Opinion – Once Gabriel and Aubameyang sign, here is where Arsenal need to strengthen

What had been expected to be a very quiet summer transfer window for Arsenal is becoming busier by the day.

The Gunners have secured the signing of Willian on a free transfer and they are also set to land Gabriel from Lille as well.

Another piece of good news that is in the pipeline is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signing an extension to his current expiring deal.

The Gunners will not want to lose their captain for anything and I have a feeling that they are making these signings to impress the former Borussia Dortmund man.

As an Arsenal fan, I am also very happy that we are making these signings but strengthening our defence and attack isn’t enough and I hope that after completing these moves, we can turn our attention to our midfield.

The Arsenal midfield needs to be strengthened and it has become even more important to do that now that we have lost Dani Ceballos as he returns to Real Madrid.

The likes of Granit Xhaka and Joe Willock are worthy members of the team with the latter only a youngster that should get better.

However, Mesut Ozil and Lucas Torreira don’t inspire confidence and they show just why it remains important for us to get new midfielders.

If we don’t strengthen our midfield, we will still struggle despite adding new defenders and attackers.

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    1. Not the biggest Xhaka fan but at
      least the guy possessed the
      character and fortitude to dig his
      Arsenal career out of a half buried
      grave. He along with Mustafi have
      played there best futbol for the
      badge under the watchful eye of
      MA and have become personal
      favorites of the Spaniard.

      Ozil, well Im not sure how any
      Arsenal fan with even half a
      futboling brain can still rate the
      mercurial German as a futboler.

      Dont you have to actually feature
      for and contribute to the club to
      be considered for that?

      1. Not sure how any Arsenal fan with even half a “futbolinng brain” can still rate the mercurial German as a futbaler?
        I hope you actually know what you are implying here?
        Anyway, it seems we are not talking about the same sport – FOOTBALL.

        1. Let me simplify it for you



          Ozil is nothing more than the
          leading man in a rather
          uninteresting soap opera that
          has been on the tele for WAY
          TO FREAKING LONG!!

      2. So if the player doesn’t feature for not taking a salary cut that as makes him a bad football player???
        Ozil is better than anything arsenal has.
        Throwing him away because he didn’t take a salary cut is the dumbest move ever. How many other teams forced their players to take a salary cut?
        But for sure Ozil will excel wherever he goes from arsenal.

        1. oh the victim card again!! Mate one goal and two assists is good enough?Oh i forgot! The lawn was not movers did not mow the lawn properlythats why he was getting tired? Sack the groundsmen immediately.Not Ozil’s fault, is it?
          Accept that he was chucked out for footballing reasons only.

  1. Well L’Equipe just tweeted a dew minutes ago that Gabriel is close to joining Arsenal on a five years deal. I guess there’s nothing to be worried about anymore

  2. I ve just watched gnabry talking with Adelaide after the semifinal match..what an error to Let them go

  3. What a joke and some people say it with a straight face. Putting Granit Xhaka and Joe Willock above Ozil is laughable. Like it or not Ozil is your most gifted player on the team and a good coach will find a role for him regardless of his short comings. Also no mention of Guendouzi why? Oh I see he upset his majesty the coach like mature professional players are perfect. Artera needs to grow up and learn how to deal with different people under different circumstances otherwise he will run out of players before the year is over. So you get rid of Guendouzi a talented player with potential and pay more for a player you don’t know. Bad business all around and if Kronkie agrees to it he deserves to go belly up. Artera is a manager and he needs to manage not make players vanish every time there have a disagreement.

    1. Xhaka is more important than Ozil in arsenal team presently, xhaka performs double roles, he supports the defends line most time and together with his midfield job, much like utility player than Ozil. Although I am sure Since Ozil is not ready to leave the manager may bring him back to the team

    2. Arteta is young we all know and he will grow. We like how steadily he is growing anyway. He is less than a year at the helm of affairs and we can clearly see the positives.
      How many players has he sold for you to say he will run out of players?
      Truth is he actually need to sell more players including Guendhozi that is if the coach counts him surplus to requirements. No player is bigger than the team.
      In Arteta we trust!

    3. You prefer things to persist as they have always been. And that has not been working. The Arsenal lockerroom has been a mess for years and the winning mentality dead. Arteta wants committed players. If you aren’t one of them, you are out. Ozil and Guendouzi are done, and good riddens. If you want to follow them to their next club, please do. But Arteta is putting the club above favorites.

  4. Partey and Aouar would make AFC
    LEGITIMATE EPL title contenders
    and serious players for the top 4
    come seasons end.

    Unfortunately the young
    Frenchmen will probably be off
    to Manchester later this summer
    and Arsenal will hopefully end
    with Partey and either Ceballos,
    or Dominik Szoboszlai.

  5. I think the talk should be strengthening our midfield (DM), and I still think we need more creativity and depth in the team. So MA could still persuade Kroenke to buy either Aouar or Cotinho

      1. Haha Sue. Bloody hell. He’s probably gonna win the champions league. We’re just so poor when it came to the business side of things. Selling good and potentially great players for peanuts and buying and overpaying average players. I hope we get it right from here on out. Only time will tell.

        1. That has to be a thing of the past… seeing as we’re moving forward… I can’t wait to see who we sell. Apparently Elneny is coming back to train… surely he’ll be sold??

    1. Arsenal got played by the 2 german clubs,just before Gnabry signed for werder Bremen there were already rumours that he would be moving to Bayern within a year,so Bremen got him cheaper than Bayern would have getting a player for a year,selling him in for a profit,Bayern of course saving few millions and getting a more matured and experienced player,win win situation for both clubs.

  6. There is no doubt ,we need to strengthen our midfield but , without much spending power we need to sell before we buy.Herein lies the problem,but I would hope that the likes of Torreria and Guendousi would attract genuine interest before long.Ideally I would like to move on ,Sokratis, Kolasinac,Mustafi ,Elneny and Mik but that is easier said than done.Hopefully there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes.

  7. It now seems we will lose the ONLY creative midfielder who is any use to us at all in Ceballos. Weep!

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