Opinion: This transfer window is most crucial to Arsenal’s chances this season

Why the Upcoming Transfer Window Might be the Most Important One for Arteta and Arsenal. by Goonerboy
Merry Christmas red and white family. The time is almost here, it is nearly time for Artetaball, and I am sure we are all counting down to the hour – some with great confidence and some with cautious optimism, so many questions on our minds; can we pick up from where we left off? But the biggest question is, can we cope without Gabriel Jesus? I would say yes, as I believe more in the system and dynamics than one player, I guess we just have to wait and see, I love this kind of problem and I am waiting to see how we respond.
Speaking of responding, Arteta spoke about how Martinelli could be a solution and also having the transfer window as an option.
Now, here is the thing; I have always felt even before Jesus’ injury that we need to strengthen the team in the January window, his injury has only made it much more necessary to do so in my opinion, here are my reasons:
Firstly, we want to compete for the title, Europa League, and the FA Cup – there is no way we can adequately compete without some additions regardless of whether Jesus is injured or not. It is evident for all to see that our second team is vastly inferior to the first team, I do not want us to crash out of the FA cup the way we did last season, but to do that, we need a good bench. We are in the knockout stages of the Europa League and the majority of the first team is expected to feature, while in the league, every game is almost like a final. To navigate all these, our depth is vital.
Secondly, we all want our team to play with intensity, pressing the opposition relentlessly, and being on the front foot, but how can the same set of players maintain the same level of intensity for so many games? Our games against Leeds and Southampton showed the effect of fatigue. Players must be kept fresh so they can maintain the level we are currently seeing.
Thirdly, some of our so-called subs are either injury-prone or not good enough. The likes of Smith-Rowe and Nelson are useful squad members but they are not reliable fitness-wise, while players like Marquinhos, Lokonga, and  Vieira are yet to hit the ground running. It is, therefore, paramount that we look for solutions.
One solution is to put all our eggs in the Premier League basket and forget about other competitions but I would not want that personally, we should look to compete in any competition we feature in.
Finally, this season presents a great opportunity for us to win the title, I’d rather we try and fail to win, than leave everything to chance and luck.
In my opinion, we need at least three players this January; two forwards and a midfielder. If we have to fast-track the summer plans, let us do it. The loan window is also there, we have to give ourselves a chance. Apart from the quality they could bring, new players also lift the mood of the players and create even more competition, which would only work in our favour.
This is our time, I want to see Arsenal etched on the Premier League title, it is our time and we can do it, COYG!
What do you think?

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  1. A most welcome optimistic, though also realistic piece from Goonerboy. We all retain at least some HOPE for the title, but realists among us have long recognised that to compete on three fronts we need a FAR deeper in depth squad.

    I say this despite our relative lack of bad injuries this season, even allowing for Jesus. Compared with many years past going way back into AW’s time wehave been very injury light.
    On Kroenke, I part company with many fans who now seem to support him as owner. I say that a multi billionaire who truly cared, could easily stump up the half a billion we still need to seriously compete with City.

    Of course he is never going to do that , because he adores personal wealth and AFC is to him just another financial asset and in no way a club to LOVE! AS IT IS FOR ALL OF US.

    I also know that FFP rules apply but even allowing for that, we could if our owner wished, spend hugely more than we ever do or have .

    1. He’s just spent half billion in the last 3 years ,or did you think all these players came on a free .
      Instead of putting down Stan you should be thanking him for loosening the purse strings ,because we are where we are today because of it .

      1. Which is not crazy numbers in the “Arabic League”, but sadly necessary to make us competitive. We will not compete top four with a low spending approach anymore. FA’s seems to accept any club owner willing to pay the bill, just like FIFA.

  2. It looks like it’s going to be Mundryk and Felix to be signed by Arsenal while the latter seems to be on loan without an obligation to buy at the end of the loan.
    Nice article, Goonerboy.
    Yinka from Oshodi, Lagos.

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