows best how to handle issues and as am not very comfortable with the treatment imposed on my proven No.10, I still have to respect the coach.

      Ozil is entitled to his opinion and let no baga question his abilities on the field.

      Lemme just tell you a secret, MA doesn’t like him and MO is pretty aware of this and just chose to deal with his boss this best way probably due to their playing days together.

      Ozil might never feature for Arsenal again but I bet you, he’s happy.

  22. I wonder what you will write when arsenal didn’t make these deals. They have successfully completed the signings of these players and you are writing these shits? Have you asked yourself, what if Ozil would have taken pay cut arsenal would have done more in the transfer market

  23. He has every right to see out his contract just as long as he keeps fit and trains to the best of his ability regardless of if he plays. The ball is in Ozil’s court as it is with any player as they hold the power

    The club can’t make him or Sokratis etc go just because they’re surplus however much we’d like them to, in order to use those salaries to pay the next generation

    Some players (often the young) value their careers and go when out of favour and will be able to maintain or improve their incomes and, of course, get playing time.

    The same cannot be said of the usual suspects so they sit tight and enjoy what was negotiated on their behalf because the gravy train is over. They’ve peaked as players and the money is just too temptingly good to take less

    This is what it is.

    Getting hot under the collar will not change anything. You either think the club has used the pay cut issue to freeze him out in the hope he’d go, or you take the stance that he wasn’t going to be suited to the new Arteta methods and hoped he’d go.

    Meanwhile the Gunnersaurus fiasco is being played out as a for and against for Ozil -who, whether you think it was a stunt or not offered to pay his wages. Very generous indeed I’d say and also a cracking PR victory for him and a 👎 for the club who behaved in a dismal fashion. Terrible PR

    Roll on next summer

    1. The voice of reason indeed.
      If I may add. We should support MA regardless However every one should be held accountable.

    2. SueP, “cracking PR victory” is right for the player with a better PR machine, than David Beckham.
      I would ask you to read up or look at the Sky program on Thomas Partey, who like a lot of professional sports people does a great deal of charitable works, one never hears about. Partey sponsors a fourth tier football club in Spain and sponsors young Ghanian footballers to get playing and coaching opportunities overseas, yet you never hear about it.
      Mezut Ozil on the other hand lets the world know through social media.

    3. Sue P. the more Ozil remains in Arsenal and show his lack of Wisdom, the more he dampens his legendary status, he has character issues, the same reason Ancelloti let him go in Madrid..his problem had always been his work ethic in comparison to his wages. since 350k in 2018; 58 games 7 goals 6 assists till date. what is the use of keeping a tree that was producing fruit before and is no more producing? isn’t it to cut it down and grow another?….or keep the tree cos of sentiment and say “and a long time ago when this tree was this tree, it was a productive one.” maybe u should read what some arsenal legends are saying about him, then u know the Gunnasaurus thing was just a lack of wisdom from him… nice gesture tho, but wisdom wasn’t profitable to direct.

  24. Ozil’s salary is a contract between two parties and both needs to respect it and presently at least Arsenal is respecting it 100%.

    One side there is employment contract. Which is legal paper. But other side of contract is that its and exchange of goods between 2 parties….. Arsenal and Ozil. Arsenal pays Ozil certain amount of money as part of their end of contract.
    But on Ozil’s end, his deliverables are subjective and unquantifiable. It’s was certainly Arsenals decision to agree to pay him such high salary. But I am sure Ozil and his team pushed and negotiated higher salary. Why should any club increase anyones salary or pay 1 payer significantly more than other employees? Its because at time of signing agreement it was assumed and believed that Ozil will have certain amount influence on Arsenal’s business…..on field (like influence keeping the club in CL for many years, perhaps taking the club closer to winning PL/CL etc.) and off field (revenue/commercial like selling T-shirts, revenue from sponsors due to higher fan base and influence etc.). Buying and retaining players is investment in business and is supposed to give return back or least recover the expenses. Now question is when contract was negotiated, was it assumed by Arsenal that Ozil’s performance will be so inconsistent? When Ozil’s agent negotiated his contract he would have sure mentioned how Arsenal will benefit from retaining Ozil and why he is worth so much to Arsenal. Unfortunately all subjective.

