Opinion: Next season will be more competitive, Arsenal has to bring in top quality to compete

The 2020/21 season will be one of the most competitive seasons when you look at the way teams are getting strengthened.

Manchester City is trying to get the Premier League back from Liverpool and they have strengthened their team with two players already.

Chelsea has signed at least two players themselves as they look to compete for the Premier League title next season.

Manchester United have been the heavy spenders over the past two transfer windows and they are still looking to sign Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund.

Mikel Arteta has made us one of the teams to beat yet again, however, if we fail to strengthen this summer, we will become vulnerable again and will end next season with nothing.

Teams that are serious about competing will always strengthen and that should be the case for us.

My expectations for next season will be determined by the businesses that we get done in this transfer window.

Arteta has proven to be shrewd with the players at his disposal at the moment, however, if he isn’t backed to sell some and also buy top players, I will not have much hope for next season because I know that teams will be better than us, so why expect better from us?

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  1. Players who’ll be sold/let go if suitable offers come in;


    We should make enough money, plus huge salaries off the bill, it’s unlikely we can shift them all in one season.

    Arteta rates Bellerin a lot, only a ridiculous bid would made Arsenal sell Bellerin. Plus like it or not, Bellerin is actually influential and one of the most respected in the dressing room

    1. I can only see about five of them moving on, Eddie. AMN, Mkhitaryan, Lacaztte, Torreirra and Elneny. The rest will stay I feel. If they do go, It will be for pennies. I can’t see Ozil going anywhere though. No one will pay his wage demands!

      1. Even if it’s for a penny as long as we move on Elneny, Mhki and co..I’ll be glad. Yeah you’re right about Ozil though, it’s sad. Wish we could sell him off.
        Mustafi can fetch a good sum also

  2. I just hope Man utd don’t become a top team again. Them winning is more painful to me than us losing.

  3. Who exactly is MA likely to get?

    The top teams are already signing up players. We are rumoured to be. Willian would be okay but he’s not blowing my skirt up as far as quality is concerned! If he was that good, Chelsea would not be letting him go!

    I understand Auba has assurances (promises) that the club will be recruiting but lets just wait and see. Ozil was told the same thing and ended up surrounded by mediocrity! I’m not defending Ozil. But, he needed quality to support his style of play.

    Beleive it when you see it Gooners!!

    1. Please if Mr Kroenke is broke he should put the club up for sale to someone who is willing to spend and has passion for Arsenal football club. #Coutinho would be a great addition

    2. Trash like auba or laca? Come on, the greatest crash in our squad is Ozil. A careless, moneymaker player who dont give a shit football or honour. But was arsenal fault keep him knowing he has no interest in be a better player or fight for thropies

  4. The trouble is that many of the players listed by Eddie are unlikely to attract much interest in normal conditions, but in a Global economic crisis they become unsellable.I sincerely hope we do not sell AMN who Arteta has openly acknowledged possesses all the attributes to make a great player.

    1. I think we’ll find clubs interested in buying them, the problem arrives when it’s about their wage.
      A lot of them will refuse to leave to take a paycut. We can find am English or German team to take Kolasinac,but will he be interested in taking a paycut?
      Same goes for Sokratis, even if it’s for pennies, we can still get something out… The only reason we won’t be able to move them on is because they’ll command huge wages and other clubs will back out

      1. The wages quite ordinary players are on at Arsenal, giving the Club the third highest wage bill, are a real problem when it comes to moving players on. Kolasinac is an example of where a free transfer, resulting in high wages comes back to bite the Club.

  5. Of the players youve listed Eddie I
    can only envision Laca, Guendouzi
    AMN and Torreria garnering interest
    from clubs with the finacial
    wherewithal to be serious buyers in
    this window or be partners
    in some player for player(and cash)
    swap deal. With that said I cant
    fathom any European club
    spending £40M on Guendouzi, or
    £50M on Laca. Using both players
    as bargaining chips in potential
    swap deals is far more likely

    The following IMHO are not sellable

    El Neny
    Mustafi (out injured and should be
    given an extension IMPO)
    Holding (Even if Arsenal buy Gabriel
    or sign Malang Sarr on a free the
    Englishmen along with Luiz and SP
    will be the only fit and experienced
    CB’s on the roster when the season
    starts in Sep)

    Never been the biggest HB fan but
    I’m willing to give him another
    year under MA.

