Opinion: Ramos may be a bit old but he would be a good replacement for Luiz

David Luiz has left Arsenal and the Brazilian’s departure would create a void at the Emirates that needs filling.

He isn’t the most consistent of defenders, but I think it isn’t his performances that we would miss.

The former Chelsea man was an experienced head and he was an important voice in the dressing room.

Having someone who has achieved so much in the game in your dressing room is a huge plus.

The Gunners didn’t always get the best performance from him, but Mikel Arteta knows how valuable his presence is in his squad.

The Brazilian has now left the club and we have been linked with a move for the likes of Ben White.

It can be super easy to replace his expertise, but we will struggle to replace his experience in the team.

This is why I believe signing Sergio Ramos would be a no-brainer for this current Arsenal team.

The Spaniard looks set to leave Real Madrid after failing to agree on a new deal and several top teams want him.

Admittedly, Ramos is getting on a bit at 35, but he is one of the best defenders of his generation and I believe he can have a similar impact to what Thiago Silva has had at Chelsea.

We can get him on our books for just one season with the promise of another campaign and this might be the best decision we make this summer.

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  1. Do you actually think in a million year Ramos would come to Arsenal is this an April Fools Post ? Hahah what a waste of ink

      1. We do not need a defender, if we would sell Leno and get Onana (who would play in Feb.) I would sign Buffon.
        He will play regularly in first half of the season, teach our academy goalkeepers, and discover PL and life in London, have a good salary and won’t worry about his place next season.
        And there is no better short-term no.2, untill our academy stoppers step up.
        I fancy the suggestion!

        1. Yes we don’t need defenders at the moment. We had 3rd best defensive record last season in EPL.
          We need
          1 Defensive Midfielder
          1 CAM
          Full backs.

  2. I would take Sergio Ramos in a heartbeat. In my opinion he is the best defender in the world over the last decade. While he is getting old his experience and attitude would be extremely valuable. There is no nonsense, no Mr Nice Guy or anything like that about Ramos. Exactly what we need.

    That being said I seriously doubt he would come play for us. I’m not even sure he would if we had been in the CL.

    1. Yes Ramos will be a good replacement, for now Arsenal need someone who is able to control the team with a commanding spirit so Ramos is the best choice

  3. So according to sky our 4 targets for the summer are as follows

    Ben white
    Matt Ryan

    Now to me that bit of business is as pathetic as I’ve seen in plenty a year ,and we have been told to trust the process ,if sky’s report is to be believed then I’m completely lost for words if these are the players that edu and Arteta had identified then they need to be strung up .
    Or if this is all that Stan is allowing them to sign then said comment above applies to him also .
    If anyone as never seen the short film the PLANK then I advise you to watch as this reminds me of the 2 idiots in charge of our summer business.

    1. Agree Dan, that would be totally underwhelming! I expect far better and far more exciting.

      1. Apparently Reggie some fans believe this is fantastic business ,can you imagine how far some of our so called fans standards have dropped ,it beggars belief .

        1. Dan, I cannot believe anyone thinks this sort of list from Sky or any other source has any credence, it’s all clickbait speculation that has obviously worked. BS absolute BS, in my opinion.

        2. these fans would argue that a 6. or 7. place next season is a success and that we should keep trusting the process..

    2. Operative phrase “if Sky Sports is to believed”

      Take a deep breath man, the window just opened and
      your already throwing in the proverbial towel. Lol

      I do agree that the names dont necessarily move the
      needle but without any European futbol, especially CL
      fixtures I’m not sure who exactly your expecting to
      walk through the Emirates door.

      1. If we should not expect exceptional players to improve the squad then we should expect another mid table position.

        The purpose of the transfer window is to improve the squad with players better than we have in the positions we are lacking.

        This is something we have gotten worse at while our competitors have gotten better at and it shows on the table.

        We may have some good signings on paper but if the results are worse how can they be said to be good signings?

        Arsenal should do better than that list.

    3. You are right if those names are the real targets I don’t see how they are going to improve our fortunes. Unless the club believe the squad we have is good enough of course.

  4. As per usual, some of our fans have delusional expectations when it comes to signings, and where we are, and have been as a club over the last 5/10 years.

    If Sky’s list is correct, and we signed those four players mentioned, that would be some fantastic business!

