Opinion: The players lack purpose – but it’s the Kroenkes that have destroyed Arsenal

The Kroenkes have successfully destroyed Arsenal football club! by Konstantin Mitov

Lovely Arsenal people, it’s difficult. It really has come to an absolute rock bottom. The game was an absolute joke. We started against Man City with a good run from Martinelli, who was the most energetic person again! And then the game was over.

The way we conceded was so easy, it was laughable. But then think again, we make bang average players look like Messi, what happens when we allow space to world class players like De Bruyne is that we are punished.

But forget the class of Man City, who are on another universe compared to us. We lack a purpose on the pitch. I see teams from the bottom, like ours, who have a plan for the game! We are just strolling through it. I look at Aubameyang and Ozil, two of the highest paid players at this club, just walking around.

When it became 3:0 I just turned the game off, because it’s just not worth the time. You invest into something with the idea that you will get something back, or at least that’s why the Kroenkes are here. So the fans give em exactly what they want. For no investments, they get empty seats.

I will very soon get to the real people responsible for this situation, but the players just shouldn’t get away with it. Our midfield is relegation quality. But our defense is championship quality. De Bruyne had all the space in the world! I think, some of the people on this forum would’ve scored 2 goals if they were playing for City, cause that’s how poor we are. You could fit a swimming pool between our players and De Bruyne for his goals.

It’s plain obvious that we do not coach defending at all! Freddie had to ask for additional staff at the club because he is struggling. Even if you put a wizzard in charge of us, he’d hardly find a spell powerful enough to turn things around.

We do not have a manager, nor a coaching staff, and we appointed Mertesacker as assistant manager, because the board fired Emery with no real plan in place what will happen afterwards. And this has reflected on every level of the club and eventually it is showed on the pitch too.

When will the Kroenkes take some action? Do they even know what is happening here? We’re recording losses now and they deserve it. This is the only thing they deserve, because hopefully one day they will sell this rotting club.

Which manager do you think will come here? To manage Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz and Chambers? To play a number 10 whose got the best deal in the world to walk off the pitch? To have 2 strikers who couldn’t care less, because they know they can go somewhere else?

To manage a midfield which can’t get 2 passes forward. We are always looking to the side, whereas if you look at Man City (it’s just a disgrace to compare us to them), they always look forward. How can they attack? Our players are only looking at the clock so they can go home and enjoy their money.

I have no idea how this is getting fixed. It is not possible, in my opinion, with the Kroenkes. Why did we hire Edu? What’s the purpose of Raul Sanllehi? I am full of questions, and the answers are very difficult to find.

The only thing I’d like to see is Vinai, Raul, Edu, the old geezers of the board gone, all of them. I would like to see the Kroenkes gone too, but really is that possible? It’s incredible that January is coming, we desperately need new players and we don’t even have a manager in place.

Enough said people, just enjoy your week as Christmas is coming soon, and this club is just not worth it at the moment.


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  1. The rapidly emptying stadium at the end of the game yesterday will soon be replaced by an empty stadium at the beginning. People will not pay £2000+ for a season ticket or £100 per game to watch this anymore. No one is that loyal to waste money like that.
    The Kroenke’s are business people and to run a football club with Arsenal’s overheads on low stadium attendances is not sustainable.
    I don’t see them sticking around if the stadium is empty.
    The take away from this?
    If the fans keep attending then the Kroenke’s will stay…

    1. I will make the ultimate call on the kronkies and rename them the krankies
      Any one who hasn’t come across the krankies then google them and tell me if I am a million miles away
      We are the joke of the prem

    2. Arteta to be announced as a manager by thirsday end of the day.

      Not sure if i should be happy or sad.
      I think he will be a good manager.

      But the problem with arsenal is not with managers not having any ideas tactically to win the game.

      The problem is the players who are just happy to collect thier wages and go home.

      Just watch our last 5 games. Look at xhaka, ozil, auba, pepe bellerin in particular.

      They just give up too easily.

      All we need is a manager who would command instant respect amd fear in the players.

      The players should be terrified to go into the dressing room at half time when we are losing 3-0.

