Opinion – The Bundesliga this weekend showed that fans can be trusted to stay away from the stadiums

Football finally returned this weekend as the top two tiers of the German league resumed action over the weekend.

There was a lot of excitement and, my God! It was good to see players back at their jobs as we have been bored to death of watching movies and the news about coronavirus.

The games were not played in the same atmosphere as they should have as fans had to remain at home to support their teams because of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

Regardless of the poor atmosphere, it was good to have football back and one can only hope that more leagues will soon follow suit.

The Premier League is still in talks with teams over resumption and one of the biggest challenges that they face right now is keeping the fans away from the stadiums when the action gets underway.

The Bundesliga authorities would have been worried about that too, however, they trusted the fans and the measures they have put in place to help and keep the fans away worked.

Other leagues who want to restart their campaigns and end this season like the Premier League and the Spanish La Liga should copy their example.

You can only do your best in terms of logistics in times like this. However, if you don’t trust the fans to stay away, you would probably never restart the campaign.

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    1. I’m not sure how much it proved
      It’s not the first weekend back police are worried about
      It’s the day Liverpool win title or a Villa stay up with last minute goal
      Those are the scenarios where a fan might go im partying outside my stadium
      Only when the title and relegation is confirmed in Germany will we have a comparison
      For example Arsenal.vs Watford – yeah gooner s will stay indoors
      Arsenal win FA Cup Final vs City on pens – that’s when police will worry
      Just look at your local parks , beaches
      Lots of idiots in this country

      1. Might I ask what is so wrong with outside that you should call people idiot’s for socializing and living a normal life.

        1. Well, there is a pandemic being spread by one human to another and people dying from the virus Jah son.

  1. All this project restart is all about money above human life. This is evil and Satanic in nature. Well, l will like to see how fans respond to their victories in term of lifting the trophy or staying up on the last day. Fingers crossed.

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