Opinion: The integration of Balogun should cost Lacazette his Arsenal career

Folarin Balogun has emerged as the next big talent to come out of the Arsenal production line.

The young Englishman has been scoring goals for fun in the club’s youth team.

In his last game for the Arsenal first team, he scored his first senior goal within the first two minutes with what was his first touches of the game.

The teenage striker has announced himself with that goal, and as the club looks to sign him on to a new deal, it seems that he will be a part of the team into the future.

Arsenal has a wealth of talent in their attack at the moment, and it was previously thought that Eddie Nketiah was the one blocking the path of Balogun to the first team.

However, I think that Alexandre Lacazette has been the culprit as the Frenchman continues to struggle for goals.

Strikers score goals, and if one doesn’t score the goals needed, then they will have to be sidelined.

If Arsenal can manage to integrate Balogun into their first team and the teenager starts scoring the goals that the team needs, then they have to think about getting rid of Lacazette.

The Frenchman has entered the final two years of his current deal at the Emirates, and it makes no sense to have two strikers that are over 30 in your team when you have youngsters that need game time.

What Arsenal should be doing now is to start grooming our younger strikers to do what Lacazette does for the team, then we can cash in on him in the summer transfer window.

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  1. No it shouldnt, not until Balogun signs a new contract. Let him start, but if he doesn’t sign until, say January, just sell him.

    Laca should go with or without Balogun.

  2. I read that lacca has scored 3 away goals in 3 years. Lol I think arsenals appointment of arteta is becoming apparent. There is a chap on here whos names evades me at the moment who keeps telling the truth. Arteta is not ready yet. Being an assistant and a head coach is 2 very different things. I pray arsenal see sense and go for masimo allegri or jocim low.

    These chaps know how to manage a team and get the best out of players. Suddenly I wonder if we should have took Jose last year. We had all of Chelsea other off casts so why not.

    I know previously I have said give him until Jan but its December tomorrow guys. Quite apparent he is struggling. I dont buy this we don’t have quality players nonsense. Individually alot of our 1st team players would get into other teams. Auba one of the best strikers in the world. Saka one if the best youngsters. Gabriel clearly quality. KT one of the best left backs in the league. Partey one of the best midfielders in the world. Pepe a beast at scoring goals. Its up to the manager to find the best formula for the team. Arteta is still working out his own style and identity and unfortunately doing it in a big boy club is not the best. We saw the same situation last year with Freddie. He come in one a few games and it tailed off once the honeymoon was over.

    Thank you arteta but please leave.

    It should have always been Patrick viera if we wanted a cheap option. He has the experience and the love for the club. Now like with transfers we need to pay the big money to plug the wholes we tried to patch before


  3. So be it, Laca is one of the worst strikers to start for Arsenal – worse than Giroud, Chamak, Walcot. Maybe marginally better to Sonogo or Park or Perez.Good riddance when it happens.

  4. Balogan is hungry….Lacazette has a full stomach. Too much money for doing nothing. In all the players defences it it not one sided. Arteta looks to have very little in the experience locker. He is over controlling and the players are unable to be robots. Football does not have to be an automaton’s, frenzied game. Seems that in the binning of Ozil, Guendouzi and Saliba, Mikel Arteta has thrown the baby away with the bathwater. Bin Ozil and play Willian.????Arteta needs a psychiatrist to have done that.

  5. Balagun so far has had 5 minutes of fame, it is ludicrous at this stage to say he should be doing this and that. I can tell you this Arteta will not be relying on him.

    1. So now Laca is the new scape goat..hahaha. we fans always find some one to blame. How about what your favourite manager has done to Auba?? Problem is not only Laca, problem is we don’t have enough creativity in our ranks the way MA has instructed and planned us to play. You can put Messi and Ronaldo up there n they will struggle to score freely as well. Arteta needs to stop micro managing players and give them some free hand to use their own brain along with trust in their abilities. He dictates too much also he needs to be brave in his approach. We know this team which has had some good additions in two years can play amazing football we have seen the glimpses so quality n ability is there but Arteta needs to be more attacking in his approach. It seems to me we though we are getting pep but we actually got David Moyes lol!. Time to stop being David Moyes Arteta and play like Pep or Wenger.

    2. @reggie, it was not a reply to you. It just went under you comment ops. I do agree with your comment though 👍

  6. Talking about academy players, Arsenal should invite Jack Wilshere to train at London Colney… It is a sad situation for him:(

  7. Being over 30 is not the problem with our Lacazette but he’s lost of goals scoring form is the issue that he has on his hands to deal with it for Arsenal and overcome the problem as soon as he can and resumes snoring goals regularly in the PL for Arsenal once again.

    After all, Christina Ronaldo at Jeventus, Edison Cavani at Man Utd and Zeltan Ibramovic at AC Milan and even Lionel Messi at Barcelona and also Luis Saurez at Atletico Madrid are all over 30 years old with some of them in their 35 years old. But they are still playing brilliantly for their club sides scoring goals regularly.

    Okay, Balogun could come good for Arsenal if the club keep him,. But I think he’s somehow showing eagerness to start earning big money as he’s reported to be lukewarm to the idea of remaining at Arsenal refusing to sign the contract that is on the table for him to sign and stays at the club.

    Leaving Arsenal now by him to pasture big elsewhere may not auger well for him at this juncture in his youth football career. Therefore, I am offering him my advise to stay at Arsenal and develop his football career there. At the end of the day, Arsenal could give him more than what he is eyeing now to get at another club side but if he’s football becomes world class for Arsenal. So, let him have the patience to continue to develop at Arsenal as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    I think sooner than latter, Lacazette will recover his lost goals snoring form and resume scoring goals regularly for Arsenal in the PL once again. To this end, Arteta should help him to comeback scoring goals in their numbers for Arsenal in the PL again. And if all things are okay with him as a senior striker that he is, Arteta should not drop him to the bench away to Tottenham next Sunday but start him alongside his playing pal Aubameyang in the match in which the Gunners can turn their downturn form in the PL around in that particular match and beat Spurs to start a long lasting recovery journey in their PL campaign this season. After all Arsenal are only 2 and two 1/2 games short, translating to 8 points behind the current table toppers Tottenham. Which if Arsenal beat them as they should next Sunday at their NWHL, the gap will close to 5 points.

    So, there is still time and hope for Arsenal to come good and even come very good in the PL this season. I therefore charge all Gooners to be optimistic and keep remaining optimistic for Arsenal.

    1. Christina Ronaldo, Edison Cavani, Zeltan Ibramovic, Lionel Messi and Luis Saurez have always been great players. Laca has always been average!

  8. I have thought since the beginning of last season that LACA would not still behere by next season I am now more sure of that than I have been before. Simplyput, he is an OK forwrd but nothing special He workd hard but scores fat too few nor does he much assist. His three seasons here are not productive , he is 30 and if we are to get any fee for his sale it needs to be very soon or he goes on a free, thus costing us once again.


    With real spending money on proper replacements being unavailable( because of Scrooge !!), he needs to be given a real chance THIS season and I fully expect that to happen.

  9. It should cost Nkeotiahis spot not Laca, we seem to be more clueless than our coach at the moment. Players like Willock, Nkeitia, Kola, Willian shouldn’t be in this team.

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