      I just hope arteta has that personality to kick some a**es in this dressing room. And yet he will be marginalised by players like ozil, xhaka and auba as arteta isnt too elder to them and has no experience.

      1. If it is Arteta then I would like to ask 1 question..who the hell will he bring in for his back room staff
        Most proven managers have a collection of coaching staff that have built up with over the years …
        Maybe he can bring in pep as his 2nd in command

  2. About time…right article. Arsenal fans need to unite n make Kronke to sell de club to someone who is interested in running this club as football club and not just as a business. An owner who actually gives a damn about what we do on the pitch instead of just reacting when the profits n share price goes down. Get rid of the board as well. Appoint a capable CEO who does not need 20 ppl to take critical decisions, who is prepared to take hard decision n who has vision for present n future while is also well prepared n pro active instead of reactive like the ones we have right now. In short if Kronke does not know how to run the football club then least he can do is appoint the right person n give him the authority like how it is at city.

    1. David Dein, David Dein, David Dein, David Dein, David Dein, David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein David Dein.

      Get the picture

        1. As great as Dein was for Arsenal with Wenger, it is Dein`s fault why we have this turd of an owner……………….blame Dein!

        2. He did not leave voluntarity. He was forced out ,it is rumoured physically dragged out by his enemy Fitzman and his boardroom allies. Dein was the only director who knew anything about running a top football club AND who cared and still cares pasionately. So, yes , we are right to mourn his leaving but please do your homework and LEARN what actually happened before posting nonsense like your post.

  3. I feel for Konstantin. He always hit the nail on the head.saw the wolves spurs game and I was wondering what traore could add to the wings for us on the right and zaha on the left in a 4.3.3. Morinho said wolves played like a pack and their intensity was astonishing. Nuno said he was not bothered by the defeat but praised his players for given spurs hell. That is what is missing in arsenal. You can lose against city but city should be made to suffer for the win.the fans will applaud the team if they showed grit,aggression, intensity in games. We were 3goals down and ozil walks off when substituted. He should have bolted asap. arsenal is the only team in this division that jog back when counter attacked. The club does not need an overhaul. It needs a total replacement. It will take us a minimum of 7years to replace every part of the playing staff. The team is comatose. Soon the Kronkes will either pull the plug from the non existent life support or continue to drain the life of the already dying club. Tragic.

  4. They fired UE very late when the team will take some miracle to recover. Why did they not start this process before firing UE? Why were they not proactive? Why did they not have a contingency plan in place? I am against this whole three man interview as well where they go through the candidates who have applied for the job, no big club does that. You identify who you want as your first second n third choice then make a move according to that. Clubs need to convince top world class managers to join them not other way around ….no top manager will ever come n give you auditions …..I thought Ibra had already given them the clue years ago. Top establish players n managers don’t do auditions n interviews.

    1. Why didn’t they support Emery in the transfer market to improve midfield and defense?
      It’s just easier and cheaper to keep changing head coaches, rather than building a competitive squad.

      1. Agree, what i am trying to say is the whole process is not right from scratch. Too many middle man n it feels like unnecessary steps are put in place just so some of the ppl in club can justify their appointment or role.

      2. Emery was awful. He was simply not good enough. Wrong formations were his trademark. I heard Alladyce saying he would fix our defence within 24 hours. Maybe we can employ him till the end of the season. With Big Sam, we wont be conceding goals at he speed of light. Just saying.

  5. I actually think relegation could be exactly what we need to finally get rid of Kroenke. Obviously I don’t want this, because it can be a nightmare to get out of the Championship, but I cannot see any other way of him selling up.

    The Premier League is such a cash cow, and gets so much exposure, that even consecutive years of no European football, and the club floating around mid-table, wouldn’t be enough for Kroenke to sell up. We are almost the new Leeds/Sunderland.

    1. Same Talk was being banded about during the later Wenger days.
      People would say things like “I think dropping out of the Top 4 and CL would change our owners mentality and force them to take our club more seriously.”

      It happened and we have been out of the Top 4 for 4 seasons now. Made absolutely no difference.

    2. Sometimes your reasoning confuses some of us! Do you mean what you say or you are joking? There is nothing that should make you wish your team was relegated. How much money has Leicester spent? Aren’t they in second position? Haven’t we spent nearly 200m in two years? What do we have to show for it? Leave Kroenke alone and demand a good coach who will restore the team to it’s former glory.

