Opinion: Signing Fekir didn’t make sense initially and does not now

Nabil Fekir has been linked with a move to Arsenal again and the Gunners might finally get their man.

The French World Cup winner has continuously been linked with a move to the Emirates since he was on the books of Lyon.

He moved to Real Betis in the summer of 2019 after his failed move to Liverpool and Arsenal still wants to bring him to England, according to Estadio Deportivo.

The midfielder was the star of the Lyon team before he left them and that is one reason why he was part of the France team that won the World Cup.

I admit that he is a good player, but he is slightly overrated, in my opinion, for a player who hasn’t scored more than 10 league goals per season since 2018.

When he was initially linked with a move to the Emirates after the World Cup in Russia, I think a lot of that was just because of the hype he had generated.

In the last three years, he has had the chance to reach the very top of European football, but he is stuck in Seville.

As I have already stated, he is a good enough player, but Arsenal needs something more and the last thing we want now is to sign an injury-prone player, which Fekir is.

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  1. antonioro says:

    Too slow,wasting time circling the ball instead of fast thinking and passing.Speed is the same as Xhaka,another snail holding the attack back.No,stay in Seville,slow pace of Spanish football is perfect for him…

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      How fast do you want a player to run?

      are you implying that we should sign players that have great speed and the only thing he does is to constantly keep running?

      Petit was not that fast when he played

      Even the great Zidane doesnt have great speed

    2. Mobella says:

      Stay in Sevilla?. Perhaps there’s another Fekir that plays for Sevilla that has snail pace. We could use the one that plays for Real Betis that is super talented.

  2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    interesting way to cherry-pick stats to make a somewhat meagre point considering that’s only functionally 2 years ago and in the 2017-18 season he potted 18 goals…I still think he has something to offer, but not for us, at this time, under these particular circumstances

  3. ozziegunner says:

    Not for Arsenal. Fekir doesn’t have the physicality or speed of mind or feet for the EPL. He is too injury prone.

  4. CorporateMan says:

    Another one-footed, left-only player? No, thanks! We’re already over-stocked with those.


  5. gotanidea says:

    We’ve seen how high stamina can make a CAM contribute more to the team. Cool skills are useless if the no 10 doesn’t have the energy to press high up the pitch, so we need a young one like Smith-Rowe, Ceballos or Odegaard

    In my opinion, a right-footed CAM would work better in Arteta’s system because of its similarity to Guardiola’s. But if Arteta would like a left-footed one, he shouldn’t recruit a 28 years old no 10

  6. jon fox says:

    The trouble with believing daft rumours in the first place , which I do not do, it that you then become disappointed when they don’t come to fruition.

    As there are constant rumours on who will be coming in and there are STILL only eleven starters allowed and a squad of approx 25 at most, it is simple maths to work out that should all these silly rumours actually happen, our club would soon be employing hundreds of players , not 25.

    Logical thinking, as ever from me, but some do not even care about it, let alone understand how to do it.

    When this platform(JA) on which these constant false rumours are promoted, has its own financially vested interest in doing so, wiser heads would not ignore that fact, when assessing whether or not they are true!

  7. Sean says:

    This is a silly move when we have a young talented player in Ødegaard who wants to stay for next season and has integrated into this team perfectly in the space of 8weeks.

    Il add we have been awful this season but few bright lights are the youngsters in Saka, Martinelli, SmithRowe, Gabriel & Martin. Azeez, Moller, Bologun & Lopez also for u21s should be promoted to this team. Even the loanees in Dino & Saliba looking better every game.

    AMN will get us some money along with Elneny, Torreira, Guendouzi (who I’d like to come back but looks unlikly), Laca & Bellerin. This should also give us enough to buy two more players in a CM (my choice Bissouma) and an attacker to add to Martin Ødegaard.

    The type of players that do come in will all depend on if we win the Europa League, if we do we may have some extra money to spend, if we dont will be alot harder.

    Keep this young man no matter what and sell others to facilitate the move to make sure he is here for the start of the new season with the youngsters above.

    We dont have much money by the looks of it so selling will be a must and players out of contract to be let go for wages purposes.

  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    When some Gunners in the 1st team squad who are playing well and have played very well in the team in competitions for the club this season hear or read on JA that Arsenal fans on here want them sold next summer window.

    But what do us think they will feel about this sell him or them next summer insinuations by the Gunners been insinuated against them in the media?

    Would they feel happy about these sell them in the summer insinuations against them, or be indifferent to them?

    I think they won’t be happy hearing or reading these insinuations being insinuated against them made by the Gooners in the Arsenal media,

    for they could get disillusioned and discouraged. Thus, failing to perform optimally in games for the club to not be giving to their very best for Arsenal in the club’s remaining 9 PL games and 5 possible ones during this run-in to the season when ever they happen to play for the club.

    More so, with the recent statement made in the media by Mikel Arteta. Who was reported to have said that the club will embark on a massive squad rebuilding exercise next summer window with some Gunners at the club slated to leave.

    But since Arsenal are yet to switch to next summer transfer window mode as the club is still campaigning in the PL and ELC for a top-four or top-six place finish for a European football spot next season. And also still in the competition to win the ElC this season.

    Is that Mikel Arteta statement of squad clear out to rebuild the team next summer not a little bit premature? I would think so.

    So therefore, it is better us should wait till Arsenal have switched ON to next summer transfer mode before us start insinuating our sell him or them in the summer insinuations us have been making in the media against any Arsenal players whom us want to see leave the squad next summer for reasons best know to us and expressed to the club for their considerations. And start our agitation to the club too to bring in certain player or players us think and feel they should sign next simmer. Which the club reserved the rights to agree or disagree.

  9. Edwin simidi says:

    Bring him b4 other teams which always rely on the choices of other be they make a step

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