Opinion – Mesut Ozil must be driven out of Arsenal along with his followers

So, the speculation and rumours or whatever you want to call them are claiming that Mesut Ozil was one of three players that refused to agree to a 12.5% pay cut.

The club has released a statement saying the players have agreed on the cut and so I suppose it comes down to whether you believe the likes of John Cross at the Mirror or not.

Of course, I do, it is pure Ozil for him and his filthy greedy representatives to do such a thing, it is who he is.

I know his horde of defenders will throw up how much he does for charity and so forth, you know, his tax write-offs, his daily interest payments etc as if that is some sort of defence for the most despicable act of his infamous tenure at the club.

I am not that disappointed in Ozil and his leaches because I expected exactly this, it was as sure as night follows day that if there was going to be one greedy player in that dressing room that was only interested in lining his own silk pockets with zero regards to the club, fans and community, it would be Ozil, no, my disappointment is with those “Arsenal fans” that still defend this grotesque man and all he stands for.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone can call themselves a true Gooner and defend this person any longer.

For too long his defenders have felt some sort of righteousness defending the indefensible, well, those days have now well and truly passed, his true colours have been shown, his disunity, disloyalty, greed and absolute lack of feeling towards the local community and club that have been paying him a world-class wage for League one performances is clear for the world to see.

Apologises to any League One fans insulted by that comparison.

No doubt there will be some Arsenal fans that will try and defend him on here, it takes all sorts I suppose but not for me, there is no excuse for any Arsenal fan to defend this man any more, by doing so they are showing loud and clear that they prefer a personality over their own club.

I do not know where the greater shame lies, to be honest, Ozil being true to who he is, an immoral greedy selfish man or his followers that have infiltrated such a great family club.

Sooner Ozil and his followers leave my beloved club the better, they are now a clear and present danger to Arsenal football club that needs to be driven out as fast as possibly can be achieved.

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  1. AlexLaca9 says:

    Honestly can’t wait to see the back of him so arsenal can finally bring in a proper number 10 that contributes more to our play or additional midfielder if Arteta wants to move to a 433. Regarding the pay cuts can’t say I’m surprised really… only one more year 🙏🏽

  2. Igot350k4scoring1goalandyou? says:

    i had been saying this for years now! Not worth for Arsenal standards on the pitch and some waited for this unfortunate health situation to realise the man is useless.Bring on the empty cans, let them make some noise in his favor with stats and what not.

  3. Kiwi Gooner says:

    I was stoked when we signed Ozil, but he hasn’t justified his last contract. But, blame Gazidis, not Ozil for that. Gazidis was an absolute cancer at our club and the damage he did will be felt for a while yet.

  4. Ronche says:

    It’s his money… He can do whatever he wants with it. Besides you can’t just brush away the fact that he gives away 2 million yearly on child operations across the world plus his other charitable ventures. When it comes to football, I agree he should go but as a man he is admirable besides, he wants to know how they’ll use his money as he doesn’t trust them. I reiterate that it’s his money. I wonder when you’ll all start criticizing the board and kroenke for not publicly doing the same thing they are asking the players to do…
    Don’t just jump on the hate train without asking valid questions… Its his money, and he has the right to decide what to do with it as does every human earning a living.

  5. Indy757 says:

    Really dude!!!. I’m not a big ozil fan but he has been play much better since arteta arrived. Ok, he doesn’t perform up to the amount that he’sgetting paid. However that’s no way to totally destroy a man’s character from behind a key board. I agree with some of the above comments. It’s his money and if he wants to know where it’s going. He has all rights too know. If your not working in the same field beside a person. You should chill on the disrespect regarding another’s man’s pay check. How goals did you score in your career?

    1. PabloX says:

      You are talking in the rubbish.. a players wage is justified by his leadership on the pitch. If you truly understand how management works then you should know the club owner and the fans are responsible for his weekly wages. He owes them that much to do a little for the community.

      If he does for charity that is out of his own peril but in this 12.5 % whatever he owes it to the fans and community. The guy is pure selfish.

