Opinion (or fact?) Arsenal not buying Maddison and are keeping Joe Willock?

These Arsenal rumours every five minutes saying that Mikel Arteta is going to pay up to 70million GBP to get James Maddison from Leicester are starting to bore me rigid.

There is no proof to me that Arsenal would have the cash to pay for him even if Arteta wanted him that badly, and we are still in the position that we have to sell a lot of our bloated squad just to get the money back that we have already paid for Ben White, Lokonga and Tavares.

The price being quoted for Maddison is madness anyway, considering we are being told that we can only get 22-25 million for the sale of Joe Willock.

Considering that Willock scored 8 goals in 15 appearances for Newcastle, including in 7 games on the trot, why on Earth are we willing (reportedly) to pay 70 million for a player that only scored 8 goals in a full season at a much more successful club surrounded by more talented players?

So, the latest reports say that Leicester haven’t even received any bids for Maddison, with Brendan Rodgers telling the Daily Mail: ‘I know he is very happy here and he wants to be here. If anything comes to the club, Jon Rudkin (director of football) would tell me straightaway and I would deal with it then, but there has been nothing that’s come my way.

‘I’ve not been told anything to say [he won’t stay]. He is happy in training and he is working hard, and he is a talented, important member of the squad.

‘He had his season disrupted by injury last year but hopefully this season he can show what a real top player he is.’

And now we are hearing that Joe Willock was “on a train” to Newcastle yesterday, while the fact is that he was at a “media day” with Mikel Arteta and the rest of the squad.

Who agrees that this is all becoming boring and Arsenal will NOT buy Maddison and Jow Willock will STAY…..

Sam P

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  1. If there’s a 30 M offer for Willock, I bet Arsenal will sell him to increase our transfer budget. I’m glad Maddison is playing today, so we can put all rumors about him behind us

    1. Keep Willock and try and buy Aoura for cheap. Madison thing has never looked real to me because I believe Leceister will not sell him to Arsena.

      I await the next big signing in our midfield.

  2. JW has been incredible whileon loan in Newcastle……Why on earth would we sell him?!!….One can say that You can only sell GOOD players but do we replace them by BETTER players?

  3. Willock scored half of those goals coming off the bench at Newcastle…a feat that he will never repeat…and certainly not in an Arsenal shirt.He’s currently worth more now than he ever will be again.
    If Newcastle are prepared to pay anything over £22m then Arsenal should sell and use that money towards buying a player who will make a difference and who they truly need.(THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE RAMSDALE!!)
    Maddison would undoubtedly make a huge difference to Arsenal’s midfield.Although any half decent right back or a goalkeeper with decent distribution ability would also make a difference to Arsenal’s chances of challenging for a top 4 place once again.

    1. You are wrong in your assessment of Willock, what he did an average Joe (sorry) couldn’t do it. Made even more remarkable by some being off the bench. He has an eye for goal and that started in the Europa league, Arteta didn’t see it and Newcastle used it in the Premier league. It wasn’t a fluke because if it was, it would be seven flukes.

      1. 👍 Emulating Alan Shearer, playing in a very good Newcastle United team, obviously an ordinary footballer like Joe Willock, who did it under the pressure of avoiding relegation.
        The big question is how did Steve Bruce (a supposedly poor managed

        1. manager, get such performances from Willock? Arteta should learn from Willock’s effort against Chelsea.

    2. “Willock scored half of those goals coming off the bench at Newcastle…a feat that he will never repeat…and certainly not in an Arsenal shirt.He’s currently worth more now than he ever will be again.” How do you know that ? For the moment he came off the bench against chelsea (not hibernians) and seems to start the season where he left it. I would keep him. What is the loss if he plays less this year ???! He could leave for 8-10-12 something like that instead of 22. Basically you might loose like 10m if not selling him now. But if he keeps delivering you loose a lot more. So i would keep him now because it is non sense to rake that risk to save 10m when you keep paying more than 20m a year on wages for kolasinac/willian/bellerin/runarsson

      1. Willock’s NUFC stats for future reference.

        Starts – 11
        Goals scored as starter – 5
        Subs. – 3
        Goals scored as sub – 3

        Total games played – 14
        Total goals scored – 8

        This guy just happened to score atleast once in each of his 3 sub appearances.

  4. Maddison is a good player clearly a step up from smith Rowe but not cv worth the asking price .. if we can get Silva that would be a real step up for us and arteta surely knows that … Leicester will be a decent side this season and if we don’t invest will finish above us for sure

  5. I’m not sure on Middison and correct me if I’m wrong he suffered a fair few injuries last season. The choice for me I simple, sign Aouar or Bernado and keep Willock.

    Thing is with willock at the moment which may be causing Arsenal to think of the sale, is his creativity and general passing agility. It something he can no doubt develop but do we have time to invest.

