Opinion – There is no time for Mikel Arteta to be a project this season

An article from ThirdManJW

We have a rookie manager in charge, and although it’s too early to tell, will Mikel Arteta be any good?

I get the impression Arteta isn’t a defensive coach (which is what we badly need). We do not need a project at the moment (which Arteta is), we need a short-term fix until the summer. The dressing room seems to be another problem. It doesn’t seem harmonious. Can Arteta fix that?

We desperately need at least three new players in January. Will that happen, and if it does, will they even settle? Because they do not have time to adapt. We need performances from them now! Our fitness levels are poor, will that improve?

We have yet another injury-crisis, which means we’re currently down to the bare bones. What if that worsens?

Confidence is at rock bottom. Obviously I am only focusing on the negatives (because there’s not a lot else to focus on at the moment), but a lot of things could improve under Arteta, although it needs to start sooner rather than later.

Our two performances under the Spaniard have been a huge improvement, but unfortunately, the results have stayed the same (albeit only two games). We’re soon approaching that part of a season where only results matter, not performances.

I have noticed a lot of Arsenal fans almost laughing off any talk of relegation, but in reality, it’s clearly a different story. We do not have the right set of players, or attitude (although Arteta may be able to improve that), to start scraping for every point.

So, with so many issues and relegation not out of the question, now is not the time to be looking towards Mikel Arteta to start a revolution. That can wait until next season.

What is left of this season is now all about results and making sure that Arsenal gets as high as possible in the standings. There is enough time for the Mikel Arteta project to begin in the summer.


  1. We can salvage this season so easily with some astute buying and selling:

    Tarkowski £30m (upgrade from Burnley)
    Dunk £30m (upgrade from Brighton)
    Muenier £15m (out of contract at PSG in June)
    Kurzawa £15m (out of contract at PSG in June)
    Doucoure £30m (Watford struggling)
    Can £30m (dropped from the CL squad and fell out with Sarri)
    Rabiot £30m (played only 5 games this season)
    Carrasco £20m (new laws in China may force sale)
    Ziyech £40m (hardest player to convince as Ajax on a project)

    Mustafi £15m
    Papa £15m
    Kolasenic £30m
    Elneny £10m (Milan want to buy)
    Mikhi £20m (Roma option to buy)
    Auba £70m (contract renewal issues)
    Lacazette £50m (contract renewal issues)

    We can generate £210m in sales and need to spend £240m for new additions. A net spend of £30m thats all! Those who say it cant happen are plan stupid as everyone bar Ziyech are either not happy at the current club or playing for lower clubs and would relish the upgrade in playing for a bigger club!

    1. We will not be able to get those transfers anywhere near done in a January window, impossible. There will be only minimal transfer activity in jan and even then no transfer guarantees anything.

      1. Transfers and continual improvement in the squad guarantees success! Liverpool and Man City are testament of this and even Leicester made some astute purchases past 18 months hence why they are 2nd! Like they say no money no honey, no pay no lay 😂😂

  2. This is pretty silly. You are saying he should stick to emerys tactics for the rest of the season and impliment his changes next season?
    Results will come our way. We are playing much better and less predictable football under arteta after a week and a bit

  3. Arteta is surely going to take arsenal to the promised land but we need to be patient and endure the disappointment that would come at the start of his early tenure.
    Make no mistake because arteta is going to make mistakes and he would also make silly decisions that is gonna make scream with anger and disappointment but the most important fact is that he knows what he wants and he is confident that his plans are gonna work out at the end of the day.
    I don’t know what the future holds because we live in crazy world but i can sleep at night now knowing fully well that the squad is safe hands
    so as for the main time let’s make the emirates a better place for the players as they try to learn a new way…cheer them on during these tough times and we shall be rewarded in a good way

    #tough times don’t last

  4. I am happy with the Arteta appointment. We have already seen an improvement after only a few training sessions.

    Anyone who thought we could get a top coach with experience was deluded IMO. The likely reason top managers don’t want to come to Arsenal is that we will not have a budget to rebuild this club into a CL or PL winner in one or two seasons. This eliminates the world’s best managers. They all want budget guarantees.