  6. Jack says:

    SPOT ON, Admin Martin. To those, including the toxic AFTV, who defend the totally useless – on the pitch that is! – with stats about Ozil’s charitable contribution, how about his stats on the field since Ozil signed the extortionate 50K EACH day?? The Arsenal is a football club whose business is result-driven on the pitch and NOT a charitable outfit. Since when one eulogises Ozil robbing AFC to get his pension and give some out to charities??

    1. Alee says:

      You are not being fair to Aftv , if at all you watched the interview you will see that only one person was defending ozil.

  7. Sue says:

    Sheesh! How much Ozil-slating in one day? It’s relentless….. smh

  8. SueP says:

    That is a pretty heavy article about Ozil today (one of many)

    I don’t think he has represented good value for money on the pitch versus his ginormous salary. Frankly, I cannot think of any footballer who deserves such a salary but that is what it is. The PL must have been rubbing its hands with glee when tv payments sky rocketed wealth to its members and players.

    Luckily for Ozil, he was in the right place at the right time and he/his agent took full advantage of Arsenal’s weakness. It is a pity that his effectiveness has diminished on the pitch, in my humble opinion, but he still has many supporters who would disagree with me

    It is indeed fortunate that he realises how fortunate he is and gives generously to those in need. He must pinch himself at times.

    I’m sorry that given his high profile he and the others didn’t go along with the majority to accept the cut. Surely the majority of players and coaches etc must have been given compelling information about the state of the club to be willing to take this cut.

    It just doesn’t look good to be chasing the money regardless of whether you are entitled to it or not. There are not too many of us who haven’t had to take cuts, or seen pension plans plummet that can have too much sympathy with The Three. I wouldn’t go as far as hounding him and his supporters out. A wee bit extreme for me

  9. Marty says:

    I think given the choice between a club statement or a statement from some reporter from the Daily Mirror I know who I would believe….The Club.
    Yes, we all know that Ozil probably hasn’t delivered on the pitch and we know that he is the highest earner at the club ( hardly his fault ) but this article is unbelievably one sided.

  10. Sue says:

    I agree with Phil, GB..please reconsider leaving JA.. you’re such a valued member! I’d miss that humour of yours 😁
    I must admit, some of the articles really get my goat.. and I always thought the Admin were supposed to be unbiased!
    I’m not usually a confrontational person, but in this case it’s kinda personal, as I’m a ‘follower’…. not so long back we lost Kenny (luckily he’s returned) we don’t want to lose you too!

    1. Sue says:

      And now Eddie too – yet another valued member of the ‘team’…. Eddie you need to reconsider too…. we’d all miss you like mad!! Especially your articles 😉 Pat (contributor Pat) where the hell are you??!!

  11. SueP says:

    You probably know that I think Ozil is past his sell by date but blimey, where did Admin’s fury come from?

  12. RSH says:

    Perhaps a bit OTT, but I’m just glad we are finally entering the last year of this guys contract. It’s been nothing but one controversy followed by the next and it’s finally coming to an end soon. Won’t be missed by me, and club is ready to move on finally.

  13. brandonbear says:

    Excellent reply.

    To write an article this weighted you should know all the facts. He clearly doesn’t.

    It won’t be long until that tail will need removing from between his legs.

  14. Reggie says:

    Ive said it before but there aren’t many, if any of this squad have the Arsenal DNA, they certainly are not of the ilk we are used to as Arsenal fans. There isnt any of this squad, i will look back in fondness in years to come and associate with Arsenal like i do the players of the past. They are disconnected from us and i from them. Waste of space, that what i think of most.

  15. Katix says:

    To be honest I’m not a big fan of ozil, at least not anymore anyway. When I opened this article I was expecting to see points that were based on facts instead of mere rumours so I stopped reading soon as I saw Martin agreed with fact less rumour from the mirror which is contrary to what is on the official club’s statement. Admin Martin I want ozil gone too but we don’t need this kind of bashing that’s not based on any actual evidence or fact. It is null and void. Criticise him on the way he plays (that has facts and stats to prove points) not this please. And I’m also against calling for fans who support him to be ousted out of the club, it’s very normal for fans to have differing opinions, no matter how senseless the opinions seem, that’s why they’re fans. Please let’s all just take it down a notch, no need for inciting articles that don’t have facts to back them up. If ozil had come out himself and said he’s not taking a pay cut, that’s a different story but it seems a little immature to be enraged by mere unconfirmed rumours.

