Opinion: Mikel Arteta has to make the tough call regarding two Arsenal players

Arsenal is facing another summer overhaul as they try to get back inside the top four next season.

The Gunners have been on a downward spiral since 2018 and they reached a new low when they finished outside the European places last season.

Arsenal will not be playing European football in the next campaign, a first in a generation of our fans.

One way we can start on our way back to becoming one of the Premier League’s top four clubs is to sign outstanding players.

We would probably also need to offload some of our current options to make room for the incoming stars.

One position that needs fresh faces is our attack and it seems the club is thinking in that direction.

Reports have linked us with a move for a number of strikers in this transfer window.

If both players join, we would have at least seven attackers at the club, which makes little sense.

This means the arrival of new strikers would depend on the exit of some of our current options.

Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah are entering the last year of their current contracts at the club.

They haven’t been given new deals yet and it seems the club intends to get rid of them.

If that is the case, what is delaying them from being placed on the transfer list?

The smartest clubs get their transfer business done early and this delay in deciding the future of Lacazette and Nketiah doesn’t inspire much confidence in Mikel Arteta’s ability to make the tough calls.

It seems the Spaniard isn’t sure about what to do with them and that is one sign of a poor leader.

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  1. I have a gut feeling this summer will be as disappointing as any other.

    We sell few players for below market price, ending up making huge loss. Then we spend that money on cheapest players as possible. And not a well performing bargain players, just useless cheap players. And even that we will likely fund by selling someone like ESR.

    All the signs are up there: supposed BS “war chest”, us being linked with 200 different players, “advanced talks” with high profile players.

    We’ve seen it before.

  2. The smartest clubs try to get the best deals when selling their players, so they can use the money to buy pricey players. They could’ve sold Lacazette for 10 M and Nketiah for 5 M before Euro started, but 15 M won’t be enough to pay a La Liga CF’s release clause

    It seems the article was based on a biased assumption without logic and that’s one sign of a provoker

      1. Arteta is an excellent tactician and has a good potential to be a great manager. We should support him, not attacking him before the next season even starts

        1. Yes o it’s better to support him. I feel Arteta has huge potentials to be a top manager. We can only aseess his performances at the helm after he’s been granted the players he wants.

          1. But thats how unfairly we assessed wenger :< (and emery, though I dont really care abt him)

      2. Most absurd comment of the day! For your information Mikel was touted as a possible replacement for Keoman at Barca and mind you he will succeed big time at any big club. Mind what you wish for. Just like those who shunned Unai, the man went to lift his fourth EL.
        Back to the topic, a relatively easy take – dispose off Laca for 20M and hire Patson or Isak(and pay the difference ), get rid of Eddie for anything (if we can do an Iwobi like transfer and con someone, great!) and use Folarin as the third choice striker.

    1. gai, What you say is of course, and sadly, true!

      The many agenda ridden posts and also agenda ridden articles on JA are becoming tiresome to unbiased thinkers such as me and I rather suspect, you too.

      I am always wary of those who feel the need to wrIte regularly, like Ime, and who never miss a chance to plunge their metaphorical knife into MA.


  3. OT: Arsenal moving closer to agreement with Brighton for Ben White. #BHAFC want guaranteed ~£50m, #AFC offering ~£45m + £5m. Face-to-face talks have taken place & negotiations continue over add-ons, payment structure etc. No other bidders yet
    @[David Ornstein]

    Dinos Mavropanos to Stuttgart should be announced today.

    Loan with obligation to buy. Expecting it to turn into a permanent move next summer. [@ChrisWheatley]#AFC

      1. Scouting doesnt work like that bro. You don’t arrive at a decision to spend 50m over a one month tournament.
        They had to have scouted him for a year or more to be at this stage.

        1. Arsenal could’ve postponed the decision until they see him in Euro, since no other club is after him

          Arsenal also didn’t scout Pepe in AFCON, when his performance wasn’t good. Luckily Arteta improved Pepe and Xhaka

  4. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, and that’s part of the transfer game. As for the players mentioned, I don’t see either with a future at Arsenal.

    Nketiah has had many chances over the last few years and hasn’t leveled up. Not a big deal for Burnley or the like, but Arsenal can’t waste the roster spot for someone not producing.

    Balogun and Martinelli are more developed and need the minutes instead of more chances for Nketiah.

