Opinion – The Coronavirus could destroy football as we know it…

Covid-19 will change the football world dramatically by AndersS

In itself it seems almost like a useless pastime to worry about football in the current situation, as the Corona virus is in fact a matter of life and death.

It is very likely, that in the coming weeks and months we will see so many suffering from the virus, that hospitals etc. can’t cope. There will not be enough intensive care facilities to treat all the people needing intensive care, let alone the people needing intensive care because of the virus. There will also be shortages of medicine and of healthy medical staff.

Thousands will die of the virus but also of other critical illnesses, and from situations that can’t be handled. Not just elderly people, who are already suffering from other illnesses. It will be widespread, and it will be absolutely devasting. This is the picture, we are possibly looking at in many countries in the World, including the UK.

The economic impact of the disease could be of astronomical proportions in all countries. We will see not just small companies going bankrupt, but also huge worldwide corporations and most likely states as well.

You may dismiss the above as nonsense. I regard it not as a certainty, but as a possible scenario, which I personally would give even odds.

Worrying about football in these circumstances can be regarded as totally out of place. But here we go.

I do regard it as a certainty that the football season is over, and I personally couldn’t care less whether Liverpool are declared champions or not.

In the above scenario and even in a somewhat better outcome, the football world is likely to change dramatically.

Already clubs can expect huge drops in income. TV contracts are in fact being broken, and the companies paying huge sums for the rights to televise will rightly hold back payments and/or demand some of their millions back. Sponsorship the same. Income from ticket sales and merchandise can be assumed to be zero already.

Soon clubs can’t pay the salaries of their players or pay off on their credit for stadiums etc. We will see clubs going down. How many and how big is really just a matter of time.

When we eventually come on the other side of this, Arsenal FC as a club will most likely have survived. But Arsenal as a business is at risk. Now, you may of course think this is only a problem for the owners, but that will be a huge misconception.

It is not unlikely likely the football world will be totally different already in a couple of months, and a couple of months might not even be anywhere near the timeframe, we should be looking at.

Imagine this:

– Clubs will have to cope in the future with say 50% of their current income
– Clubs can’t live up to the contractual obligations to the players
– Players can effectively leave at will anytime, they desire
– But which clubs in the world can pay them?
– Forget transfers as we know them
– The governing bodies in the football world will be economically paralyzed as their income sources have effectively dried up

Do you want to continue the list?


I of course hope, I am way off here and that in a few weeks this can be dismissed as a laughable prediction…


  1. All this because someone wanted to eat bat soup! They say Humans are destroying this planet and who would argue now? I pray this virus recedes in the months to come and I believe it will as it did with Mers, Sars, Swine flu and Ebola.. if we’re smart and take the proper measures we’ll overcome this in the not too distant future and in the meantime football will just have to take a backseat.

      1. Well I know bats carry the coronavirus and bat soup is a Chinese delicacy if not a bat then it’ll be some sort of other delicacy like a Civet or some other animal that shouldn’t be eaten.

          1. Another moral Sue is that all wet market’s in Asia need shut down permanently, the disease riden flea huts are a breeding ground for bacteria not to mention the brutality of the animals slaughtered there including man’s best friend.

          2. I’m with you, Kev.. I’m going by what I heard/read on the tv/online.. the source came from that wet market in Wuhan. I honestly hate to think what else was in there… I also know they’re evil b******s over there when it comes to animals – vile, barbaric and sickening to say the least. Karma, Kev, karma!

          3. Oh absolutely Sue there’s no doubt it’s come from Wuhan.. they sell every exotic animal you could probably think of from snakes, to civets to pangolins, croc and camel meat etc! 100% I’m in agreement with you Sue I read an article the other day about the brutality of dogs and those poor animals locked down in cages not big enough to stand in waiting to be slaughtered it’s absolutely heartbreaking! If I was in charge of any football club my team would certainly not be visiting China for any promotional pre season tour!

        1. this isn’t entirely accurate. The theory is that it came from bats, but it is also possible that it transmitted through other species before humans made contact with it. So best not to say humans eating a bat is what caused it because that is simply not confirmed and there are other ways that it could have been transmitted. And it coming from bats is not a fact yet either

          1. As I mentioned RSH if not a bat then a Civet or some other animal that wasn’t meant for consumption, either way it’s come from China that is certain.

    1. It will soon subside, just as the others did. It has all been blown completely out of proportion (as everything is these days). We still need to find out whether this is just a general virus, or man made, like Sars most probably was. Coincidence, or intentional, it matters not, either way it plays perfectly into the globalists hands. Medical martial-law!