  16. Admin Martin says:

    I would like to thank you all for your contributions today, they have been great. Your efforts have made this an extremely popular and one of the most successful articles in a long time. It is clear to me that an honest appraisal of Mesut Ozil is indeed what the site readers have been crying out for and I obviously am here to serve our loyal Arsenal readers and will make sure I give you more of what you are clearly demanding. Stay tuned, the days of pandering to a vulture is well and truly over with. Time to take the club back for the genuine fans who love their club and not a greedy mercenary. I salute you my fellow Arsenal fans that have had enough. I know who you are.

    1. Le Coq Monster says:

      Your humourous side is underated………………………not quite up to mine, but you have potential! 😆

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, I have answered your points on a previous article regarding your personal views – I found your post really interesting by the way.
        As for your observations on this “article”, for the first time in ages, I am seriously considering taking a break as well. having read of the feelings of the likes of GB and Eddie – it leaves a nasty taste in one’s mouth.

  17. Alee says:

    It’s funny how everyone is silent about the other two players that refused to take a pay cut allegedly

    1. Jo-Gunz says:

      Very funny @Alee

  18. Sue says:

    😆 Nobody’s humorous side is on par with yours, Le Coq!!! 👍

    1. Le Coq Monster says:

      Trouble is, Sue, even on other sites it gets edited or binned too often, thats why I dont comment that often!………………some dont understand the intent!…………………………shame you aint the moderator! 😆 😆 😆

  19. Okiror says:

    I wanted to comment but u have said and spoken more thanks buddy

  20. Admin Martin says:

    Looks like lockdown is having a bad effect on some people.

    Don’t worry peeps, the lockdown will be over soon and Ozil and hopefully his followers will be gone.

    I am starting to think a countdown clock to the day all us genuine Arsenal fans get our club back.

    1. RSH says:

      lmao, i love the responses, but a good point is raised. You should’ve waited for more info. Everything is just speculation right now. Ozil still sucks up way too much oxygen from the room as usual tho.

  21. Glorious says:

    Finally, it is done. This is traffic.
    Debate, Ozil lovers vs Ozil haters.

  22. Juz me says:

    Ozil is trash”I wonder why u chickens defend this fraud of a player,old wash up men defending a player who has brought nothin to the club except disunity among the fans.Ozil is no more a footballer but a con man politician.

  23. Top Gunner says:

    Let Arsenal suffer because of one man. The fans pressurized Emery to include Ozil in his squad. He was fired by not complying to the wishes of the fans. His display in the field clearly shows that he doesn’t care about the club. He doesn’t neither have the commitment nor drive. This is bad Apple in the bag of Arsenal fc. Regardless of his contribution to the team, he knows that he’ll still get a hefty salary. If no team wants him, Arsenal should ship him for free

  24. PabloX says:

    In regards to your post how much more time do you need to clarify if Ozil the frog eyes is standing up for the same club who rewarded him massively with that contract? Do you think he of good example to saka and the younger stars? If he does for charity it’s his choice but in this case the club is saying players we need your support this time. Let that sink in

  25. NM says:

    I origionally thought this was satire, but the diatribe against Ozil did not end. What about the other two players who didn’t agree to the pay cuts, but were curiously unnamed? What about the fact that two other premier league teams have agreed deferrals, but no other team has agreed to pay cuts? Does this mean that all of the players on all of those teams are leaches?

    Why are we so eager to denigrate any athlete that makes more money than most other athletes in their sport. They don’t write the contract they sign. Contracts are negotiated between agents and clubs. Arsenal’s front office panicked after they lost Sanchez for a player United didn’t want. Is that Ozil’s fault? Maybe you should direct your venom at the front office. They could have, maybe should have let Ozil walk on a free transfer, but let’s also recognize Ozil and Emery were not a marriage made in heaven.

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