Opinion – Supporting Arsenal should not be a matter of life and death

Come on you Gooners; please stay alive

I was all tears and sorrowful this morning, when I woke up to the story of how a respected Arsenal fan I have known for a while now, took his own life, after watching Arsenal not winning a game in more than four attempts. He had placed a bet on his darling team winning comfortably against Southampton over the weekend, but he was disappointed.

He staked a lot of money and after the game ended, he was heard saying “This team has finally killed me”. Nobody understood what he was saying exactly, until they all woke up to the sad news of him taking his own life. Why would a human think of committing suicide over a football game?

Football is a game of passion; a lot of people deprive themselves of food, just to watch a football game. A man once threw his wife out of his living room’s window just because she obstructed his view, while he was watching a football match. A fan in Kenya some years ago was reported to have killed himself after watching his favourite football team lose a game. So many incidences have been recorded, due to the passion involved in the game. Passion is a beautiful thing but when it becomes excessive, it becomes toxic.

I don’t know how this may sound, but I am one person who can never kill himself because of football team, not to mention Arsenal. Why did i just say so? Please read on.

Arsenal is a football club out to make profits. The players are being paid weekly and they are being paid heavily. Everybody at Arsenal gets paid either weekly or monthly; and their wages don’t depend on either a win or a loss for Arsenal. So, if these guys get paid heavily, despite a loss, then why would one poor guy like me, kill himself for nothing? Am i being paid to support the club? No! After killing myself, will my family be compensated? Probably yes but i definitely won’t be alive to share out of the money! So, why should I kill myself? I see no reason why I should.

Now, to all Arsenal fans worldwide; please keep your sanity and flee from the acute depression caused by Arsenal. The truth is Arsenal will bounce back one day and when they do, what will happen to you, when you decide to commit suicide, now that things seem to be going awry?

In life, we have the beautiful moments and we have the trial moments. We need to be strong in any of the moments we find ourselves in. I love you all and would very much love us to celebrate better days at Arsenal, together, soon. Please stay alive, you need it.

Sylvester Kwentua (LAGOS GOONER)


    1. Time for a reality check! It is “just” football at the end of the day. There are children dying because they have no food or water ffs! How is that for perspective?

      Most Arsenal fans are frustrated and angered by the way things have gone but, to take your life because of it is not the actions of someone who is mentally stable in the first place, sorry. I’m not trying to insensitive. Just putting things into “perspective”. I feel sad about the life that has been lost and equally sad for the one he/she leaves behind. I do suspect however that football (Arsenal) was not the problem. But, i do understand that supporting Arsenal was probably the one true avenue in life that gave Sylvester’s friend hope and joy in a life that he/she may have been struggling in?

      I am in no way judging anyone but, I do think we should all bring things down to earth again and remember that whilst most of us don’t like the way our team are conducting them selves, there are many more bad things going on in the world!!??

      PERSPECTIVE please!!

    2. @gotanidea
      Don’t speak like a novice because I know you are not. A lot happen behind the scene about a football match. Bettings,agreements etc..
      Some people find happiness watching football and especially when their team win games etc..
      My Consolation to the family of the passionate fan.

  1. That was very sad to hear.

    I used to get very frustrated, and stressed watching Arsenal, but I’ve been so relaxed for a long time now because Arsenal FC died years ago! Kroenke has sucked the life out of our club, as we head towards midtable obscurity. Even Lacazette’s late equalizer at the weekend gave me no joy. In fact, I felt sorry for Southampton.

    Who could possibly have imagined the rapid decline of our club after the Invincibles? Most people thought we’d dominate for years after 03/04. Instead, we have become a soulless club under an owner who probably can’t even name five of our Invincibles!

    1. Come on man, this is not Kroenke’s mess, it’s Emery’s. Before you blame Kroenke for not already firing Emery, remember that is Raul’s job who is an executive and directly involved at this club. Raul has been watching games and has been happy to report back to Kroenke and the board that everything is on track. Blame Raul, not Kroenke.

      1. I know what you’re saying, read my response to that on a few comments below. So many others are to blame as well, but overall responsibility does rest with Kroenke.

