Opinion: Let’s be honest Ozil would have been a star in front of Partey

Arsenal has axed Mesut Ozil from their team and it is likely that we will never see the German in an Arsenal shirt again.

Mikel Arteta gave the former Real Madrid man the chance to become a player that could fit into his system, but that never happened and the Spaniard has now moved on without him.

Ozil is going to have a sad end to his Arsenal career despite offering so much at the start of his time at the Emirates.

While Arsenal seemed to have moved on from the talented German, I believe that there is still space for him in this team.

As a matter of fact, I think that this is the perfect time for Arsenal to have Ozil in the side and that we have probably discarded him too soon.

I watched as Thomas Partey and Mohamed Elneny covered our defence and won the midfield battle against Manchester United on Sunday and wish we had Ozil in that game.

The German will not offer so much running or pressing, but when Partey or Elneny has won possession back, Ozil is the perfect player to create chances for our attackers.

Arteta has shown leadership by axing Ozil, no doubt, but I wish he could give the midfielder another chance to play for the club with our current midfield options.

That would also be leadership.

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  1. It’s true in theory, but I think there’s more to the Ozil issue other than he won’t press effectively.

    They’re just waiting for him to accept things and move to another club so he can actually play.

    I don’t see Arteta backing down, especially since things are coming together on the field. Hello Man U away 😉

    1. I do love your persistence in making ozil as a hot topic every now and then but honestly it is getting rather boring going over old ground
      In name he is an arsenal player but in reality he is done playing for us
      He has had more chances to come good over the last few seasons then most players I can remember and each time he has not delivered consistent performances, hence why he is now on his way out for good
      Plase move on and let’s talk about the bright future rather than the gloomy past
      Keep well and safe every one
      Onwards and upwards

      1. I do understand why those who are fond of Ozil keep coming back, the reality is that PL show game has no place at all a good example is the progression of Man City. The major problem I find in Ozil is the softness and especially in defending, we are starting to blame Laca for playing so deep he plays a big role in defending when the team is under pressure as well as attacking when the team attacks but let us not forgetting our vanelability in leading when we score first. Ozil was worse.

  2. Ship has sailed, no point. Let’s look to the future now. Let’s get a young dynamic player to complement Elneny and Partey …. Aouar is the man. I would suggest we can may be try for that kid Martin olgard from Madrid he did pretty well on loan last year. Madrid might not be willing to sell him but he is a good player.

  3. The only way for Ozil back into the Arsenal team is if the club can ship out 2 to 3 of the non home-grown players currently in their books during the January window. I have players like Mustafi, Kolasinac and Sokratis in mind.
    Otherwise, forget it because I don’t see any of the players the club has registered who can be dropped for Ozil

  4. And who would you drop for Ozil ? You’d trust Ozil on a wet Sunday night away to a big six team ? Good luck to you
    Ozil is a very expensive has been. Move on

  5. Sigh! These are exactly my thoughts. Partey and Ozil could have been a dream pairing providing lots of spaces for the front three but it’s all ancient history now for better or worse.

  6. I definitely think there’s an argument to be made with Ozil “probably” faring better if he played with the kind of midfielders we have at the moment. Our newfound defensive solidity is definitely more equipped to accommodate a player like Ozil. But why should they in all honesty? What the article is suggesting is that we remove one of our attacking players to accommodate Ozil, plain and simple. Our attacking players who KNOW that they’ll never get a sniff in the team if they didn’t do their defensive duties like everyone else on that pitch. Auba yesterday was tracking back many times towards the end of the game, nketiah as well, Saka, everyone basically. Laca during the game worked his socks off hounding opponents for the ball.

