Opinion: Ozil and Aubameyang will make giving Lacazette a new deal harder

Alexandre Lacazette has been in fine form in recent weeks, and as his contract runs down, he may feel that he has earned the right to get a new deal from the club.

However, the Frenchman is heading into his 30s, and the decision to offer him a new deal would have been easier if the likes of Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had justified Arsenals’ decision to hand them new bumper contracts.

Both players played themselves into new deals, and when they earned their big-money contracts, their performances dropped.

The most recent and perhaps even more shocking is that of Aubameyang who suddenly cannot score a goal after signing his contract.

Arsenal will like to keep Lacazette, and I would love for that to happen, but keeping four 30+ players on huge wages while they offer almost nothing would certainly be to the detriment of our club.

It is almost impossible for Arsenal to sell, Aubameyang or Willian because of their huge wages, and I’m afraid that the best thing for us would probably be to cash in on Lacazette at the end of this season instead of giving him a new long-term deal.

Smart people learn from their mistakes, and we cannot repeat the Ozil, Aubameyang and Willian mistakes.

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  1. Goonster says:

    Just don’t give him any deal close to £200,000 a week.

    I like Laca but we have got so many inconsistent players in their 30’s on massive wages. It’s happened with Ozil, was underperforming until the 2017/18 then performed well to get a new contract.
    Auba is a bit different because from the season we signed him he hit the ground running until he renewed his current contract a few months back.

    Wait until end of the season to see if Laca had a consistent second half and then £170,000 a week contract might be okay.

    If not then sell him for as much as you can get.

  2. Wole says:

    Let him go please, and get Ousmnne Edouard of Celtic.

  3. Winston says:

    Perhaps Wenger was right in his early years to only offer 1-year contracts to players 30 and older

    1. Rashid80 says:

      He was but with the wrong players

  4. Sean says:

    Ozil is gone in the summer along with Mustafi, Papa, Kolasnic & Luiz. That frees up some wages to add to Lacas new 2year deal.

    Big Earners left;
    Auba 250k
    Willian 200k

    Though Willian could be moved on tbh & if he isnt playing along with Auba may seek a move. Not everyone is like Mesut.

    What’s Laca on £180k a week, get rid of Willain then give him 200k a week instead. All about getting these others ones gone to free up space in wages and squad.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Perhaps clauses shd be added to be based on performance and goals scored. Any drop will trigger 50%deduction of
    weekly wage.
    Easier said than done. If not these guys will bleed the club.

  6. Stan Adams says:

    Get rid of Willian(200 mill a week) and keep Laca(180 mill a week) easy.

  7. Rusty says:

    and how do you suggest we get rid of Willian? seriously, who and why?

  8. Vinod says:

    The decision should be Arteta’s. If he wants to rebuild the club with youngsters then Laca should be sold and a youngster from outside or from academy or Pepe or Martinelli should take that place with Aubameyang (hopefully he regains confidence and stays) around as a mentor.

    P.S I am of the view that with modern infrastructures (medical, diet, fitness, training) available to players, they can perform in top level even at 34 – 36 (provided they have the desire and drive).

  9. gotanidea says:

    Lacazette would deserve a new contract if he keeps scoring till the end of this season, but Arsenal should think of an exit plan if Lacazette slacks off after the new deal

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      But what would that say about his mentality? He only produces the goods when his contract is about to end? Then we should put him on a one-year rolling contract. Yes, we lose him for nothing if he chooses to leave but we avoid getting stuck for years with an underperformer on huge wages like Ozil and Wilian.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Walcott, Ozil and Aubameyang did it, so Lacazette could do it as well. But I don’t think he’d want a one-year rolling contract

        Maybe he’d be interested if Arsenal increase his bonuses instead. They could pay him more if he produces pre-assist, assist, goal, interception, ball recovery, aerial duel win and tackle

        1. Quantic Dream says:

          If we pay him extra for goals, assists, tackles, recoveries and duels, that would imply he gets his base salary for doing nothing.

  10. Jacob Chol says:

    Two years is okay for lecazette

  11. Quantic Dream says:

    He should be sold if possible. We need to try someone else in the CF position. We need to find our own Harry Kane.

  12. Omrga says:

    Now we can see why Arsene Wenger never wanted players in their 30s. Mesut Ozil recent situation is evident that Ozil is more of a business man that a professional footballer. Auba and Lava aren’t in same ircle with Ozil. But no need to gamble. All players in their 30s should be sold out ASAP.

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