        1. Ambition comes from the top, ibrahimovic can employ Raul and he would have done 10x better than what he is doing at arsenal because hr knew there is only but a slim margin for error

  2. I put Arsenal in all my bets … not much winning last few years.
    My thoughts tho with this guys family so sad to hear…

  3. We should not blame Kroenke for everything. Let us try and be objective. What has Kroenke done wrong now? He gave a team of people a task to pick the next manager. Should he now come to select the team and tell the manager how to do his job? How much money has Emery spent and what is there to show for it?

    1. Completely agree. I just said Kroenke because I couldn’t be bothered to write a more in depth analysis. Certainly the people who have been left in charge of day-to-day operations haven’t been performing for the best part of the decade. We have a new hierarchy that are performing better, but obviously it hasn’t worked out with our new manager.

      Overall, the buck does stop with Kroenke though. If he had got rid of Wenger, and Gazidis at least 6 years earlier (maybe more) then we wouldn’t be in such of a mess. I felt after those two left, it would take years to fix our problems, which will time be extended because of the time wasted on Emery. No leadership, or ambition from Kroenke does play a big part as well.

      1. OF COURSE THE BUCK STOPS WITH KROENKE! HE IS THE OWNER , FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SO WHO ELSE COULD IT POSSIBLY STOP WITH! An owner who cares and who invested his heart would make darned sure that idiots were not running the day to day club business. But he does NOT care and so idiots, especially the disastrous Gazidis who destroyed much of the fine base we had prior to Kroenke , when the magnificent Dein cared so splendidly for our club. I say this, even though Dein originally found Kroenke . He was wrong, profoundly wrong BUT his heart was pure, same as ours. A Gooner to his fingertips. Even true greats, which Dein was and is, make mistakes. But at least they care!

  4. Sometimes it’s more than the passion that one has for the beautiful game of football and which one has for his or her club side that one is ardently supporting. But when gambling comes into the fray mixing up with the passion that one has for the beautiful game of football in general, and for one’s football club side in particular, it can turnout to become another unpleasant episode entirely. Which for the passion that he or she has for his darling football club side tempt him or her stake all live saving money to gambling. And in extreme cases, stake his or her properties including his or her house that one has and living in it but lost all his or her money and properties including his or her house to gambling in the name of passion which his or her is depending on to leave and survive but are suddenly gone to gambling and lost. Then of course self murder could set in into one’s life to stake a claim to it. Hmmm. No remedy after death.

  5. Well, as a football fan, I used to keep tabs on AC Milan and Deportivo La Coruna along with Arsenal being my first team.Milan were country and continental champs are now reduced to a mid table. Super Depor were never the same without legendary Zavier Irrureta, and now are battling relegation in the second division. Arsenal decline was predicted when Hugo Loris decided to join Spurs (although he went to win nothing till date) when we were desperate for a GK and Arsene was the manager. Juan Mata went to Chelsea, these were defining moments that the rot in AFC was starting, and today it does not surprise me that we are heading for 10-11th place.Had Arsene got all his targets, we would not have been that bad.We kept signing average players for lot of money, and letting them go for free or nothing. Arsene was also to blame for not giving equal opportunities to all – Gnarby for an example. Perez was another, the man is banging goals in the Liga. The only player who played with grit, determination and passion was Ramsey, and clueless Unai let him go for free, and today Unai looks like a lost man. The only player that would come from the bench and try to make things happen. Today, Unai cannot look to anyone on the bench or on the pitch to same the team and himself the embarrassment. We find lesser skilled teams like Sheff, Burnley, Leicester, even Chelsea with the the youngsters way above us is only because they play with passion and determination. And I and do not accept that Wilder or Dyche are better coaches than Emery, it is down to the willpower on the pitch that can win you matches.No doubt, Emery needs to go and we need a coach who can improve our self belief first.

    1. The problem with Ramsey lies in the previous management led by Gazidis. I am a fan of Ozil but 350k pw is too much by any means. It just transferred the problem to the new management, unsettled the entire team, and it’s understandable that Ramsey demanded around 250k and left when the management withdrew the offer. Laca and Auba would love to stay with us, provided they get a huge increase in salary. I think they’re holding out for that, no hard feeling whatsoever for Emery.

  6. arsenal died the day they sold the team to kroenke…now all people in charge of the team are business men in suit,no true fans…where are the Danny fizzman(Bless his soul),David dein,hill-wood and lady smith?..return this club back to true fans that is when they can shine like a star

  7. Yesterday Lee Gunner said his source told him Emery has already been sacked and Nuno is being chased as the replacement. Today I’ve seen the Nuno story in the news Could Lee Gunner be right? If Emery is missing in the pre match conference for our Europa game it could be interesting.

