Opinion – Surely Arsenal should pay Saka more than £30k per week

Offering Saka a £30k per week new contract is not good enough.

Good morning Gooners. Hope we are all doing well? Hopefully, we are positively preparing for big game against Olympiacos tonight, right? Like I predicted earlier, we are leaving Greece with a win after tonight’s game.

Fellow Gooners, I keep on asking myself one question; when are we going to learn how to play football politics as a club? When is Arsenal going to learn to start doing the right thing to keep players tied to the club? We are talking about losing Bukayo Saka, unless we sit up! What a sad thing it will be to lose a young talent like Saka.

In one of my previous articles, I highlighted how important it is to tie down the Nigerian and I also asked if there was any move to get him to sign a new contract, knowing full well that he has 18 months left on his current Arsenal contract. Well, I have been following stories online and almost all sport sites have been reporting on how Arsenal was ready to offer him a new contract, whereby he will be earning £30k per week! What a ridiculous offer, in my own opinion.

It is a good thing that the club is thinking about keeping Saka for a long time, but offering to pay him 30k per week is so poor! This is a player who has proven with his consistent performances, that he can play a big part in helping the club win trophies. He is skillful, has pace and surely knows how to open up defences. 30k for such an emerging talent will not be doing justice to his talents. There is no law saying we can’t offer him a 100k per week, is there? Do we really think 30k per week will convince him to sign the new contract?

With the likes of Liverpool and Real Madrid considering signing Saka, do we think 30k will make him decide to sign for us, when Liverpool and Real Madrid can pay him much more than that? Football is all money, money and money! The earlier we learn that, the better it will be for us. Let us not joke with talents at our hands; a lot of clubs are looking for such talents. Bukayo Saka’s performances have not gone unnoticed and it will only be a matter of time before the bigger clubs start offering him mega contract packages with the intention of snapping him away from the Emirates.

We can stop this by re-thinking our offer to him. 30k per week will surely not keep Saka, definitely not these times that money rules football. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. £100k is too much for a 18year old, this is his first season playing regularly for the first team, £50k sounds fair on a three and half year contract, then when he finally proves himself to be a world class talent, then they can offer him much more money.

    I can remember what arsenal fans said when the club was offering ozil £350k a week deal, we all said the club should give him the money he wants, we are the ones blaming the club now for giving ozil £350k.

    We need to avoid the ozil-like situation whereby the other players would say they’re performing more and deserve to earn more, imagine having 3 or 4 youngsters performing at the level saka is performing now, with saka on a £100k a week others wouldn’t settle for less.

    1. 1.5m a year at the age of 18 after playing half a season in the EPL, what a hardship? With respect this is a nonsensical article.

      1. Forget about age, decisions are made based on performance on the pitch. Can u justify the money that Ozil and Xhaka gets? These guys have got no room for improvement, unlike Saka. Arsenal should start building the team around Saka, Marinelli, and Goundouzi

    2. 30k is more than enough for a 18 year old, he should be concentrating on his football, many people work hard for years and not get that

      1. 30k is a fair offer. He’s 18 with 6 months 1st team experience. He’s mentally in experienced not only with life but also in football, meaning his form could quickly change. He has raw talent that’s clear to see And with the right development and training he can go along way.

        1. Oh. You are talking about age and not performance and input. Wait until he’s offered much by other clubs. How much was Anthony Martial paid when he came to PL? Mbappe is earning what? What of that young Brazilian in Real Madrid? Keep a very good player. Pay him 50k and above. Age has business if on the wrong side of 30. Even then, CR7 is still up there.

  2. Arsenal should keep Saka at all costs. He is worthy of every pound or else we will risk losing an exceptional talent.

  3. One thing is for sure Sylvester, RM won’t pay him more than £30kp/w. And if you think that is ridiculous how much is not.

  4. You’re way out of your league if you think 30k for now is too small.
    You mention 100k.
    I’m glad some of you ain’t in charge of negotiations. Saka is 18 Right now, when you pay him 100k and you want to renew his contract at 21-22… How much do you offer him then? 250k?? Then when he’s 26, you offer him how much 400k??
    The boy is still young, is happy right here, where his family and friends are.
    There’s no single reason he’ll want to leave for now, as he’s also an Arsenal through and through.
    30k now and if he keeps his performances, increase it to 80-90k after 2 seasons.
    Let him earn his salary, he’s young and will eventually earn the big buck later.
    Imagine paying an 18 years old who isn’t Mbappe 100k.

    1. Great comment. We just started restructuring our wage bill and now people want the club to throw big contracts at a rookie? 🤣

      The author ignores the fact that the other young players will also want better contracts which will make the established pros want a bump in salary too.