    Now why is it so impossible for Ozil to do that? It’s been said and said again that Ozil won’t do the running, he won’t chase the ball but is he really truly incapable of that or are we saying that he just refuses to do that. It is against Ozil’s principles to contribute defensively apparently, yet we have to sacrifice one other player who is more than happy to run himself into a coma for Ozil to maaaybe give you an assist every 3-4 games (Those are his numbers when he played last and that’s being generous). What kind of message does that give the rest of the team? When they see the highest paid player get banished for not listening to his coach, what do you think they’ll do the next time they’re donning the red and white? I’ll tell you now, they’ll play their hearts out and defend like madmen because they don’t wanna end up like Ozil. To me, in my own humble opinion, that is almost worth his ridiculous salary just to teach that lesson to all our players.

    I respectfully disagree, admin. Ozil cannot under any circumstance play for Arsenal again. His polarizing days are over, the time to compromise is over. If Elneny can bring perfection to a performance both defensively and offensively, so can Ozil.

    P.S. Still buzzing from that game, congrats you beautiful Gooners! Big shout out to my compatriot, MO 😀 Bossed it out there, brother

    1. The last time I checked we r in 8th position, is not as if we r competing for the title, even with just 12 starts last season ozil created more chances than any of his team mates, it shows his importance to the team, Tottenham beat United 1:6 at old Trafford, it shows how inconsistent they r, we won against United, kudos to us buh Daz not enough to sideline our most creative player!

      1. Well last time I checked we were two points off 2nd despite being in 8th. Having the strongest defensive record in the league after playing basically every team in the top six in our first seven games. We’ve had arguably the best summer transfer of any team in the PL and definitely our best in at least a decade. And it’s not like Arteta came and started trouble with Ozil. He has been polarizing from day one, has been inducing constant drama and division from Wenger’s days. This is not new by any means, it’s just that for the first time someone had the balls to do anything about it.

      2. Well put Uchman, he would definitely be an upgrade on Wilcock, look at Reis Nelson, brilliant game midweek, was not mentioned against Utd. Willian has no form at the moment, Nelson has. I remember football were the best performers from the last game will always start. Now the coaches /managers have to look at salaries, Nelson, 15K, Willian 220K, Willian has to play. Form don’t matter.

    2. Wow, you captured my thoughts exactly. When I shared your post with my local Gooner network, they were delighted. This definitely echoes the thoughts of all Gooners (well, except the O fanboys/gals).

      As MA says, your past reputation doesn’t matter. What you’re willing to do for the team everyday does. A part of me says that Wenger spoilt him a bit – made him feel special and above the team.

      So Mr. Ozil, in this era, if you want it, earn it; don’t tweet it 😉

  7. As all team looks good, of course Ozil would.

    Every single players were bashed, Bellerin became a shitty player non wanted by every so called fan.

    Now that defense settling with Party above, everyone looks good.

    How can that happen?

    Well, it is simple logic, Partey secures team and allow players to play their game.

    Of course with Partey behind him, Ozil can focus on his game, provide attacking players and focus upfront.

    With the hole we had in central defensive area, he was obliged to defend as Ceballos does, defend all game long…

    Ozil is top class, and we now miss him or playmaker provider for attack

    Ridiculous management…

  8. Excluding Ozil was a hasty decision made by a rookie coach. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to haunt him.

    1. He is a top player, can’t take it from him but ask right question:

      What happened to him?

      It was our central area, looking at games so far, we beat Man U, deserved win from game we saw, but losing before that, looking shaky.

      Partey and Gabriel both there!


      As long as we play Luiz as CB, this will keep happening as it did so many times, we look shaky and scary.

      Luiz was injured which forced Arteta to play Holding Gabriel who both looked good, same if mustafi played.

      I hope he learned and saw it as all planet done for a year.

      Any players looked bad.

      Let’s be honest, we do miss a playmaker, it showed on last game.

      Ozil or any playmaker needs to be able to play forward. Can’t do so if obliged to defend all game long.

      Must have that player to secure back behind him and infront CBs.

      But if Luiz is on, we have same issue, Partey has to cover as everyone in the back.

      How many times did this happen?

      Tierny or bellerin running in center area to back up Luiz, fill hole he leaves….

