Opinion – Season postponement will benefit Arsenal once the league resumes

Season postponement gives Arsenal a better chance at finishing the campaign strongly

The Premier League has been postponed until next month and most clubs have had their whole team quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the season almost finishing and Liverpool leading after opening up a 25 points gap at the top of the league table, there have been different reactions to the postponement of the competition.

Arsenal, who have struggled for much of the season would have welcomed the news of the postponement after Mikel Arteta became diagnosed with the virus.

However, will this postponement have any good effect on Arsenal and how they end the season?

The Gunners have struggled for form for much of the season but Arteta has overseen a turnaround in recent weeks and I believe that this extension of the season will offer us the chance to finish the season better.

I know that the postponement is being made because of a pandemic, however, this gives clubs the chance to implement some of the strategies that they have been planning to since the start of the second half of the season.

Mikel Arteta can now sit with his coaching staff and analyze how their plans and programs from their Dubai training camp have gone.

They can add and change stuff that should get the team back to form at the resumption of the league season.

Injured players can return and even those not match fit will soon not be the only ones in that position, the entire league will not be match fit, not after a month of doing nothing.

Overall, considering where Arsenal are at, I am of the opinion that this enforced break will benefit Arsenal significantly.

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  1. I think this Brady woman has made the right analysis: The PL season is over. Hard luck, Pool.

  2. league should be void or cancelled for safety and health reasons….

    no club should be relegated or crown champ

    it would not be fair to any club if a particular club to be crown champion without completing the league

    Or in future any club with 10, 15 or 20 points will try ways to have the league void/cancelled to win the title

  3. The season will not be played out in full and that is a near certainty. It is therefore foolish and naive to speculate on something that is most unlikely to happen, almost a logistical impossibility, I’d suggest, of the season eventually completing its remaining fixtures and a delay aiding us with injuries. I also note that the article chose to neglect that that delay would benefit to all clubs with injuries, even though that too is merely academic. In short , a rather pointless article.

    1. Hmmm… “foolish and naive to speculate on something that is most unlikely to happen”? Really? But, that is what great people have always done. Da Vinci imagined the helicopter and submarine, but didn’t live to see them realised. People imagined being on the Moon, centuries before it happened. Brains are all about speculating on possibilities. That’s kinda their job. And a “logistical impossibility”? No. We’re talking nine games. It is difficult and may, indeed, prove too difficult. But, I don’t think it would make the “World List of Logistical Impossibilities”.

  4. In cricket there is something called a duck worth Lewis. An algorithm that calculates a winner if play is stopped or disrupted. I wonder if introducing something similar in football would be a good idea

    1. Deon, It well might be a principle that will be considered for future use in years to come,. But it is not practical or fair to use it in our current season with no prior arrangements. So many folk would refuse to accept it this season and they would be correct to refuse. MOVING THE PROVERBIAL GOALPOSTS IN THE MIDDLE OF ANY COMPETION IS PLAINLY UNFAIR AND UNWORKABLE. BTW, Duckworth and Lewis were two respected statisticians who devised a widely used formula, still current, for deciding unfinished cricket matches and this happened, from memory, around 1997 onwards.

  5. What is the author on about? The clubs aren’t training, there’s no “implementing strategies’ going on. The season is likely over. The UK government as completely botched the handling of the crisis betting on the wish and prayer of developing immunity after a few million people are infected rather than isolating people so the virus can’t spread and dies out thanks to its short lifecycle, buying the medical community time to come up with a vaccine. People will complain that ending the season this way is unfair. Well its far less unfair than dying.

  6. Peoples, i hope we are all ok and carry on being ok but this season is ended, it isnt going to finish and ultimately it isn’t important in comparison. I don’t know what will happen but this season as a season is finished. I predict next season European fixtures will not happen or at least take a different direction for one year. We are in for a long summer and not a very nice one but at the end of all this we must start afresh and move forward not dwell. Stay well everyone and let hope all this shit is gone we are all stronger and wiser.

  7. I doubt very much if any more games will be played this season. One solution would be to play the remaining games at the beginning of next season, followed by a shorter (say 30 games home and away) 20/21 season.

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