    1. Let’s just forget about maddison it was never going to happen it was just media talk, I’m starting to think Arteta & Edu don’t know what they are doing ,
      Hope I’m wrong.

      1. We all hope you’re wrong!
        But then we hope that junk food turns out to be good for you and that no one will notice it when you let out a silent fart!

  6. Willock has goals in him and will regret letting him go and leaving players like Laca and Willian around collecting huge wages

    He even scored against Chelsea but the Ref didn’t check for goal

  7. OT I just watched Charlie Patino the kid is full of quality, I’ll be excited to see him integrated with the first team squad.

      1. Haha no that game was a disaster 😂 I was watching clips of him on YouTube very impressed. are you watching the CS Sue ?

        1. It certainly was – hammered!!
          Yes, are you? Impressed with Cole Palmer.. didn’t like their kit though 😄
          Great game, great start to the season… Looking forward to tomorrow 😉

          1. I was surprised by City’s lineup Sue I thought they would have been stronger 😯 is that Bernardo Silva’s last game ? Oh yes NLD day you confident Sue 😄

          2. KDB/Liam Gallagher’s lovechild both injured…
            Possibly – he won’t be coming to us though!!
            Yes of course (gulp!) I’ve just bought my pass 😉 How about you, Mystic Meg?!

          3. I was kinda watching the CS and had one eye on Brentford Valencia game lol as we are playing them next week 😆 why won’t he come to us Sue ? 😜 I’ll get it for free on my entertainment system 😉 I’m going for a Mari White Partnership tomorrow Sue what do you think ?

          4. Did Toney play?
            Yes Mari/White sounds good to me. We’ll have a decent side out and will win by 2 goals & Willian to score 🤣
            Kev, Cobra Kai 4 coming in December! Yesssss!!

          5. No he wasn’t playing Sue must be resting for the Arsenal game 😬 haha have you been drinking ? Willian 😂 yeah I read that the other day I’ll be looking forward to that 🐍 have you seen outer banks Sue ?

  8. It’s no good judging a player by what he achieved elsewhere, it’s what said player has achieved at our club.

    I try never to be negative about ANY player chosen to wear the shirt and Willock is no different – all I would ask is this…. how many chances does it need to prove oneself?

    OT – Anyone watching Leicester and their fans celebrating the irrelevant Charity Shield?
    Not worth winning for some of OUR fans of course 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Hahaha good one, Ken! When the commentator mentioned it – tell them it doesn’t matter!! Of course it bloody does!

      1. Sue, it brought back memories of Wenger’s SEVEN wins and, as manure claim their CS wins as trophies, I now see no reason why we ahouldn’t.

        Jon, it also matters to US as a club and fanbase – surely you enjoyed being at Wembley when we won?

        As for the cartoon symbols, I’m now a “modern fan”, not one stuck in the past… try it out my friend 🤔😂🤣😁👍

        By the way, no sign of covid slowing down the transfer money being paid out – a reported £100,000,000 for Grealish!!!
        But, of course, that’s no excuse for MA not winning the PL, qualifying for europe, or even winning a cup is it???

        1. So you are now a modern man eh KEN ?


          I am also mature in age and though still young in outlook, I never try to ape the kids, at my age!

          Btw, the reason I never use emojis(to give them their proper name) is because, though they may be clear in meaning to the poster, tothose reading them they can mean almost anything and I like clarity of thought and word and dislike ambiguous comments.

          Which is why I write without ambiguity. When I write , people at least UNDERSTAND my words, (unless they are unfortunately semi literate) though of course they are free to take me to task on anything I say.


          Forget my jibe about street cred and I’ll forget your jibe about being stuck in the past. That is mere banter between we two old farts.

          But on emojis and their ambiguity at best, I MAKE A SERIOUS COMMENT. Words are clear. Pictures are often not clear.

          On your spending point and no sign of slowing down, as I predicted it would slow down , YOU ARE CHERRY PICKING A MERE HANDFUL OF SUPER RICH SHADILY OWNED CLUBS BY MULTI BILLIONAIRES WHO MADE THEIR FORTUNES DISHONESTLY, PRIOR TO BUYING THEIR CLUBS(and in Kroenkes case, ever since owning, as well as before).

          What about ALL the other clubs who are almost broke or even actually broke? And which are NOT owned by owners with more money than morals! Dont they count too?

          I’d really like your follow up on THAT point Ken!

      2. Sue YES, It matters to the fans, I agree.

        But that still does NOT make it a proper trophy. We all know fans will take anything as an honour but fans are not always the most honest people are we , when it comes to bigging up our own club?

        Behind most jibes dear Sue, there is usually a serious point, IF you wish to discuss it SERIOUSLY, as I do most often!

