Opinion – This is the perfect time for Arsenal to be playing Manchester City

Some Arsenal fans have been expressed a little apprehension after the Premier League revealed that the Gunners’ first fixture would be against Manchester City when football restarts.

The general opinion is that Manchester City would automatically get back to the level that they were when they played us last year.

I don’t think that any fan should ever think that City would find it easy to play against us when football returns.

This is because almost every team is starting from scratch.

The more than 70 days that all footballers have been out of action makes every team equal and they would all suffer from similarly poor fitness levels and rhythm in the first few games.

I do look forward to that game with optimism considering the fact that we were one of the first teams to resume outdoor training coupled with the fact that Mikel Arteta knows City more than most.

Manchester City have all but secured their qualification to the Champions League next season and they have also basically lost the Premier League to Liverpool, so they have almost nothing to play for which could help us get a shock win in that game.

In better words, no one has a clue what sort of City team we will face on June 17th, this could easily be the perfect time for us to face off against them.

It is easy to be fearful when facing Pep Guardiola’s men, they are a brilliant team, but they are beatable, I mean, even Tottenham beat them this season.

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  1. Man city players are not just hard working ones like the many in the liverpool squad.They have class and quality so it was never easy and will never be easy.
    But as the article points out under MA we have a very good chance.It will be a great game

  2. Yes but they have a better team than us so we are obviously nervous about this being the opening game of the resumed season. Far better an easier game at home than a difficult away game against the second best team in the country, currently.

  3. If there is one team Mikel Arteta knows, it’s Man City. Under the circumstances, this is the chance to beat them. If Gunners play beast Martinelli – we win. 2-1 or 3-2.

  4. I am sorry to say this but we are going to lose against city.

    I would love it if we won but we don’t have the midfield to match up with them.

  5. While I do not think there is ever a “perfect” time to face this City side, the enforced break may work to our advantage as you suggest Martin.Much will depend on Arteta’s selection, particularly at centre back where we have been particularly woeful against City in the past few seasons. Trouble is, whichever pair he selects will be lacking in quality and pace but you never know, they just might rise to the occasion.

  6. “Even Tottenham beat them”! You speak as if Spurs are not much good but you are wrong . They are not “not much good”; they are complete pants!

  7. I have missed the excitement of football I’m looking forward to seeing end to end game hope MA don’t sit back and park the bus we the world need to see why the PL is the best and most exiting league In the world even with empty stadiums

  8. Not so sure about the perfect time, but our boss knows all about their weaknesses! By their standards they’ve had a poor campaign, 7 losses so far….can we make it no.8??!!
    Whatever the result, it’s gonna be a corker!!
    And 3 words I can’t wait to hear from Martin Tyler – “And it’s live” 🤩😁 COYG!

  9. If these games do go ahead there are going to be many unusual results, so why shouldn’t we beat them? It’s as level a playing field you’ll ever see. Gonna put some bets on outsiders to win games

  10. As long as we play with Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi, we not gonna beat city. Lets not fool ourselves, and give Arsenal fans false hope

  11. I am 100% sure about that. By the time we play Liverpool they are like to be Champions then, they will have nothing to play for but their pride, we won’t see that intensity in their game? Klopp might want to try some of his youngsters, plus we have a lot to play for until the season ends

  12. We can beat city because we are same the have just resumed training that means any result can happen

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