      For anyone thinking this total lock-down is a smart move, then why haven’t we been doing it every year when the flu season hits? Many die, even more fall ill, it’s highly contagious, yet we always carry on as normal. Should we cancel everything, and go into another total panic meltdown in 9 months time?

      Football, and everything else, will get back to normal soon after Corona isn’t trending, because the mainstream media, and the doom mongers, need to restart their propaganda campaign against Trump, with the election coming up, and Brexit, with the December exit on the horizon.

      1. It’s not man made… corona virus has been around for a while and actually SARS is a type of corona virus, and I’d hardly say its blown out of proportion… tell that to the families of the 1500 Italians who have died in the last couple months, just because it hasn’t directly affected you doesn’t mean its blown out of proportion.

        1. I think you have misunderstood me. Losing anyone is horrible, terrible thing, at any time. It’s great that people are finally looking at their own personal hygiene, and one’s actions, in regards to health and safety.

          I just feel this is being blown out of proportion, in comparison to the normal flu that we get every year. I have worked in aged care for years, so I have first had experience of the flu, and it is just as, if not, more dangerous than Corona, yet we all don’t go into total meltdown once every 12 months. Nothing ever gets cancelled!

          For all those who feel a total lock down on everything is a good idea, should we be doing this every flu season then? You may think my comments uncompassionate, but just think how many more people will suffer, and die because of this total lock down. The majority of deaths at the moment are the elderly, or those with underlying health issues, but this total lock down will affect everyone, whether you’re healthy or not.

          Think how many businesses will now go under, the rise in unemployment, rise in homelessness, people not being able to afford to warm their homes, the massive affect on the economy in general if people do not have the money to spend, or are now too scared to venture out anyway. The lock down will do far more damage than good.

          1. im conflicted as well. If the media vigorously reported flu deaths every year, the panic would be much worse and you’d think the human race is about to end. A lot of this really is about perception and narrative. I think its ridiculous how the media has told people not to panic, while giving people every reason TO PANIC. The main problem is that there is no treatment for this and if you are old and have other health problems and get this you are in big trouble. So I think some measures should be taken, and it is better to over-react than to wait until things actually do get bad, but basically trapping people in their homes and causing all the hysteria is not necessary. Again, apply what the media is doing with Coronavirus to the yearly flu and it would look so much worse. Media does exclusive coverage of this virus and have been setting it up like this for weeks. How nice that everyone is inside watching their news now 24/7. Must be some ratings…

          2. @RSH the flu has a mortality rate of around 0.1% corona virus has a 1 to 2 % mortality rate depending on geographical location and it’s also about how bad it could potentially be which we dont know as it’s a new strain it COULD get worse so your comparison of the two is wrong, do research before just ignorantly assuming its media panic.

          3. @Rory Johnson The mortality rate you’re using is based on reported cases which are not even close to accurate. Countries are not testing at a fast enough rate so the number of cases are much higher, so that lowers the mortality rate greatly. As I said, some measures should be taken, like stopping travel around the globe and large countries is a good idea, but personally, I think everybody freaking out when people have to cough, or people buying mountains of toliet paper because we are all going to die, is because of media hysteria. You don’t get this virus and you are done for. You are very likely to be fine and recover and just experience mild symptoms. Do what we can to protect the vulnerable, limit unessential travel, and we’ll make it through. Why every news channel needs to repeat the same information every hour on the hour while also say dont panic is crazy.

          4. @RSH yes with the toilet roll epidemic going on that is just people being ridiculous and being influenced by the media, people were interviewed and asked why there buying it and most answers were “because everyone else is” which is seriously stupid, but we dont know the ceiling with this virus and even if the numbers aren’t entirely accurate there the best we have and therefore can only go by the data we currently have and must go by them. The people working in medicinal biology clearly know much more than we do and dont think its blown out of control so I think people should stick with the professional advice not arm chair doctors.

          5. Sorry Third Man but as you have worked in aged care for years you should and ought to know that as a percentage of those who catch either flu or Corona, the latter kills vastly more people. Only a small fraction of 1 % die from flu and there are seasonal vaccines for vulnerable folk in first world countries, unlike Corona , which has no cure right now. From Corona the global death rate is estimated at over 2 %, and therefore far more. I will always welcome debate but do not debate on clearly false facts .
            In any case, no final government decision on a much discussed possible lockdown has yet been made and the situation is fluid with attitudes changing weekly or even quicker.