        There is ample room on JA for levity and fun. BUT serious minded proper DEBATE is the life blood of any fan site . Is that not so?

        1. Oh I see you’ve picked up on my comment to Ken – could that be because you’re one of the fans he mentioned?? Of course it bloody is!

          1. Of course I AM one of the fans he mentioned Sue. I took that as read!

            But you have ducked my point I see about the CC being a true trophy. How anyone can consider an only one off match only as a trophy and honestly think so, is beyond me TBH.
            Technically I accept that as there is a piece of silver given out, that IS a trophy, but morally NOT one.

            And I do prefer total honesty, unlike many other fans who prefer hype and bias. I am loathed by many simply because I AM RUTHLESSLY HONEST AND BLUNT.
            Well dear Sue, I will not pretend otherwise, as to do so would be dishonest.
            I will say though, with complete sincerity, that though you and I are very different personalities, I have great respect and admiration for you as one of our MOST devoted fans and a lovely, sweet natured person. HONESTY SUE, I PROMISE YOU.

            I freely admit that my bluntness does me no favours in the JA popularity stakes but that is my cross to bear in life. Sigh!

    2. Ken, Well I think it IS worth winning any pre season friendly, even the ultimate pre season friendly, AKA the Community Shield.

      Shame that it is not a proper trophy then, in a way!

      I just enjoyed watching Leicester win it and then seeing their fans celebrate as if it really mattered!

      I suppose to THEM it does matter.

      PS How do you ever choose between 6 and 8 cartoon symbols! Perhaps your grandkids advise you ?

      1. I guess Jon didn’t realize Ken asked him about the amount of money being spent after his covid prediction 🤷.

        1. Jah son, You are referring to a mere handful of corruptly owned clubs with multi buillionaire owners who have made their fortunes shadily.


    3. We’d have never bought any top player, from any OTHER CLUB before then Ken, were that strange comment of yours true! No Eastham, NO HENRY, NO WHITE
      .I’d reconsider that thought if I were you!

      1. Jon, you totally missed my point.
        How on earth can ANY manager hope to compete with a club, whose owner is (if the Kane reported deal goes ahead) is willing to spend over £220,000,000 on two players?
        Of course, some of our fans thought AW should have been able to!!!!

        Also, Chelsea are reportedly going to spend nearly £100,000,000 on a player they sold for £28,000,000 four years(?) ago….. and we have Arsenal fans moaning about our transfer business.

        As for your observation regarding only a few clubs are spending big, that was relevant before covid – so nothing has changed in the PL has it.

        Finally, if you can’t figure out what a laughing or crying face means, I guess you will have to keep writing the written word 😢😂👍

        1. HI KEN, THANKS FOR THE PROPER REPLY which I appreciate.
          On your ” how on Earth” point , OF COURSE I agree and 100%. Make that 1000% if you like. My whole life and fooball philosophy is that the Prem is unfair and always has been.

          Further, it is going even further in the wrong direction and fairness is something still valued by most older fans and many younger fans too but has long vanished.

          Why else do you think I have long been banging on about vastly reduced player salaries? Because I cherish fairness and honesty, even above the sport itself!

          Unless you can have a level paying field, at least to a far greater extent than now, our PREM IS LARGELY MEANINGLESS ANYWAY. That was amply true in AW s time too and I never said differently , though that changes nothing from my opinion of how he mismanaged us in his latter years. But was he facing a level playing field? OF COURSE NOT!

          This fact is why I am losing any faith in the way football is governed at international and national level. Apart from the actual game itself, almost everything around it make me sick and bereft of any hope of real ethical change.

          For example KEN, take the diving issue. Left to me , I would immediately bin the farcically slapped wrist of a yellow card given, in favour of a mandatory six game PREM BAN AND DOUBLE THAT BAN IF REPEATED AND THEN DOUBLE IT AGAIN IF STILL NECESSARY.

          That would stop it but there is not the will by the authorities to put FAIRNESS above money and that is the problem.

          THAT IS ONE OF COUNTLESS EXAMPLES I would change today, were I empowered to do so.

          Next, I would immediately halt all VAR, until and unless, technology has moved on sufficiently to enable refs to make decisions themselves both quickly and without dispute, as goal line technology does. That works brilliantly but ONLY when – which will happen in good time – technology allows the refs PERSONALLY to make instant and correct decisions will I speak in favour of VAR .

          Right now all it does is undermine and take away the rightful authority that all refs and umpires should and MUST have as a cornerstone of any sport.

          Those on JA and elsewhere who constantly accuse certain refs of cheating , rather then simply being incompetent(which very many are) , do not help either.

          I will be submitting later today my article on WHY we should halt VAR , until it can work as I OUTLINED.