    Now if Ozil is not delivering on field or off field then Arsenal is not getting back what they assumed while agreeing to pay Ozil certain amount of salary and incentives. Since it’s a contract Arsenal will continue to pay and has been paying. Legally there is nothing wrong ether Arsenal is doing or Ozil is doing. But has Ozil given what club anticipated in return? I believe answer is No.
    A clear example of such a thing will be when you go out to buy a shirt and shopkeeper up-sells a more expensive shirt to you making you believe that cloth of that shirt is superior with certain benefits but after buying and using it for few weeks you realise that cloth is no better than your other less expensive shirt. You will feel cheated emotionally but contract between you and shopkeeper was that you will get 1 shirt and you will pay X money. Both kept their end of bargain legally. But you have been cheated because shirt did not deliver on the additional benefits shopkeeper told before transaction.

    So personally I believe Arsenal has been shortchanged by Ozil (irrespective whose fault it is and for time being not getting in argument that he is not getting chance to influence things on field).

    Now coming to link between salary reduction and hiring spend.
    Let’s take an example of a local restaurant suffering on business during Covid times. If sales are not the same as before, restaurant has to reduce its expenses to survive and bring it in line with present trend of income. If sales has gone down 30% then restaurant has to bring expenses down to “survive”. Without taking such actions on expenses business can survive only for certain period of time. Where can it reduce such expenses? Electricity, transport, labour…. there are many such heads. Labour is most logical …. if they needed 10 people for 100 transactions earlier then there is no need to keep 10 staff for 70 transactions. Keeping the same workload, reduced transactions can be managed by 7 labour heads (those who understands and run restaurant business please lets not argue that labour is semi variable nature of expense). Now how logical it will be if patrons of the restaurant says that this restaurant is has reduced labour which is very bad but continue to use same high quality of ingredients in my dish of have introduced new dish in menu! They should have reduced portion size of my food or should have gone for inferior raw material or should not innovate on menu to attract more customers while reducing no of labour heads and putting other cost efficiency measures!
    No customer will prefer poor raw material in their food. Its the food which restaurant sells and there can’t be reduction in quality there. One can increase the price of dish to improve revenue if management think customer will pay higher amount despite competition but can’t afford to use poor quality raw material. If done, that will surely be end of business in most of scenarios.

    Same is for Arsenal and other football clubs. For Arsenal, raw material is players and on-field success they bring to club. Even if club takes measures to reduce expenses to bring in line with reduced revenues, improving the quality of players on football pitch is critical and cost of buying new players is linked to market dynamics. I would request fans to not mix the two subjects…. Arsenal (and every other club and restaurant ) need to reduce expenses when Covid has reduced income. And Arsenal, more than any other club, need to improve performance on the pitch (irrespective of how much money they have or not) by taking all possible measures irrespective of Covid.

    So i find this article (and same published few weeks back) completely irrelevant. Let’s move on from Ozil……. let’s support and motivate our team (with of without Ozil) for better performance on pitch this season and be the 12th man they need on pitch this season.

    1. @AJ You just broke every Article on Ozil, Arsenal and Transfer into particles and it can’t be more clearer than this but but but before you blink and eye Admin will still allow another Ozil articles in the site hiding under the fact that it’s someone opinion and they can deny it.
      Another question is with fans not allowed in the stadium for sometime now there maybe no need to keep some workers within the club if there job is directly towards the match attendees and services. Look at the case of Goonaraus its needs is to entertain the crowd but for now no crowd at the stadium even dou its painful losing his job but presently he is not needed.
      Another angle is what if Ozil accept paycut and played badly would we insist on him playing just because he earns more than the rest. We all want the best for the team but somehow we want reputation above productivity, Arteta sees the player in training everyday and decides who will give there all to make Arsenal win and fans happy if it be with Ozil or without Ozil the aim and his job is to make Arsenal win football matches.
      Whatever is happening within the camp of both Ozil, Arteta and Arsenal will be reveal in years to come.
      We have 34 matches to go in 2020/2021 season, Avenue to dream of being champion, making top 4, winning Erupa league, Fa cup, league cup, making europa league or just losing out in all, enough games to back and support the team and at the end of all we review the season and start all over again supporting the team.

  25. Ozil performed well and is a brand so he gets a massive contract and remember its not just on the pitch performances that affect a contract negotiation eventhough his stats justify his performances till then.He has fans,can attract players,had a massive reputation etc.

    Where did it go wrong?2018
    Remember if you have a player like ozil you build a team around him or just exclude him off the squad which MA is doing now.He is a luxury player, a perfectionist and his defensive skills are bad.AFC knew all this before they went for him.

