Opinion – The Kroenkes should act now, or sell to someone who cares….

Mr. Stan Kroenke and others – Do You Care That Arsenal FC are “now” in a CRISIS? By Larry Dunlop

Greetings to all my beloved Arsenal Fans.

It is only early December of this 2019/20 season, and we can now admit that our beloved football club are in a CRISIS!

That same statement was echoed from the mouth of Mr. Ian Darke, professional and seasoned Sky TV Football Commentator and ESPN FC Contributor on Friday afternoon.

Arsenal currently sit in 10th place after 15 league games and have collected only 3 points from the past 5 league games (3 draws and 2 losses).

Not including a 2-1 defeat at home to German side Eintracht Frankfurt in their last Europa league on November 28th.


Are the players to blame? If so who?

Which player should we blame? Xhaka, Ozil, Sokratis, Luiz, Guendouzi, Mustafi, Bellerin, Willock?

Can we blame interim coach Freddie Ljungberg and the coaching staff?

Can we blame the Management team?

Can we blame the Arsenal board?

What about the owner’s son, Josh Kroenke?

What about the owner, Mr. Stan Kroenke?

I blame the OWNER, Mr. Stan Kroenke. He owns 100% of the company shares and is “ULTIMATE” decision maker.

He became a shareholder of the club in May 2007, appointed to the Board in 2008, became the majority shareholder in April 2011 and finalized the complete share purchase in August 2018.

Arsenal FC had been well established by the time he decided to complete the BUYOUT and the financial statements were looking good.

Remember, Arsene Wenger did everything, steadied the Arsenal ship for many years and managed 20 years of consecutive CL football.

Former Arsenal legend, Ian Wright stated, “it was a sad day when the Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) had to sell its minority shares interest to Stan Kroenke.”

He is a very successful billionaire owner from the US and owns several major US Sports Franchises with true interest divided amongst the sports

My belief is that his main concern is about Arsenal’s financial statements “bottom-line”, i.e., profits or losses and not the game, the players or the coaches.

We all know that Mr. Kroenke is not “passionate” about football at Arsenal FC but rather American Football in Los Angeles with his LA Rams.

He is focused on the “completion” of his new stadium built in Inglewood, California estimated cost US$5bn to house his Los Angeles Rams NFL team.

He is reported to be using a great amount of his own money to finance that project unlike only using a small amount of his own money to purchase Arsenal.

Based on the above information, I TRULY FEEL THE OWNER IS NOT INTERESTED IN ARSENAL FC only from the business end…

If this is the case, please sell the club ….

The following are a few simple recommendations and my reasons.

My first recommendation is:

Mr. Kroenke should “SELL” the club to a BUYER who is “financially stable but PASSIONATE” about Premier League football.

Sell the club to a group of true “diehard” Arsenal supporters and millionaire businessmen.
Arsenal’s market value and brand will decline this year based on the direction the club is heading, be worth less than 2bn pounds by season end and will not be able to attract world class players.

The owner should sell now to avoid further financial losses. BBC report indicated Arsenal FC reported a lost 23.5million pounds to the year ending May 31, 2019, subtracted from the prior year-end profit recorded of 97.4 million pounds.

Sell the club soon to avoid having to spend more money on a few new players minus the sale of other players.

My second recommendation is:

The Owner/Board or whoever, HIRE a TOP COACH NOW to try and STABILIZE the club and improve the results. Failure to do so will result in “MORE” of the same which is truly embarrassing and humiliating for a BIG Club like our Arsenal. We all know there are a few TOP NOTCH coaches available to employ at present and Mauricio Pochettino heads the list.

I ask the question once again, WHO IS TOO BLAME?

To the Owner, the Board and Management Team, ACT NOW!! and spend the money to hire a TOP NOTCH coach or SELL THE CLUB to someone who is PASSIONATE about football and will not accept ‘MEDIOCRITY!!”.

Best regards,

Larry J Dunlop

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  1. O T

    Just sitting watching two numbers 10’s working their Jacobs off , and have a bearing on the performance of their perspective sides.

    Just saying 😉

      1. Sue.

        He’s not called Jackalinio Grealishio so probably not!

        (Sorry childish I know).

        If funds were to be made available, certainly one very high on my list for “the great rebuild”.

  2. We need a massive new direction, an owner that actually supports not only the club but football and winning things. Kronk has no intention of selling this club, he bought it solely to fit into his sport empire(that doesn’t win a thing) and doesn’t give a hoot if we are crap. He probably, being American, doesn’t even know that there is relegation and promotion in the prem. The day he bought this club was a sad day, not because he hasn’t invested but because he doesn’t understand passion and English football. He isnt and never will be an Arsenal lover, only an Arsenal owner. We have lost our identity because of his lack of passion for Arsenal and actually winning things.

  3. I wrote this in one comment, Kroenke must sell and we must keep in mind that even if he bought last shares owned by Arsenal fans, we make the call. He got that when saw empty staidum for frankfurt, fired Emery so we can come back at Emirates!

    All we need is to not come to Emirates,whoever got word around for Frankfurt must do so, it was effective as the “do u care” campaign, obliging Kroenke to find a trick to have us all there and excited; got Pepe! But a payement plan!

