Opinion – This is what the Arsenal Board should be doing now

What should the Arsenal board be doing right now? by Lloyd Schatz

First they must try to persuade Pochettino to join us. If that fails, appoint Arteta as caretaker coach until the end of the season, and make a position for him and Freddie available as assistants when the new manager comes in. Right now, we should be looking at stabilizing this team to get into the top 6 at least.

With the January transfer window, we should look at stabilizing the defence, see if we can make some loan deals. Loan out Mustafi and Luiz and get loan replacements for them. Sell Xhaka in January and get a proper Defensive Midfielder on loan.

Play 4-1-4-1 formation With…….
Maitland – Niles(RB) Holding (CB) Mavropanos(CB) Saka(LB) {Until we can get Tierney and Kolasinac back} Chambers (DM)
Pepe Guendouzi Martinelli Aubamayeng (Midfielders)
Lacazette (ST)

YES, UNLEASH THE YOUNGSTERS!!! The older guys are definitely not doing it for us.

At the end of the season one of these Managers should be brought in…

1. Julian Nagelsman
2. Marco Rose
3. Lucien Favre
4. Mauricio Pochettino
5. Massimiliano Allegri
6. Diego Simeone

It will be useless for any of these Managers to come in with no money to overhaul this team, so to convince them, the board should put their hands up, give the new manager £100m injection plus player sales, and allow him to choose the players he prefers. This should get us back into contention.

What do you think Gooners?



    1. Come on now Sue, only a tenner?
      I was thinking more in the region of £10 plus £1.
      Gotta be more optimistic than that.

    2. If we can’t shift this deadwood then why not make them do voluntary Community Work so that the Arsenal community can at least get something back.

      1. One thing’s for sure.. we definitely won’t recoup the money we shelled out for them. So no wonder we won’t have any money to spend!!

  1. Nice idea but not based on reality. Bit like a EA Fifa Football scenario. Sell all the shite for the ‘market value’ and just buy better players and we’re sorted.
    Reality is none of these players will willingly move as they are all vastly overpaid and the process will be riddled with problems. Would you willingly leave your job if you knew you were being paid double your true worth?………. plus you’d be leaving with a terrible reference(performance data/YouTube footage) to accompany your P45.
    I say ostracise the lazy and over paid and learn from this situation. Improve the way we use data and look to unearth the stars of tomorrow under the tutelage and vision of Arteta.
    Buckle up gunners! This is going to get messier before it gets better but I’m confident it will.

  2. The owners, Krankie & Krankie will lead us downwards. Arteta????? Are they ******* mad?! We are gradually becoming the laughing stock of the football world. We play 3rd tier football. What’s wrong with Pochettino, Ancelotti, Naglesmann? We are shrinking as a club. If it’s true that they want Arteta to run the window cheaply we won’t even stay in the Premier League. Why must we always have be No 2? It’s the owners who are the problem. We need club ‘lovers’ not club ‘owners. We are falling deeper and deeper in the mire. We are not a testing academy and Arteta is the wrong pilot.

    1. Sean it is going to be a long time before we will be no2 again.While there are people in charge who have no ambition sad to say I cant see us ever being were we should be that is NO1. The Krankies ARE ONLY INTRESTED IN THEIR BANK BALANCE.But with empty seats in the stadium and if we stopped buying merchandise so they are not milking us for what can get from us then maybe they will sit up and take notice that things need to change.

      1. Get real Kroenke is sitting on 2 billions worth of real estate. He will not be going anywhere.There are not many INVESTORS in this world who would or could buy him out, even if he was prepared to sell. Some research will show that merchandise is a very small percentage of revenue and what has been pointed out many times before on this site there is a huge waiting list for season tickets. Empty seats are basically irrelevant as in all probability they have already been paid for. I am more concerned with the highly paid ,but to my mind, incompetent executives,which he appointed and for which he has the ultimate responsibility. Kroenke is not the owner I would chose but from what I understand because of the terms of loan agreement he cannot take money from Arsenal.

  3. Well, Lloyd Schatz, looks like you got it all figured out in fine detail!

    Why don’t you just manage the club? 🙂

    Sue is right, we wouldn’t get much cash or interest in Mustafi, Luiz or Xhaka. Ozil’s demands are too high. The club have invested so much into these guys that selling for a massive loss is not going to happen. Kronke won’t throw $$$ away. The club will do all they can to keep them and make them better players. Even though they will not improve under any manager! The fact is, we should never have bought them anyway. They are just not the “right” player for the club. Blame the board and owners for making disastrous decisions! These players (most of them) will be here next year and the club will paper over the cracks and blame which ever manager who comes in for failing again. Because who ever it is (Arteta?) will only inherit the same crap with the same owner and the same useless hierarchy!! 🙁

  4. So many things wrong in this article, this is not FIFA!poch has a clause he can’t take a job with a pl club for a year or has to pay back 12.5M to spurs, poch also said he would never coach arsenal same as Barca,arsenal would never pay 12M surely not for half s season!also what would Arteta learn in 6 months under poch that he hasn’t learnt in 3 years under pep?winning trophies?😂 You obviously don’t know how players sales work,we have very average players,who would buy them and for how much,the only we could sell are our best players,the average players do want to move apart 1 or 2,so no matter who is our next manager he will have the squad until the end of the season plus injured played for months and if you think the board will buy players in January you’re deluded my friend!

  5. Our board do not think of what the fans want they will do what they want Arteta is the worst kept secret we all know he is coming to Arsenal GOD HELP US PLEASE

  6. Arteta to Arsenal is a done deal. Ignore any news which implies he’s a smokescreen for any other head coach

  7. Pure fantasy.

    Do they let anyone write articles on this site now?

    A drunk guy in the pub had a better and more realistic vision of what Arsenal should do.

  8. Some people are just amazing.We all agree that our senior players are not at P.L level anymore and they need moving on to create space for some new faces for us to have a new start.So when again we say these players can’t be moved on because of financial implications then that is hypocrisy.
    Our fans,especially those attending matches at the Emirates should make it clear to the board that regardless of the manager we hire,the bottom line is moving on this dead wood and bringing in new players. If this means making loses then so be it.After all they have been enjoying the profits and its purely their mistake that we are in this mess.
    All we need is the arsenal to go back where it belongs in the champions league.

  9. What a naive article written by a kid who knows little of how football finances work. Try a magic wand sonny! With magic there is more chance of your admittedly SOME sensible opinions coming to pass. This is the real world , not fantasy and boy do you have a lot to learn about life and high finance. Few would argue with ALL your aims – though Poch is sheer fantasy – but it doesn’t happen “just like that”!

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