    Firstly, we’re not even in Europe next season. Secondly, all four players would make us stronger. Finally, we’re not even a big club anymore, and haven’t been for well over a decade.

    Those who think Ryan, White, Odegaard, and Neves, wouldn’t strengthen us, need their eyes tested! Although not a surprise, considering one “so called fan” claimed Party and Gabriel were terrible signings! Haha!

    1. Well its not the first time he’s said stuff like that actually Krish. He consistently makes himself look idiodic, and constantly trolls. So it’s time people started fighting back against trolls like him, before we lose even more excellent contributors because his actions.

      1. Hopefully you’ll call him out as well then, as he takes things out of context and just plain lies with the majority of his comments. Will be interesting to see if you show some consistency with your own comments now?

        1. okay fair enough, the next time i see something like that with him or anyone else i will do that and try to be consistent, you are right in that 👍🏾

  5. I’m hoping Mavropanos gets a chance in preseason. I’m not against his sale but I hope that we make sure that every CB at the club is better than him before we sell. In the few games he impressed, from the eye test he looked to have more potential than both Holding and Chambers. I don’t care about the Sergio Ramos links

  6. Ramos has nathing other than experience & I dont see him coming. We wont miss it coz we can still do minus Ramos.

  7. We always put the blame on the board and coaches if we sign old players. Here we are calling for Ramos to be signed.

    We all know what happened here when Luiz first came. Some we calling him a secret agent. Some of our own fans were calling Arsenal a retirement home. No wonder none of us here is the manager.

  8. Do we really need another ‘inconsistent’ defender, this time in the veteran stage of their career. I’m sick of Arsenal signing cast-offs, once great players at the fag end of their careers, simply because there’s not much money to be paid up front. For example, Willian has been an absolute negative, creating nothing, while keeping out the likes of Pepe, and scoring one goal right at the death, when it meant nothing. Stop it Arsenal!

  9. Aubameyang.

    Saka. Odegaard. Pepe.

    Neves. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Chambers.


    Is this improvement or not?? Doesn’t look like massive improvement to me.

    1. It’s an improvement but it’s so little its impact won’t be seen or felt. We need more. Much more. Also, Chambers is not a first-teamer under any circumstance. I’d sell Bellerin, and buy a top LB to take his place. Chambers can be his back up.

  10. I don’t think he will come but if he does then yeah for sure. Brilliant player and one of the best ever leaders in the game. His never die attitude, experience and hunger for winning along with trophies is phenomenal. Perhaps he can rub some of it on our players and management so they don’t feel satisfied even when they perform shxt.

  11. As long as we take players other big clubs deem surplus to requirements we are always going to stay in their shadows even more so with a manager other big clubs will not have even if he was the only manager available in the world.

  12. Why would Ramos even consider us for his last couple of years, out of Europe with little or no chance of ending his career on a high?

  13. Well Andrew, after all these years of high intensity football chasing trophies and putting his heart and soul on the line he might want to end his playing days with a little club where these things won’t matter.

    1. 👍Would Ramos’s winning mentality help Arsenal, or would Arsenal extinguish the fire?

  14. What are people smoking on here?
    Seriously, Ramos?

    No wonder we are just an ever giving joke. We just think old retiree players from any top club would all of a sudden improve us. Where is the evidence?

    Mikael Silvestre, Gallas, Luiz, Willian etc..

    Tired of delusions.

  15. Chill people!! It’s only an opinion, it isn’t going to happen!!
    No over 30s will be joining us this window 😜

    OT.. Congrats to Karl Hein for winning the Baltic Cup with Estonia 👏

    1. He is so promising Sue, he is my favourite no.2 for the season between academy keepers. If we won’t sign a backup, because it will be difficult to sign Onana snd another keeper and it is little difficult to sign a loan keeper to stay on bench, though dome might fancy the role since Inans won’t be available before Feb.

  16. What is a matter with you? We are an old age pensioners club. Willian, Luiz etc have not turned us into a top team. They are slow footballers and Ramos is on the decline not the incline. In the PL at the moment, City, United, and Leicester play at a pace. We play slow sideways, backwards football. How long can we look at players on the DECLINE?

    1. I 💯 agree with you. It really pisses me off the kind of players fans talk about sometimes. I wonder what use Ramos or any player older than 30 will be to us.