    He will have no choice but sell asap or lose all his profit’s value! 3 games and he will announce!

    No public means no interest for TV to broadcast, nor any brand to advertise nor any sponsors! Ticket sales are not enough at all to sustain a club as Arsenal!

    Get these greedy comboys out of town is the only way to save Arsenal! Fans should buy all these shares way cheaper after long strike out of Emirates! It was shocker to see empty stadium for Europa, in a EPL game would be a huge blow for Kroenke! Out a here!

  4. Arsenal are an investment vehicle for Kroenke. When this is no longer is a good investment he will sell. It’s just a case of how far the club must fall before this becomes a reality.
    &. Then how long it’ll take to recover…if ever. If you want people to blame add those who were pulling the strings over the past 8 odd years. There’s been a complete lack of forward planning. Even now there’s no replacement head coach despite the fact that most of those on the “short list” were considered when Wenger was sacked.

  5. Anyway, thanks for great topic, it is not for next year but an emergency to kick Kroenke out! We have that power by not going to games!

    Then relevant topic is : why it is urgent to get a top coach and who is available today, be no difference in January beside us stock in relegation by then!


  6. If this wan’t so close to our hearts, it’s now becoming comical ;

    “ Arsenal next manager: Niko Kovac wants job and will be at Monday night’s clash vs West Ham“.

    I wonder if they asked Arteta “could you just hold on a minute, whilst we just pop outside and have a word with Nico” !!!!!!

  7. Kronke loves real estate and money. Rams 7-5 and could miss out making the playoffs.

    But the shops, resturants, hotels, and multiple businesses housed around the stadium will make money for him.

    As far as Arsenal and that snake Kronke;
    Profits have replaced pride (for owners and players) solid bottom lines replaced solid back lines, and lies are the new messanging to the fans.

    How they milk fans with ticket prices, then simultaneously complain when they voice their opinions.

    Their money is welcome at Emirates; more the better. Just leave your opinions, banners, and signs at the door.

    They bring in players to strengthen the team WHICH IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY AND JOB, and then expect us to prostrate ourselves and be ever so grateful for a few million crumbs from a billionaire.

    Kronke is a scourge to owners everywhere, a black eye to moral capitalism like Adam Smith’s books detailed (Wealth of Nations and companion book Moral Sentiments).

    He also emulates and radiates all the elitist, arrogant, entitled, and disgusting behavior that too many people associate with Americans.

    He is despised by many here, virtually all of St. Louis where his wake of selfish destruction has cost a city millions, and are holding him legally accountable for his lies.

    Kronke is a poison; crippling, debilitating, and must be removed because he will not voluntarily do so.

    1. Correction; Kronke is a parasite not a poison.

      Parasites feed off their host, no mutal benefit is exchanged, and the host is harmed or dies in the end.

      Other than that, I’m sure Kronke is a jolly old chap to be around.

      1. Jon when I make it over to London, I’d be happy to shake your hand and have a couple beers, or pints rather, and remember Arsenal’s glory days.

        I’ve watched his franchises flounder and fail while his real estate holdings and profits soar.

        He made hundreds of millions on real estate ventures, compare that to the profits of his sports hobbies.

        I’m hoping that carpet bagging robber baron pays through the nose for his treatment of St. Louis the city and their fans. I eagerly watch and wait for the court rulings coming down against him.

  8. Need to be careful if you’re bringing up ideas on how to remove him. What’s the point if you’re going to aid in AFC’s decline into the championship, and if the only fans at Emirates will be away fans then yes you would be aiding that decline. If we go down he will have to move on for the safety of his own life, that might sound drastic but some will make threats. So we need to support the players but try to remove him, I’d say for anyone looking for ideas to go and ask Liv fans for tips. They hit those owners in the pocket not by not supporting their players, they went into the real world and hit his pockets there. Anfield still backed the players but made it clear they do not support the owners. Also, other teams like Newc have shown us how not to go about it, they couldn’t remove Ashley and that fan base is loud.

  9. OF COURSE Larry is totally right that the club owner is ultimately responsible for our plight. That is true of any business, large or small and is true just as either Johnson or Corbyn, the party leaders, will get the blame when whichever one of their party loses their party loses the election. Twas ever thus and is universally accepted that the ultimate decision owner gets the blame. And in Kroenkes case it is totally accurate, as he has wilfuly neglected Arsenal and living on a different continent he could hardly keep his hands on the daily tiller, could he? Any successful busines needs and demands an owner who gives a damn. Kroenke does NOT give a damn and we all know this. He is poison; he as a snake and he is cancer but it I wrote what I REALLY think of him, the police would call at my door. It is not allowed in this snowflake society that we have to live in, to say that you wish your enemy harm , so I will stop short of SAYING it. Please note I use capitals for STRESS! I will not be a hypoctite and call me whatever you wish, but ask yourself this question: if someone attacked the person YOU love, your wife, husband , partner or child, would you stand by, do nothing, say nothing and forgive them and not hate them . Would you? WOULD YOU? Well nor would I and nor do I!

