Opinion – Unai Emery should ‘find a solution’ and just resign

Emery says his job is to ‘find a Solution’ by Matty Barnes

In one of the very last internationals at the old Wembley, England lost 0-1 to Germany and, if I remember correctly it was courtesy of a Dietmar Hamann penalty. The England fans were fuming and when the England manager, Kevin Keegan, was interviewed at the end of the game he expressed how offended he’d been by the crowds comments, that he was with immediate effect resigning……..

It doesn’t really matter what you think about Keegan as a manager; he evaluated the entire situation, the final score, his players attitude, the crowds reaction and his role in that equation, and decided the best thing for everyone was for him to stand down.

He wasn’t a bad manager, he punched Ferguson to one of the best ends of a league season while he was at Newcastle, highlighted by his wonderful meltdown, but showed he genuinely feels it, the wins and the losses….OK you know where I’m going with this..

Emery said on Arsenal.com after the match yesterday: ‘My job is to work, analyse and find a solution for how we can improve.’….Unai, I can help you there, or more importantly, King Kev can….You should do the right thing, show some respect for yourself, your wife and your kids. WALK!! If you go before you are pushed at least we will hate you less than we do right now….With every game, hour and second that passes the collective hatred of you grows like a tsunami.

It takes a person of character to stand up and accept responsibility. It’s a coward that sits and waits to be pushed. Don’t tell me he needs the money, he’s minted… he’s also spineless – and you know what? Our players know that. That’s why he’s lost the dressing room, the training ground, the bus and probably the car park. I’d park in his space on purpose if I was the kit man, just to show him what a pathetic waste of space he is.

Have I made my point here or shall I write another article?



  1. Emery won’t get those millions if he resigns. Wenger and Ozil also didn’t want to resign to get more money, so why should Emery care about his dignity?

    Not everybody is as noble as Keegan, although people as accomplished as Wenger, Ozil and Emery shouldn’t think so much about money anymore. Their actions tell a lot about the difference between their characters and Keegan’s

    I never blamed them though, because they have to pay for their jetset living lifestyles and I might have done the same thing if I were one of them. However, Emery can’t offer anything new like Wenger in his final days, so he must be replaced ASAP

    1. One week before being sacked levy asked Poch to resign did he?no,there is a thing called a contract,once signed by both parties it must be respected despite results unless certain clauses are included!by the way I read your comments about poch needing times to learn from his mistakes, ridiculous man,what mistakes did he make?he overachieved every season,levy didn’t buy players poch needed or spent any money while building a top stadium on poch achievements, he tried to get better contracts for his players but levy again said no (Eriksen and Co),he had Amazon cameras in his office 24/7 and when poch asked cameras for training purposes he once again was turned….please tell me his mistakes, enlighten me!!

  2. Why should you mention his wife and kids, bro we are all Arsenal fans but their are some areas we shouldn’t go just because we are supporters, and besides how many managers have you seen resign willingly from a top job before, as much as Wenger love Arsenal he never resigned even when it was obvious that he doesn’t have anything left to offer. The club should do the best and sack him but I don’t think that he’s disrespecting his family by being Arsenal manager.

    1. If you are an embarrassment to your kids because you are bad at your job and everyone knows it then imagine the stick they get everyday at school and on socials. That’s what people do, it’s called bullying and it’s detestable but it exists. For every hour he stays at Arsenal his family, via people who bully, will be saying ‘your dad is rubbish’ etc…understand? Someone on this said ‘would I resign if I was him and if I said I would then I’m a hypocrite’’….for the record I did. I was shit at a job and knew it so left, went on the dole for 2 years and learned a new career. I’m now retired and 52 years old…

  3. I may have this wrong, but I feel the reason we rarely see managers resign is because they won’t get their contracts paid out.

    Clearly the Arsenal hierarchy are penny pinching, because I cannot see any other reason to not sack Emery. Even this is illogical though, as the longer we keep Emery, the more likely our highest valued players will walk away, and become devalued (which is what we saw at catastrophic levels under Wenger) and we’ll miss out on even more money with no Champions League again.

    The board decided to not sack him during the international break (which was the perfect time), so I cannot see them suddenly sacking now. If they did, I would actually find that very suprising, and it would smack of incompetence at the highest levels of our club. Maybe in 4/5 games at best they might consider sacking him, unless we go on a winning run.

    1. Do you blame them ?assuming you are working and your relationship with your boss has broken down and he asked you to resign or get sacked and you won’t get the money that you are due(again contract),don,t tell me you’d choose to resign if so you are an hypocrite like many on this site!!

