Opinion – Time for the players to isolate and alienate the bad influence at Arsenal

The statement by Arsenal regarding the pay cuts taken by the players to help secure the future of the club was noticeable by the absence of a phrase like every player or all players.

Naturally, the sycophant followers of Mesut Ozil refuse to acknowledge that fact but it does not change the fact that Ozil has broken unity with his teammates and disgraced himself.

The vast majority of Arsenal fans have wanted to see the back of Mesut Ozil for years now, he is a poison in the club that must be eradicated but the Germans skin is so thick he simply does not care about what the Arsenal fans want, he only cares about stuffing his bank balance on the back of the lowest paid in society.

Ozil just ploughs on ahead totally ignorant of what most Arsenal fans think of him, he is oblivious to the massive ill-feeling towards him but that will surely come to an end now but not because of the fans he routinely ignores and disrespects but because of his former teammates.

I say former because you cannot honestly think that they will look at him in any other way other than disdain and contempt, they must feel sick to the pit of their stomachs to be in the same city as him nevermind same club.

The players now have the power to do the right thing by the club, fans and local community and one can only pray they use that power.

They need to ostracise him immediately, isolate him, alienate him, make it clear to him that he is no longer wanted, he has not been needed in years and they must make it clear to him that he is no longer wanted by the players.

He has disgraced the Arsenal name, he has left a stain on the club and that will end up infecting the other players unless they do what the vast majority of fans have been calling for years now, force that man out of Arsenal football club.

My message to the Arsenal players, do it for the fans, we are suffering enough, we do not need to suffer the disgrace of seeing that parasite in an Arsenal shirt ever again.

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  1. Gunnerphilic says:

    I meant to address myself to Admin Martin, not Admin Pat. My sincere apologies to you Admin. Pat. I mentioned your name at the top only because I have come to associate your name with the site, which is in a good way, not in any negative way.

    1. SueP says:

      I would be horrified if by cutting wages the money was used to line Kroenke’s pockets but I have to believe that they were made for the good of the club. I’d be surprised if senior executives would be happy to decrease their pay by 30% if the reasons were not compelling. This is why I am grateful to those in the first team who have put the future of the club first

      In PR terms if it is true that certain players refused the cut then it is in football analogy a shocking own goal. It reeks of greed even if that was not the intention

      I am, though, heartily sick of hearing how generous they are to charity as a reason for anyone to be let off the hook. The vast majority of people are generous in giving. The difference is, for example, that when I sponsor a guide dog for the blind, or phone the hotline for sports relief and children in need I don’t put it out there on Twitter or Instagram. I fell into the trap of thinking the £1000’s given by footballers was somehow better than my effort. I bet amount we all give as a percentage of our income is at least as generous as any PL player. It is the likes Ken’s wife who is making wash bags for the NHS and others who have volunteered who I appreciate and applaud. They are the unsung heroes. Captain Tom and now others are following in his footsteps to raise money. Ordinary people going that extra mile instead of thinking about themselves

      1. enda says:

        Yeah Sue I absolutely see your point. I give £20 to comic relief as a % of my wage, for Ozil to do the same he might have to give £20000 but you wont see them writing an piece about me in the newspaper. I suppose where I am having issues with this is to what you first eluded to. Is this pay cut just going to ease the burden on Kroenke, I would say definitely. He is a billionaire that makes money on Arsenal in the good times and yet in the bad the players take a pay cut. When should he pay the piper?. The rich get richer i suppose. Thanks for your thoughts Sue.

        1. SueP says:

          The trouble is Enda, that we just don’t know how much Kroenke ‘s sports business has lost since this crisis and he won’t have $10 billion just sitting in the bank to help out Arsenal. Those other sports franchises will have financial problems now too. I did read that he was putting quite a few millions into Arsenal, but that was a few days ago. You are right, though, he should not get richer out of this!!
          And no, they won’t be writing a piece in the paper about you. !!

          1. enda says:

            True, I suppose all we can do is speculate and see how it pans out as we are all in uncharted waters. We can take solace in the fact that club is surely in a better position than most………I HOPE 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Glad to hear your sister has recovered, Gunnerphilic… far too many lives have been lost, it’s heartbreaking.

  3. Sarmmie says:

    I’m a Nigerian just like you, though no one close to me has been affected or killed by the virus, but I watch enough news to at least understand, cos I’ll never be able to relate. Thank God for the recovery of your sister.

    And you’re right, the world has suffered enough grief from uncontrollable circumstances, no need to spread grief within ourselves.

  4. Robert Acedius says:

    The Same Old Asn’l Complex. Pathetic.

  5. Jo-Gunz says:

    Gunnerphilic, it is joy to hear of the good news about your sister . Peace

  6. Admin Martin says:

    erm, I never deleted any of your posts, maybe get your facts right first before calling someone a dictator. As for a spanking, its the hope that kills you.

  7. Lenohappy says:

    When I read people criticizing admin martin for putting out too much Ozil article, I just laugh and remembered all those Iwobi’s article s admin Martin do put out then, and the funniest part is that those fans who always bash Iwobi then are the ones supporting Ozil now. I know some fans thinks Admin Martin dislike Ozil but I don’t think that’s the case, I think he’s just doing his job, and we are all human we can’t satisfy everyone, so please to some fans who are thinking of leaving this site I am begging you not to do that because we need you here.

    1. AlexLaca9 says:

      Lol I remember how poor Iwobi used to be bashed and all his fans were labeled obsessed and Nigerian, even when they weren’t and boy were they roasted. Anyway it’s true you can’t please anyone, there’s a huge selection of articles, if ones not to your liking pick another

  8. enda says:

    Am i totally missing something as i cant see the why fans should worry about our club going under due to money. We are owned by a multi-billionaire. Wish Ozil wasn’t at Arsenal but he might be thinking ‘ i can direct that 15% to a better cause than a billionaires pocket. In fairness he has form for being generous to causes. Love to hear some other opinion on this as i think i’m missing something here,

    1. SueP says:

      My reply to you somehow ended up in a different place

      1. enda says:

        where sue as id love to hear you’re opinion on it

        1. SueP says:

          Same article
          Probably not overly relevant but is there

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