Opinion – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is no captain and needs to be replaced

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang showed no leadership against Brighton

One thing a captain should never do is have a go at a young inexperienced player in front of millions. That is exactly what Auba did and it was wrong.

A captain leads by example, a captain lifts the players, a captain leads from the front, a captain inspires.

What a captain does not do is call out one of the youngest players in the team. he does not go AWOL when the team needs him to lift spirits. He does not take his time going for toilet breaks in the middle of the game.

Of course, if a player needs the toilet he has to go but the way he walked back on was just far too casual.

And of course, a captain does not have a relationship with a person that attacks his teammates on social media.

Aubameyang did everything wrong as a captain last night and is not fit for the role.

Who should replace him? Personally, I would give the role to Bernd Leno. He is the only player in consistently good form and carries no baggage with him. You do not stick with a poor leader because you do not have a ready-made replacement.

If a player, any player, is incapable of leadership then he must be removed, that player becomes a liability under those circumstances.

This is not a criticism of Auba as a player, only as a leader.


  1. Now we are attacking our player, because Emery is no more, but the truth is Auba is as frustrated as u and i and the only mistake he can do now is not to approach Willock later and apologies and explain things the right way. But am happy coz all those drama yesterday just stood proved that contrary to many fans here, our players i.e Ozil, Auba and Laca care about Arsenal thats why they lost their cool when we lost and that gives me satisfaction coz i know the fight is there, now the ball is the court for the board members to find the right replacement for a coach before is too late.

    1. The new manager has to have control of players brought in.manager can’t be expected to coach players he didn’t even choose like emery had to.theres been terrible player selection to buy and sell.we would of been alot better with ibowi and Ramsey still here and Pepe money spent on centre backs and a right back.why did we not get Johnny Evans it’s about buying good players not just how much they are.why get Luiz an unpredictable player when we needed calm control at back.

  2. Don’t disturb Aubameyang’s captaincy, because we have had enough problems to deal with

    Let him be the captain, otherwise the players would be confused if Arsenal appoint another captain

    Besides, hopefully he is willing to extend his contract because of his position in the team

      1. He might want to earn his last huge contract, because he is already 30 years old

        London is a very good place to spend the rest of his career, despite having to play in Championship

        1. He already earned more than enough for a multiple life time.

          Anybody who does not want to play for Arsenal should move on and not try to milk the club.

          1. Did he say he didn’t want to play for arsenal,his reaction yesterday seems to point out to the opposite actually,so now you can”t talk to your teammate in case he gets upset and cries wtf,the fans are fed up and boo, insult and worse and they’re right but if a player does it it is a scandale,imagine thèse players getting it from Adams and Co they’d spend the whole game crying.that,s the problem these players have been cajoled,protected for too long and it hasn’t worked so if they can’t take they need to leave,what do you want especially when you’re losing is it to sit with the player for 10 minutes,dry his eyes,the time has come to get down hard on everyone and those who don’t like it switch to ballet or opera I hear you don’t balls!!

    1. @gotanidea
      Well said.
      Some articles should not be a debate. Auba has not done anything to start criticising him about. He is just been human to go to toilet.

  3. The problem Arsenal may live with Auba’s incabability for capitancy is eassy to sort out when compared to the problem Arsenal may get into if they once again change their capitain and give the armband to another player. It is like what my friend,gotanidea, has said it earlir, we have got enough problems to deal with.

  4. I think Auba being Captain is the least of our worries, not really that important at this moment in time. In fact bottom of a very big list as far as im concerned.

  5. Is it time to go into more of this?

    What we must look at is outrageous management til this day causing all the mess.

    It is not Emery fault to be picked and kept so long, nor he would been sacked without an empty stadium, means no money for Kroenke!

    Is it Freddie fault to be picked and no solution or options looked as off 5th game of season? Or is it Captaincy?

    No mate, this is an outrageous management, til this day, they have no replacement and won’t rush til January!

    By then, we play away Monday, then EL Thursday and Sunday EPL again…By January we next at Westha!m, then host Man City, go to Everton, go to bournemouth host Chelsea, Man U on January first!

