Opinion: Let’s forget about loan signings and buy what we need

Arsenal will be entering one of their most important transfer windows when it opens up on the 27th of July.

There are several positions in the current Arsenal team that needs to be strengthened, and it remains to be seen who comes in and who leaves the Emirates.

However, one thing that has been widely reported is that the Gunners won’t have that much money to spend when the transfer window does reopen and that they may have to rely on free transfers and loan signings to strengthen the squad.

One reason for that is because the coronavirus pandemic has affected the club’s finances, and this is after the club has asked their players to take a pay cut.

It is frustrating to see the likes of Chelsea go out and sign anyone that they want, and we expect our team to compete with them next season. Makes no sense.

To become successful, you have to sign the best players and the best players are rarely available for free on for loan deals.

We need to get the chequebook out when the transfer window reopens and actually make proper signings.

I know that sometimes there is good value in the free transfer or loan market, but I am tired of us not competing for the top players.

If we are serious about building on the success that we have enjoyed under Mikel Arteta recently, we have to forget about loan signings and buy the best players for the positions that we want to strengthen.

Now is the time to back Arteta and to do it properly otherwise we risk undermining him at a time that he needs supporting.

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  1. Fine words Martin and few will disagree but with Kroenke in charge they are just a wishlist and have no serious chance to come true. He has not spent one penny of his own money since he came on board in 2007.
    To expect him to start doing so now is to be a dreamer , I’m afraid to say.

    1. jon, all Arsenal need is Kroenke’s Board and senior executives to spend the available resources responsibly. If they continue their mismanagement of the Club’s player and financial assets, Kroenke should show he cares by replacing the lot.
      One thing of real concern is the relationship between Sanheili and player agents. This the reason Arsenal are being connected with a swap of Guendouzi for Coutinho and the purchase of Willan. I don’t want Coutinho, because he is a Barcelona and Bayern Munich reject, who will demand high wages. This could be Ozil revisited.
      This situation is just what Sven Mislantat warned about and the reason he left.

  2. Chelsea can go and buy whoever they want because they sold hazard for 150mil and Matic for 40mil.

    Had if we had sold Sanchez and ozil when the time was right,we too could have afforded some quality players

    1. Chelsea faced transfer bans for 2 seasons, they have to rely on academy graduates to come through, we v spent over 250m pounds in the last 2 seasons since emery came on board, r u saying it’s not enough injection of cash to help us compete for @,least top 4? We swapped Sanchez with mihkitarian who is doing absolute well in italy, a well managed mikhi will do amazingly well,

      1. Uchman, unfortunately the available funds were not well spent and Emery did not get the players he wanted.
        Hopefully the Board and senior executive will fulfil Arteta’s requirements and give him what he requests, not what they think are bargains regardless of positional need.

        1. Chelsea and City have owners who are willing to support their managers, regardless of whether they have bought wisely or not.

          The kronkie’s HAVE invested their own money, because they own AFC and needn’t plough anything back in… if one is being perfectly correct.

          I have just read that Dagonte’s fortune is dwindling due to the currency fluctuations, while kronkie’s is expanding – so no sign of the situation, post corona virus, being any part of an assumed “rescue” act.

          I believe that reaching the final once again, and winning it would see another reported £10,000,000 plus enter kronkie’s wallet.

          The 12.5% pay cuts have also seen kronkie benefit to the tune of a reported £11,250 a week, if one took an average salary of £90,000 a week times 20 (allowing for those players who didn’t enter the agreement) equals £225,000 a week (I think, no calculator to hand!!) times three months to date (and on going) = £2,700,000… this is without the reported backroom staff also taking equivalent pay cuts, so let’s round it up to £4,000,000
          So, as a low calculation, kronkie will receive, if we also win the cup, close on £15 million into his coffers, that has also expanded considerably during the pandemic.

          If this owner is intent on supporting MA, as he publicly states, he could do it with his eyes shut!!!
          Even with my basic figures and financial knowledge, it seems kronkie has no reason to sell up, as we are a cash cow that he is steadily milking!!!

          He is making money hand over fist and he could/should compete with anyone, when it comes to buying players – he just needs to have people who will spend his money wisely – would any of us give this “new regime” any money to invest with?

          Great headline article and easy to agree with, but changes need to be made, if even more money is not to be squandered – huss fahmy, raul sanllehi, vinai venkatesham have been abject failures and I wouldn’t invest twopence in the club while they are still around.

          Unless, of course, Mikel Arteta can be an influence in regards to kronkie’s thinking.

          1. Ken, yes Manchester City and Chelsea are propped up by external owners and Manchester United have always been a money making entity, but that only accounts for 3 of the Club’s holding League positions above the Arsenal. What about the other 6 clubs?
            Also Ken can you please explain to me how Kroenke Sports Management is taking money out of Arsenal, now that the £3 million management fee has ceased some years back? All I can see is Kroenke buying debt held by external financial institutions.
            Yes it would be great if the Kroenkes invested their own money, but that is not the issue. The question is where has the money gone?
            By the way I would think that the savings due to the player pay cuts would have been expended on Club overheads (such as staff, ground and other asset maintenance etc) not covered due to loss of match day income, not into the owners’ pockets.