  17. Sergio Ramos?? Really?? Another player on the wrong side of 30 because he has what…experience?? Nah, I wouldn’t touch Ramos with a ten foot pole; I don’t care how much “experience” he has. If Real Madrid’s decline isn’t a sign that Ramos and co. are way past their prime, then I don’t know what is. Madrid suffered last season and somehow we think Ramos can help us cope with the speed and tenacity of the EPL? Did someone say Willian 2.0??

    Ludicrous! Absolutely senile thinking!!

    Arsenal has been ambitionless for far too long and this has sipped down to the fans where we think signing twilight players is worthy of a team that wants to find its way back to the elite crop of football clubs. It’s even more frustrating that we’ve actually tried these old players a few times in the past few years and it hasn’t helped us any, but for some reason, fans seem to have too short a memory to realize this.

    I mean, look where we are: no European football. We also flirted with a relegation fight for a bit this season. Oh, and let’s not forget that we couldn’t even make the freaking Conference League, which is essentially European football for losers (that may turn out to be a good thing, though). That’s a heavy fall. I mean, we lost Buendia to mid-table Aston Villa! That is absolutely diabolic!!! Also, the last time Arsenal wasn’t in Europe, I was 8 years old. Eight.

    Please, we need to regain our ambition and our cohones. We aren’t talking like the same club that produced the Invincibles. To move forward, we have to go back in time and relearn our history, so that we can move forward with laser-focused zeal and confidence.

    Of course, talk is cheap and it will take more than that to get back to where we used to be, but not signing twilight, dead/dying wood players anymore is a great start (kill the lights on your way out, Willian).

    We need to be strategic in our dealings this summer. The reality is Arsenal is not a top-six club anymore. And not being able to offer players European football (the one thing we could always count on) is a devastating sucker punch to our prospects in the transfer window—and to our wallets. This means we have to be smart with how we approach this window.

    Of course, there has to be some departures. Scratch that, an exodus of players. Players who simply can’t help us get to the next level. Players who have helped bring us down to this point. And then we need to sign up the players we need as quickly as possible so they can have a preseason with us and hopefully hit the ground running, come August.

    Thankfully, Arsenal don’t need a large squad next season (no Europe) so we can afford to sell more players than we need to buy.

    In my opinion, the players that need to go include (but are not limited to):

    – Luiz and Kolasinac (they’re leaving anyway)
    – Ceballos (gone for good)
    – Odegaard (we can’t afford him)
    – Hector Bellerin
    – Maitland Niles
    – Torreira (I sincerely wish him well)
    – Granit Xhaka (I wish him well too but it’s time to go)
    – Matteo Guendozi
    – Cedric Soares
    – Willian
    – Eddie Nketiah
    – Reiss Nelson
    – Leno (if he and the club can reach a consensus)
    – and Alex Runarsson

    For incoming players, we have to be smart and look for deals where we can get good players for reasonable money. About five or six of them would suffice.

    – Andre Onana (or a better GK that’ll cost less than £20m)
    – Mat Ryan (permanent second GK)
    – Zeki Celik or Max Aarons (to replace Bellerin at RB)
    – Yves Bissouma or Ruben Neves (I’d personally go for Bissouma; Neves feels too similar to Partey)
    – Houssem Aouar (attacking midfielder available again. Thanks COVID-19)
    – Borna Sosa (good LB cover and competition for Tierney)

    Going by my list, that’s 6 arrivals and 11 departures. If you ask me, I think we can sell one or two more players, but it’s harder to choose from the lot of players left so I’ll let it be.

    These departures should help raise some good money to offset our buys. Not to mention our wage budget will breath a little easier. Getting rid of these players will also create a path to the senior team for one or two academy players (Miguel Azeez and Flo Balogun before anyone else).

    Of course, our transfer business may very well not look anything like this (I’ve learned the art of healthy pessimism, a skill critical for Arsenal fans’ survival).

    But it doesn’t change the facts.

    Arsenal need to be two things during this window: smart and ruthless.

    Did I mention ruthless?

    I am and will always be a proud Arsenal fan. I believe we can and will get back to the top 1 percent of football clubs. But to do that, we need to first stop thinking like a charity organization—a sort of purgatory for retiring players. That’s what football outside of Europe is for.

    Now focus y’all!!

    Let’s go you Gunners!!

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