Opinion – The worst things that Coronavirus may have done to Arsenal

The Premier League will resume next month and Arsenal has been asked to restart with our game against Manchester City on June 17th.

While I’m happy that football is coming back, I am worried that we are starting with such a tough game, I have to admit.

The absence of fans and the financial losses that clubs have suffered are the two major issues that the coronavirus pandemic has caused, however, there are other things I worry that coronavirus may have done to our team, they include:

Players playing with fear

The Premier League has had a number of coronavirus tests across the Premier League teams. The latest results came back with no positive tests and that would have served to assure fearful players and staff that all is well.

However, I feel that our players may still play their games with caution and some might still be afraid that they can catch the virus.

Players losing basic things like first touch

We have players who have skills and some have mastered most of the basic skills like first touch and passing.

With no games for so long and no extended training because of the pandemic, some players might come back so match rusty that they can’t even get their first touch right when the games resume. This is what happens with no proper preseason.

Players’ performance dropping because of the atmosphere

The rest of the season will be played behind closed doors and the Bundesliga has proven that it could be an advantage to the away team.

I worry that without the Emirates crowd to support the Gunners, their performances might not be topnotch and the one thing about this Arsenal team is that they are a team that plays better based on their confidence and the fans were starting to give them that boost.

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  1. GB says:

    Same for every team though, for all the reasons stated.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Exactly GB

  2. jon fox says:

    An unrealistic article, which for some odd reason, overlooks the obvious point that no home crowds will affect all teams.

  3. Olal Stephen says:

    I believe the same fear is with our opponents

  4. Mogunna says:

    What a scoop! I think covid affects
    everyone mentally to different extent. Kante is an example amo many.

    It is clear that many article sound crazy lately. This is another example.

    Bellerin must be sold, do we have team to play every 3 days, Luiz should stay cuz our best CB…. On & on! I call it psycovid!

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    We were trash pre Corona, so I can’t imagine much will change post Corona.

  6. lcebox says:

    I’ve been watching the German games and they seem fine.
    Let’s wait and see.

  7. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Me as well Icebox, I think the commitment has been there, in fact everything but the crowd noise which I think has made the refereeing decision fairer. Ha Ha, who needs a crowd? Maybe this is the future.

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