Opinion: Now that’s the Arsenal we want to see, but we need to beat West Brom next

Arsenal has just earned yet another win in the Premier League as they bounce back from their poor run of form.

The Gunners had to win their game against Chelsea the last time out, and they did.

After that game, I said it didn’t make sense if they didn’t win the game against Brighton, I guess the players knew that too.

They fought very hard to get the win against the Seagulls, and it is one win that will stay with them for some time. It should also be a morale booster ahead of their future matches.

The performance against the Seagulls is exactly what we needed and it validates the fact that we are back to form.

It was a tricky game, especially because they had beaten us twice in our last two head-to-head league matchups.

Now that we have conquered that game, we need to win our next match again.

We will be playing a West Brom side that Leeds United just beat 5-0 at the Hawthorns and it is a game that we simply cannot afford to drop points in.

Anything other than a win against them will send the wrong message to our players, and they could easily struggle to pick themselves up once again.

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  1. West Brom will be a tough game. All games in the PL are tough. Didn’t West Brom just manage a draw with Pool?

    I am optimistic but the past weeks have shown the difference between success and failure is thinner than ever for us.

    Winning our next two games would be big. I hope Partey can come back into the squad seemlesly.

  2. Yes the Arsenal we want to see was already there derailed by a manager we don’t want to see.If you want to know Arteta is inexperienced and a coward look at the team he picked yesterday the same that won against chelsea which we know was forced by unavailability of some players,he then benched a player who came on to score a winning goal.That tells you he’s a gambler who can’t be trusted to make crucial decisions the reason we will not finish to four. And for a club like arsenal what are they playing for if not to be in europe.

    1. LD I don’t know where to even begin with decrying your entire post. Suffice to say it is as diametically wrong as it can possibly be,in every respect.

    2. Lord Denning, I’m soory but I disagree with your comments regarding Arteta.
      The one thing, with regards to the players anyway, he is not is a coward.
      He sent Guendouzi packing for a season, he ousted Soks and, more importantly, he did the same with Ozil.
      They are not the actions of a coward!!!

      What I do agree with, is the benching of Lacs for Auba however – that seemed a strange decision, considering the recent form (last three games) of both players.

      I also cannot understand why you are questioning that decision, then lambast him for keeping with the team that actually won against chelsea.
      He was “strong” enough to realize that he had stumbled across a winning team, despite the loss of Partey, Gabriel and Luiz.

      Perhaps those of us who were demanding creativity have been proved right and it didn’t matter who it was, as long as that player could create ie ESR!!!

      As for WBA, this is going to be a completely different game to chelsea and BHA, especially wuth Allardyce in charge.
      I expect him to bring in senior, hardened players to counter his cynical way of playing…Luiz, Abau, Lacs and AMN would fit the bill for the kind of physicality we will, undoubtedly, be involved in.
      Not the kind of game for Saka, Martinelli and ESR to be subjected too…maybe from the bench if required.

      I wonder who Riley will appoint as the ref…I have a feeling Mike Dean will be there to ensure impartiality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. That’s a little better Sue, but I wonder how many injuries, yellow, red cards and sending offs there could be!!!

      1. I had expected Laca to be used as a sub. He played a long hard game on the weekend and I think he will be starting on Sat.

      1. The same sore back that Ozil has been harangued for?
        If he had a bad back, it didn’t stop him celebrating did it?
        Sorry I missed the reason why,, perhaps you could have just pointed it out, rather than being such a know all?

  3. “Arsenal to welcome back two experienced players,” reads one headline. Oh no! It’s David Luiz and William. If that’s the good news what could happen next. As much as I want Arteta to succeed, I’m sometimes frustrated, if not angered by his fail safe mindset and obvious preference for certain players over those with more attitude. It’s only Albion on Saturday, so doesn’t matter who we put in. Should be able to graft out an unspectacular result again, but into the new year Id like to see a little more ambition in terms of style and wanting to take weaker opposition to the cleaners, as well as beating the Spuds 4-0 next time around. I guess I’m in this mood because I’ve just seen a repeat episode of the Simpsons where they go to a “soccer” game and all the players do is pass the ball sideways and backwards to each other. That was the first half against Brighton. Total boredom. In the Simpsons episode the real excitement was in the stands with the fans, but all we had at Brighton was an empty morgue of a place. Who’d watch another game again if that was all there was. Thankfully the kids brought back some life. My hope for 21 is that Arteta grows some cojones and let’s his players young and old express themselves.

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