    1. don’t hold your breath. We might be cursed with Freddie as an interim manager. Which in my mind means we have written this PL season of.

      Don’t get me wrong, Freddie will be better than Emery but the gap to 4th is too big and competition too high with much more experienced managers. With Freddie, we will finish anywhere between 6th – 14th.

      With a former youth coach as a manager for the rest of the season, you can most likely forget senior players signing new contracts until at least the permanent manager is announced.

      If Freddie is the only solution than it would be great if next season’s manager can be announced early.

        1. What I meant Sue, if we get a new manager who is a long term solution now (Like Arteta or Allegri) he he would have the rest of the season to mold his team in the style he likes. This would mean we hit the ground running next year.

          If we only appoint a new manager this summer, than the rest of this season is wasted in terms of building for the future. This new manager would need at least the first half of next season to get to know his players and teach them his ways.

      1. Freddie would be a good replacement if he has the guts to bench underperforming players and give youth a chance, ala Lampard. I don’t see it happening with the current team, particularly the two center backs. They are experienced but what I see is they keep on pointing finger to each other and makes the same mistakes week in week out. Chamber was good in the first match of the season but somehow made way for Luiz, as a result we haven’t kept a clean sheet ever since. The current pairing made blunders but they keep their place while Holding keep being overlooked, how does that make sense?

  8. So sad no man should take his own life over a football game or any other sports for that matter. Having said that, I would let u know that i’ve got faith that we will still challenge for a top 4 spot before the season is up,i can stake my wife on it.

  9. My condolescences and I agree people shouldn’t take football too seriously. Like the slogan of a gambling campaign: when the fun stops, stop.
    It’s just a phase, no one could have predicted we sink this hard after the invincible season, the almighty manure become a mid-table team, liverpool that have been crap for 30 years suddenly are very close to the title, the emergence of mancity, chelsea, and their sugardaddies, the miracle of Leicester, and so on.
    Our time will come.

  10. Why bring your wife into this man? Am sure she’s worth much more. You can’t even begin to quantify the worth of human life. Very poor and distasteful sir.

    I feel sorry for the family of the departed. No human life is should be cheapened by a football game, no matter what the game is.

    This is a grim reminder for all of us, especially those who are wont to carry their ‘love and passion’ for Arsenal to extremes. Using all kinds of abusive language and bitter criticism of people, players, coaches, other fans etc are unnecessary.

    This is passion gone wrong. It starts from a totally wrong perception and expression of things.

    Arsenal will bounce back one day. What happens to all the bile and hate that has been spewed on people along the way? We all need to be a bit more careful.

  11. I think we are at the end of the end of Emery, no one can say much from here on, it might have taken some a long time to understand Ozil isn’t the problem, that the players were not the problem, the board bought players, and everything should have worked better, but still Emery made a complete mess of everything. Am only waiting for the news to come.

    1. Not showing up at emirates has been a good method for me, it has greatly reduced my affection for the club, and I did advice the same (even though Declan felt we should continue to show up). If the board loves us fan (as much as some love emirates) they should have acted a while ago. Keep Emery till now is a sign of them loving their money more than our excitement.

  12. Sad story, i get very frustrated when things are going badly and always have, but not enough to want to top myself, I think yes Emery is much too blame but the board and Kroenke have to also take some flak and I include Sanlehi in that too,I’m not sure how much Stan is getting involved it may be that Josh is the one who has the final say here and if so he needs to try and “EXCITE” us again because I have not seen a lot of excitement so far, he can do that by sacking Emery.

  13. Terribly sad to hear and may this young man rest in Peace, all support and strength to his family and friends first.

    Indeed we all feel upset and hurt; just passion we experiment & overcome all day long in different ways.

    Gambling must be taken as a separate issue, not about a fan really but money an individual bets and become addicted to it.

    Studies highlight that:

    – 1 out of 5 gambler addict attempt suicide.

    – Gamblers addicts risk of suicide 15 times higher than average person.

    Hope clubs, leagues & players do something positive by acting, strong campaigns on gambling instead to represent and be sponsored; be paid by these brands…

    Rip to this young gun!

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