Opinion: Let’s get over losing to Spurs, it is more important to finish in a European spot

Arsenal has just been beaten by our biggest rivals, Tottenham, and it hurts to write that because they are the last team we want to lose to.

If that game had been at the Emirates with fans in attendance, I can imagine the boos that our players would have received.

Since that game, most of us have been talking about how disappointing it is to have lost to a Tottenham side that was in a worse run of form than we were before the game.

Now we trail them by two points and it makes our quest for a place in Europe next season even tougher.

We could go on and on about that game, but I think it doesn’t make any sense to wallow in that loss.

We have been beaten, and it’s in the past now, we have to focus on our bigger goal, which isn’t to beat Spurs every time we meet them.

There is still a chance for us to make the top seven and qualify for at least the Europa League next season, and I think that is where we should place our focus for now.

We face Liverpool next, that is a huge game for us and anything other than a win might bring an end to our European hopes unless we win the FA Cup.

Come on, guys! It’s just Spurs, we will meet them again and I’m sure we would beat them, for now, let’s beat Liverpool and win our remaining fixtures.

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  1. Back to winning ways with this line up…
    Maybe Willock for Pepe as his Workrate is better. and need to give Xhaka a rest

    1. Xhaka must not be dropped, he is holding it all together. Pepe does not work hard enough. Nelson not convincing. Aub is only one scoring

    2. That tells you about level of ambition Sue.. We are signing Luiz while Blues sign Werner. City sees teams getting stronger, they too far from Rrds., must adjust.

      They obviously set in attack and do need to strenghen CB area.

      What to say about this article and dreams of Europe football?

      What about fighting for what’s left? Cup.

      Not rely on 7th spot gamble while playing Reds chasing records, Villa & Watford fighting for survival.

      1. Yes, Mogunna… I want to know where our ambition is…. gone awol with the defence I think haha!!

        1. Our chances of playing in Europe next season depends on winning the FA cup. Man City will play Champions league football next season. Liverpool, Man City, Leicester City, Man United, Chelsea, Sheffield and Wolves will finish above us this season.
          This has been a disappointing season so far.
          The board is solely to blame. They are very slow in making decisions. For us to progress as a club, we need to invest a lot. An overhaul is needed.
          Our midfield is very weak.

          1. Do you fancy our chances of lifting the cup? I have to be honest – I don’t.
            If I had to pick a team to lose to out of the other 3, it’d be City…couldn’t handle losing to the mancs or chavs. Obviously I don’t want to lose but after losing to a poor spud team it doesn’t bode well against a decent City team, does it?!!
            Anyway we shall see…

  2. This club doesn’t need the distraction of any European competition now!! Y’all ain’t ready for that conversation, yes we’ll lose the money it’ll bring. I don’t care about it, so far all the money we’ve made from Europe during the past 20 years were all wasted and misspent.
    What we really need is a season or two away from Europe. I had this discussion with a fellow Arsenal fan while watching the game against Spurs.
    What Arsenal needs to focus on right now is building a new structure, facing the hardship heads on, forget about Europe, lay the foundation, make the team balanced just as klopp did before we can start buying world class players to take us up.
    World class players in an unbalanced squad as ours would go no where.
    I hope we lose out on Europe I swear, I really hope we do. It’ll help focus on our team building more, but this conversation is one that bites you people and you don’t want to have

    1. All very well and good, Eddie. But, don’t we need European comp money to rebuild?

      If we cannot finish in the top four we will have even less to spend because Kronke’s won’t spend their own cash!!

      Added to that the fact that the best players want to be competing at the highest level with wages to match!!

      1. Ray yes we’ll lose additional money, but screw that, Europa league money is close to nothing anyways.
        The point of not going is us focusing on rebuilding the team, yes let’s just face the loss of money for a season but please important work would’ve been done or going on.
        Right now all we keep doing is buying players to add to an unbalanced squad with no backbone

    2. Eddie I see more cons that pros about what woulf happen if we make Europa qual this season. It is now very unlikely that we will qual and on balance I agree with your point. We are miles from being ready for Europe; we have only one outfield defender of quality in Tierney with a hope of SALIBA WHO WE HAVE NOT YET SEEN. MOST OF THE OTHER DEFENSIVE REGULARS ARE UNMITIGATED DISASTERS AND WE NEED THEM ALL CLEARED OUT BEFORE TACKLING EUROPE

      1. Exactly what I see, but at least we get to dedicate one season to facing and focusing on the issues first.
        Also the lack of Europa money would force us to actually scout and get players who wants to play ball not players signed because of names.
        When we do all that, we can get a proper top five team, that’s when we can start adding the finishing touches by bringing in world class players to lead our already balanced squad.

        1. Interesting theory there Eddie but the problem with missing out on Europe is that we might never get back there again. We will lose money and rather kroenke losing money, he’ll sell the best players along the line and try to cut his losses. I hope we are not about to be the once great time that is now a mediocre club because one thing’s for sure, kroenke is not the type that would invest his money on a sinking ship, he’s going to bail out on us and we could really become the new leeds or Preston northend

        2. There is little profit to be made in Europa, unless we win it. I don’t see that as more than a remote possibility, even were we to qualify, which I don’t think we will now do. It will do us no real harm to miss out for one season and more benefits, as outlined.