    And thanx to ramsey,cazorla and sancgez, ozil was performing well.Eventhough he didnt have a reliable finisher in the strikers we had, he was doing his job, creating the most chances,averaging the best key pass rate etc.This is a player who surpassed messi in terms of creating chances and assisting and we all know he could have broken KDB/Henrys record back in 2015/2016 pretty easily.

    Now in 2018, after the early exit of germany in the group stages, ozil who still created most chances for germany in world cup decided to retire international football.Why?We all now and the german FA has admitted the mistakes they did.

    That broke the player mentally but i still believe he could have tgrived that season if UE did play to his strengths.But no he asked many things Ozil couldnt do and we all know what happened but still ozil was our best creator.UE was a good coach its just his style didnt match with ozils and he is not a good man manager, the xhaka incident proves it.

    Now the last season under MA,many things changed including Ozil.OMG.He started tracking back,he started pressing hard, things that no other coach was able to get from ozil.Had the highest Average key pass rate in the league,created most chances as a gooner,pre assisting and we all knlw that MA is not dumb to let him start every game before lockdown.He saw what Ozil can do and what he did.

    But after lockdown i dont know what has happened but it sure changed ozils future.And i am not dumb to believe its just because of his “efforts in training”😂.

    Ozil has a contract till next summer.If a club wants a player to stay they will do anything to make him stay so why cant a player do the exact same thing.
    Its not just money ,Ozil could have easily went to China if he needed money back in the days.
    Theres some behind the scenes stuff going with him and the board.Thanx to the media we all know how toxicity is build towards ozil and if you think its just happening,then you are wrong.How come only ozils name got out as the one who refused the contract?How come the club distance themsleves when it comes to muslim lives?

    I dont think ozil would make the squad this season and i dont think he has a future as a gunner.
    And to those who think Ozil was the reason we couldnt get big players😂.We have made atleast one big signing every season and we have many other players on big contracts,even thomas partey is on a big contract i hear.But its easy with ozil right?Xhaka bursted out because he couldnt handle anymore but i dont think ozil would ever do that.Weak or strong you decide🙄

    1. Interesting post
      I don’t agree with it all but a lot I’d agree with
      The Xhaka outburst was astonishing at the time. I couldn’t believe it and thought his days were numbered. Arteta must have done a lot of work to get Xhaka back. Everyone has their own views on a player’s worth to the team on the pitch but Xhaka, like Mustafi have rebuilt their careers post Emery

      That can’t be said of Ozil regardless of apportioning blame to him for being lazy or to Arteta for freezing him out on the say so from above.

      Certainly the club have said nothing publicly to deride Ozil so are fulfilling their contractual obligations to him and do we know who spilled the beans?

      I’m not on social media and Ozil from what I read on JA is on it big time as we have seen over the mascot. Can’t blame Ozil for using his PR machine to promote his own profile although acts of philanthropy are usually carried out anonymously with no need to blow one’s own trumpet. I can’t how see this helps his relationship with the club at all. He has interfered in their employment policy which is none of his business nor the business of the rest of the team who have kept schtum

      1. Well at least someone offered to do it… and you’d be amazed at how many players are on social media ‘big time’

      2. There is nothing Mesut can do that will qualify as good in your eyes. I like the fact that you never miss to downplay his charities. That is just excellent!

        1. HH
          You have your own opinions and I have mine
          I stick 100% to my belief that he should put his effort into winning back his place in the team. That is it as far as I’m concerned with Ozil.
          He interfered in club employment policy by intervening. It is none of his business and he could have voiced his concerns by addressing his concerns to the club privately
          I don’t do social media so other players may also announce acts of generosity too. Perhaps you know if they do or not. I prefer the quiet approach hence my view of what appears to be self promotion by anyone who does it

          I have never thought that he has an unkind bone in his body so you can forget that accusation

          1. I don’t do social media also. I value my privacy that much. I have seen enough of your comments regarding Mesut to have an idea of what you think about him.

            I remember you praising Rashford for his charities as well. The fact that you knew about his charities means he didn’t do it the quite way that you like.

            I haven’t seen you calling him things but I wonder what do you think of those who call and accuse Mesut all the nasty things they can manage (or get away with). Please don’t answer me this question just keep the answer to yourself.

            1. Yes and even Rashford posted that all over social media… just like Bale did donating 500k to his local hospital…Messi giving blind children life-changing glasses… Ramsey donating 10k to a hospital… etc etc but hey that’s ok….