  6. i think its obvious the Kroenke’s have been the problem.
    There lack of interest, ambition and funding has caused us to deteriorate over time.
    Soon we will not even have the name of a big club and things will continue to go sour.

    We literally need a complete reset, new owners, new board, new manager, new players.

  7. I hate Kroenke. Not for Arsenal but how he handled the Rick Ellis situation and his subsequent SUICIDE.
    Kroenke is an evil b@@@@@d
    He even took a American football club from one state to Los Angeles which proves he doesn’t care about the fans

    BUT you can’t blame him for not spending a la Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Xhaka, Mustafi

  8. The Championship is said to be the most difficult league in the world to get out of and we are plummeting headlong into the abyss. Unless the board act now, it will be too late to stop the inevitability of relegation. God help us if we do go down because getting back takes guts, bottle, spirit and players prepared to fight for their lives, of which Arsenal currently have none of these attributes.

  9. I agree with your point about the way we defend as a team, i have said it often time, that our defenders arent the only problem, its easier to point fingers at them but the question is, how do we defend as a team? Its obvious we dont coach how to defend, close gap, man mark etc. We only need a descipline coach who will get us work/defend as a team to relieve the pressure on defence.
    On Kronke, aside from general opinion, i dont want to believe ksf is happy with the current event at the club, because it doesnt favor them too, financially the club is losing out, as an investor, Kronke is losing out. Its true they arent getting involved like the oil owners or Abramovich but the plan is clear, Kronke want specialist to run the club but seems Raul and co are not up to the task or something, it wouldnt do any1 any good for Kfonke to sack every1 behind the scene. We can just hope d guys behind the scene wake up from their slumber and do the right thing

    1. I don’t agree on Kronke bit you stated. First it will take a long time until he sees any major effect on the finencial side of things. The shares are still high n we have good money coming in. He is probably looking at the accounts n thinking why spend millions more when the profit margin won’t increase exponentially. He will only panic when share prices plummet which at the moment in this bad situation are still holding the top end. So his investment is safe. If he does not want or can not take interest in the club then it’s his responsibility to assign the right person. Failure of the ppl he hired to run the club is in fact his failure but again we are looking at things in footballing terms but he is looking at things in finencial term n they are saving him money n making more so he is satisfied. He might not be happy but I don’t think situation is even close to even being bad at arsenal finencially so no point if loosing ur sleep over it.

  10. I thought that we were the new Everton but we’re the new Newcastle, with Kroenke as the owner.
    Relegation might save us from his claws, though and if that’s what it takes, I’d take it. Juventus survived relegation gracefully.

  11. It is time the fans voted with their feet and do not go to matches. If they go support the team but protest against the Kronke regime. It needs to happen now or we will be lost as the big team we have been.

    1. This wont happen for these facts, Arsenal season ticket waiting list is in near 60 thousand or more if I am correct, hell the ones who have season ticket will renew it every year no matter how we perform, fans moan n cry but still as soon as the new season kit is out they que up outside the stores. Arsenal is in London which has one of the biggest tourist foot fall in world and for most tourist watching a football match in Emirates stadium is a must have experience even if they are not Arsenal fans so that won’t dry up. The club is running building projects n restaurant chains as side business as well. Not to forget the world renowned brand that Wenger has made arsenal in to will take some time to be unattractive n image to be tarnished. You can never unite fans under a flag to take drastic steps to hurt Kronke finencially …it just won’t happen. So I am afraid untill most Arsenal fans allign them selves with same goal to kick Kronke out n work as one what are the chances for that? We have to stick with this sh*t of owner.