        1. You didn’t and I didn’t!I said assuming ….what I meant was an hypotical scenario!sorry for the misunderstanding!!

  4. Okay, I decided to stay away from the net for the past two weeks, since our last game I think. I didn’t even see the Southampton game yesterday.
    Tell you what?
    I sat my àss watching Liverpool play, and later sat to watch City vs Chelsea.
    That’s how bad it is, y’all know me and my stand on Emery or our depressing football.
    I’m sorry I value my health and would rather stay away from that weekly crap instead of opening myself to meltdown every weekend. I actually came on here yesterday, read every articles after the game but didn’t comment..Regarding the article, I doubt the coward will resign, yesterday he repeated how he has the support of the board, so well that’s it.
    Regarding Gotnoidea involving Wenger and Ozil into this again about money and how they both earned it. Well, isn’t it bit lame that somehow someone keeps obsessing about Ozil’s earning and now adding Wenger’s salary to it before he left?
    More load of crap.
    Also, I don’t care what anyone says, Lampard and his team went to City, played and took the ball to city, dominated and caused City troubles especially in the first half. Yet one coward on the other end of London can’t even sort his team not mention doing what Lampard is doing

    1. Hi Eddie. I watched City too, was a great game & I loved their comeback. Chelsea will feel hard done by, as they did play well. If we’d gone there, we’d have probably lost 9-0 (with 11 men 😂) How refreshing to watch a decent game of football 👍

      1. Sue seems your nervous breakdown each weekend is reducing lately😄.. The City game was an interesting one, I couldn’t help but notice how Chelsea’s midfielders were being direct, driving the ball straight into any space they found and into the box instead of Arsenal’s obsession with taking the ball sideways even when there’s a chance to get in the box

        1. I’m learning to control it, Eddie 😂
          Yes the good old sideways (& backwards) we’re masters at it! Surely that’s one chart we top 🤣

  5. Yesterday match was the third straight match that Ozil has started but am still waiting for his “creativity ” that some have been saying, am not blaming him for the results that’s on the coach but when Emery didn’t use Ozil some were saying it’s because the coach prefers Xhaka to Ozil. Yesterday in the second half Arsenal had Ozil Pepe Laca auba all on the field but our so called creative player didn’t even give one defense splitting pass. If we are going to move forward we need to move Emery Ozil and all the so called defenders. Watching the Chelsea midfielders yesterday made me realize how overrated our midfielders are, they are not afraid to tackle or take risk.

    1. You can’t make a defence splitting pass if you’re not given the ball and if the clowns around you aren’t doing their jobs.
      We need to get rid of the biggest clown first though, Emery 🤡

      1. lol the same excuse again,so it’s the fault of other players not doing there job, an sorry Declan but are you not tired of this excuse. Emery needs to go no doubt but Ozil is as useless as Emery.

      2. @Declan

        If the most expensive striker in the league was only averaging around 5 goals a season, for the last 3 years, would you blame everyone else for his terrible goal tally?

    2. @Lenohappy Football is played with just one ball at a time in case you forgot. Arsenal players most of the time keep balls to themselves, passing back and forth around our own box, and when it gets to any other player other than Ozil, they keep the ball for so long, that by the time they attempt to pass, they are surrounded by at least three players. That’s how ridiculously slow our players are to react.

      When ball comes to Ozil, he doesn’t waste time with shitty dribble attempts, he passes the ball immediately if there are no outlets, but then the ball is lost, as our midfielders like Guendouzi, Torreira, don’t pass immediately, they take the ball to the other side of the field and they play their own game. They attempt to pass forward and lose the ball when they don’t have the required skills to do so.

      That’s where the problem is. We lack experience in the midfield. We have a bunch of youngsters who just happen to believe in their own media hype and attempt things beyond their abilities and skills, and don’t have the required head to do what’s needed. When you have a creative player in the field, you give them the ball whenever chances come. And make the runs behind opposition defenses to create space to receive the balls. But nah, our players just pass and fall back to their trenches. How do you reckon chances will be created that way? Who is Ozil going to pass those defense splitting passes if there is no one taking the runs forward?

      And talking of Pepe, If you say that even after Pepe came to the field we didn’t create more chances than the first half, then you are really delusional. If Pepe had started from the beginning, things would have been very different.

  6. He needs to be sacked now before our relegation form turns into a proper relegation fight. We are 9 points off 4th and 8 points off 3rd bottom. Later today/tomorrow two teams from Man U, Sheffield and Newcastle will be above us and we will be 10th in the table. Let that sink in and just realise how deep in the kak we really are! We are in the worst form for well over 20 years and no one is doing anything about it. Our once proud club, famous for beautiful football is now in a relegation battle playing the worst football I have personally ever seen.

  7. Is this what it has now come to? “Hating” the manager, calling him a coward and bringing his family into the discussion. Terrible article.

    1. Am not the type that calls people names, but involving the coach wife and kids is just stupid, this was one of the things Xhaka complained about, you can criticize the coach but leave his kids and his wife out of it.

  8. I always find it funny when people demand others to resign from jobs they worked so hard to get. Like asking a politician to resign from office..it’s really silly to be honest. To expect someone to make his career decesions based on the whims of spoilt nobodies. Even if he resigned, who would hire him knowing he is a quitter who abandons ship when the going gets tough? Going after his wife and kids as well is uncalled for. Don’t get me wrong, I want Emery out, fired but one thing I learned from the prolonged Wenger saga where, admittedly, I threw a lot of abuse his direction, is when the dust settles you kinda regret abusing someone for simply being incompetent at a job doing something that is not even important, like football. If Emery was a doctor bungling up then maybe we could be allowed to abuse him but still!