      I’m not backing Ozil, just logic, not about Ozil, we all know we missed a player as Partey to secure that area but as soon as Luiz is in there, it is shaky and we lose with Partey there.

      If he keeps playing Luiz, Partey can’t be as efficient and dominant as we saw him sunday

      I believe Ozil will do well with Partey behind him, allowing to play forward as he allows CBs to play well; once Luiz is on, all team is shaky.

      Ceballos game is not defend all 90mn,

      Looks like Arteta will make same mistake playing Willian instead of Pepe or Nelson…

      We will see on next game. If he plays Luiz and we lose or draw and team looks average again, pb is Arteta then.

      I disagree on how he picks and positions our attacking players.

      Our best line up in attack is

      Auba Laca Saka.

      He keeps playing Auba on left and Saka as midfield when we have best LW in EPL.

      Auba always played in center or RW,

      Arteta gets that these 3 must be on pitch, but must play them all in attack, only way is Saka as LW.


    2. Didn’t see you calling him a rookie coach for the mistake he made breaking a 14 year old Trafford record that an experienced coach in wenger failed to do for over 10 years.

      1. One can also say Mikel broke the 14 year old record because he was playing the weaker with a rookie manager United side. My point being, anyone can twist anything to suit their agendas.

        Let’s enjoy the rejuvenation of our side instead of……………………………… all these.

        Mikel or any other manager has to deliver the invincibles season before we even start thinking of comparing them with the great Arsene.

        1. Has man utd been a very strong side since Ferguson left?(and he left utd at least 5 years before wenger left arsenal) and did wenger capitalise on that?No, best we could come up with was a draw, even in one of their worst seasons when we happened to be in form, we still failed to beat them. The invincibles is a feat, anybody that does it now must be given the highest honors for, because compared to how competitive the league is now, without any disrespect to what the great wenger achieved 16 years ago, we can’t say the league was as competitive then, it was a 2 horse race between us and utd back then, the rest were spectators and so it would have been somewhat easier to achieve an unbeaten season back then than right now.

          Liverpool finished the league last season with a higher points tally than the invincibles and still didn’t go unbeaten, Man City broke the record of highest points in a season but still didn’t go unbeaten, shows you how the modern day epl is very competitive. This season alone, every team has lost a game or more. So, even though it’s not possible to compare Arteta with wenger, we can all see he’s doing great so far and if he continues improving at this pace, in a few years down the line, wenger might no longer be the greatest manager at arsenal anymore.

          1. Don’t you think you have contradicted yourself there?

            You say the league was weaker back then that’s why the great Arsene was able to achieve the impossible. Even the greatest manager to have ever lived, Sir Alex, with the help of the referees, the media, dirty tactics and the premier League itself could not achieve that.

            You go on to say or praise teams who are breaking highest points tally every other season while insisting that the league is harder now. If the league is harder how come these teams are able to achieve such high points? If it’s that easy to achieve such high points I think it should be even easier to achieve the invincibles.

            It was a two horse race back then but how many horses have been racing for the past 9 years? Excluding Liverpool and Leicester with one title each the race has been between Man City and Chelsea. It’s basically still a 2 horse race and the rest are spectating.

            Now when all fans have been United because of recent display I don’t think it’s a good thing to start debates like this. When Mikel surpass the great one that will be fact and not opinion so until then it’s pointless to compare them. Let’s wait and see what he can achieve. We are all with him in hoping he will achieve great things.

            1. First of all HH, there was no contradiction, within that period when arsenal won the league unbeaten, name another team apart from utd that was challenging us for the title?.