  12. I remember the exact same narrative being expressed about the Kroenke’s
    going back every year since 2011 here on JA.
    But also several other themes have been repeated year in year out.
    Incompetent Manager, our useless CEO, the dinosaurs on the board,
    our spending millions on dross, the players lack of fight, our leaky defense,
    our injury woes our over payed under performing prima donna’s the most
    expensive ticket prices and how our club is doomed 🙂
    Doing the same and hoping for a different result come’s to mind.
    I am guilty of this doing things over and over character flaw
    as I have watched the Sheiky game three times back and you know
    the defense failed to close down De Bryune every time.
    When will we ever learn 🙂

  13. I want arsenal to be relegated so that the club value will drop drastically and the owner will be forced to sell to someone who has passion for football…Wenger helped a lot,he covered up for them…and now everything about the club is wrong from the recruitment to the board…fans should make sure they ruin the business for this man I beg… imagine epl has doucore jojo shevy n ndidi and arsenal can’t can’t get any of them…make arsenal go relegation

    1. Problem with that is, the club may well take decades to climb back up the league positions because the quality of player will also suffer!

      Trust me, falling out of the EPL would be the worst thing to happen. Sponsorship deals are only tenable if the club are able to offer Prime exposure on the highest platform. TV money will diminish and the club may just well be sold off to an investor with other plans other that Arsenal FC?

      There is a lot to lose now for Arsenal. The heritage and the identity is at risk now. The next 4 months may just be defining in Arsenal history because this is new territory for Arsenal now, I kid you not. The stats don’t lye and the continuously poor performances relating to the results are the worst I have ever seen!

      1. I remember livershite going through a bad spell, (its lasted 30 years for the league) and I always said Arsenal would never go like that. Well we are worse than livershite have ever been in their dismal years. it cant go on.

    2. How much will a relegated club cost? Kroenke will then completely run it down because he won’t have buyers. Who knows he might even sell assets and wind up the football club. He could then convert the Emirates into something else! Is that impossible? Who will be the winner there? Be careful what you wish for!

  14. How right you are. Kroenke is a greedy bad man. He is a conniving chancer who kidded everybody to buy Arsenal. In the UK you can’t own more than one club. Internationally Kroenke owns many. A stepladder for the owners favoritism for the LA Rams. We are second best and he couldn’t give a monkey’s peanut. So Arsenal are Kroenk’s toy. We fell into ‘Americans are goodies’ and the Uzbeki Usmanov was seen as the bad one. What a mistake. Now it must be the fight, not to win the league, but to win our club back. The disease is Kroenke disease. We are the Kroenke’s bad Karma.

    1. Seriously, Kronke will do F**k all because he know us Brits are all mouth and no action. Come on, we all know it’s true!

      Arsenal fans are divided. More so now than ever because yes, we are disappointed and angry collectively. But, unfortunately there is a large faction that believe Arsene Wenger was treated unfairly by some of the fans. I admit, I was “Wenger out”. I don’t regret it. In fact, I wish he had gone sooner. I believed he had gone full circle and got stale. I also believe it is why we have a lot of the problems we do!

      I have been honest but I think we all need to get passed it now. We need to come together and unite in this tough time because it may just get worse before it gets better still!

      Now I know how the Newcastle fans have felt over the years. A very successful club that have declined over the years only for the fans to stay strong and come together. Kronke will not bend or break. He is a business man and a tough one at that. The thing is, he’s not English and he’s not an Arsenal fan, really. He’s a fan of his own sporting legacy and, his mission to grow it. Arsenal are simply just a part of the Kronke machine. If it fails in some way he will do what is required to “mend” it. No more, no less. As long as it is working and making him some $$$!

      Please stay strong and stick together Arsenal fans. Because this may be a long trip back?!


  15. Why didn’t they support Emery in the transfer market to improve midfield and defense?
    It’s just easier and cheaper to keep changing head coaches, rather than building a competitive squad.

  16. All you Arsenal fans that blamed EMERY he could only work with the tools he had The board bought players he did not want. HE wanted ZAHA and a top centre half class midfielder but never got them He saw OZIL for what he was and we did not believe him now your eyes have been opened it was not the manager it was the board who are at fault for all this

  17. I can’t understand some comments on here wishing for relegation in the hope of wholesale change. If their wish came true that would be the end to any hope and remaining ember of what arsenal is. Yes we are in crisis and seem to just be adrift on and off the playing field. I don’t quite no what is broken but it for sure isn’t just one thing. The stuffy board rejected usmanov as not arsenal material and the club is now a hidden entity under full Kroenke ownership. We don’t have the money to do what’s needed, won’t get the top top manager required to get us back to the playing levels we demand and the atmosphere is becoming ever toxic so the players we do have are scared to play it seems. Mid table is clearly where we are right now, and likely to lose our best players if this continues, is where we will be staying for a season or two more I’m beginning to think