              1. Sue
                I have never doubted that Ozil is a caring man who has done much to help the poor and disadvantaged

                I know that Bale was generous as I heard it on the news. I repeat myself again that unless the charitable giving gets mentioned on the news, or I read it in the paper, I have no idea who gives what. Rashford made big news at the time, Ramsey and his gift probably didn’t
                I have no agenda against Ozil
                I don’t call him names

                1. But it’s not just about name-calling, is it?? He can do no right… and I guess at least the GS fiasco has worked in some people’s favour, it gives another stick to beat MO with…..

            2. HH
              I have the right to reply and it is up to you to either read it or not
              I thought Rashford would come up funnily enough as he is the only player I have ever mentioned. I am not decrying Ozil for his charity work. DO I HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING MYSELF?
              What Rashford did was use his experience of his mum going hungry so that he could be fed during school holidays. It was the case of a high profile player being instrumental in a government U turn and also a force for good. I have absolutely no idea if Rashford is charitable but his actions came from personal experience
              Gid knows why you think I Hate Ozil because I DONT.
              I have a difference of opinion with you regarding his current usefulness to the squad but there is nothing more to add. Nothing
              As for those who speak ill of him I have indeed said that calling him names is spiteful. JF will no doubt have read that I though he should be ashamed However I think it is all water off a Duck’s back to him

              1. I have neither right nor authority to stop anyone from replying. My meaning was only you know what’s in your heart.

                You say you don’t dislike Mesut yet you never have anything positive to say about him.

                The interference with employment policy takes the cake. I don’t think Gunnersaurus would be happy with that point of view.

                He has been doing that job for many years which means he depends on that income. He has been laid off and God knows maybe he is having a hard time now.

                Yet those who oppose this do rather have that poor guy have a hard time than Mesut offering him a lifeline. If this isn’t the disdain of Mesut of the highest order I don’t know what it is.

                1. All I said was that Ozil interfered in a matter that isn’t his business
                  If you think that is somehow showing disdain then that is your problem

              2. Sure is Sue P. I will always tell the truth no matter who can’t face it. Ozi is bone idle and cares nothing for our club but only for himself.

                He IS a caring man though, where certain unfortunate non football people are concerned. But that is his private business and as you said, there is no reason to get involved with Gunnersaurus, unless he does it privately to Jerry Quy himself, without publicising it. But he did not!

                I care only for our club and as I SINCERELY BELIEVE OZIL HAS BEEN HARMING US FOR YEARS BY BEING BONE IDLE, I want him gone ASAP.

                1. Jon
                  Thanks for your reply
                  I have struggled with your terminology at times. Lazy is one thing but you and your mate Ken row constantly over unpleasant words which don’t sit well with me either
                  Definitely water off a ducks back with you though

          2. This sounds very hypocritical. You think players shouldn’t get involved with the club recruitment policy, right? But do you think it was ok for the club to try to get all the players involved in their recruitment policy?

            Simply put, if the club needed players to give back some money to save jobs, why is it suddenly not ok for Ozil to give back some of his money to save a job?

            1. Because there is no legal obligation for Ozil to give back money.
              As for the moral one, Ozil did not refuse to give back money. He wanted to know what he is giving it for. The club because they felt entitled, refused to answer that question.
              I bet money if your employer asked you to give back some of your paycheck, your first reaction would be “What for?”.

      3. I don’t agree SueP, if same thing would have happend in invincible times and Henry did the same thing as ozil I bet all the fans here would be praising him and writting books on him how good human being he is not only he is a great player but a great person as well. Because it has came from ozil which most of the fan base don’t like so all of sudden you guys are giving excuses like he should not interfere in clubs employment policies. Then why did the club ask him to take a pay cut??? Was that not related to employment policy? If I could do same at work to support a fellow employee I would do it I don’t care what my company says about it at the end I don’t want my fellow employee to go hungry at night while I sleep with a full belly.

        1. Mohsan
          The club asked all the players to take a cut and not just one player. That was of interest- quite rightly – to Ozil as it affected his earnings
          To me it is not the same as the Gunnersaurus issue as Ozil openly interfered in the club’s employment practices and on a matter that was not his business. If a cleaner is laid off is ozil or any other player going to start paying his or her wages? I doubt it

          1. You were the one hollering for a petition (about Gunnersaurus), but now that MO has stepped in, it’s no good… any other player would’ve been fine and wouldn’t have been seen as ‘interfering’
            One thing that amazes me is how you said to Ken about going down his ‘well trodden path’ pot kettle black!!