      2. We also need a complete clear out.

        We need to trim down the squad by selling the below players ASAP:
        Ozil, Elneny, Mhykytaryan, Socratis, Guendouzi, Mustafi, AMN.

        Loan Out: Willock and Nketiah
        It has been a disappointing season.
        We are paying for the mismanagement and incompetence that is seen all over the club.
        We need to invest big in midfield. Sign Thomas Partey, Nabil Fekir, Lewis Dunk and One of Asensio or Isco.

        We need players with personality. Midfielders who can move with the ball. Intelligent midfielders who can dribble and take shots.

  3. Yes and that chance is hanging by a thread…..

    And I’ve just seen on Sky that City are to ‘throw money’ at rebuild 😂 Firstly, could they throw some our way? And secondly, rebuild?!! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read!!

    1. Rebuild what exactly? Peps office?

      Seriously though, The Man City Arabs must be buying off some top level officials!!

      It’s a complete farce and a fix bought and payed for by more corruption in sport!!!

      1. No, his wardrobe as MA raided it for all those cashmere sweaters 😂
        It’s crazy, their bench is just as good, they’ve got 2 teams that could compete… although I don’t rate Mendy or Zinchenko. The gap between us and them will be even bigger!!!

    2. They actually have an aging squad Sue, Silva is leaving, Fernandino is 35 I think ? De Bruyne is pushing 30, Aguero is in the twilight of his career too and the defence isn’t that good at all they’ve lost 8 or 9 games this season but what I don’t agree with is a bucket load of money they will be allowed to spend, they should be closely monitored because they weren’t banned originally without good reason.

      1. Fernandinho has been poor this season! Yes for their standards, some aren’t good enough and if they want us to take KDB off their hands, I’d happily oblige!! Just makes me laugh, Kev, we have to make do with what we have… they’ll probably have another 8 players incoming… with mega bucks spent. One thing though at least my daughter will be happy 😄

        1. Oh I’ll still take their aging squad for ours Sue no question 😂 I’m sure they know they have area’s of weakness or they wouldn’t be so far behind Liverpool, and losing so many games but the oil money will take care of that 😉 your daughter will be happy, you’ll have the hump and Coco will be getting used to her hiding place during Arsenal games 😄😂

          1. Haha yeah the remote control getting fired across the room the odd cup getting kicked off the coffee table 😆 poor Coco probably doesn’t know what’s happening 😂😂

    1. Are you not ashamed and embarrassed to use that profile name? I would be! It takes all sorts I suppose…!

  4. Damn that bloody Stan is now hunting us all the way here…

    Of course we know that Sir, because you a cheap vicious greedy 🤠 cowboy

  5. I like to see us going to Europa league, it is an added opportunity for a title, allows us to try more players and gives them sharpness and experience, allows us to attract better players at lower wages and adds extra money to our budget.
    Not like we have a chance in winning the PL next season so that we focus on it.
    Rebuild can be done with Europa, I do not see a problem with that.

  6. We are making Europe. Why can’t people face reality?
    We can’t beat Liverpool even now they are said to be disoriented, whatever that means. And and after we fail to beat them, we would be “disoriented” in the remaining two games and bow out of Europe with a whimper.
    Sounds harsh? Well, that’s the reality.
    And the truth is: if the owners don’t find money somehow and invest in the team, the slide would continue, and the frustration for us fans would persist

    1. @CorporateMan
      Even if they found the money, they’d probably waste it on poor signings like Pepè, Luiz and Mari. We are simply doomed whichever way you look at it. Am not even sure anything can be done to save this club from mediocrity. Lots of people were predicting this collapse years ago and finally it’s happening.

  7. We’re not good enough for Europa league leave alone champions league,look when manchester dropped to Europa league they won it, Chelsea too.But Arsenal banter fc bottled it three times.Champions league itself remember the Monaco debacle even beating average teams to progress when it matters it’s a problem.Whats the solution to weak mentality even before we think about buying and selling

  8. Wigan SEVEN Hull NIL

    Before Half Time

    We have been warned. Don’t think it won’t happen to us. I mean, it couldn’t, could it?

    1. That’s what happens when you sell your best players – Bowen and Grosicki!!
      Bloody hell and they’re facing a points deduction!! Maybe our lot should be threatened with that… might make them work a bit harder!

  9. The added stress of Thursday night competition in some far flung out post will not help a rebuild. With an already thin squad it would simply add to the “Arsenal injury curse” and seriously impact training and domestic comps.
    How much is Europa worth? Champs League is £25 m roughly, whilst it is a travesty for a Club as big as ours not to be seen on the Euro stage, I simply can’t see this B grade comp helping us at the moment.

  10. I don’t get why we are so obsessed in Europe when the main goal is to build a team for the future. I really can’t see the point of qualifying to EL especially at this time!

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