    Laca and Arsenal just hasn’t worked out. Maybe he joined a year or two late, or other reasons. Point being he hasn’t scored enough goals, and a strikers job is to score goals.

    £12 – £15 million is good money for Nketiah, and probably £25 million for Laca in final year of contract.

    Personally if a striker is on the list I think Daka is worth mentioning. He’s fast, can create and finish and also decent with headers. Worth £20 million if rumors are true.

      1. The final sentence of this report is churlish and without foundation as the author has absolutely no idea of what is going on behind the scenes at our Club.Yet another pathetic slur towards Arteta who may be entirely clear of his plans for the two players mentioned.Negotiations may be taking place now for all you know.Very few meaningful deals have actually been concluded in the current transfer window.

        1. Grandad, No matter how often fair minded fans like you, muself and others tell these know nothing kids with their spiteful anti MA agendas, we will never put fair heads on unfair shoulders.

          So many care nothing for considered thought but constantly spout spiteful drivel. Best to ignore them, hard though that is.

  5. Arteta to me is at Arsenal to learn what it required to coach a big club. For instance, when he came newly to Arsenal he was winning games. But as Soon as he settled down to his own type of playing, he started loosing. So was when some players promoted from academy joined the first team, he started winning games again but as soon as they settled down to his style/ partern of coaching they started struggling to win matches again. All these up and down movements is as a result of inexperience.

    1. We need Arsene Wenger back, especially with Arsenal’s young squad. None inspires like our old boss..

  6. So far we have not been linked credibly with a striker yet, so they may stay.

    News hitting up about Ben white. Decent ball playing defender he is.

    Although, it seems like a misplacement of priority because that 50 million is supposed to go to his team mate Bissouma.

    The good news for me is that an addition is about to be made to the squad and seems like Kroenke is willing to sponsor big this summer with such a huge amount for a defender.

    1. Why spend that much money on a player who is not renowned to play a DM role and to be honest not worth the price tag. We have so many better DM players available for that price tag who are much better and much more experienced then Ben White.

      1. Agreed logic
        If we are after a DM why not spend 50 million on a player who as played that position and could get a world class DM for that price rather than spend it on a young CB to then change his position it makes no sense .

  7. Ben white to arsenal 100 percent going thru. Will be an arsenal player very soon.
    What to do with saliba; that boy is good and I pray arsenal keep him.

  8. I think Lokonga might be the announcement to follow after Ben White.

    Raw signing that would be. He Might turn out to be like a Paul Pogba kind of player.

    We seriously need a skillful technical dribbling central midfielder to partner Partey.

    Left back
    Goal keeper
    Attacking midfielder
    Right back

    This is the other of priority for me.

    Please, Kroenke should make this summer the best ever. We need to return back to the top 4 – 5.

    1. You think under Arteta we will go back into top4 , you can give Arteta city and we still won’t make top 4. It will be highly stupid of us to spend 100 million or so on players who will be bought by Arteta and Edu. We should hold on to that war chest and give it to much more capable manager when that person comes in. Otherwise these lot will spend on wrong players and wrong positions then we won’t have the amount to spend when we get a proper manager.

  9. Sign Grealish, and put a bid for Kane, all the news of Ben White is not the priority but a good addition

    1. Sign Grealish and send him on loan or bench him because that is what our ego driven manager will do. Plus for Grealish coming to Arsenal would be stepping side ways or down, why would he do that when he can end up in a bigger club who have more ambition for trophies.

      1. Arsenal is still a big name in the world of football, maybe, Arteta is not an experience coach, Arsenal is greater than Aston Villa

  10. Arteta’s solution to the problem outlined above is to waste 50M on another central defender. Will someone please tell him we need to first fix our midfield, wingbacks, and perhaps striker? He had the chance to sell Laca for good money last year but blew it.

  11. As I said before, if White, Lokonga and some lesser light RB replacement, like Kenny, represent the bulk of our incoming business, this will go down as one of the most tone deaf windows in recent memory, which is saying a lot considering Wenger’s propensity to not properly address obvious NEEDS time and time again…if we fail to shore up our midfield with at least one proven creative entity, this will be another incredibly long and anxiety-ridden season, especially if we sell off some of our best, more youthful assets like Mavro, Saliba and Willock…as for Laca and Eddie, the answer is simple, sell! sell! sell!