    We NEED Kroenke forced out whatever ,WHATEVER(LEGALLY), it takes and until we do, we will never again sip at the top table. Reality my friends1

    1. Jon, no politics old friend, no politics!!!

      Apart from that, the “love in” continues regarding our friend silent stan the demolishing man!!!

      1. Ken, How dare you ! I am not “old”. I am a mere boy. It is just that I have the face of an old man of 68! And I an not giving it back to the owner! Wish I could.

        To be serious- and off here I am usually hardly ever serious in everyday conversatiom, which may surprise you – it comes down to how best do we force Kroenke to sell up. We have little chance of ever again winning the title while he owns us. Agreed “old friend”? Perhaps events, like relegation or constant bottom half finishes may, just may, do the job for us.

        1. 1 would rather not punish our club and fans with poor finishes.

          Sponsor boycotts and social media campaigns are the modern day vehicles to level the playing field with billionaire owners and boards.

          Kapernick and boycotts cost Nike nearly 10% of companies valuation here in the States.

          Fans turned on NFL and they lost nearly 16% of viewership on tv, millions of lost revenue.

          Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson paying hundreds of millions as well.

          Go for the sponsors of Kronke, the big money contractual deals he depends on.

          Season tickets he can easily recoup, losing sponsors and multi-year advertising contracts will get his attention and cost him REAL money and profits.

          1. Durand, I agree totally with your view of Kroenke, particularly with regard to morality and business ethics. It surprises me that President Trump, who Kroenke supported financially, didn’t appoint him as ambassador to the UK. He could have then supported Arsenal better, but would have been further from his property around the Rams Stadium at Inglewood.
            As a 49’rs fan, Kapernick exercised his constitutional right to kneel. By the way Nike more than made up for any losses in the USA, by increased sales world wide.

  10. I believe now is the time for realism rather than idealism. We as fans need to discuss maturely and stop unrealistic comments. Nobody is going to shout Kroenke off Arsenal and that is a reality. We need to analyse and come out with a workable and reasonable solution
    I take strong exception to those who wish Arsenal could be relegated so that Kroenke is forced to sell. That kind of reasoning is outright stupid! Who would love to see our beloved Arsenal in the Championship?
    We need to ask ourselves what Arsenal’s major problem is. We also need to compare ourselves with a club like Leicester and see why they are flying and we are crawling yet they haven’t spent even half the money we have spent. How would anyone explain the difference between the big spenders and Leicester? If we answer this question we might find fighting Kroenke is not a solution to our woes! Is it Kroenke who interviewed the coach? Is Kroenke the one who identifies potential players? Is it Kroenke who selects teams? How much money have we spent in the last two seasons? How much have we achieved?
    I am asking these rather rhetorical questions to emphasise the point that we may run down our own Club because of irrational thinking, hate and rush decisions. Imagine we had separated well with Wenger. He might have helped to identify a competent successor to him but we were all too eager to discard anything Wenger! What is the result now? A calamity!
    Do we another failure? I believe not. Why then don’t we discuss constructively instead of this kind of erratic hullabaloo? I don’t believe it serves any useful purpose to discuss how to remove Kroenke now. Even if he dies still Arsenal will remain under the control of his family. So why should we waste time on a futile and idle discussion. What we should be discussing now should be the kind of manager that can propel our team forward and which positions need urgent attention and who are the likely targets we need to bring in. That is constructive and might be of interest to the Club management. Let us not talk or rather write for the sake of it. It is not helpful at all.

  11. I am a die hard Arsenal supporter… I would like to put a thumbs up for the writer of the article. For this club to successfully move on and go back to the jolly old good yesteryears, four things must be done: First and foremost, the Arsenal owner must show he has an interest in the club. i don’t feel like Stan and josh are doing enough to show they actually care for Arsenal f.c. Secondly, the gunners hierachy should be proactive in their doings in the club that is their decision makings and their signings. Thirdly the Arsenal players should play for the badge. Currently i don’t feel like some of the players are doing so. Lastly to all the Arsenal fans its time we supported this club through good and bad times. Besides its us who chose to support it, not the other way round. The booing from the fans in our last match did not please me at all. It was ljunberg’s first home game, a little support wouldn’t be bad. This are the bad times in the history of the club so lets be together and carry this team forward. i would however suggest that this changes to be made: The following people to be sold in the summer transfer window; Sokratis, David Luiz, Granit Xhaka, Mustafi and Ozil.I LOVE Ozil’s game in the attacking third but defensively he’s gotta do much better, if not…… The following players to be brought in the summer window or even in January; A number 2 for Leno,2 quality centre backs, 1 defensive midfielder, 1 box to box midfielder to help Willock. And if Aubameyang will leave, i would want Donyell Malen. With that said, i wish Arsenal good luck tomorrow against West Ham and throughout the season. COYG!!!!!11

  12. Well said David Russa.We need to focus on players we can bring in quickly to ensure we are not relegated.If we fail to do this there is a very real chance of us featuring in the Championship next season

    1. Grandad, players with not only technical ability, but character, professional pride and physical and mental strength.

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