    Anyway, I want the board or Raul or whoever has the responsibility and authority to dismiss him to get down to work and save our season before it is absolutely rekt. Additionally, I really don’t like how this board behaves so amateurish. I remember them claiming back that if Wenger didn’t have a plan they also didn’t have one. This reeks of incompetence and lack of strategy or vision.

  9. Yes David, Matty has written some appalling stuff there. As much as I want Emery out, what he has written is nbag! (bang out of order).

  10. I just saw an article saying the board will reassess things after the West Ham game. Really??
    So, we have to lose to Norwich, Brighton and West Ham before they act? Oh come on, enough already! Where are your cojones? Do it now…
    Enough is enough!

    1. Yes Sue that’s 9 points and if we lose those games we WILL be in the bottom three which we are currently 8 points away from!
      The club is currently run by clowns,

  11. By the way is it Emery’s fault when you have 6 arsenal players standing, complaining while the saints didn’t waste anytime? Guendouzy should have taken one for the team in the saints half for their 2nd ball,no arsenal defenders expected Leno to save the penalty standing like Muppets outside the box,sockratis nearly cost us a goal all he had to do is pass the ball to Tierney not Leno,Leno that I like needs to learn to catch the ball instead of punching it all the time,I could go on var,players not tracking back…..is it all Emery’s fault,don’t get me wrong I like him but a change of manager is needed but personal insults are disgraceful look at the spurs fans they were 14th and putting us to shame,the CLASS in this club we were so pride is now gone thanks to the majority of the fans,lastly I understand one’s love for his club but you need to spend less time on this site and get yourself a life,a real one not virtual.COY(REAL)G, that’s it I am done now.

  12. trust me all the players want Emery gone,so playing passively.if we could remember Jose mourinho last season at Chelsea,all the players played so bad that Hazard have to go 20games with no pl goals,only one player play S heart out then Willian just like guendouzi at arsenal now.clearly the board are looking at the business aspect of football in handling of this crisis. we will patiently wait just as our 12years of wenger’s out payed out eventually.

  13. Agreed. Emery together with his technical staff should be sacked on the spot. Allegri should be appointed if not the former Tottenham Hotspur coach. Under Emery, the team has not shown any quality improvement despite massive investment. Emery out, out and out.

  14. While I appreciate where you are coming from, Emery is not going to resign, nor should he.The Board hired the guy and they should have the guts to admit their mistake by terminating his contract.Like others on this site I am concerned of the real possibility of this Club being dragged into a fight to save relegation.Our performances are so poor that it’s difficult to see us winning a league match, and the next one is against a Norwich team which will be on a high after their win at Everton.Before that match someone in authority must convene a meeting of the first team squad and the Management team and point out to every single one of them their responsibilities whenever they pull on a Arsenal shirt.They should also ensure that Emery no longer selects Sokratis and Luis and that Arsenal FC does not admit failure by playing a defensive back three.If these two CBS continue to be selected we will continue to slide down the League table.

  15. I guess the main reason the board dont want to sack Emery is down to money. Not so much any payoff to Emery and his staff, but more likely due to the sizeable transfer kitty any decent new manager will demand. The board weakened our squad last summer to reduce the wage bill. They will want to do the same thing again next summer. A sizeable transfer kitty for a new boss is not on Kroenke’s agenda.

  16. For those who took the moral high ground regarding Unai’s family.. I actually said show some respect for your wife and kids by resigning. What kind of abuse do you think his kids might get from other kids at school because their dad is failing miserably while journalists and fans ridicule him? Are you assuming kids in the playground won’t be taking the piss out of their dad? Really? That’s my point. If you were in the spotlight and everyday fans and journalists said you were crap and your family had to watch that would you not draw a line under it and walk away to stop the abuse? I would….It’s got nothing to do with his wife and kids BUT please don’t delude yourselves by saying other kids won’t be having a pop JUST LIKE WE ALL ARE everyday on this website. Go back to the article, read it again and stop making up your own rhetoric…

  17. I should imagine it’s bad enough just to be an Arsenal supporter at school today with how pathetic we are and I’m glad I’m retired as I used to work with Liverpool and spurs fans. I’m still getting abusive texts from them though🤦‍♂️
    Sack Emery🧛🏻‍♂️now.

    1. My poor little son had it ripped out of him, when he had his Arsenal top on! ☹
      I’ll have to deal with Liverpool fans in the workplace on Wednesday, Declan. It won’t be pretty 😩
      Can’t you block them? 🤣

  18. I wonder why the arsenal board has not yet sacked Emery. You cant give him any other match to make judments beacuse the reason to sack him is evident from the tge nearly 18 months he has been in charge. Even when we were winning last season you could not enjoy anything. Just sack emery before you damage my health

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