    1. I am a singer and “TONE DEAF” HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH TRANSFER WINDOWS. An odd phrase to misuse for football I’d say!

  12. This article talks about us getting new strikers (possibly two and what Arteta might have to do).
    Arteta might have to get rid of Eddie N and Lacazette.

    Sounds great, but with a deeper look, where do these new players fit in.

    Arsenal currently play with 3 attackers , two of whom play wide.
    Lacazette plays in the middle, Auba plays on the left, Pepe and/or ESR play on the right.

    If one replaces Lacazette, what happens to Nellie and Balogun, will they still get game time?

    If the other plays wide, who gets dropped ESR, Auba or Pepe? (I am ignoring Willian and Reiss Nelson).

    We still owe $45m for Pepe, so can Arteta afford to bench him for long periods? We are trying to convince ESR to sign a new long term contract, isn’t he going to ask about playing time?

    I wish the people who write these articles would give a their own ideas on the deeper impact and repercussions of what they are discussing.

    However, if we spend $70m on Ben White, the possibility of buying two new attackers (“who will make a difference”) may be moot.

    1. Why would Arteta want to sell Pepe, given his end of season form? Both he and Lacazette suffered from being benched when in goal scoring form.

  13. Nketiah is a non brainer … anything north of 10m would be a miracle … we dont need laca and aube so if we can can get a decent offer for lacazette (20-25m) then seems sensible .. bring in a quality striker to begin easing out aube would seem to me important business … 40 to 50m … net +15 spend

  14. @ guy
    Abit of advice Don’t turn into another idiot who thinks slagging off an article writer is the said thing too do because they don’t lay down and agree with you .
    Surprised that admin continues to let this happen TBH

    1. Fair comment Dan Kit. Shouldn’t criticise any posts, its only an opinion. But my reply was only an opinion too, and I did not have a go at him – just what he had written. Totally unlike anything you would do of course!


    1. Hi kev, how likely do you think it is we sign bissouma and how much do you think Brighton will ask for? Plus any news on RB targets?

  16. We should welcome Ben white to Arsenal, irrespective of our opinions since he will be a gunner soon. But the point is what about Saliba, the lad is really good and it will be sad if he is not playing for us next season, or is MA trying to sell Mari and Holding? Also if we spend around 50 mp on White does Cronk intend to shell out massive funds this transfer window, because we desperately need a proper DM, CAM, LB, RB(if Belerin is leaving), GK and possibly a goal getting CF. Unless we sell big, sell Xhaka, Laca, Nketiah, Kola, Nelson, from where will the funds come. OT I think Torreira is going to Lazio. Best of luck to him, he was never comfortable with us.

  17. we already have 4 right backs (Chambers,Bellerin,Cedric,AMN). Kolasinac can be a deputy left back.

    The main positions to strengthen are the GK and AM.

  18. 100% agreed,, center back is not a priority the fact is we are so overloaded in that position we’re giving them away. We spent 27 million quid on a good one couple of seasons back and he’s not even been allowed to kick a ball for the club, yet the great Edu and Artetta management team think we should spend another 50 million when we are seriously lacking in creativity. Great management?

  19. I feel nketiah needs to be sold, for his own good more than Arsenal’s. He can’t afford another season on the bench. The same goes for Nelson and AMN.

    Lacazette I would also love to see get sold as he just hasn’t worked out at Arsenal at all, he tries but he’s just not the dynamic goal hungry player that was rivaling the best strikers in terms of volume of goals in his Lyon days. If he leaves I feel we need to move Auba centrally with balogun and martinelli (sometimes on the wing) as his deputies.

    ESR needs to be given the no. 10 shirt and a long term contract imo, then we sign competition for him only after having done this. I feel the incoming bids and him delaying signing his contract points to him considering his options. I don’t think he was very happy with being pushed to the left wing for a loan player and I honestly think we might lose him if we don’t show faith in him and assure him of his importance to the club. Which you’d think would be a no brainer after he saved our season.

    I won’t say much about the Ben White signing but Arteta is wrapping that rope really tight around his neck and I think it’ll be the beginning of the end for him at Arsenal. Not because of Ben per say, but rather his dogged determination to not mend fences with certain players in the squad and his treatment of them. He might have got away with it last season cause the squad knew no matter what he isn’t going anywhere, but it’ll be totally different this season and they’ll be smelling blood. He needs to be very careful with his “ruthlessness”

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