    We swill have sold before we can buy. We will miss out on EL football next season and the revenue that comes with that.

    We need a manager willing and able to work with young kids, Arteta is that.

    We need now to turnaround our horrible record in the transfer market. Not a lot of our big-money signings have become big winners. Xhaka was a big-money signing and a failed signing. Mustafi was a big-money signing and a failure. Back in the day, Chambers was a big-money signing but he has not been a success (for a big-money signing). Even Pepe has not (yet?) been a big impact signing. Luiz was a mistake. The money spent on Ceballos has been largely wasted (thus far).

    We need to start getting our transfer business right and make no more mistakes.

    We need to sell Xhaka and invest the money we get for him in a better player.

    If we need to sell Auba we need to get big money and not a player and cash type of deal for a suboptimal player.

    We need to hope Saliba will hit the ground running and that Tierney will step up and stay healthy once he is back.

    We need Holding to start developing again and turn into a first-team player.

    For us to get back into the top 4 in the next few seasons we need a whole bunch of things to start going our way.

    And we need to start selling players who don’t want to renew and we need to sell them for good prices. We seem to over pay for the players we buy and to give away the players we sell.

  5. The seemingly kings of the dressing room, Aubameyang, Ozil and Xhaka, look happier than they were under Wenger, Emery and Ljungberg

    As long as those influencers are willing to work harder than usual, the others will follow them

  6. No time for Arteta to be a project. I really wonder what you fans really expect this season.
    What do you mean by project? So far he has improved the team, every blind mind man can see the happiness in the squad and the improvements so far.
    Were you guys really expecting someone to get the job and we suddenly go on a winning run and oh ending up in Europe next season?
    He has only managed two games, 2 games!! Yet in those 2 games, the team has shown a spirit we’ve not seen for the past 2 years, and you guys are already out with the shenanigans.
    This are the set of players that got into the UEL final last season and maintained top 6.
    They’ve struggled this season and now they seem to want to fight and we are singing relegation every chance we get.
    I’m not saying relegation isn’t a possibility, but what are the odds on that happening that we keep trying to spread around the belief of relegation.
    Really is that what the players and coach need from us fans right now? Spirit of Negativity and constant moaning about relegation?
    Also he’s the new manager, the coach ain’t sacking him now, you guys should deal with it and let’s try to salvage what’s left instead of the constant round of negativity.
    Yo I’ve had enough negativity regarding Arsenal this 2019, please let’s drop that shîiit alongside 2019 and let’s just build a good spirit around each other.
    Support the man and stop raising controversial questions around him.
    After a year and 3 months, the lots of you wanted Emery to be given more chances and support but after two games, the same people come out every time questioning what we are doing with the new coach

  7. But can Mikel Arteta DO IT? This is the big question that needs answering by him. For, the early indication in his PL 2 match result is not indicative to convince he’ll bring Arsenal out the doldrums they’re currently in. But maybe just maybe a miracle will happen along the line that’ll see Arsenal miraculously finished in the top-four this season and also win the Europa League Cup. But will these 2 miracles happen to Arsenal? Yes! Of course It can happen to them but if Arsenal help themselves correctly that will make miracles to happen to them. Because miracles happen to only those who correctly worked for miracles to happen to them.

  8. If we keep playing like we did in our last game (up – 70th min) then we should be more than ok, esp at home. Read that CC could be out for the season, that’s a blow, but we have a large group of players that are more than capable only the confidence is low. When I seen us chasing Che players in packs trying to deny them space and the ball, I felt good, Arteta does have a plan and wants us to play a competitive game. This is not a project in the sense that you mean it, this is a project like every manager and staff have a project, the Kroenke’s themselves are more of a project (no interference project). Arteta is a footballer and he’s a clever guy, he’s passionate too but he’ll need all of us encouraging him, esp now, that is why I like the article because I believe most fans would lambast you for it once they happen upon it.

