Opinion: The result against Man City will make a big difference to Arsenal’s season, here’s why

Arsenal will face Manchester City in a key game tomorrow and I believe that it is a game that will shape the rest of our season.

It is not every week that we get the chance to face a team in top form like City currently is.

Beating them will give us the belief that we can earn all the points in our remaining games of the season.

This is the ideal scenario for us because our only other option of playing European football next season is winning the Europa League.

On the other hand, losing to Pep Guardiola’s side will damage our confidence, especially after the impressive work we did in our last game against Leeds United.

I am quietly optimistic that Mikel Arteta can get into the head of his former boss again and get us the win as he did in the FA Cup last year.

Although City has been playing some of the best football around, they have vulnerabilities too.

What we need to do in the game is to defend almost perfectly and then find a way to hurt them by taking advantage of their lapses.

The bottom line is that only a win will do for Arsenal in this match and a defeat is certainly not an outcome that we can afford.

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  1. You have said it all. Only a win is required. David luiz at central defence is key in our attack. We need his long balls for Saka to chase. If we are to get a good result, it will be about our attackers being ruthless, not giving away balls in midfield and high concentration level throughout the game.

  2. We have to play to win, we have to believe, we cant risk being negative. City are a very good team but their weakness is when they are attacked, ours is when we dont.

  3. Well we certainly won’t win.

    And wouldn’t be surprised if we rest ESR, Saka, Aubameyang, Luiz and maybe even Bellerin.

  4. This team had no confidence against the worst Benfica side in decades. I’ll be shocked if we can stand up to City.

    1. Overcautious and as a result too slow to be able to play our A game. I don’t belive though that its because we lacked confidence. I suspect it was MA’s error in telling them to start carefully. We were then unable to change up gears. Nothing there to frighten us next week though. as long as we start with the high tempo game.

  5. expect people to condemn the team tomorow. mojority expect us to rest key players for Europa. as for me am expecting a good game, win or lose doesnt matter so long we give it our best and doesnt lose big/ embarasingly.
    its good to be optimistic but we are the underdog,

    overall, looking at our season so far, except those games with red and unlucky ref decision, we didnt do too badly and there is progress in the team play, just a little more and the team will start competing again

    1. Adajim – I echo your comments exactly. Expecting a secong string team and a loss. Just looking for a lot of heart and a good performance.

    2. adajim, let them talk. At the end of the day they shall go into their shells again. The FA, Premier League, referees Association and our own fans hate us.

      They have their opinion but I know we will prevail. COYG.

  6. This season Arsenal has tended to win games we were not supposed to win and lost games we were expected to win. This games falls into the category
    of games we are not expected to win so I believe Arsenal are favourite to win. . City are cruising and are due a fall and with a ten point lead will not be desperate. Arsenal on the other hand must win as Everton won Villa has games in hand and one of Spurs who have a game in hand or Westham can win tomorrow. Arsenal has to play 7 of the top 8 all desperate for Europe and the bottom 7 desperate to avoid relegation. This is a huge bonus points opportunity game for Arsenal and with City 10 points clear City are going to be in cruise mode so we strike them at the best possible time. I am expecting it to be Arsenal 3 Man City 0

    1. With Aguero and De Bruyne back and City chasing OUR record of the longest string of wins, there’s no cruise mode in their ranks, that’s for sure.

      I’d be happy with a 3 0 loss, to be honest. I’m expecting them to destroy us by at least 4 goal difference. Especially if Arteta plays the second best team, which is what many in the comments are suggesting.

  7. Aretha usually puts on his probable starters as subs in non league games,so no surprises if William, Martinellii, Eleny and Tierney start with Laca also thereabouts. That alone sounds worrying doesn’t it?Don’t know what to expect tomorrow? Hopefully City might be a bit relaxed as well with a 10 point lead and an important game of their own midweek.

  8. I have a feeling it will be a draw.
    Much depends on the lineup we have.
    Good line up will be mostly a draw and a lucky win if our key players are on fire.
    An average lineup or mismatch one we gona get beaten by at least 1 to 2 goals.
    Hope MA set a good lineup. Am abit worried though.

  9. De Bruyne is back and the entire city players are on form. All their defenders are rated 85 and above on FIFA. Midfielders even higher with Rodri 87, Bernado 89 and De Bruyne 91. If we try to take them head on then it will be a Wenger-style, 6 goal-minimum bloodbath. We should put our pride aside for today and frustrate them the way Atletico did to us when they played us 1 man down in the Europa league. Play for a draw and catch them on the counter. This is the way.

  10. We will lose regardless of which approach we take so we might as well go on the attack and have an entertaining match. OT one whole week without an Ozil article my goodness..dreams do come true!

    1. QD, Arsenal will beat city. Promise I will be the first person to come to your mind when the game is over. Mark my words.

  11. We play better against teams that come out snd attack us, it leaves space in behind for our attackers to utilise.

    What MA can’t do is break down deep sitting teams.

  12. It’s possible city have an off day and that we play out of our skin … but sadly arteta will stick to a predictable combo of bellerin Luiz xhaka aubemayang which won’t knock them off their stride … arteta will go defensive and hope long balls from Luiz to saka will do to city what they didn’t do to a 4th rate Benfica team … beyond delusional … but 15 months in to a tenure that has produced no football identity for the team it’s all on a wing and a prayer … mainly the latter

    1. Let’s stop scapegoating Xhaka now. He’s been pretty consistent recently. In fact, up until the Benfica game, he was absolutely phenomenal. So please, don’t put him in the same bracket with Bellerin, Luiz, and Auba, who’ve all had more horrible games than the Swiss.

  13. Wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta goes to a back 5 and try same tactics when beat city in fa cup semi final might sound very negative approach but believe it’s the only chance of getting something out of the game we try to go toe to toe with them and there will only be one winner and could end up a humiliating score line!!

  14. So many ifs. It doesn’t sound like a confident group of fans, does it? As my son just pointed out to me. City have Aguero and De Bruyne on the bench and we have?. Eleney. I’m still going to go for an upset but I hope there will be serious scrutiny as to why Arsenal are stuck with this mediocrity and most fans as can be seen on this sight are happy with this. I don’t need any dumb arsed xxxx telling me to get behind the team or go and support that lot down the road. Get real.

  15. Well I think Arteta, by playing his best side against Benfica, is clearly not focusing on this game.
    The message to the players is clear: we have to go through in EL, meaning that winning against City is not a priority.

    I won’t be surprised to see Lacazette and Pepe in the team sheet today

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