          6. @jonfox

            From first hand experience, the flu vaccine doesn’t always work. I’ve personally overseen people take it, and still get the flu.

  2. Covid-19: The 14 patients whose deaths were announced on Sunday were aged between 59 and 94 and ALL HAD UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS, NHS England said.

    I’ve yet to find someone who’s died from the virus who’s been in good health before they got it. MA’s wife after he caught the virus: ‘In a normal situation he would have just taken an ibuprofen or paracetamol and would have gone to work so really, it’s nothing major. Some temperatures, some headaches but that’s it.’

    In other words if it wasn’t for the panic stricken reactions of world governments and the WHO hardly anyone in reasonable health would even know they had the virus. A heavy cold, mild flu? A few days off work then back to it. I ask again – what’s all the fuss about?

    1. You could ask the 365 people in Italy that died from it yesterday what the fuss is all about.
      Oh, sorry you can’t. THEY’RE DEAD!

      1. But difficult to find out how old they were and what, if any, diseases they already had. It suits the headline writers to give half the story.
        Even the BBC, who should know better, can’t resist over-dramatization. Here’s an example: 14 March 2020 BBC News
        Headline: “Coronavirus – UK deaths double in 24 hours.”
        Wow! Shock! horror! etc.
        Let’s carry on with the report:
        “Ten more people in the UK have died in the last 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths to 21.”
        Oh dear, disaster is upon us – the number of deaths has doubled! How will we survive? We’re all doomed!
        Then if we scroll down, down, down, well away from the headline, a bit below the author’s name we find one tiny sentence which totally screws up the author’s wildly dramatic headline by saying:
        “Every patient death announced in the coronavirus outbreak in the UK has been a person who has had underlying health conditions.”
        Get that? EVERY PATIENT DEATH… HAD UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS. It didn’t mention their ages.

        Another report I read (not UK and which I should have bookmarked) said that 10 people had died recently but the reporter then had the good grace to tell us that 8 of the 10 were over 80 and that, again, ALL 10 HAD UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS.

        Not quite so scary now is it?

      2. Well said PAT. I despair that any human being can be so callous and “I’m alright Jack” as to even think, let alone write for all to see, the disgusting inhumane nonsense that Gunner Jack has. I pray I never meet him and his thankfully rare type of “human.”

    2. What’s the fuss?? Jesus christ really!?!? Go tell that to the families of the nearly 7 thousand people dead, horrible comment.

      1. Yourself and Admin have misinterpreted mine, and GunnerJack’s comments. We were just talking about how it has been blown out of proportion. Obviously anyone dying from anything is horrible thing, but it doesn’t always mean we need a total lock down, and new regulations, laws, made off the back of it.

        A perfect example of how things get blown out of proportion on a global scale is the UN puppet Greta. She tells us all we’ll be dead very soon, without any facts to back her arguments, and the masses believe everything she says, and go into a frenzied panic. Greta will do more harm than good, just as the panic over Corona will do far more damage than the actual virus itself. That’s what worries me. How many more will suffer because of the panic.

        1. Well that example we can agree on as greta is a clueless puppet being used by her peers as a veil to say things without facts without repercussions because you cant attack a child especially one with aspergers BUT you cannot compare regular flu with corona virus, the problem is we do not how potentially bad It could get where as the flu is usually consistent each year, in the U.S the death rate of flu is 0.1 % where as corona virus deaths are between 1 and 2 percent so 10 to 20 times bigger mortality rate depending on geographical location so Its definitely not a fair comparison. So its definitely not “blown out of proportion “

          1. I get what you’re saying in regards to it’s a new virus, albeit similar to the flu, but I do think it has been blown out of proportion, and I’ll give you a very good example from my own personal experience.

            A few years back, one of the care homes my care staff sometimes had to visit, lost 3 residents over just one Christmas, because of the flu. Obviously everyone, especially family members were devastated, but no one was surprised, because the flu kills so many every year. Within the aged care community, we all know how dangerous winter is. We make sure to remind everyone of the correct hygiene practices, help with extra shopping, and other duties and that’s all we can, and I feel, should do. Shutting everything down is a terrible idea! We do not do this every flu season.

            The only time I have known anything to go into lockdown is the odd care home, but shutting down entire countries will result in far more deaths and suffering than any virus will. Just look at the banking crisis over a decade ago. Millions homeless and without jobs, and that was just America!