    Losing next game can see us slip to 15th position. Looking at games on the way, losing next, with Everyone at 14 points winning both, we would be trading place and be 18th in EPL. I don’t want to imagine where we will be January first, two next game are already scary!

    Wake up gunners, this is what Arsenal is without Wenger, never in over 20 years he was in charge! No one else can fix this mess which starts by team spirit to bring back and club values and respect! No one can do it at this stage of season!

    1. @Mogunna
      You’re preaching to the delusional mate… They’re the ones who were patting themselves on the backs and doing high fives, because they were proud of themselves for getting AW the push. Now seems like their fan power has been nullified, since it can’t get us a better coach…

      1. You mean the wenger that actually started this process and had to take a job upstairs as a consultant because he cant get another job in football management because he is so bad at his day job now.

        1. @Reggie
          Yeah, the Wenger who put AFC on the football World map and instilled the Arsenal DNA you and so many others long for. That Wenger…

      2. NY-GUNNER, get over yourself dude, your lord and master wenger is not coming back , thankfully.find yourself another guru to pay homage to .it is laughable that some people on here are still crying after the french frauds dismissal.and these very same people cannot see wengers hand in the trouble we are in at the moment. blind faith is alive and kicking. just like wengers blind fits when a penalty was awarded against us , he never saw a penalty given against us, thats spooky, dont you think ?.

        1. @gerryburke
          He wasn’t my lord and master dude. But I see you can’t get the taste of him out of your deluded mouth. Still blaming him for our current troubles, and when mogunna laid it out right before your myopic eyes. I see you and the boo boys still whining an moaning. But hey, at least AWs gone right?…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          1. spot on DUDE, the evil one has gone, thank goodness. so wipe your tears away NY-GUNNER. you had him for long enough, find another idol DUDE ijs.

          2. Arsenal could do a lot worse than bring in George Graham, Tony Adams and Martin Keown to work with the defense.

  6. Auba losing his sh#t with Willock proves he gives a damn. It may not be the way a captain should act but I’d rather see passion than etiquette any day of the week. And besides Willock was terrible, not just yesterday but against Norwich as well. He never made one successful pass. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a a terrible ball inside the left back with no angle on it whatsoever. I’d crucify my mate out over the park if I was given a ball to run onto like that.
    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t blame the team for losing but not the youngsters who played equally bad, if not worse….if they’re in that starting 11 then they are acceptable for how they play, age has no baring on that.
    I don’t get, while we were starting to pressure them with Ozil and Kolasinac working the left effectively Freddie decides to sub Kolasinac for Tierney who was totally ineffective. Also Torriera played like an out of control puppy.He made Xhaka look composed.

    Simple solution to solve our defensive woes: Bring in Mings or Dunk and rotate Holding and Chambers with a new experienced and effective CB to see who works best alongside him.
    Bench Luiz, Socratis and Mustafi and use them for Europa league and FA Cup. OR
    Employ a new manager before the window opens that thinks all of our CB’s are cr#p and knows a decent couple to bring in. Our season is over anyway, there’s zero chance of us making UCL so we should look to have a decent clear out ahead of the summer. Torreira, Luiz, Socratis, Bellerin (lost his pace), Mustafi, Xhaka please go.

  7. He’s off in Jan anyways. Which CAN be a good thing if Laca stays AND we buy a killer CB and possibly a proper replacement for Ramsey, because that’s hurting us as much as the shayte defence.

  8. Dear Arsenal fans, why do we always look for a player to scapegoat? That Willock’s pass to Auba was horrendous. Auba was on the right side, breaking away from the defender and Willock passed the ball to the left, it’s textbook football. We need the players to hold themselves accountable to fix this mess. We like to blame the coach, management etc as if they are the ones on the pitch. Part of leadership is showing tough love.

    1. 👍 Unfortunately, with this squad of overpaid, unprofessional, mentally and physically weak pampered wimps, we’ll be waiting a long time for them to take responsibility and be accountable for their performances!

  9. This is a pointless debate, there is not a single player in the team who comes close to being a proper captain or knows what it means to be one. Even Emery had a problem identifying one so he appointed 5. I’d just give it to the ball boy!!!

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