  18. I must admit it doesn’t look like they are absolutely in love with our club, why are they not here Kicking the butts of Sanlehi and co and getting our next manager put in place,things are just going to get worse if nothing is sorted soon,Freddie isn’t coping as things stand,he is not getting much help from certain players it’s a complete shambles on and off the pitch,even Sam Allerdyce says he could sort our defence tomorrow,(god forbid)sorry Sam but I reckon most managers could put a better defence out than that lot if they had the funds.
    Chelsea couldn’t wait to get shot of Luiz,8m tells you that Sokratis is a poor defender as is Kolasinac,Leno must have nightmares worrying about playing in front of them,Torierra is far too weak for the prem as is Guendo although I feel he can get stronger,Ozil sulks all the time and AMN is not good up to it yet.Come on Stan start kicking some butts.

    1. No Thank you If he made Manager Arsenal will be in the same boat looking for a new Manager or even in the Championship. Arteta is a Cheap Option so nothing new from the Board and owners.

      1. and maybe he is a two-bit manager from Japan…just saying. Look at the above comments, the state of play. Do you really think that a top-tier manager is coming to Arsenal?

        I am sure that Pep was leaning over to him yesterday saying “you want to manage that?”

        Right now, we need a really mean manager – to kick the crap out of the players and to drill them to death on defensive play. The number of games I have watched where there are a load of Arsenal players back behind the ball and nobody picks up the trailer, a la goal number one yesterday is so frustrating. Maybe they need to go to the Emirates and run stairs til they puke.

  19. At the end of the day it isnt the owners on the pitch, this squad of players are shit. OK the owners could have reacted to get rid of Wenger earlier, about 8 years ago, and attract a new manager but this load of under achieving crap of a panel we have should be sacked.

  20. You guys don’t get it do you? I will keep saying it for the upteenth time, for us to be formidable, I still maintain we play a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 system with our quickest players. Lets get Arteta, he will sort the team out .Call Nketiah back, he has the same energy levels as Martinelli. Pepe should play one twos link up game with his team mates, that’s how he will be more effective and he should stop the unproductive dribbling and be more direct like sterling. These are the players that fits the EPL currently in energy, pace, grit and fight.











    1. You could play any system with this squad and it won’t make any difference they are just not Good enough.They have no Heart.

  21. Dan, At least you are not all doom and gloom about being relegated. I agree we are more than likely to finish mid table. I also think that Lacca will go in January unless a new manager is appointed quickly. That is not going to happen.I also accept that the buck stops with the owners, at least in part, because they appointed the current, highly paid managerial team to run the club for them. It is true that the Kroenke have little or no knowledge of PL football that’s why they appointed these so called experienced executives,with knowledge gained mainly in Spanish football, which is definitely not the ELP. The club was given a good sum of money in the summer and its not the fault of the owners that it was spent badly.It seems to me that a change in club management is urgently needed, the board revamped,because,regardless of who or when a new manager is appointed he will fail with the present management set up.Stan Kroenke is not going anywhere so its pointless going on about him. He is sitting on a couple of billion in real estate and probably has ambitions of bringing American football to London on a permanent basis.A final point, how can any true Arsenal supporter wish for the team to be relegated.

    1. I think that it is Auba first, Lacazette has more time? But I agree with you. They are going to have to sell whichever one is first as the value is going to really drop. But the problem will be who manages the spending from the sale.

      Right now I don’t have any faith in the clown squad to make a decent deal. Hell, there are still people here talking about the wingers we need.

      I don’t think we will be relegated this year, but unless something changes sooner than later it will become a reality in coming years.

