Opinion – The perfect Arsenal defence to face Burnley today

My defence for the game against Burnley

Hello everybody. Happy Sunday. Every weekend, I always have this feeling I can’t really explain myself. At times, I feel so excited that once again, I can watch my team; other times, I am just happy because it is another weekend of relaxation and football watching. Whatever makes me happy on Saturdays and Sundays,I can’t really tell but the truth is with me still supporting Arsenal, I guess I just have to be happy to watch the Gunners play, no matter what may end the result.

Well today, I want to try and see if I could choose a perfect defence for Arsenal against Burnley. So many people have been talking about the players we can use in attack against Burnley that can score goals against them and probably win the game. Yes, our team is filled to the brim with deadly attackers; but do we have the defence to protect the team against the onslaught of Burnley? Yes, we do! We just need to believe they can do a good job. Now, to the defence…

Goalkeeper: In goal, I will always use Leno! Leno has my consent to be in goal unless he suddenly picks up an injury before Burnley. Leno is really a good goalkeeper. He may not be world best but with a good defence in front of him, he is definitely going to be world-class in a matter of years! Can Arteta give him the defensive covering he needs? Yes, he can.

Right-back: For now, Bellerin seems to be the number one choice for that position. He came back from injury and scored a goal against Chelsea. He even captained the Arsenal team on that day. To show how highly Arteta rates him, he put him straight into the first team as soon as he got back from injury. To me, he should start once again against Burnley, to boost his confidence some more.

Center defensive pairing: Sokratis and our new boy, Pablo should start the game on Sunday. Sokratis, for now, happens to be the fittest senior member of the defence available. Holding too is fit too but hasn’t really got his groove on yet. Pablo should begin because of the positive vibes he has brought to the Arsenal team with his arrival. He has been talking tough and he has been directly and indirectly gingering the team and the fans. With the way he has been sounding positive and with his experience as a defender in different parts of the world, he should be trusted to begin the game on Sunday.

Left-back: Left to me, Saka won’t start the game from the left-back position. He is good as an attacking threat and he should be utilized as an attacker. In his place, I would use Kolasinac if he is fit! But if not, then Saka starts.

That’s all folks! What do you think? We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Shakir says:

    Leno is very much underrated.He is not very comfortable with the ball but every other aspect of his game is superb specially the reactions…

    I think the back four will be bellerin,mustafi(if fit or sokratis),david luiz and saka(if kola is not fit).I dont know if mari should start this soon.A defender specially a CB can read the game and adapt quickly so he may get a chance…

  2. Sergio says:

    Saka, Sokratis, Mari, Bellerin

    I think Saka has performed really well at LB recently so he should stay there.

    We’ll need the strength of Sokratis at the back for this game and he’s still robably our most consistent CB.

    I only choose Mari because both Luiz and Mustafi have seemed very suspect to me recently. I wouldn’t start Mari so soon but I don’t think we have many other options. I expect Arteta will go with Luiz.

    Bellerin is a no brainer to start considering his form.

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