            1. That was meant to be humorous and apart from that it was for his reinstatement not for the public to pay his wages via a Fundraiser

              Have I said it wasn’t a terrible cock up by the club?
              Of course it was
              Do they need Ozil or anyone else within the team getting involved individually? – definitely not
              Could a concerted effort by the squad have embarrassed the club into reviewing a poor decision? much more likely

              I’m sorry that you think I have it in for Ozil. I don’t.

              1. Well, it’s hard not to think that…. and I really don’t like the double standards where MO is concerned…..

                1. I really don’t Sue, and I do understand where you are coming from. Perhaps as I don’t do social media, and JA only discuss Ozil, then I only read what he is up to and not anyone else.

                  1. Well I can only go by what I see – one minute you’re saying there’s no point in commenting on Ozil articles and you won’t again, then the next minute you’re one of the first on here!! Going through it all again on Dan’s article!! Sheesh my brain is fried!!

                  2. Sue
                    I can imagine it is fried as there is so much discussion and there are such a polarising of views.
                    I honestly wasn’t having a go at Ozil personally although I did think he was ill advised to get involved. Having now seen all the other articles and the conflicting opinions I really should practice what I preach as in the Ozil debate there are no winners at all

            2. As for my Ken comment he was going down a well trodden path well it was true. A long answer – nothing sinister intended

    2. Mezut Ozil was offered more tax free money to go to Al Nass’r in Saudi Arabia, where he would have played and probably be revered.
      He has chosen to stay in London, not play football and see out his contract. A footballing career doesn’t last forever a d Ozil is wasting time when he could be playing in a lesser, less physical league. All players see their abilities decrease with age.
      Contract aside, is he a “professional footballer” or not? Sanchez was on a reported £500k per week at Manchester United, yet chose a transfer to Inter Milan earning much less to play football. That is a “professional footballer.”

  26. Wilshire agreed to terminate his contract because he feels he should have been given more chances at West Ham and wants to go somewhere to play. In my view, quite admirable but a gamble financially.


      1. I’m sure he does!

        I was more interested in whether folks see parallels with the Ozil situation where the polar opposite position appears to have been taken by the player.

    1. What is more admirable is how Westham handled the situation and separation even though they know they know Wilshire can’t be too healthy to be on the pitch for 30secs.

  27. The logic of this article is weird. The writer seems to be saying that when you make less money, if you can still spend, don’t save. What kind of logic is that?

  28. Never in the history of Arsenal FC has so much been written regarding a player who is never selected to play.As fans we are entitled to our points of view but we have really no idea how the Manager genuinely feels about the player.He is obliged to tow the party line and indeed be may be under instruction from above not to include Ozil in his team plans in an effort to force him out.As an outsider one thing I can say is this strategy will not work and as a Club we will have to live with a huge error of judgement made by two highly paid professionals who are no longer around.Ozil was a very fine player in his day.He strikes me as an intelligent individual who has done much for those in need throughout the World.He is not a criminal but a professional footballer who is not in breach of the contract which was foolishly given to him.As a footballer, I am not a fan of Ozil, but as a person, he seems to me a very decent guy .With all the suffering in the World today, the issue of a footballers salary pales into insignificance but if we fans are really concerned about the survival of our Clubs we should be advocating for the introduction of a salary cap which will bring some stability to an industry which is no longer related to the man in the street but more to Holywood.

    1. Nothing wrong at all with your sentiments Grandad at all. I agree

      I did want to pick up on salary caps which would certainly be more equitable when considering the hardships of millions of people worldwide

      That said I don’t know how it could be enforced (as shown by Saracens in rugby)

      Greed might be a sticking point.

    2. Salary cap? Funny how fans look at things completely from different angles. Salary cap was implemented in the US. Two winners come out of it.
      1- Very few players on a team benefited some.
      2- Owners who made a bundle.
      What I don’t understand why some people are so jealous of players who are gifted and good at their craft. These players play the game, entertain us and are RESPONSIBLE for making the game what it is and most of all are responsible for making money.
      Yet we are concerned about just few of them per club making their fair share and ignoring the billions that the owner makes. There are indeed more homeless and needy people on earth but there are also more billionaires. What gives?

  29. Here we go same thing again and again. He signed the contract now if the club does not want to play him, how is that Ozil’s mistake. For all the fans who are supporting club on this, need to understand football is business now, did the club terminate LK contract a s let him go for free???then now tables have turned why should ozil do that. Stop posting comments if he really loved football he would have terminated his contract and moved on like Wilsher hahaha really??? These are two different situations with completely different contracts. Mekitarian had to buy himself out of the contract if Arsenal want to get rid of ozil let them do the same. Supporting the club does not mean to support blindly and justify their wrongs as rights.