  22. Anyone else constantly refreshing the internet to see if we are appointing a new manager today. I have a feeling an announcement is coming today although I think that Will be Arteta. I wish we would have gone after Benitez, he is the right man for me to get us stable and organised. Can’t believe some want big Sam. Even Ancelotti would be ok at least till the end of season

    1. Arteta would be my first choice, he is young has something to prove as this is his first job. He has learnt from the two best in the business n both of them rate him highly. He speaks fluent English n understands the club culture. He will play the football the arsenal way n he is always known to be a good professional guy. With time n right backing he can be key to out long term structuring n planning. Plus he will bring new training techniques n ideas to this club.

      1. I don’t think that we can play “the Arsenal way” right now. We need to be really pragmatic. By all means, build towards a fluid style but we have so many holes that need to be filled.

        Being totally negative for a second (and ignoring potential of youth like Tierney or return from injury like Holding), nobody on the back line, regardless of formation has been impressive – so far this season, impressive means that they didn’t make a fatal error. They get confused, turned around, can be too slow. Hell, Mertesaker was slow, but he was smart enough to be in position most of the time. So, we could need 4 starters there. I think Saka has been the bright light and he is playing out of position…

        Midfield – we need three, nobody is good enough, it is really that simple. Maybe young people come along (and there is potential), and some of the current players will be fantastic extras but they are not starters.

        Forwards – we can’t get the ball to them, but the malaise at the club has set in and these guys aren’t working. Plus contract time is coming for Auba and Laca. Martelli has been a real bright spot. Pepe hasn’t been good enough. None of the other kids have overly impressed up front.

        Not shared by all but I really like Leno.

        The Arsenal Way is a pipe dream right now (and Mohsan, I share your wish, I just don’t think that we can do it – I love flowing expansive football).

  23. OT Spurs might actually win the European cup before we do, sure we thanked Liverpool last season for beating them but they just got the easiest draw of r16. What will we get in Europa? Anyone will look forward to facing us

    1. Leipzig an easy draw? They are top of the Bundesliga managed by Julian Nagelsmann!! I fancy Leipzig to beat them.

  24. I would be very surprised if ANY coach except Mourinho (and remember I don’t like the guy) could wake up this sorry lot and get them to put in some effort. The lack of energy and commitment with very few exceptions, borders on the criminal

    1. I agree, I don’t like him but I wanted him to come to Arsenal – he would have been able to make the most of what little we have – plus he would drill the hell out of them.

      We almost need a relegation specialist right now (although I don’t think we really are in relegation danger, enough points will come to prevent that), but that kind of mentality.

      The players need to run stairs, run the same tracking back drills 50 times, and if they don’t do it they don’t play.

      It may be necessary to take a low price to move some people in January to make a statement to the rest of them (and I am not even thinking of Ozil, nobody will take him, that whole situation has been so badly managed for years now, he is a loss leader).

      I doubt that the club will do that as it will require an actual strategy and plan.

    1. No it wasn’t AWs fault entirely, i blame chamack, sylvestre, eboue, squilaci, senderos, djurou, richard Wright, gallas, denilson, cegan, zza zza bing (or whatever his name was) almunia, all those failed oriental players he brought in jeffers and his failed English core. People remember the things that went right but forget the absolute stinkers he brought to this club. LOL.

      1. That was down to the amount of funds he was given …ppl forget that as well, still be qualified for champions League year after year so what does that say about his ability?. If he was such a big problem then why are we struggling so much with high valued internationals in our team. Why are we starting at the relegation battle. We lost our football n our brand is at risk of diminishing.

        1. So he didn’t spend 42 mil on Ozil, 35 mil on Sanchez, 35 mil on mustaffi, 35 mil on xhaka all in the space of 3 years. With no significant improvement to put it mildly.

    2. AW was wrong in covering for the Kroenke’s lack of spending for over six years he should of resigned if he realy loved the club as he keeps saying and told the truth, he is still tight lipped about the whole thing after all the insults he revived in his later years in the club, hope his not hoping for a return

    3. NY gunner, do you support Arsenal or Arsene Wenger. Majority of your comments are of him. Maybe you should follow him along if you could not see the bigger picture.
      I thank Arsene for all he did for us but he had to go unfortunately.

      So instead of reminiscing of the past, why dont you give your 2 cents on how you feel we as a club could move forward!!!

      Laughing as our club is in crisis. True fan you are and if you keep persisting then you would be reminded of how Wenger played a role in this mess currently.