              You said, If the league is harder now, how come these teams are able to achieve such high points? Duh, maybe because these teams got ridiculously better.? Do you think the invincibles would face that man City team and Liverpool team and still go the whole season unbeaten? Do you even think they would have faced the Chelsea, wolves, Leicester, spuds and Sheffield of recent seasons and still go unbeaten? I think not.
              And utd only stopped competing for the league when Ferguson left, we stopped competing long before Arsene left, 16 years to be exact. Utd still even competed but missed out to guardiola’s City in mourinho’s second season with them. So I don’t understand the 2 horse race of man City and Chelsea in the last 16 years that we couldn’t compete, 5 different teams have won the league. Compare that to the previous 10-15 years ending in 2004 when it was just us and utd. Mourinho and Abrahamovic came to Chelsea and just a year after they started competing and we started to regress.
              On your last paragraph at least, we agree. I however maintain that if Arteta keeps going at this rate (already winning two trophies in his first 10months), I see him easily surpassing Arsene wenger.

      2. Yes I still maintain he is a rookie coach despite being thrilled that we won at old Trafford. A non rookie coach won 6-1 at old Trafford and his team IMO is inferior to ours. You can’t change facts.

        1. He won 6-1,with a red card. A non rookie coach in Ancelloti got spanked by Southampton. A non-rookie coach in Klopp got spanked 7-2 by villa, a non-rookie coach in guardiola got spanked 5-2 by Leicester who only luckily beat us by a goal, also guardiola was held to a 1-1 draw by a Westham who a rookie coach managed to beat at the emirates, same westham that spanked the Leicester that spanked the non-rookie coach. So let me know what your point is.

          1. BTW would you say that Liverpool or man City team that got spanked at villa and Leicester respectively are also inferior to ours?

          2. We are talking about 2 games played against MU in Old Trafford. Games played by other teams are irrelevant to this discussion.
            I don’t even understand what you are defending. What’s wrong, illegal or immoral about saying a coach is a rookie, new to coaching or inexperienced? That’s what MA is and will remain till he coaches for a while.

            1. Lol, don’t even try to play on my intelligence Icw, you and I know fully well, that’s not the context in which you used the word rookie to describe Arteta and judging by your past moans against the coach, your use of rookie was used to belittle him. You must have seen Lenohappy give a definition of rookie to someone recently and decided to jump on that as an excuse. Even your initial reply to me suggested you used the word rookie as a means to belittle the coach when you made reference to a non-rookie coach beating utd 6-1 at Old Trafford. See?

              1. You either way out in left field with your conspiracy theory or you think too highly of yourself for thinking you can read some one’s mind few thousand miles away. You make me laugh!

              2. And nothing will make Artera a non rookie coach because that’s what he is. BTW I called him rookie last year as well and I will call him rookie till he proves otherwise.

                1. I trust you’re intelligent enough to realise how this contradicts what you said above as your reason for calling Arteta rookie meaning “he’s new to the job”. In your own words now, nothing will make him a non-rookie.. Even if he spends 5 years here, he’ll still be a rookie to you. But you lie, if he decides to give ozil a new contract today and includes him in the first team again, you’d stop calling him a rookie coach because once again I would refer you to your past comments on just arsenal, so you can’t even tell me otherwise. I trust you’re smarter than this.

                  1. Your answer and insult are a clear sign of fanaticism. Having a discussion with fanatics is a waste of time.

  9. Yes we maaayyyy be slightly better with him this year. But if we did play him, next year when we dump his over inflated wages we will have set a bad example and restricted the playing time for Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, Willock and ESR.

    So we would be worse next season.

  10. Love how all the usual suspects
    come out of hiding to undermine
    MA in yet another pointless
    article on JustOzil.com.

    Pretty simple formula, less Ozil
    atticles, less trolls come out.

    1. Haha, as always, someone else is responsible for Ozil’s performances!

      Apparently Ozil was poor because not enough quality around him, so we gave him Auba, Laca, and Pepe to work with, and he only got worse. Now its Elneny and Partey that should be responsible for Ozil!

      I have never known anyone within football have so many excuses made up to cover their performances.