    2. This article is ridiculous to think that an 18 year old that has had half a good season should be getting paid 100k a week.
      There’s no doubt that Saka is a good player but in a realistic world, if you pay Saka 100k then you have to pay martinelli 150k and then all of a sudden everyone of your players in on 100k plus! This is why football has gone berserk, certain players get big money and then everyone has to follow suit where does it end.
      Also if Saka did started getting paid 100k a week the pressure would be immense for him to be 10 out of 10 every week which would lead to his downfall. Young players still need their feet on the ground until they become mature and established. Just my opinion.

      1. Agreed with all of you.

        50 K should be the absolute maximum. No club will pay him more than 40 – 50 K and even that is doubtful.

  5. and when man u or liverpool snaps him up from us, the board will say “he was greedy and wanted money”. ofcourse he wants money, everyone does. while i am not so much for offering him big money, 30k offer is just not enough. so far he has performed beyond expectation and honestly 50-60k would fit the bill

    1. £30K is a big sum but I think £40k shows decent intent from the club. I am also sure the agent will demand that should Saka do brilliantly going forwards then a clause in the deal will give him more salary, commensurate with his achievements.

      He may be a five minute wonder, or he could be the next world superstar. Too early to say yet.

      It might be worth considering what pros in lesser teams are earning. I bet not many will be on more than £50 – £75K pw.

      1. I actually think £30k is more than enough but it’s worth checking out what comparable clubs pay their potential super stars. The ridiculous sums being earned are crazy.

      2. Further to my other point the likes of Holding, Mavropanos, and Guendouzi are on approximately £40k pw. Are they worth it?

      3. A 10* (3000-30000)increase in salary is unbelievable.Saka is good and still has time to grow and develop his skills.

        1. Saka is talented no doubt, he will keep improving as the years goes bye under quality manager and program, 50K will be very OK, but more importantly the club should peg good buy out clause on the contract. Again Arsenal being lured into agreeing huge contract payment for the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka etc was deliberate act by Wenger and Gazidis to plague the club for asking them to leave. Were they paying such when they were fully in charge? no. Both of them were aware that these players are on decline, have played the club out of top four for good two seasons, so why increase the pay of players on decline so much while leaving? Making it very difficult to sell them therefore we are stuck with them and their results are glaring. They knew what they did, let the club offer 40 – 50K to Saka and put good buy out clause just my candid opinion.

  6. No disrespect, but I don’t think these post help the cause (of keeping Saka at the team).

    It’s not the matter of free speech. But this is a more complex topic than pure financials. It’s about commitment, patience, loyalty… And of course money.
    But we all know, that Arsenal – as well as every other team – has thousands of idiots supporting them. They represent only a few %, but there are many of them nevertheless. They have a Twitter account, and without significant brain functions it is easy to tweet that “if Kolasinac earns 140k per week than Saka deserves at least 150k”. And it is not just a few retarded tweets. It is a popular (yet unfortunate) trend in England that so-called journalist write articles on tweets saying: “Arsenal fans demand respectable wage for wonderkid Saka”…

  7. Bloody hell, imagine being an 18 year old earning 30k a week!!
    As we know, he’s assisted more (in all comps) than any other player. Saw earlier that in the EL as a whole, only 3 players have been involved in more goals than he has. So, if he keeps this up, will he look around and say such and such is earning 100+k a week and I’m doing just as much as him, if not more, surely I deserve the same amount he’s on? Tricky one….. obviously other teams are sniffing around, we don’t want to lose him….

      1. Well I had to have a look, Kelvin. After Rashford’s debut goals.. he went from £500 a week… to being offered 15k a week….. but now he’s on a ridiculous amount, like 250k??!!
        Apparently Mbappe was on 16k a week at Monaco…. and now it’s probably even more than Rashford!!! I’m in the wrong job 😂

  8. 30k a week is perfect.

    What has he proven? He had been hot in 1 or 2 games. He is currently on what 5k a week I think I read somewhere so increasing your salary 500% or what ever it is doesnt sound bad to me. If you continue to do well then yes we offer you more. Maybe put a assist and goal clause in to make him work for it. If he is involved in 20 goal a season automatic bump up or something.

    30k is perfect. Your not thiery honey yet mate. I’m sure he will take the deal

  9. I completely agree with Eddie and don’t forget the time,education….that arsenal has invested in him over the years so if he can’t see that and is ungrateful sell him then,like others mentioned luckily you’re not in charge of the club finances, can’t you see the ramifications of paying a 18 years old 100k/week?how much are Leno,Auba,Martilleni and Co are going to ask for?now that’s what I call ridiculous.

  10. If saka doesnt wana sign than let him be,its not like he will get full game time at real or liverpool let him ask bale and shaqiri,one player doesnt make a team but a group of players does…he is not yet worthy of earning that much per week he just started working….no doubt he is a good player somewhat still in the making..

