Opinion: Newcastle man is the exact kind of player that Arsenal needs at the moment

Mail Sport claims that Arsenal is interested in signing Allan Saint-Maximin after his fine season for Newcastle United.

As our scouts recommended that we sign Nicolas Pepe, Newcastle made a move for the little-known Frenchman.

His signing has proved a masterstroke with his performances being one reason why they are not struggling for relegation at the moment.

The winger has been one of the star players in the Premier League since the restart, helping Newcastle to earn some good results.

He predominantly plays on the left side of attack and he uses his pace and trickery to open up defences.

Arsenal has struggled with creativity this season with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Dani Ceballos not creating enough chances for our lethal strike force.

If we can land Maximin, we would bring an added goal threat to our team.

If he plays from the left, he would release Aubameyang to take up the centre-forward role.

His trickery would also draw defenders to himself, which would free up our other attacking players to score goals from his assists.

At the age of 23, he is also in the perfect age bracket for us. I hope we can land him because if we don’t another top side will.

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  1. 16.5m is all he cost!! I’d love (really love!) to have him on board, but there’s no way the barcodes will part with him!

    OT.. Guendouzi has been training alone since June 20… ready for sale/swap…. according to Ornstein

  2. Just read the same about Guendouzi. A shocker to say the least. There must have been a lot happening, much more than the Brighton game for sure.

    Looks like he has burned his bridges and lost the will to stay.

    1. Attitude problems.. Apparently he refused to apologize for and is probably not agreeing with Arteta.
      Ornstein also revealed in his athletic post that no one at the club can intervene because Mikel Arteta doing what he wants and is a man who nobody will tell how to handle his own players.

      Firm and strong!
      I love that, this is the same ruthlessness Pep had when he got the job.
      Though it’ll hurt me to see Guendouzi get sold, I just believe in what Arteta is doing.

      1. I agree with you Eddie. Arteta is a young Manager. He needs to apply the carrot and stick approach as well. We should support him. He has have everyone a fresh start. Mustafa was even on his way out under Emery. Buy now, he is a regular. We should just offer athletico cash plus Guendouzi and sign Thomas partey.

      2. Nice one, Eddie! It’ll hurt me too, but if that is what’s decided then so be it.
        If we sell, I believe we’ll actually make a profit! Unheard of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Why would ASM go to Arsenal looked medoicre all season
    Everyone getting scared of a newcastle side with financial backing im embarrassed for you all

  4. Out of curiosity, why would we want to sign him?

    We have just given long term contracts to Saka and Martinelli and we have Auba playing on the left hand side of the pitch.
    I agree he looks like a very gifted player, but along with most of the other 117 players linked to us, there seems to be little merit in this rumour.

    1. Agree Ken, Arsenal have far more pressing needs in positions we are deficient DM, CAM and CB, plus tying down our good prospects like Balogun and extending the contract of Aubameyang.

  5. Regarding Guendozi, MA’s latest comments on the subject, seem to confirm that nothing has changed with him – fast becoming a point of no return I would suggest.

    1. Want’s him out Ken. So do I. Raise the money for Partey. Saw a 15 minute video of Partey, tremendous, players bounce off him, strong, powerful, skilful, passes well and box to box, just what we need

  6. MA has made the defence strong but its not solid yet,wolves had chances but its football right.What i am worried about is the attack,i know that MA will make us good in both areas but i just want it to happen fast…πŸ˜†

    About guendouzi,I dont think its just the brighton matter but i think the brighton incident is the fullstop for MA giving him chances.Saw great potential in him….πŸ˜” but will back the manager no matter what.

    1. Maximin is the kind of player that we really need, he’s got pace and dribbling skills. Regarding Gouendouzi, it shows lack of experience in Arteta. Gouendouzi is a 20yr old who happens to earn high salary. Some people cannot handle it, and some can. The guy is a good player, but needs to be groomed to handle the fame and high salary. The same thing waz happening to Wilshere, but he was boasting about his salary in drinking places

      1. TG, I wish to disagree with you. First, MG came from French league 2 and was average in his first season, he looked okay because our tempo in the midfield dropped tremendously, and this lad had the energy to run around, he had some decent games, others were useless passes or too many touches,not suited for an Arsenal game. So he should know his roots and be humble rather than brag about his good luck. At 21 he is no longer a youngster.
        Being a new entrant to Arsenal, that too unheard off two seasons ago and having a go at an ex Arsenal player cum coach is not a good sign which needs to be corrected and Arteta is just doing that. He needs to humble himself and correct his loose tongue. With regards to his game, he is neither a B2B, CAM, CM par excellence, so he should keep calm, and learn his trade. Take a look at AMN, this lad is made to play in any position other than his original position, but does well every time he plays. Arteta seems to stamp his authority which is a good sign of successful leader, so in future no player stands up to him with bad behavior. And lastly, if MG does not wish to apologize for the nonsense he spoke to the Brighton players, he does not know the tradition, values and culture of Arsenal, so either learns it and adheres to. Either shape up or ship out. Club ethos is something to be valued and treasured. Nuisance makers come and go.And he is just one.

        1. But if Arsenal want to let Gouendouzi go, they regret it. If Gouendouzi came to Arsenal during Wenger’s rein, he was going to become a very good player. From French league 2 to Arsenal its a big leap, and salary adjustment will definitely change the lifestyle of anyone

      2. His raw cash slipped into his brains somehow maybe, and he is no longer thinking straight. He is difficult to be groomed because he fight everybody – teammates and manager – left right centre.

  7. I am loving MA’s approach to handling players. We know one of our major issues has been a lacklustre approach to poor performances, loss in big games etc- a culture inherited from Wenger.

    However, let’s not over burden our young players with expectation, so i still hope we have both youth and experience in the side though like everyone, i want to see defensive signings first before we bring in β€œnon-essential” but good players. Lets get 2 really good central defenders and a defensive midfielder. Then only then should we entertain other positions. We dont even need too much money, just be willing to release some players to save on wages (may need to take some losses on the transfer fees).

  8. I’ve only watched Saint Maximin a handful of times but I did notice he has some nice footwork, capable of beating his marker and driving the ball foward. His end product though.. 3 goals and 4 assists in 22 apps doesn’t sound like top 4 material.

    1. I agree with you. the stats are not all that impressive. just like juve douglas costa with high dribbling skills with very little to show end product

    2. These type of players normally create a lot of spaces and opportunities for fellow attackers. Opposition defenses need to pay special attention to them and that makes it easier for others.

  9. Maximin is a good player with potential to be even better but we don’t really need to upgrade our attack. Our gk and attack are the only positions where we are actually good. We need to fix that midfield to bring that the flair and passing to start dominating matches like we used to.

    Defense can be improved by the correct formation and tactics and good player involvement whereas midfield is all about the quality.

  10. He is a beast like Adama Traore of Wolverhampton, if we have the resources, it will be a great deal but Partey is first on my list.

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