          2. Forgot to mention that those three deaths barely made the regional news, let alone the national news, yet I’m in Australia at the moment, and I think we’ve had 3 deaths (as of last week) and it’s a national panic!

          3. So you tell me to do research while being skeptical of global warming. Alright buddy. Maybe you should do some research, unless you think 99% of the climate scientists are lying. Sea levels are rising as we speak, it is affecting our agriculture, and temperature is only expected to rise. I’d love to hear you argue that humans have nothing to do with that though. You may not like how Greta says her message, but she has a point. I hope you dont think dumping a bunch of garbage into our ocean, and spitting out toxic fumes into our atmosphere has zero effect on the Earth…

          4. @RSH when did I say I dobt believe in global warming?? I said I dont like Greta thunberg or how adults are using her, I listen to global warming SCIENTISTS not a 16 year old with aspergers. the scientists give facts about it she does not, so please learn to read my comments properly. And also 99% of ALL climate scientists? So they literally surveyed every single climate scientist? Stop using % like that as if it’s been quantified it just looks silly.

          5. And what exactly is Greta saying that is contradictory to scientists? She does not claim to be one obviously because she is an activist, which means her focus is getting on governments to ACT. Which they have been doing very little of. Her Asperger also is totally irrelevant and makes you sound like you have a personal vendetta against her. If she is getting people to take notice and is not spreading mis-information I dont see the problem.

          6. I have a vendetta about her delivery and shes not spreading ANY VALID information, just waffling and screaming on stage about the problem without offering a feasible solution is asinine, grown ups are ruining the planet etc. and the fact that it takes a 16 year old with no scientific knowledge to get people to actually take notice when scientists have been saying it for decades is ridiculous.

      2. The actual number is 6,684 from 174,134 confirmed cases. But what about those thousands/millions of people who took the path suggested by MA’s wife and just took a few days off work, a paracetemol or two, and then went back to work as if nothing unusual had happened. These are UNCONFIRMED CASES. So how many of the 6,684 had a bad disease at the time? How many were ALREADY in intensive care? How many in rest homes, awaiting the end? Bet you’d be lucky to find 4 out of the 6,684 who were healthy at the time the virus struck and died because of it. People are dying of one thing or another ALL THE TIME!
        In fact the latest gov guidelines have now asked people to take 7 days off if they don’t feel so well (reduced from 14) and told them NOT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR’S as they will probably be ok after that time.

        1. “But what about those thousands/millions of people who took the path suggested by MA’s wife and just took a few days off work” first off MILLIONS is a gross over exaggeration… and they are irrelevant because we can only go by the stats we have… mortality rate among those confirmed to have it. and under your logic of people dying all the time why try and cure / stop anything? Sick people are more susceptible to most things but what we should just let it happen?

          1. The thousands/millions is referring to the world, not the UK. As the symptoms of flu and covid-19 are practically identical it is no exaggeration.
            Example from the US CDC (Centers for Diseas Control):
            “CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 36 million flu illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths from flu.”

          2. Well it’s still an exaggeration because they are two different illnesses so you cant just say because there are millions with the flu that there are millions with corona virus, and if we reach 36 million people with flu there will definitely be much more deaths as the mortality rate is ten fold higher from the data we have.

          3. By the way, just to throw further fuel on the fire, I don’t believe in global warming either.
            Just like everyone else those who believe it produce charts etc to back their case. However, if anyone takes the trouble to go back a few more years and then study the charts you will see that yet again, like the corona virus, it’s all much ado about nothing. The long-range charts clearly show that the present warming is not at all out of the ordinary.
            I do however hate the dumping of waste in the oceans and any other stupid environental practice for that matter. I’m all for a clean earth.

    3. Gunner Jack,Your disgusting views appal me and will to all right thinking people. The elderly and vulnerable are expendable is what you are in fact saying! SHAME ON YOU!

      1. And not just the elderly, anyone with type one diabetes or M.S ( my girlfriend has both unfortunately) diabetes suppresses the immune system naturally and the treatment for M.S does the same, plus anyone who has had a transplant will be higher risk because of the immunosuppression medication.

      2. I am elderly and vulnerable with a weak immune system so what on earth are you babbling about?
        I am appalled at you for not thinking this through, you who say you are a ‘Facts’ man but then choose to ignore ALL the facts on this occasion.
        I much prefer the reasonable view of MA’s wife saying MA would have taken a paracetemol and gone back to work if it was up to him. No fuss, no big deal and what thousands have already done.
        I was also at pains to point out those who WERE vulnerable, as you well know. However, in your mounting hysteria, you purosely chose to overlook/ignore that point I made.
        SHAME ON YOU! LOL you really are pathetic.

