Opinion: Luka Jovic is not a player Arsenal needs right now

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Luka Jovic this summer (The Sun).

The Serbian is one of the highest-rated young strikers in Europe at the moment, but he has struggled in his first season at Real Madrid.

He has scored just twice for the Spaniards but that is not a huge problem right now, after all, he is still a very young striker who can get better.

However, he seems to have an attitude problem that is threatening to bring an end to his Real Madrid career (The Sun). He recently flouted the coronavirus rule to return to his native Serbia to be with his girlfriend.

That move angered his countrymen and he may have also proven the kind of a young man that he is.

Trouble doesn’t seem to be far away from him, and the recent news about him claims that he has been asked to self-isolate after his friend tested positive for coronavirus.

A player that has attracted this much negative press should not be coming to our team at the moment.

Matteo Guendouzi has just been banished from our first team because of his attitude and it doesn’t make sense for us to sign Jovic, no matter how talented he is because his attitude would undermine his talents.

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  1. That’s a tough and premature argument to make. First Arsenal are – beggars not choosers. We cannot guarantee UEFA or other top draw exposure to world class players. Also we do not yet know for certain if Auba will resign. I trust in our new manager to get the best from player – mustafi and Xhaka are good examples. If world class RM thought he was good enough, who are we to say otherwise.

  2. Well summed up Francis. Some still don’t get reality, maybe need to watch Man U, Chelsea, Reds and City to see how far we are from CL, huge gap. Looking at players they after and securing, gap will just get deeper.

    We fighting for EL at best, Jovic won’t change that,

  3. Well Luca joined RM for about 60M Euro, returned 2 goals in 16 appearances and is considered this and that, a young striker this and that. Our Pepe has 8 goals and 8 assists in 45 games in a tougher competition, yet many brand him an expensive flop. Why do we always envy other teams when we do some some good young players? Gabi has 3 goals in 14 appearances. We do need players, but we need better than what we have.We need to upgrade, not down grade if we have to challenge for silverware. This young man has bags of attitude too, which we do not want over here.
    City, CFC, ManU have signed better players, upgrades on what they had, so they are marching forward. To keep them company, we need upgrades, not any player, just because he is a reserve or bench warmer or cast off from another top team. We need talent with a proven track record. Auba was always a 20 goals a season man. The same was not true with Laca and so we see why he struggles.

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