Opinion – Of course Arsenal should bring Ramsey back

I will gladly accept Aaron Ramsey if I was Arsenal’s coach. by Lagos Gooner

In recent times, we have been reading about the likelihood of Ramsey coming back to Arsenal, probably next summer. A lot of opinions have been divided by this stories; some feel he is not needed back at Arsenal, others feel he should be allowed back because he still the quality to play at the highest level for Arsenal. Personally, I strongly feel we need a player like Ramsey in the midfield.

The Welsh midfielder, who made his Arsenal debut in 2008 in a game against Cardiff city, appeared 262 times for Arsenal, scoring 40 goals in the process. He won 151 times at Arsenal! This to me is more than enough reason to convince people that if he comes to Arsenal, he will do more. But then you don’t look convinced, do you?

Aaron Ramsey was forced out of Arsenal in my opinion. His only offence was to ask to be paid the same wages Ozil earns. He had a right to ask for this, seeing how more impactful he has been at Arsenal in recent times. He was right, as a player with ambition, to question the club’s financial partiality at that time. Why Ozil would earn much more than Ramsey who was making more impact, surprised me then. Just because he asked for a very improved package, he was allowed to leave the club on a free at the end of last season. This was bad football business on the part of the club…but then, that is in the past, time to move ahead.

Aaron Ramsey is the type of player we need at this time; he has the energy to play the box to box midfielder we so much need at this moment, he has an eye for goal, he is very adventurous and he works tirelessly for the team. Ramsey may not be playing fantastically in Juventus as some are bound to point out, but then he has played in the Premiership and knows what it takes to play the premiership way. Bring him back to Arsenal and you will be surprised how he would play like he never really left.

With Ozil’s 75% chance of leaving Arsenal this summer, bringing Ramsey back to Arsenal will only add more steel to the midfield, and probably allow Arsenal focus more on building the defence. Because with Ramsey, we have enough midfield options to last us for a while. You may ask why don’t we buy another midfielder instead. Well, buying another midfielder is not a bad idea but I am of the school of thoughts that the devil you know, is better than the angel you are yet to know. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I’d rather he’d stayed with us but that wasn’t meant to be, so why pay for someone we let go for nothing!! Wouldn’t make sense, actually it’d be crazy!
    I can’t see it happening…he’s 29…. we had his best years.. we need to look forward….

  2. Juventus want £20 million for him and he wants £300k a week. Whether we want him or not, I very much doubt it will happen.

  3. And he has spent how long injured or on the bench at Juventus? I thought we were allowing Arteta to build a squad, not go back to the last few seasons under Emery and Wenger. And why, if he is not good enough to be anything other than a squad player at Juve, do you believe he is good enough for Arsenal. Look forward PAL not back to the mediocrity we’ve witnessed.

    1. Phil and Lagos Gunner believes it was fair enough for Ramsey to want to be paid as much as Ozil! One of the biggest problems at Arsenal is paying too much to underperforming, undeserving players as exemplified by Ozil’s actual and Ramsey’s expected wages.
      Ramsey has proved he was not good enough for Juventus, a winning club; why would Arsenal want him back, if Arsenal want to be at least, if not more successful than Juventus?

      1. Exactly OG- Italian Clubs seen to be using the loan and free transfer markets to their advantage. So if Ramsey costs them (Reportedly)£20m in wages this season and he dosent make it past being a squad player then they can recoup some of that by selling him on.BUT that’s if they can sell him, as the player holds the aces with his contract.
        I never believed Ramsey would be good enough to play for Juventus.I can see him going to Man Utd as part of the Pogba deal which Juve are desperately trying to make happen. It’s get a proven EPL player and Ramsey kops another pay day.Wasnt money was what it was all about with hin

  4. Add more steel ?

    I am so glad he left. The only sad element is we didnt make money on him

    50 goals in 11 years . Yes he was injured etc. Tactical indiscipline , selfish and he complained about his position but he doesnt get the position he wants at juve either

    He didnt get along with sanchez or any player who aimed criticism at him regarding ambition , work ethic etc

    An overrated british player. We have youth coming through who should be given opportunity over him

  5. Like I said at the time … happy to see him leave as symbolic (along with Walcott) of the 7 barren last years under wenger though badly handled from a money perspective … and that he wouldn’t become a significant player at juve … part of a past that got us in to the current mess we are in so no thank you

  6. Lagos Gooner, we already had a post here giving good reasons why we should NOT bring Ramsey back. Did you read it?

  7. Ramsey being Welsh could assist with the pre match sing a long😃
    Offer Juve Ozil and offer Rambo €5 a week. We’ll be quids in. 😆

  8. You let a player go for free and now you want him back by 20m….. that sounds stupidity of the highest order ….. remember Ramsey is past his best …. arsenal board stop this nonsense and sign a creative midfielder like kai havartz OR Madison to replace Ozil

  9. I have never rated Ramsey. I am still left wondering what I am missing when it comes to him.
    So many seem to rate him but I have never seen the hype. To me Ramsey is just an okay squad player and has always been.
    I know i am in the minority on this. Same with “The Shirt Selling Genius”. More hype than anything else.

    1. @Goonster
      Exactly… Dude was undisciplined and always left his midfield partner in the lurch. I never got him either. Totally overrated.

  10. Ramsey is not ever coming back. Every non fool knows that without a shadow of doubt. Opinions of all shades may be of interest to some but facts interest me far more and I deal in facts over and above opinions, in life as in football matters. Always look for what will happen, or wont, rather than fooling yourself with hypothesies. If anyone truly thinks RAMSEY IS COMING BACK, THEN I WISH NO MORE PERSONAL DEBATE WITH THAT LEVEL OF “INTELLECT”.

  11. Why do some people want people back at this club that never performed well in the first place. His Juventus story should tell you that, if you dont all ready know. What a rediculous article, Ramsey isn’t coming back to Arsenal, i would like to think we have more sense.

  12. I know Ramsey is not the best midfielder Arsenal has ever had but if he is an average player what is Willock or Xhaka? I understand it wouldn’t make sense to buy back a player we let go for free but he is arguably better than all our midfielders. The only issue with Ramsey someone can say is that for the chances he gets he doesn’t score enough goals. 50-60 goals in about 250 Arsenal goals is not that good but to be fair not many midfielders score close to 100 goals. The only midfielders that did that was Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes and they are legends. I get fans don’t like the guy, even though he won us 2 FA Cups with his winning goals, but don’t come here and act like he was our worst midfielder when he is way better than the midfielders we have now.

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