    Arteta has gone for his badges from day one and went to work with his fellow countryman fully aware of his reasons, he intended to manage, yes he got lucky, but he fully prepared for a head role even before he retired from playing football. It is better to come to a team that doesn’t have huge expectation in a situation like this, he’d be too much of a novice if say it was Manu right after Fergie left, our situation and most others will have bumps along the way, a couple wins will make the world of difference so we just need to get that first Kroenke off our back. We have some top players and some good players, compared (man for man) to the other teams we are a good side, just a bit confused and shattered in the confidence department.

  9. I thought technically Arteta was Head Coach, so as a coach is he a rookie?……no!
    Give me The “rookie” against some of the experienced has-beens any day of the week!

  10. I believe in the new head coach and I know the lads needs two to three wins to boost their mental strength. Though we have some individual problems like Mustafa to mention a few but I think Man Utd will be the turning point.

  11. I just do not begin to understand the thinking behind this article and doubt that much real thought has been done at all. The ever present need to fill articles ensures we get a lot of contradictory posts from the Admins and to my mind there is no point having a proven top coach -and he was universally lauded by Pep and players alike at City, who are hardly also rans are they, and then not allowing him to make changes. It seems daft to write as MARTIN DOES AND I DO NOT BELIEVE HE TRULY BELIVES WHAT HE WROTE. I WILL REPEAT THAT. I do not believe he even believes what he wrote himself! At least not about us not nededing a revolution, as we DO NEED EXACTLY THAT AND WE NEED IT NOW. REALITY!

    In stark contrast to Martin, I SAY THAT A “REVOLUTION IS JUST WHAT WE VITALLY NEED! And I have no doubt that one will take place, in team attitude, in will to win, intolerance of laziness and a far higher tempo and higher line from the back with far more incisive and forward, not sideways/ backward passing. There will be far more team shape , support of those in possession and keeping compact at the back when not in possesion. This will lead to improved results and I am not NOW, worried about relegation . But I WAS, two weeks ago, under Freddie.

  12. In my small knowledge of the history of Arsenal since Herbert Chapman the club has had 6 former players who managed the club Arteta making the 7th former player. Of the seven two between Tom Whittiker and B. Mee failed and two between Mee and Arsene Wenger failed. It is no gaurantee that a former player will suceed.

    I remember the ‘fan hype’ of expection when Neill was appointed with the coaching of Don Howe we did have three years of ‘hope’ but the hope soon became a damp squib.

    Arteta doesn’t have the managerial experience that Graham had but he has coached for one of the most success managers since the war.

    Sadly for both club and fans the appointment has come just before the start of the busiest part of the season – no time for the training and preparation that Arteta has the right to have.

    The instant success brigade will ‘shout failure’ if we lose against Man U. the rest of us will note that dispite the lack of time before game the team has changed. a much higher energy level in the first half then we have seen for a long time. Given time I believe we will see the same energy level in the 2nd half.

    As to the defence and mid field and attack. Emery was handicapped by injuries to defenders and Areta has inherited this problem and the moment has ‘to make do’ with who thier is.

    If Arteta is true to his word in the interviews he gave when signing then he has listened to the players and is seeking to play them in thier best positions. We as they must understand with needing cover for injuries that is not always possible.

    On the bright side we have a young manager who has learnt from the best and is closer to the presnt genration of players than an older manager might be.

    On the down side he has inherit Riley and Kronke. Two horrible nightmares.

    Knowing this shame on any Arsenal fan who doesn’t understand the pressure the palyers are under. The knives of the media are upon them all the time. They don’t need knives from anyone else.

    The players need our support more than ever at this time.

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