      3. Guys you are wasting your time arguing with the right wingers…how did i deduce that? from one of the comments above, ie media bias against trump , climate change is a hoax….waste of breath…cant logically debate with cretins who admire trump.
        A shame they support Arsenal, thiyght our fans were not deplorables
        Last time i will read any comments from those two

    4. Last year 19,000 people died of the flu as someone has already said a mortality rate of about 0.1%. Corona is a new virus with no cure at present with thankfully a low mortality rate of 1% roughly thank god its not like sars which was much higher. Predicted deaths in the UK could be in the 10s of thousands even 100s therefore far higher than the 19000 for the flu.
      Do you really think the whole world would shut down if this was simy like the flu and killed a few thousand. This is potentially far more serious and most of the general public is being fed the information that is needed to keep everyone from going into total freak out. I mean as soon as the gov said it was on our shores what did the rational general public do go and empty supermarkets of toilet paper, genius. Then you wonder why the gov is not telling the general public everything.
      For those of you that think this is simply a case of flu you are the ones that will perpetuate this problem longer and worse than it needs to be. Just think about it the whole world doesn’t come to a stand still for flu figure it out.

  3. Rory, you say ‘…if we reach 36 million people with flu there will definitely be much more deaths as the mortality rate is ten fold higher from the data we have.’
    I know you meant to write coronavirus not flu here so I’m not nit-picking about that. However it is the bit at the end that counts – ‘from the data we have’.
    All scientists, no matter where from in the world, have said that it is impossible to get precise data because the vast majority of people with the virus (flu or corona) DON’T BOTHER TO REPORT IT and, as has been mentioned before, they just take a few days off work with what they consider to be an annoying cough, cold and a bit of a headache.
    So as you can see it could even turn out that the corona virus has about the same death rate in its victims as the flu. No one has any accurate data and probably won’t have, because many of those who HAD the corona virus will now be happily back at work and feeling glad that they have ‘shaken off a touch of flu’ as they would say to their workmates/bosses.

    1. My bad yes I meant corona virus, So if we cant get precise data then how can we be precise in saying most people who get it dont bother to report it?? Thats impossible to assume, We dont know what we dont know so you cant say most people dont report it, any survey etc is done by the number of people in that survey that’s the best we can do, just like the numbers we currently have, all we can do is gauge the ratio of people confirmed to have it and people confirmed dead as a result of having it. Otherwise all surveys are moot because there are people outside of the criteria.

          1. I would not say exactly “rare” but certainly in a distinct minority Rory. Personally, I do not wish to converse with ignorant people and selfish morons. It is impossible to get through to such types and they often do not even comprehend nuances in arguments and shades of grey which are so vitally important in many life matters. They are also, usually vague and imprecise with language through lack of intellect and language skills, though lack of language skills, by itself, does NOT mean all those are less intelligent. Nor do I mind punctuation mistakes or poor spelling. On a debate site such things matter not a pot. “Shades of grey” you see!

    1. Go and wash your mouth out immediately! 🙂
      What would we do without all the drinking, drugs and debauchery? LOL.
      Actually he has cut down and also stopped smoking, agreeing with Lou Reed that it was harder than giving up heroin.

  4. Stop kissing, stop sexual promiscuity, stop smoking, cook food very well, and follow other recommended sanitary measures, and then good health to us all.
    What about that.

    1. Do you trust an entire nation to uphold these standards especially when most dont fall within the dangerous bracket, I certainly dont. Some people dont give a damn.

      1. That’s the problem.
        If humans refuse to follow high moral standard, the only option left is for a cure to be found – and very fast.

    2. A cure must and must be found, otherwise the end has come. We can get reinfected as soon as we recover, and the disease will continue to spread.

      1. Gily, current medical thinking among those who know how this virus works is that we are unlikely to catch it twice ,as a degree of immunity is present once you have recovered from it. Was your assertion made from ignorance, as I sadly suspect, OR do you know something that no one else knows!

    3. Gily* And stop drinking alcohol! Alcohol lowers the immune system and drinkers can become more prone to bacteria but Alcohol is often excused because most people can’t live without it.

  5. I think we’ve all had a good debate. Reminds me of the of good ol days of our Wenger in or out debates.

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