  11. 100k is too much for an 18 year old that hasn’t even been in the first team for a season. We have full internationals that aren’t even on that amount. What’s wrong with this kid? The hype has gone to his head. If he doesn’t wanna sign sell him for no less than 40m give the lw to martinelli and reinvest that 40 with a couple of young players with potential and let Mikel work on them. And let’s move forward

  12. Everybody talks about age, should not get more at 18. In modern football young age is only considered to raise transfer price., Not to low his value down.

    His wage been way too low, 3000/week, 30k is more like it, but upon what he provides, he easily deserves 50k/week.

  13. Giving Saka 50k/w is too much. Performing well in just half a season doesn’t warrant that money. Perhaps it’s bcos we are paying Ozil 350k. 30k is fair, he shd take it or leave. No one is bigger than arsenal.

  14. Giving Saka 50k/w is too much. Performing well in just half a season doesn’t warrant that money. Perhaps it’s bcos we are paying Ozil 350k. 30k is fair, he shd take it or leave. No one is bigger than arsenal. Remember Walcott.

  15. Would anyone tell me how to find recent posts? Someone named Samuel kept saying” us” instead of “we”. I pointed out that he was not a native born English speaker and he will make mistakes. Can’t find the post.

  16. Saka just came from Arsenal academy and people already talking about big money. His agent and family should not demand big wages because he has a good platform at Arsenal to succeed. If he leaves there is no guaranty he will succeed. They need to be careful with the boy.

  17. Arsenal fans cannot complain about Ozil and Xhaka salaries, but they complain about Saka. Who is really doing better in the field of play? Salaries should be a reward for performance not age

    1. Top Gunner, you obviously are not, nor ever have been, the manager of a team of people, be they teachers, mechanics, or whatever. There are universal principles with a thing like this. A kid that is not even 18, can never be paid as much or more than the senior members of the group, no matter how good he is. The concept of comparing Saka’s salary, or wanting to bring it in line, with the Mustafis and Xhakas, to mention just a few, is ridiculous. Life and business does not work that way.

    2. I am surprised to hear you compare sakai with xhaka and ozil. One season does not make a player not to talk of half season. It’s ridiculous. Gabriel is been paid 30k a week which is not bad at all for saka too. He should sign with an option that if he improves then he will get a pay rise. Let him prove himself first for full season and prove to us hes not a flash in a fry pan. Arsenal cant go on throwing money away we need to be honest with things. Given every Dick and harry stupid money sounds crazy.

  18. 30k for an 18 year old is a huge amount. There is a lot of rubbish in the media and im sure we value him and i will be surprised if he doesn’t sign. I would think he wants to wait until this season is over because then both parties can see the real value in Saka and pay accordingly.

  19. they should pay him 25
    he should,nt forget that arsenal help him to grow
    I expect him to stay longer
    some people are inform but when they leave their club they lost their form

  20. I think the six young Gunners of: Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah, Willock, Nelson and Smith-Rowe – loaned out, should all be placed on equal structured wages for now. But Martinelli who scores more goals than the rest should get a little higher wage than the rest with Saka who workaholic to defend, assist and score coming closely behind him in wage earnings. Say, £45k/w for Martinelli and £42.5k/w for Saka. And the remaining 3 getting placed on 25k/w wages till next winter window when their wages could be reviewed upwards based on their performance level for the club. I think if this offer is offered to these young Gunners, I think Martinelli and Saka in particular will accept it knowing that they could get an upward review to their contracts next January if they performance very well for the club between now and January next season. Is Saka at the level of Iwobi at Arsenal before he was sold to Everton? And how much was Iwobi earning in wages at Arsenal before he was sold?

    1. Sam, how about number of passes, number of tackles, number of interceptions……? Without those by other guys, Martinelli would not be scoring goals. Complete contribution to team effort and results should determine level of compensation.

    1. £35k a week for an 18 year old prospect? That equates to over 50 times the average earnings in the UK.

      If reports are true he is stalling because he wants to make sure we qualify for European football before he signs up. In my opinion £30k a week is the maximum we should offer him initially with increased earnings based on performance. Let him prove himself as an established PL player before increasing his earnings. If he doesn’t accept that then move him on. A few good performances does not earn him a 100k a week contract!!

  21. 30k is a good salary for the 18yrs Saka and we wait for two seasons if his performance is growing then the club will decide what they have decided for his motivation.

  22. I truly don’t see the fuss about paying the boy a reasonable football salary fit for a wonderful premiership player. He tops our assist list by all accounts he should be in our first eleven already. Many fans here need to chill it’s not your money. Think about it if Saka was in another club won’t his contract have been negotiated already. Let’s not kid ourselves he is among the top 3 best players for us this season.

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