      Wise up yourself NY gunner

  25. Please not Arteta, he’s too nice. We need someone who can shake this lot out of a permanent slumber. They play as though they are still at Colney doing those stupid summer camp routines. Major surgery required urgently but that takes major investment which I cannot see happening any time soon. Mid table mediocrity beckons for the near future then we can nostalgically think back to the time when loads of fans dissed top 4 finishes as a failure!!

      1. Zidane n pep had no grand CV either, UE had very impressive CV how did that work out for Arsenal? If two of the best coaches in world rate someone high then there must be something about him? Or are you implying you know more then Wenger n pep?? We have become so desperate that some fans wanted Morinhio n now big Sam to be appointed. Let’s look at the bigger picture n towards future instead of being short sighted.

  26. As much as it is tempting to direct one’s anger at a “filthy rich american”, I really don’t dee this as our main problem.

    The fact is, for years we have not been able to improve our players.
    If you look at all of our players for the last 5-6 years, how many can you name, that from the moment when they joined the first team squad, they developed into much players or even stars?
    On top of my head, I can’t think of one. A case could maybe be argued for Guendouzi and Saka.
    But the point is, we have seen improvement and development ike what you have seen at clubs like Liverpool, Spurs and even Leicester. They have managed to improve their players individually, to improve their teams and to sell off star players for huge sums, that have been reinvested in their teams.
    What have we done:
    1) Bought and kept players, who decline in performance and whose value has dropped
    2) Let players, that might have brought in some money for reinvestment, run down their contracts

    On top of that we kept Wenger way past his due date, as he failed to react to the development of tactics where the whole team is involved in defending and winning the ball back.

    You could of course say, it is the owners’ fault that they didn’t react to all this in time. On the other hand, you can also say owners that stay out of decisions they don’t have the expertise for, are good owners.
    It is the management, that have failed.

    1. You brought in a new technique n tactics guy …how well did that go for you? Where you present personally in Wenger’s training sessions to accuse him if being out of date with his training tactics. Major player development is done in Academy if I recall Wenger was not Academy incharge he was first team incharge…for argument sake even you are blaming him for player development then what about the amazing players he developed who became world class. Fabrgas, flamini, Hleb, van parsie etc etc n I am not even counting the title winning side at all.

  27. Lets look at the facts…………………..Sheikh Mansour has invested £1.3 Billion of his own money since taking over Man C in 2008.
    Abramovich has invested £1.17 Billion of his own money since taking over Chavs in 2003.

    Kreonke has invested £0 of his own money since taking over Arsenal and that is why we are up shit creek without a paddle!

  28. I do not feel our players lack purpose so much as ability.Sadly this fundamental cannot be remedied by any new Manager regardless of his credentials.Had Pep been our Manager yesterday I’m afraid the result would have been the same.This sad state of affairs cannot be changed without a massive clear out of poor performers which will be difficult as they have become non realisable assets.

  29. Who ever the club appoint he should be given proper backing in transfer window in summer n should be allowed to bring the players he want not to make use of the ones Raul n co bring in which does not suit his philosophy or tactics. While at it we should look at our poor academy structure as well, it is very serious issue that we are unable to produce any sort of talent n future star since wlisher (destroyed by injuries n attitude) from Academy. I know the problem runs deep n will take time to fix but all we fans want is for some signs or proof that we are heading in right direction. We just want to see the club don’t keep making same mistakes again n again…that’s all.

  30. They were told, Wenger rose peoples expectations, they were on the clouds but they wanted to touch the sky, you were told. Things might have went a bit differently had we not been so toxic, no maybe about it actually.

    Now everyone can see more clearly now that the veil has been lifted, without one man taking every shot that comes the clubs way. Blame the tea lady for poor tea, blame the fans for a toxic atmosphere, blame the banker for undercutting and missing out on first targets, blame the scouts for bad scouting missions, blame the manager for football results.

  31. I will be honest, i will always be a fan of Arsenal even though i now dont go to games as i used to but since the kronk took over, i just don’t get the same buzz that i used too. Its like they have stolen the real arsenal and given us a tainted version. I will always watch my team but while this family are the keepers of our club, i feel they have stolen the soul of AFC.

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