    1. Socratis
      El Neny
      The truth is they’re all sellable, even though it’s cheap.
      There are teams who wants Mesut Ozil, back at Turkey and in the MLS. The stumbling block his is wage, same with Kolasinac.
      Getting offers isnt the problem for us, we’ll definitely get offers, albeit they’ll be cheap. The question is will these guys leave for clubs that will pay lower wages??

  6. I’m deeply depressed by the rumours. We look to be starting next season with mediocre squad players and Chelsea has-beens in most positions. If Bellerin goes then who’s our first choice RB? An upgrade on him? Where? Only injury prone Soares. On it goes through the whole team.

  7. It’s looking increasingly likely that we want to do both Willian AND Coutinho. Curious to see what our starting eleven will look like next season…

    1. I will be happy if we can get them both, because we actually lack creativity in our attacking midfield, however, transfer market sometimes is not about big money spent but about signing the right player

  8. I totally agree but let’s remember the fact that we don’t have much good quality CB’s anymore! So we need to bring average players and wait for them to cope and improve.

    I was hoping we will have a playmaker like Coutinho in our team with his experience in the PL we may even look stronger and better.

    We trust in MA

    1. and we just have way too CB’s on squad at the moment and will probably have to go a season with a lot of them lounging around and eating up wages. rumor is Sokratis is going to squat on his contract, Chambers is unsellable b/c of his injury, Mustafi injured too… If we can get Holding and Kolasinac out, this would be a success. I know ppl like Holding, but he’s had too many injury problems and besides a run of maybe 7-8 games last season, has not really lived up to it. He hasn’t turned out to be that big English no-nonsense CB that we probably wanted from him. If there is a good offer, we should take it. Gotta make those tough decisions.

  9. I hope we are not just gonna sweep the idea of how much Partey would make us competitive, under the rug. With him in that team, Arsenal would be formidable. If we fail to get him, we won’t make the top 4 again next season because clubs in the top 6 are not joking around about next season. Chelsea is gonna really challenge because they have quality players already signed. All they need are quality Cbs and goalkeeper and they would be as good as Liverpool. Man City as you can see want to win the league again next season. If man utd gets sancho. The top 4 is sealed once again if we don’t get Partey. Can’t stress this enough. We wont make top4 without a quality dm

    1. If we sell Guendouzi, Bellerin and Torreira there should be no reason why we cant sign Partey if he us who Arteta thinks we need. Throw in the chips we might get for Elneny, Mustafi, Kolasinac etc and were good to go.

      If Coutinho comes I think Laca is gone.

      1. 👍 👍 Kstix and Durand, it cannot be over emphasised how important the buying of Thomas Partey would be to Arsenal FG. He is the tall strong, physically commanding midfielder Arsenal has not had since Gilberto Silva and Patrick Viera departed.
        The price has been determined, just pay the €50 million buy out ause to Atletico Madrid and get the job done.
        If Arsenal resign Aubameyang, bring in Partey, Marc Roca and Gabriel, bring back Ceballos, or buy a similar CAM, it will be right to compete. The return of Emile Smith-Rowe, retention of AMN and reintroduction of Martinelli (on return from injury) will have Arsenal looking good going forward.
        Arsenal needs to address the known deficiencies with scatce financial resources, made worse by the difficulty of moving on player assets. Talk of players, such as Joelson Fernandez, must not deflect from what Arsenal needs. The squad has enough young potential attackers in Martinelli, Nheketia. Balogun, Jules and Greenwood. A player like Willan (Chelsea’s second top scorer) will assist in developing these young players.
        Arsenal needs to stop wasting money on “shiny new toys” and build the spine, through CB and DM, with players with strength, technical skill, commanding presence and good engines.
        The players mentioned above, will make for a solid transfer window to allow Arsenal to compete. If Arteta, like Emery, is not supported in the transfer market, then a fall further down the table is on the cards, regardless of the efforts of the head coach.

