Opinion – Make no mistake Arsenal do need new signings

Arsenal has had a dismal season this campaign and Mikel Arteta has had to manage a team of players who haven’t exactly been top-notch this year.

The Spaniard looks like a good manager and someone that we can trust to take the club back among the top sides of Europe.

However, a coach is usually as good as the players he is managing and there is only so much a manager can achieve with a group of average players.

Arteta probably does not expect to do too much business in the next transfer window, but the club will expect him to produce the goods for the rest of this season and the next.

This Arsenal team just isn’t good enough to compete against the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City and if the team isn’t strengthened in the next transfer window, we shouldn’t expect much from them.

From defence to midfield, Arsenal doesn’t look like a team that can compete for trophies, that is the brutal truth.

Our midfield is so devoid of creativity that everyone can see just how good Aubameyang is because he keeps scoring goals with almost no help from the midfield.

Our defence has also been in terrible form and we have to make significant changes if we are to be truly competitive.

The bottom line is that regardless of the pandemic and the effect it will have on the club’s finances, Arsenal needs new signings, otherwise, mediocrity will continue and the slow decline will rumble on.

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  1. Shakir says:

    I think we can compete with any team,we just need to have a strong mentality .Look at watford,wolves even man utd they all had amazing results and its not like they have an amazing squad.We will have to strengthen our squad but that should not be an excuse for the results we had.

    And about Auba.Auba is a very good striker but strikers dont create for themselves and it rarely happens.Even though our creativity has fallen a bit,chances were created specially under MA Ozil,Ceballos,Saka,Pepe are doing a great work.

    Auba is clinical,his conversion rate is good but i think last season he missed many big chances.This season there were games in which he was very poor when our midfield was weak.That proves tge point.Auba is no aguero nor a firmino.His strengths are different and like many strikers he relies on support from midfield and defence.

    1. Alee says:

      I get your point but I’d rather an Auba type of player to Firmino.

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    Why do we need new players?Because those hired were not up for the job! Should we hire new players?Yes. What is the caliber of players we wish to hire?Will we hire cheapo chaps because they cannot contribute anything useful to their current clubs? Will not the cycle repeat 360 degrees next summer? Until our owner sets a target for our club, we will be running in full circles.Sign done and dusted players, achieve nothing and then beg for new signings and the cycle continues.Go further down the pecking order until we reach relegation, then sell the club? The names linked to us Smalling, Bailey, Lindgard, Willian, Pedro, Nathan Cyle, Lalana, Dembele, Jovic, Coutinho, Rafina, Frank Kessie hardly inspire any confidence for me that the club is serious in challenging for honors.

  3. S.J says:

    I won’t be surprised if we end up not signing anybody for next season, using the pandemic as excuse.
    Kroenke has such a poor mentality in sports business.

    I think we are in need of midfielders that can play CM and AM.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    every window every season fans will always want new players even if the squad is full or we have signed 20 new world class players in the last window

    fans get bored and want new names and faces

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