Opinion: Saka’s Euro 2020 experience will only make him grow stronger

Bukayo Saka has been all over the news since he stepped up and missed the decisive penalty that saw England lose the Euro 2020 final to Italy yesterday.

The teenager showed great bravery in taking the decisive penalty that would have kept England in the shootout or see them lose.

After missing the spot-kick, he will have to deal with being the player that missed that penalty, but Saka proved again that he is unafraid and this experience will serve him well in the future.

He will enter the 2021/2022 campaign as one of Arsenal’s most important players and after reaching the cusp of winning a trophy with his country, he will be determined to reach the same heights with Arsenal.

He has been developing at a rapid pace and I expect that to continue in the next season.

We have thrown our support behind him since he missed the penalty last night and I am convinced that he will repay that show of support by becoming an even better player.

What Arsenal needs to do now is to surround him with quality players as he had in the England camp and he will, I am sure, drive us to success.

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  1. He can learn from Sterling and his competition with Pepe will force him to improve his skills

    He’s also lucky to have Arteta, who’s improved Sterling, Xhaka and Pepe. Arteta’s decision to train Saka as a right winger is spot on and Saka has credited him for his guidance

    1. Some time you are so funny Gotanidea, he is lucky to have Arteta??? 😂🤣😂. Arteta did not make Sterling into a player he is pep did stop giving credit of everything to Arteta, probably you are one of those who gave city winning league and other trophies credit to Arteta as well calling pep to struggle without him. Xhaka has not improved he has been same just given chance by Arteta to revive his Arsenal career because of that spat with fans. Pepe again it was his second season and he had to improve I mean you can not be get worse then what we saw from him in first season. Why don’t you give us examples of all the other great youngsters Arteta has developed Nelson, Wilock, Guendozi, Torreria, Saliba, Marva etc etc. Man you can not just wait to give any sort of credit to Arteta even when it’s not earned by him.

  2. I would suggest the exact opposite…Saka is most effective when played on the left, with a focus on taking on defenders, while simultaneously stretching the field, then providing service for others, as his shooting is his weakest attribute…this would naturally link him with the much more effective overlapping Tierney and likely provide Auba with more space in and around the box…this would likewise enable Pepe to ply his trade on the right, where he’s much more dangerous, especially when his confidence is right and he’s playing with a fully engaged RB

    the only reason Saka made sense over Foden on the right is that he’s a much more effective dribbler and it’s clear that Sterling prefers the left side(just look at the ManCity situation, where Foden and Sterling are battling over the same Left side position)

    certainly it’s not the end of the world if there’s situations where Saka returns to the right and Auba shifts out left again, if we purchase a different sort of CF/striker, but until he displays a propensity to threaten goal from the top of the box, he should be used primarily as a very impactful facilitator, who will invariably create invaluable space for others…it’s always a bonus to have a player who provides a manager with tactical flexibility…let’s hope we have a manager who actually cares about such things some time soon

    1. How about we get Sterling in as well? If Arsenal sign Sterling, we will make top 4.

      Saka is an immense player. my worry about him is the pressure and amount of games he has played. he needs to be managed to avoid injuries

    2. Agree RVL – he can play anywhere. Needs to improve his finishing to become the complete player. Fantastic mentality and a great kid – no doubts he will bounce back a better footballer. Concerned about being overplayed. Injury could become an issue, plus its normal that players with no close season start the new season really jaded. This time we are lucky we had almost no representation!
      Is it possible that one day you will post a comment without going out of your way to criticise your manager? Too much to ask probably…!

      1. I’m afraid my respect isn’t so easily earned…in my estimation, his contributions, thus far, have been more negative than positive, in the grand scheme of things…once he proves me wrong, with his actions, I will gladly change my tone

    3. Just wana say Saka great job. U need guts n confidence to step up against a word class gk especially this guy.

      From this euro he’s has grown ofc there will be up n downs. Be brave be yrself n play Yr passion for Arsenal no doubt u will be among the Arsenal legends n greats in future.

      U have a point. But It can be an advantage if Saka can play right too so that it will give the Manager flexibility to adjust his tactics to give opponent guessing and unpredictability to deal with arsenal’s match tactics. Since Saka is still young n learning its good to polish his skills furthur ofc I agreed his best is still on left.

  3. He will bounce back and I hope he use it as motivation like Ronaldo does for all the hate he gets from some fans. This will make him strong and will make his character. Now a days if you want to be top top player you need mental strength and strong character along with talent. Saka is well mature beyound his age group so I have high hopes he will become a world class player.

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