Opinion – My dream for Arsenal this season

My Emirates dream by Lagos Gooner

Hello friends around the world’ my name is Sylvester and I am a proud Arsenal fan. I have been supporting Arsenal since 1998! Would I call myself a passionate Arsenal fan? Well, maybe, maybe not.

I want to talk about dreams today. Everybody and every team have dreams and we all work hard to achieve our dreams. In most cases, we don’t get to accomplish all we have dreamt to accomplish, but if we work towards them with all the best we can offer, who knows.

For Arsenal, our dream as a club this season is to end the season on a high, qualify for a European competition and to probably win a trophy at the end of the season. This dream is still very much achievable folks, we just need to keep dreaming and keep striving to make our dreams come true. Ending the season on a high to me, means finishing in a strong position at the end of this season. We may end up in the top six and still qualify for a European competition or we may not. We may end up winning the Europa league and qualify for the UEFA Champions league. However we end the season, all that matters is that the club would achieve one of its dreams. I hopefully wish we end the season qualifying for a Europa competition, as this will make the dreams of every Arsenal fan come true.

For me, my dream is to see my team qualify for the UEFA Champions league. I don’t care how they do it, but Arsenal would be going a long way to making one of their major supporters happy by qualifying for the UEFA Champions league. Seriously, I can’t imagine Arsenal not qualifying for the UEFA Champions league for a fourth season in a row! It will be a shame to me and several Arsenal fans, if we don’t make it this time. I strongly believe this dream will come to pass.

My other dream is actually more of a desire. I have always dreamt of visiting the Emirates stadium, home to Arsenal FC. I have a very rich uncle who has promised to sponsor me on a two weeks visit to London, just to see the Emirates stadium live! But this promise of his would only happen if Arsenal wins the UEFA Champions league. So guys, you can see why I really want Arsenal to qualify for the UEFA Champions league, right? If Arsenal qualifies next season, two of my dreams would be fulfilled perhaps. Or don’t we believe we are going to lift the UEFA Champions league trophy soon?

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Eddie says:

    “…. just to see the Emirates stadium live! But this promise of his would only happen if Arsenal wins the UEFA Champions league.”

    I’ve been reading articles lately without wanting to comment but this one got me. If the criteria to achieve that dream is Arsenal need to win the UCL before you see the Emirates then you my bruv you gone be waiting a long looking looooooooooooooong time😂😂😂.

    Oh while I’m here then. Admin Pat, AdMartin. I’ve seen the new update and design now. I gotta say it’s a bit overwhelming and a lot to take in.
    It’s like a total different site from just arsenal, but good job anyways. It’s a move even I find interesting

    1. Admin Pat says:

      To me it is a great upgrade Eddie. All comments have been positive so far…
      We needed to separate the opinion articles at the top and the other news below…

  2. gunnerforlife says:

    Realistically speaking, we can only hope that Arsenal can make it to the EUL next season and win the FA Cup. Winning the EUL might require us to overwhelm Ajax, Inter Milan and Man United not speaking of RB Salsburg. But anyway, Arsenal allways stands a chance as it has players capable of beating any team on a given day, so I only hope your dream becomes a reality.

  3. Sue says:

    How I miss playing in the CL… Unfortunately, Sylvester… it’s going to be a very long wait until you visit NL. Can’t you ask your Uncle to change the deal to if/when we qualify for the CL….. as right now, that is a challenge and a half!!

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