  3. Even Chelsea was on transfer holiday for about two transfer windows, comparison with Chelsea might be inappropriate.

  4. Well said. Alot of speculations of the Kroenkes not willing to spend to buy players last season filled the airwaves. At the end of the day, however, Arsenal spent big funds to bring in some quality players who have begun to find their feet. I’m confident that, this season will not be different. Arteta will surely be backed to get some of the top players he’s targetting. I don’t really take most of those negative naysayers seriously.

    1. In that case you are ignoring the facts then! Kroenke has not spent a single penny of his own monet all the 13 years he has owned us.

      1. Really? We spent 318 million in the last 5 years, already forgotten the 80 mil on pepe?
        Like typical yank capitalist, its likely not their own money but at least some money has been thrown out to maintain us the serfs, support of the club.
        Do I wish a rich arab or rich anyone who actually loves the game to take ove? Sure but until then I wont be complaining too much

        1. Kroenke’s major failing has been the selection and retention of a Board and senior executive, who have mismanaged Arsenal’s player and financial assets.

      2. jon, did Kroenke tell the Board and the senior executive, who to buy or how much to pay them, buy players with no sell-on value, sell players from the Academy with no buy back or sell on clauses, or to let players run their contracts down into the last year?
        Kroenke’s failure has been to not intervene when the Board and senior executive mismanaged the player and financial assets of this Club. Ho. W many years will it take Arsenal to overcome the damage done by Gazidis?

  5. How can we really buy what we need with no money!!! I think our greatest challenge in the next transfer window is deciding which player or players should be sold to boost the kitty. These decisions will not be popular with the fans. I would support free signings and loans provided that they tick all the boxes for the essential skills we need. Big money signings today are too risky. Effective scouting is the only tool to contain player acquisition risk and he have just gutted our department. Maybe we should follow the examples set by Bayern and Juventus re. loans and free agent purchases of proven players only
    coupled with our academy prospects.

  6. This transfer windrow will be particularly complex. Not especially regarding who is bought in, but who is let go. Players who 6 months ago would be sold in a heartbeat have improved under Arteta. There is also the issue of team chemistry which seems to be in the ascendency at the moment. This will be an important but complex window and I am glad that I am not having to make the decisions.

    1. My sentiments too, although some think that those who have improved significantly are still not good enough.

      Just because a small number of clubs can spend big, this doesn’t always bring instant success on the pitch. Such is the financial uncertainty in the world it won’t be just Arsenal facing difficult decisions but the majority too.

      There was derision in some quarters when Cedric and Mari signed. Ceballos was not good enough but has since got into his stride. You are right; team chemistry is in the ascendancy and Arteta has proved his worth in bringing on the no hopers.

  7. Why do we always sound as if Arsenal don’t spend money on transfers? Maybe someone should make a list of all spending the top six clubs have done in the last five years and we’ll realise that we are not last on the list, so why do we always call out the owner? If that man give arsenal 1 billion pounds, we go about buying rubbish and giving average players elite wages. Our major problem is getting the right kind of players with the needed qualities. Someone mentioned above that we’ve spent over 300m in the last five years, who did we buy? If we had bought just five quality players for 100m each I believe we’ll be better off, there is no need buying 20 average players they will not improve the team. When city was buying the silvas and Gabriel jusus and gundohan etc, they were not that expensive but we never showed ambition. We could afford them but we went for Elneny, Xhaka etc. I don’t mind us buying just one quality player that’ll add something to the team. It’s amazing how much we pay these average players and get stock with them because nobody else will give them what they are getting at arsenal. This is not the owners fault, we should take a look at the people making these acquisitions. If I were kroenke, I won’t be so confident to part with my money and give those guys upstairs because they are wasting the little resources we have.

  8. Sorry that I have to disagree with you. When Chelsea are targeting big names and ManU and City doing the same, Leicester won the title!

    It’s not about big names as much as players that can improve the current team, remember that our team is doing fine during this time but most of our players lack of inconsistency most of the PL season. Now how to improve that? I think we should leave this to MA as well as leaving big checks to him, yet again, I don’t believe that big names will always bring you the titles as much as quality players.

    Keep the current strikers, add 2 – 3 players in the Mid (Kessie, Coutinho?) and CB’s, now that we have Saliba coming and probably 2 or more defensive players leaving I think MA will have someone in his mind.

  9. In practical terms we are committed to paying another 25m tranche of the transfer fee for Pepe so unless we are able to sell a number of our mediocre first team squad players our Manager may be left to forage on the floor of the jungle for promising youngsters .The alternative is to try to arrange swaps and who in their right mind would be prepared to pay the likes of Sokratis, Mustafi and Kolasinac what they are earning at Arsenal?Never mind, this time next year, if we are spared,we can all look forward to a huge reduction in our wage bill with the departure of you know who, and others who are out of contract but unsellable.

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