  30. What makes me laugh is the Ozil haters are hating because the guy earns so much money and claim he is lazy and the epitome of evil but then these same fans instead of supporting their own players or bigging them up are bigging up and showing love to Lyon players who reject Arsenal.

    On top of that with the £350 a week he gets, i am pretty sure he has saved a few kids lives with long term illnesses and contributes to loads of charities including in london and prob local communities. reading some of these responses to Ozil you would think he was the son of Hitler!!

    1. MESUT OZIL will pay for 1000 children to have vital surgery to celebrate his wedding to Amine Gulse.

      That is seriously impressive and should get more props.

      If the guy downed tools and went on strike like Fabregas, RVP, Viera, sanchez etc. i could understand the hate.

      Cesc still gets love after downing tools and playing for Chelsea. Some people still have respect for RVP!!

      Ozil has stated he loves the club and wants to stay even when the club is treating him like shit.
      He has contributed to us ending our dreaded trophy drought and some of the best football of recent years with Santi and co.

      Whatever the club paid him in wages they must have thought that they would recoup most if not all in merchandise like shirt sales etc.
      If the club refuse to play him then they are cutting of their nose to spite their face IMO and if he is not good enough for the team well they fooked up by extending his contract.

  31. You are so confused and I wonder how they posted this thing you called opinion.

    So, arsenal shouldn’t sign players, keep those 55 staff and not cut pay but keep going downwards?

    What type of business model is that?

    Ozil is bigger than arsenal, right?

    You are not serious

  32. Forgive me for being “confused” Gideon, but what point are you trying to make?As far as I am aware Ozil has not breached the terms of his contract in any way.Did I suggest that Ozil is more important than the Club?

  33. Ozil haters will continue to swallow bitter pills. To the best of my knowledge, three players rejected pay cut in Arsenal but bcs of the hatred they have for Ozil, they made him the scapegoat. Anyway as far as am concerned, even if Ozil did not play for Arsenal this season, the likes of Xhaka, Elneny, Willock, Nelson, Pepe, Lacazette will never match his achievements be it in Arsenal or anywhere. Haters should continue to hate.

  34. If Arteta continues to freeze Ozil out of his matchday squad selection for Arsenal matches after the international break, but will Ozil then decides to leave Arsenal in January window to join an MLS club side or a Saudi club or even join a Chinese Super League club all on the permanent basis?

    If I were Ozil I will leave Arsenal in January who doesn’t want me anymore for whatever be the reason they hold against him. For, this is a honourable thing to do by him than to continue with his staying at the club under the cover of honouring his signed contract deal. The contract deal that the quality of his footballing can no longer upload to the PL, ELC and UCL winning standard or at least finish in the top-four for which the club signed him to actualise but which hasn’t materialized than for him to just be hanging around at the Arsenal’s London Colney football training ground causing serious disrepute at the club for the past 2 consecutive seasons.

  35. Blame the kronker not ozil
    Arteta now seem not keep his word. He tell media everyone have to proof. What has past is past but seem like he prefer to frozen ozil.
    Arteta is stupid manager. Club are paying him 350k weekly but no service from ozil.
    Fix the problem and use ozil as attacking style with his experiance on pith.stop giving excuse.
    Put ozil bck to squad

  36. I seem to recall that 3 players wanted clarity on where money saved on the wage cuts would be going to. One player was named and then the storm around his image was ignited further. Players are as much a business as the club , they have 10 to 12 years to maximise their income at the highest possible level before they are no longer capable of playing at their best. They have advisers and managers and legal people looking after their interest as well as families who they support long after retirement. The questions raised by the 3 deserved to be answered and explained and negotiated. People who spew hatred towards Ozil on this site act as if they would not have their own interests at heart at their place of business. Ozil is a generous socially conscious man who has contributed immensely to those in need .Compassion for others is the highest form of spiritual awareness.

    1. Yes, I remember Ozil’s outstanding performance in the Europa League final.
      In the games he has played since, how many goals and assists has he been credited with?
      For the first time in 58 years of following Arsenal, I have now heard the term “pre assist.”

  37. Holy Macaroni! there’s like 50 articles in this comment section, Damn Ozil hits real dip, like his pocket….

  38. Looks like that Ozil is finished as an Arsenal player.He is being excluded from the European team.See my estimated squad in another article “four players to be unregistered”.
    I feel sad with the situation.

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