    2. Well said. This cannot be glossed over. Getting a player like Partey is ESSENTIAL to us competing next season. This guy is the midfielder we’ve been dreaming of for years and is PROVEN top quality. We’ve gone the exciting young midfielder route and we just cannot really develop those players anymore. If we get Partey, the quality is assured. I hope the club doesnt mess around with this deal, can seel some players, and hit that release clause.

  10. Mikhi has already been dealt with,both clubs have agreed for another loan for the 21/22 season,Mustafa is injured and won’t be ready until after October at least, can’t see anyone buying him,he’ll still be with us next season I can promise you that so will Lacazette!

  11. If Arsenal want to sign a too quality striker this summer window which they should, they will then have no choice but to loan out their Eddie Nketiah the supposedly 3rd in ranking striker at the club with Aubameyang being the 1st and Lacazette coming as the 2nd in the pecking order at the club. I think Arsenal should not be deceived into thinking or believing that they have a strong 3 man striker department on ground at the club already which will make them not to bring a 3rd striker this summer. But to me, it’s a kind of falsehood in thinking and believing by Arsenal if they are thinking this way. For, Nketiah has not yet developed as a proven 20 top League goals scorer per season striker. Us watched the quality of football us saw Nketiah performed for the Gunners last season’s campaign in the Premier League is nothing much to write home about. Therefore, I am suggesting Arsenal should prioritize the signings of that quality striker this summer and loan Nketiah out this summer to make him make room for the arriving 3rd top senior team striker to come in into the 1st team squad for next season’s campaign. But who should the new top striker signing be? Danny Ings? Or who else should Arsenal sign? Arsenal should excuse themselves from any kind of making try and error mistakes this summer in striker’s signing when signing one which I think they have to do because it’s very necessary they should do the signing.. After they have concluded the business of the signing of Willian, I think Arsenal should not hesitate in concluding the signing of Philippe Courtinoh from Barcelona this summer too. This is because this is another top quality signing the club has to do this summer I will believe if Arsenal are to challenge successfully for the PL title win this summer. But not to fool themselves into believing they can still revive Ozil whose footballing has gone to mediocrity death level permanently. Which can’t be revived to top quality level anymore. Sorry!

  12. Martinelli, Balogun and Jules are good enough to develop and to replace Nheketia and support Aubameyang and Lacazette.
    Available resources need to be targeted at CB, DM and box to box CAM.

    1. Response to Samuel above re wanting an additional striker doesn’t address the deficiencies and lack of balance in the team. If Lacazette is sold the money should be reinvested in midfield and CB. If funds from further sales allow, then a young striker like Edouard of Celtic would be a good move. As for Mings, given his record last season, he will be priced too high.

  13. As long as Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, and Torreira are still Arsenal players, we don’t need to raise our hopes because we will still be disappointed at the end of the season

  14. The main problem of Arsenal is Arteta. The guy lacks managerial experience. He puts better players in transfer market, and protects deadwoods. Most of the teams that finished above us on the log have worst squad than us.

    1. Top Gunner, that is unfair on Arteta, as we don’t know if he, like Emery before him, is getting to make transfer decisions.

    2. who has worse squads? The top 4 all have better squads than us, Wolves and Leicester do too. Maybe only Spurs have a squad that is worse, but not by much. Dont confuse spending more money with having better squads. Auba, Tierney, Saka are really the only players who have a shot at any of the teams above us. And I suppose our GK’s for Chelsea.

  15. We have to spend to get a big name midfielder. Partey fits that perfectly. In addition, we need a creative midfielder ontop of that. I know we are in for Coutinho but I thnk there are good young options too, who we can build around long term. And as Ive explained in other posts im not too hot on Coutinho anyways. Spend in midfield, grab a defender, Willian for squad depth, keep Auba thats a very good summer. Our rivals still have better squads obviously, but it is a huge step in the right direction. Arteta will need 2-3 summers to have everything he wants. If we can get back into UCL this upcoming season (preferrably I hope we can FINALLY win Europa League), then we will be sitting very pretty.

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