      1. Sorry I didn’t mean that as a reply. Was meant to be comment on it’s on. Completely agree with what you said though ACE

      2. Exactly, good players adapt to the situation around them not excepting the team to be tailored made for them. Ronney adapted his game, Ronaldo did, Messi, Giggs, Henry.. Etc. Even Kane has. They all adapted their game to compliment their respective team but no not ozil, it’s arsenal that must adapt to suit his highness. So am tired of the excuses.

  11. Do we really need Ozil now? At most he will give us around 2-3 perfect throughballs a game, which may be wasted by our attack, and while I am not someone who believes thst Ozil is a lazy guy as he was running like crazy and covering ground well for MA, can he contribute defending from the front in MA ‘s system? I dont think Ozil has the physicality for that. That said it would have been interesting to see where he would have played if he was registered. But also as he is not registered I think it is a little pointless to speculate on whatifs, atleast till january.

  12. Does he wants to play football? He can go and play somewhere else but no, money at Arsenal too good so he stays at home while the wages continue to come in.

    Good riddance

    1. Exactly so. The days of an enormously over paid star making two excellent passes in 90 minutes while being absent whenever the opposition has the ball …….. are over. Wenger said if AFC paid Ozil so much it would lead to problems – and he was right. Ozil plus agent put Arsenal over a barrel and Gazidis fell for it. Ozil will look back on his wasted years with regret. And no, I am not impressed by his ingratiating little gestures like paying for the mascot FFS.

  13. Have a look at Elniney running his heart out in the 91st minute against Unt then look at replays of Ozils games it never happens,his stats over the past rwo years are shocking,Edu summed this guy up when he said “Ozil does not play because his performances on the pitch are not good enough” !

  14. Arsenal would have registered Ozil for this season’s Europa League and Premier League competitions had he cooperated with his senior team squad manager Arteta, and the club’s hierarchy bosses un their financial sacrifice undertaking that they have undertook for the club and want him Ozil to agree to it but which he bluntly declined.

    His failing to adhere to his gaffer’s coaching method instructions asking him to take to it in certain changes in training sessions and in his games playing for the club which his gaffer wants him to adopt to it new that could see him improved on his game for Arsenal and fits in into his gaffer’s plans. But it looked it was turned down by Ozil and that turning down of his gaffer’s coaching instructions must have led to the rift in relationship between Arteta and Ozil that us Gooners are currently witnessing.

    And in addition to this, I think because the pair were playing team mates at Arsenal before could have led Ozil to ignored Arteta instructions to him to feel too big to listen to him his gaffer to change in his game to improved on it for the club by adhering and complying to his gaffer’s instructions. Who wants to change him in his game playing that will see him fit in into his plans.

    Therefore, I think Ozil caused the problem that has befell him at Arsenal this season more than Arteta and the club’s board have caused him if at all they have caused any unfairness this season in his staying at Arsenal.

    On creativity, I think Arteta and the Gunners have now found the solution to the lack of enough creativity that is existing in the team in the PL this season without Ozil necessarily playing in the team for Arsenal to create chances for his mates to score as evident recently in Arsenal away match to Man Utd in the PL last Sunday. Which saw the Gunners created many goals scoring opportunities in the match but were not taken to convert them to goals. Save, the spot kick chance for Arsenal which Aubameyang converted for to win the match for the club.

    I have not slept since. And it’s now 05:26 am GMT in Nigeria. In the Electoral College counts so far, it’s Trump 114-207 Biden. But can Biden pulls a surpluse? According to the reports that I am hearing and watching on my TV it will difficult for him to do that. But anything is still possible for Biden.

    I think the emphasis should now be on converting the chances the Gunners have created in games in the PL this season as they have now looked to have overcome the deficiency in sufficient creativity that was existing among themselves.

  15. Thinking about Ozil as Arsenal player is just a waste of time and financial resources. He’s been given enough chances under 3 different managers, but his mind is not in football

  16. I read a report that said RM are looking to sell Isco and his potential destination could be PL….auoar or isco,gooners?🤔😂

  17. Wuahahahaahahah
    Ozil cant use full his ability with giroud as our frontman
    We buy lacazette
    And he still s**te
    What about we buy a better one
    Ok, we buy aubameyang
    And he still s**te as always

  18. For arguments sake, whom would he replace in the line up. I really want the Author or anyone who thinks he should have played.

