Opinion: Losing to Manchester United means it is crisis time for Arsenal

Arsenal will take on Manchester United tomorrow with no wins from their last two league games.

Another way to write that is to say that the Gunners have lost three of their last four league games.

After a winning start to the campaign, very few Arsenal fans will have expected their team to be struggling to get goals and win games at this time.

It is not even excusable that our losses have come against the top Premier League sides, this is because we have spent enough to beat our rivals.

I am happy that our next match will be against another top team, these are the games we have to start winning if we are to improve and be genuine top four contenders.

This game against United hands us the chance to show how badly we want to enter the top four.

The Red Devils are an in-form team at the moment and they will provide the perfect test for us, but that doesn’t make it inexcusable if we lose to them.

For me, we have to get something from this game and if that happens, it will show that we are serious about our ambitions this season.

However, if we lose again, then we have to be true to ourselves and call this a mini-crisis.

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  1. It’s a long season so no reason to panic as long as we learn and adjust. This is however our best chance to beat MU at Old Trafford.

    1. You’re right it is a long season and there is no need to panic. It will most probably be another wake up call. Arsenal are now in the pack with Wolves, Villa and Westham rather than the top five or six. Arteta has plenty of time to get the season on track and at least build on something for next year.

  2. United sucks at home and in the league. However we should expect a goal infested match, it will rain goals and team that out scores wins

        1. I was thinking because there are no fans in the stadium this time round maybe the psychological effect of visiting OT in the last 14 years will not be so strong? Am not saying we will win hehe but I think if all goes well we can hold on for a draw.

          1. Let’s hope, QD!! I’m going with 2-2… I have to admit, the way we lost against Leicester hasn’t exactly left me brimming with confidence!!! And I hope there won’t be any controversy (Yes, that means you, Mike Dean!! Haha) 🤞🙏

  3. Losing to utd would be a massive blow on top of all the other blows we have just taken. Utd are in a similar position to us, not performing to what is expected. We can not afford to lose tomorrow.

  4. Arteta has to go on full throttle attack.

    Saka, Aubameyang, Pepe,


    Ceballos, Partey,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Mustafi, Bellerin,


    This selection has attack in all areas.
    Suspects are Mustafi, Leno, Pepe.

    1. The above formation looks promising. The key of course is stability. Even if it doesn’t work first time,Arteta should have faith and stick wit itI would gamble on Saliba rather than Mustafi rather raw enthusiasm than a headless chicken.

  5. If we lose it will be a massive problem for arteta if we lose in the same way we did to city and pool it will be a crisis as it will be further proof that arteta lacks the confidence and know how to move us on … Big big game

  6. I believe the Gunners who will be selected to start the match and come on into the game as substitutes from the bench know or be told that they will have to be very efficient to the core of efficiency in their game playing in the match today Sunday if they are to stand any chance to beat the Red Devils in the OL in their backyard at Old Trafford Stadium.

    Therefore, I implore the Gunners to be highly efficient in their game playing in the match against the Red Devils in the PL tomorrow. The Gunners should forsake any kind of distractions in the game which Man Man Utd could capitalize upon it to punish them.

    And neither should the Gunners allow any form of lack of awareness and momentary loss of concentration in the game to creep on them taking them unaware in the match. They should be at full alert in the game to see or foresee any danger coming from Man Utd to Arsenal in the game throughout the full 90+ of playing the match. The Gunners play in the match must be coherently coordinated, tactically astute, grate balance in their game play, technically outstanding in shots taking and in set-pieces taking to score.

    Profligacy in front of Man Utd goal should totally be qbhorred and avoided by any Gunners in their goal scoring attempts but be clinical in their goals scoring efforts burying the chances they’ve created or that fell to them by chance.

    The Gunners should adhere to tracking back to defend their 18 yard area to not leave it or concede any free space in their box for the Red Devils to take advantage of it and breach their defense-line to score. The Gunners should highly be competent in their marking the Red Devils by marking them tightly not giving them any space or chance to operate to play their game.

    The Gunners in their playing the game should take into cognizance of the Red Devils antics to resort to violent play against the Gunners to injure them critically when the match becomes too tough for them to cope with playing it sensing they might concede to Arsenal to lose the math if they do not remove a Gunner who is a serious disturb to them in the game that could cause them defeat in the match.

    Rob Holding became an ACL injury victim to Man Utd violet game play last season. Therefore, the Gunners should always be at alert for 90+ duration of the match to evade any potentially injury causing tackling or violet play in the game by the Red Devils.

    1. Bro this is a paper you’re writing for school. No need to over write every single sentence by saying the same thing 4 times. “Arsenal who plays in London will play the Man U Red Devils of Manchester in Manchester City the city that is home to the Red Devils Manchester United the team we are playing tomorrow the game on Sunday the day after Saturday is when the game between Arsenal and the Man U red Devils will be played tomorrow to see who wins the game tomorrow. “

      1. Mick Gunner, A pretty classless thing to mock the language skills of someone whose first language is not English. If I were minded to ,which I am not, I could quite easily correct your own poor grammar. I also note you chose not to even correctly quote the actual words used by SAMUEL and will draw my own conclusions why!

  7. Man utd are in good form currently and they have momentum on their side.We are kind of underdogs in this match but so were we the last time we faced them. WE won by 2 goals last time and that was a superb performance.I hope history repeats but the problem is ,its old trafford😐

  8. What a plain silly article. Ime, you are a panicky individual not given to wanting to see the wider picture. Deliberately over emotive and juvenile language to talk about a “mini crisis” and a nonsensical “analysis”, not that there was any true analysis at all. The worst unthinking article on here for quite some time!

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