          Enjoy the game today KEN. I am nervous but that’s nothing new!
          PS Forget my previous jibes about emojis. Though I meant what I said about ambiguous ones(in some cases) it is of no REAL import at all, when compared to what I wrote above.

        2. KEN I hope my very long reply to you that, as usual, has again disappeared, re- appears, as they often do.

    4. Ken, the bigger question is why did Joe Willock perform so well at Newcastle United under supposedly poor Steve Bruce? He scored 8 goals in 15 games, including against teams of the quality of Manchester City and Liverpool and is now older, stronger and has that additional experience. In the meantime Arsenal’s combined midfielders have scored less goals in two seasons.
      Maybe Arteta learnt and brought him off the bench to score what should have been a rare goal from midfield against Chelsea?

  9. Before willock went on loan he had loads of opportunities to perform, from Wenger to UE and now MA, however we didn’t see anything special he brought into the team, he is a Ramsey type of player and I don’t think he will ever reach anything special with us IMO, arsenal have past hoping and waiting period, we need players with instant impact and that’s why I’ll support Maddison transfer, I don’t know much about Aouar I only know Madison and I don’t think a player of his quality is bad at £70 considering today market

    1. Agree Ada – £25-£30m for Willock is a good offer and I also think he can be a good but never great player, and not with us. Maddison won’t happen – Aouar can be a big game only player as he’s inconsistant but he goes past players for fun and would be a huge favourite here.

      1. Yes Guy. Aouar is very intelligent. very skillful and loves having the ball. he has this personality about him. good composure. why pay 70m pounds for Maddison when you can get Aouar for less than 30m pounds?

  10. considering our propensity to trip on our own dick, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get Maddison AND we sold off JW…the monies would likely just be earmarked towards covering the some of the costs involving our previous purchases, which aren’t nearly enough to affect the requisite amount of change required, then our administrative lightweights would be quick to suggest that we “tried” desperately to make some big moves but for some reason, outside of their control, prevented this for happening…of course, there is one silver-lining, as Xhaka is like a “new” signing…any of this ring a bell?!?

  11. If Willock stays I’d love Arteta to give him meaningful minutes (either as a starter or supersub) in our first ten games and say “don’t be scared you’ll get dropped, go out and prove to us that your end to last season was the real deal”

    1. I’m 100% with you on this.

      Giving the player some meaningful minutes is as important as playing him in a system that induces the player to play more naturally to his strengths.

      I wonder if that can happen to Willock at Arsenal this season.

  12. willock scored more goals than all arsenal midfielders combined. and whats the use of putting players on loan? to get more game time and prove themselves. he’s proven himself at NC and now he needs a chance to prove himself at arsenal.

  13. Surely much of the reason for going out on loan is the opportunity to improve. If Willock has improved why don’t we benefit from that improvement and give him a chance to show it in an Arsenal shirt.
    Bale wasn’t fancied but then went out on loan when he was at Spuds…

  14. Let’s not forget he just scored against Chelsea. The linesman didn’t get it, but everyone else did!

  15. If not boring me, it’s making me SICK.. Maddison is good but not worth £70mil.. We’re not going for the cheaper alternatives though — Aouar, Julian Brandt or Sabitzer?

  16. All I hear is give JW meaningful game time and I wonder what meaningful game time is cos amongst our youngster JW has had the most opportunity from AW era down to UE and at the beginning stage of MA, at a point Arteta played him more often than Martinelli and we complained, same dude deservedly went on loan in a smaller team with less expectation and performed yet majorly from the bench and you still asking him to have playing time as if it has never happened before. Some players can not reach a certain heights in a particular club even if they have the potentials to, say Pogba at United never given the opportunity until he left for Juve and blossom, Sancho at City until he left for Dortmund et al. JW should be sold for anything higher than 20m, let’s not make same mistake as we did missing the perfect opportunity to sell AMN for 20m last season. Willock has over 50 games for Arsenal and you claim he hasn’t been give the opportunity??? What mount of opportunity did we give ESR before we saw an obvious potential and he ceased same, do I even need to mention Saka? All these guys were given less opportunity than JW but they ceased it when it came and delivered. JW should be sold as it will not happen for him at Arsenal.

  17. Just like I’ve said and as Someone here pointed out earlier; the philosophy at Arsenal differs from that of Newcastle, hence the style play.
    At Arsenal Willock will be expected to pass the ball around (include those through balls and final passes) and be creative. This is in contrast with what is expected of him in the ‘smash and grab’ style at New castle that allows his to score from no where.
    Does he have those ball playing abilities and skill set needed from the kind of CAM needed by Arsenal?
    As far as I know he has struggled when trusted with these responsibilities at Arsenal.
    I stand to be corrected.

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