    Why would Arteta change shape, or even want to change shape for Ozil?

  19. As for Ozil he’s not worthy my ink save to say he’s an ex arsenal player,I wish the social media influencer all the best he can only wear arsenal training kit like any other former arsenal player is allowed to train with arsenal team, at least we have that courtesy

  20. Give it up dude……the game has changed…..he is not a fit in team Arsenal…….his drama is unprofessional

  21. Lets be real !! If Ozil would up his work rate thaat is needed and tackle and run back and and and and then of course he would be this so called star you say !! but reality is he doesnt and never will ! and why he has been dropped from every squad available to him !! so lets get it right yeah !!

  22. The old Ozil you mean, people are still looking at the old Ozil to judge the present Ozil. He is no longer young. We should start looking at how to make Smith a better 10.

  23. Footballers change guys. He’s not Ozil of the Old. When was the last time Ozil dictated a football match by creating enough chances.
    Football changes too. In modern football, u can’t have a player that is not involved in the game when u don’t have the ball. You just can’t carry a dead wood around.
    I’m just enjoying our win at Man Utd. Have u even noticed the level of organisation in that game?! Imagine Ozil standing around when we don’t have ball. That’ll be ur answer.

  24. Sad to see any player in this position, I don’t recall such a case, more with such a gifted one.

    Can’t compare to Bale at Real. Not like he ever degraded Arsenal over golf, rebelling.

    Heard Spurs has set a mini golf for him in their facilities…

    Hahaha, that is insane and should become the top serie on EPL FLIX.

    Nuts as Spurs for sure, if he doesn’t deliver in next games, Mourhino as a coach, this is about to go banana spurs!

    Anyway, it is how it is but as a football lover I be so happy to see Ozil do Ozil the world knows, in our team and everyone pissed in EPL.

    U get article in that sense, writer is a true fan and indeed Ozil did not lose his football overnight.

    Think fans are mad to not see Ozil play as he knows how,. .

    Got to give him his credit, he never degrade Arsenal always said good things, showing love.

    I agree and believe that he is as team been for years.

    Without a beast covering up behind him, and he can’t play or must do as Ceballos, defend all game long.

    Everyone behind him must be doing their job in that center are, CBs, DM.

    Sunday’s game showed that; no Luis as CB is first thing and of course Partey and Elneny cleaning up.

    We all agree that we missed Ozil we know, in between Partey and our front 3…

    This is precisely when he can be free to play forward and create, not chasing players for lack of defending behind him…

    Heck yeah; we would be deadly with that Ozil, Partey behind him, That AubaLacaSaka front 3 be on fire.

    A player like Partey makes midfield and CBs around him look good and play their best. They feel free and secured!.

    Bring on our Ozil, this been a Kroenke money issue , trying to get rid of him after giving him such deal.

    Poor management is to blame, not players.

    Real did this really smart and with class. Bale won them titles for them that way scoring amazing and important goals.

    If Ozil gets into this team, he is gonna make a killing in passing as he is in right set up to do so.

    Then of course with months into his contract it will be another drama.

    Highlights crazy management we see since Prof left. Xhaka and Laca were not treated right, almost left.

    Looking at end of season, we did not want to sell Laca anymore.

    Arsenal is only one losing in this. fans mainly, Kroenke got richer since covid, he doesn’t care beside saving Oz wage, for himself….

    We have no choice but accept and I’m sure with many players experiencing this bad management, they might pull him back him into team for second part of season…Knowing how gifted he is, Laca Auba miss him… Sunday clearly!

  25. Ship sailed for the moment till January. But you could be reporting on finding solutions with the current players we have in the squad. Like saying playing Willian as AM and reintegrate Pepe on the right. That could be exciting.

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